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Your Graduation

Please play this graduation song as you read the text:



You dear graduate are at the threshold of a new beginning.  You are leaving behind your story. You are leaving behind your old struggles, your old worries, your old limited dreams.  You are ready, despite any lingering doubt, to be the Master that you were born to be.  You are ready, in spite of any remaining physical issues, to walk as the Master.  You are ready because you were born ready.  You knew you were ready, even before this lifetime.  You endured the impossible, and it’s because of your tenacity, and your irreverence that you persevered, where even the Masters of the past would pause.

When you look back, look back with love, and with compassion for yourself.   Not pity.  Spare yourself that emotion.  Because everything you did, everything you felt, everyone you met, was about your enlightenment.  You step where very few walk.  You now carry a sacred heart, and everything you touch is blessed by you.  You are a Master, being a human, who is falling in love with themselves over and over again.

Take your Sacred Diploma, dear Master.  You are deeply honored.  You have paved the way for those who follow, and you have made that way easier for them, because of your courage and your dedication.  This planet is blessed by your presence.  It always was, but now you are formally honored for your blessing.

Go forward in your life, and know that you are now in a new place, a place that brings together all of yourself, in a beautiful and joyful celebration.  You are deeply and eternally loved.