Something to Consider


While we are pretty clear of old, stuck patterns at this point in our transformation, the dragon is here to help clear out any remaining energies that no longer serve us.  I like to see what’s happening globally, and here in the USA as a metaphor for what is happening within us. And as an opportunity to clear out any remaining resistance to stepping fully into our freedom.

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The Self-Help Mentality and the New Consciousness

36049805-c2df-46e7-bd01-36abd8183b9cEnlightenment.  It’s hard.  It tears your life apart.  Most of the Ascended Masters of the past left this planet pretty soon after their enlightenment.  Sticking around wasn’t a real option because they hadn’t prepared themselves or their bodies to make it practical.  Those of us who have decided to stay are going through Embodied enlightenment.  And, it’s also no picnic.
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