Get Over It!

Author’s note: this article is not about politics and in no way reflects a political viewpoint.

There’s no lack of complaints when it comes to having to wear a mask in these times of covid.  No one really enjoys wearing a mask, even with all the cool looking ones being manufactured.

Do I believe the masks are a guarantee that one will not contract the virus?  No, of course not.  I have written extensively on my perspective of the virus. Do I believe the masks help?  The answer to that is irrelevant to this article.

For someone who doesn’t believe the virus will attack anyone who hasn’t on a deeper level invited it into their body and their life, one would think I would be avidly anti-mask.

I should be one of the loudest protestors.

But I have put the mask wearing into its proper perspective.

So, is wearing a mask a major inconvenience in my life?  No, of course not.  I wear one from my car to the grocery store, in the store, and back to the car.

I don’t have to wear one all day in a customer service or a medical related job.

And the ones who are complaining the loudest are the ones who, like me, wear them for only minutes while shopping.

And of course it’s not the inconvenience of the mask wearing as much as what it represents.  I notice those who cry the loudest seem to be associating the mandatory mask wearing with socialism.  The fear of the government controlling their body and their lives.

Some protesters are bearing signs that read, “My body, my choice. No masks.” Comparing government control of a woman’s reproductive rights to having to temporarily wear a mask is ludicrous.

I try to be patient with the complainers, but I’m tempted to remind them that growing up as a woman in a society that monitors and polices our bodies, behaviors and how we are supposed to dress, so we don’t appear too provocative to the opposite sex….well, I stop myself from going there with them.  It wouldn’t end well.

And I have to wonder, what is it in them that has become so triggered?  Have they been over-controlling of their own actions and thoughts on a more personal level?

When I get triggered by women’s issues, it often reflects my own mistrust of the feminine.  How often have I given into my mind’s control and fear over what my heart knows to be true?

And now that I think about it, both ends of the spectrum, those who protest the loudest against the non-mask wearers, and those who protest against wearing the masks, are both sides of the same coin.  Both sides are terrified of losing control in their life.

So, with all of the inconvenience of mask-wearing, at the end of the day, I have to say to those people who can’t stop grousing about the masks, and, yes, I know, it falls on deaf ears, but I’ll say it anyway….. “Get over it.

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13 thoughts on “Get Over It!

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thanks dearest SiSTAR!!!

    I hear you!!!!
    Yep, don’t get me started on women’s issues and how about the disparities for women of color??!!??!!

    And your ending gave me a good chuckle!!


    Love you!!!!

    Loving US all!!!!

  2. Sharleen B

    I totally agree Maria, and feel the exact same way! I heard a friend complain about wearing a mask even though it’s just to stores not full time work. I said the only people who really have had to adjust are those that have to wear it all day for their job, like the poor postal delivery people walking in heat or cold with a mask on. That is huge difference in their day to day lives but those aren’t the people usually complaining, right? 😉
    You always nail it on the head so perfectly dear Maria, love ya! xo

  3. I completely agree with every word here. I find the ones who complain the loudest have a hard time with the word NO in general. I share your perspective with this virus and I still wear my mask because it’s not inconveniences me and allows those around me, who don’t share our perspective and awakened mindset to feel safer. It’s a non issue for me. Thank you for writing such an eloquently worded and straightforward post on this. Much love to you sister❤

  4. Lyn

    Thoroughly agree Maria! I think you are right in noting the fear of control. I’d add in an almost entitled ‘I get to do whatever I want and I don’t care about others’ and valuing of Freedom.
    For me, freedom means freedom for everyone, and hopefully consideration for others with it (that includes for those demanding the right to carry guns everywhere).
    Yes, I have done things that may hurt others feelings – as I now don’t just bend to others’ preferences for my behaviour … mirror there!
    I have long believed that the outer world isn’t causal, whether you are talking about viruses or vaccinations. Its inner stuff and what you draw to you. Despite that I am still willing to give apparent power to a capsule that will ease a headache. I do so knowingly and don’t think I will forever.
    However, I know that is a minority view and most out there believe differently, and may be scared when they see others seemingly spreading germs in their direction and risking their lives.
    Its not a big deal for me. I do many other meaningless things in my life. I put it in the same basket as following a traffic code to cooperate with others rather ‘doing it my way’.
    I am Australian and it has been different here. We can be quite individualistic and rebellious. Yet overall we’ve been remarkable cooperative with restrictions. Penalties for not wearing have been high though.
    My State has had no cases and no deaths for quite some time. Masks and social distancing are still required in supermarkets, Malls and crowded situations. This is set to continue till those who want to be vaccinated have been (they think perhaps October).
    With all that my State had a fairly normal Christmas with some restrictions on numbers at gatherings. The worst of restrictions were aimed at zero numbers so that masks outside weren’t needed by the time summer heat came, and Christmas could be normal.
    All States close borders almost immediately when cases crop up, and contact checking kicks straight in. Any new cases have been from quarantine breaches from overseas arrivals. Quarantine is compulsory for arrivals. Some have objected but overall we have more freedom really.

    1. Lyn, interesting about Australians. I’ve become so detached from what’s going on with Covid that I don’t realize what other states and countries are experiencing.

      We have the warm climate in common now, since I live in Florida and our winter temperatures can scale the 80s some days. No complaints. Lol.

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