Moving Beyond Gender


Whenever I talk about the masculine and feminine as it relates to Embodied Enlightenment, I’m not really talking about gender. I’m talking about qualities within each human being that help balance out that human.

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I have written extensively about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming back together and integrating on the planet because it has been extremely unbalanced towards the masculine. And even there, it’s not about men versus women.

The Divine feminine is here now on the planet and it is restoring a balance that has been needed for a very long time. The experiment of separating the masculine and feminine is slowly coming to resolution. It was a dynamic experience that was part of our soul’s evolution.

It’s no coincidence that right now on the planet there are a myriad of gender expressions, or we can even say expressions that are gender less. Or a mix and meld. It’s an indication that the self cannot be limited. Whether our soul wishes to express as primarily masculine or feminine or somewhere in between or something entirely different is a sign of the times we are in. Times of freedom from limitation.

Even though I have grown up in a female body, there are parts of me that have expressed as masculine and as androgynous.

I have expressed this androgyny in my artwork especially.

We all have expectations from family, friends and society to behave and think in certain ways because we are born into a particular gender.  Most never even considered that there are so many options available.  And if they did, they dared not act on it for fear of being cast out of family, community and society.

Those man-made rules are slowly being dismantled now.

We may still feel the pressure from others to behave or express in a certain way because of our gender, like females should be sweet and nurturing or males should be strong and stoic.

This is a time of testing of relationships because of our own awakening. Some relationships will not be able to withstand our own change.  Many of us can’t imagine being the person we were just a year ago.


Fashion is a wonderful example of expressing the myriad aspects of self. We now see males wearing skirts and heels and lipstick and nail polish. They want to express that part of themselves that is sensual. They still get a tremendous amount of discrimination and ridicule even by those who call themselves enlightened. But that’s because the feminine has been disowned for so very long.  And for such a long time a man who expresses that part of himself is considered less than.



As we move away from identifying ourselves according to our sexual orientation, our gender, our age, or any of these artificial constructs, we will experience a type of freedom that we have never felt before.

And it requires dying to the old.  Dismantling the old human identity that confined us to a set of parameters.  Those parameters served us, and we preserved the wisdom on a soul level.

And now we have the freedom to express parts of our soul that may have felt restricted before.

But only if we choose not to take things personally when others want us to conform to a particular gender role. We know better now. We know that our freedom does not lie in trying to please others on any level. Our freedom resides in being true to ourselves in every moment. Whatever expression or form that may take.

If you feel the desire to express an aspect of yourself in any moment you can be assured that is your soul wanting to express. And therefore, even if your mind is a little reluctant, you can’t go wrong.

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18 thoughts on “Moving Beyond Gender

  1. Thanks for this. I have been wondering why there is such pronounced diversity in gender expression now? Did not know if it had to do with younger people feeling ready to share or if it reflected the time we are living in.

  2. James

    Hi Maria, I’ve always enjoyed your posts and how they empower the feminine energies that currently reside on the planet. And in all honesty, at times it was a challenge to read, as although I’m a bit of a mans man, it’s always been quite obvious to me and others that I’m well in touch with my feminine aspects. But being a man and surrounded by others who are what you would call ‘alpha males’, it’s like a side of myself I’ve always kind of battled with.

    The more I’ve learned about myself, the more I now see how these feminine energies inside of me was never about liking the colour pink or wearing feminine clothes (although if you’re a man and you do I’m routing for you, that’s bold! lol), it was about me feeling a sensuality, a deep divine intuition and a calling to balance these masculine and feminine aspects of myself. The more I do that, the more I see it doesn’t turn me into a woman lol it makes me kinder, more intuitive/psychic and able to embrace the current energies of Gaia that she now has in abundance.

    Thank you Maria, for helping me understand this other side of myself that was asking for my attention my whole life. As always, love and light and I feel empowered from your posts once more ❤️

    1. James, I agree fully, it’s not about choices in fashion or color, or even how one expresses themselves sexually, but about, as you say beautifully, “ feeling a sensuality, a deep divine intuition and a calling to balance these masculine and feminine aspects of myself.” It can be the balance in someone who is a very masculine man, or a very feminine woman. Absolutely.

      Love and light to you, my friend. 💕

  3. I say whatever floats your boat, follow your own rules!! That’s how I have always expressed my eccentric self. More power to the originals who do what feels good. The more of us who do this, the more it gives others on the sidelines permission to follow suit. Our world needs to understand that balance can only be achieved by equality of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Thank you for emphasizing this through your work and your words!!! Much love to you my dear ❤❤❤

    1. elizabethsadhu

      PS. I love the picture of the very muscly dude with pink and tutu.

      By the way, the kind of dancing we do has many men wearing skirts. So much fun for lots of twirling!!!! Woooooohooooooo!!!!!

  4. MariaTeresa, yes, absolutely, the more who follow their own rules, the more it gives others permission to do the same. Change always feels threatening and yet, maintaining the status quo isn’t working any more. Love to you too. 💕

  5. Interesting. Fashion had me thinking about how in the 80’s working women were expected to add elements of male power dressing such as shoulder pads in everything, boxy blazers, ties, usually in a bow, at our neck, and longer skirts to hide out feminine bodies to look professional and not be a distraction. I also see how women are still penalized for displaying traits praised in men. I love that the younger generations are continuing to push change forward.

    1. elizabethsadhu

      This makes complete sense to me. And I’m meeting more and more trans humans. Which fits entirely with gender fluidity. And in all the zoom meetings I attend now, we all put our pronouns.

      There have been times in my life where I’ve felt more comfy wearing more neutral clothes. I definitely identify as female but I’ve never been into makeup or frilly, sparkly things. I just want to be comfortable. Sometimes that is jeans. Sometimes that is skirts. Who cares?

      And there is a big part of me that says why even declare? I’m human. I’m a person.

      Thank you dearest Sistar! Love you tons!
      Loving us all!

      1. Yes, dear siSTAR, it’s so nice to just be comfortable. Me, too. When I was younger I did the makeup thing, and hair color, and it was fun, but over the years I just wanted to be comfortable, and for me at least, the less maintenance the better. Lol.

        And, absolutely, human first above all! And of course, now we also have our soul weighing in more and more, and its desire to express in our life. And often I’ve noticed that my soul loves to just be playful, whatever form that takes. I know you abide by that one, siSTAR!

          1. I love you tons and tons, too my friend! And, I’m glad you liked the muscle guy in the tutu. There’s something about him in that vignette, about his relationship with himself and his daughter….that’s heart-warming.

    2. Sarah, it’s funny you mention shoulder pads in women’s fashions in the 80s. I was also thinking about that, and that women were pressured to act and look like men, and couldn’t just be themselves and still be taken seriously professionally.

      And, yes, the whole women are a distraction justification. We still see remnants of that today, in businesses, school, and church, where women’s attire is still heavily monitored.

      And it’s at the heart of the dilemma, that women who are simply expressing their own sensuality are somehow demonized for it. They are accused, in effect, of trying to seduce men. And the idea continues to be promoted that men have no control over their behavior toward women.

      But sensuality has nothing to do with sexuality. It’s a way of seeing and FEELING life.

      So if men want to also express that sensuality, in a self-affirming way, whether it’s in the way they dress or their lifestyle, they are often ridiculed, or worse, for it.

      Fortunately, that’s all starting to dissolve, all of the polarization of the male and female, as more and more people awaken to their own divinity. They begin to see that how they express as a human should be fun, inspired and from the heart. And not dictated by anything or anyone outside themselves.

      1. Yes, it is interesting how slowly we are moving forward and slowly evolving. I think the generation that starts the baby steps raises the one that will advance the change. There will
        Always be holdouts. I see so much of that as fear.

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