The Muse

XIR155451 The Dream of the Poet or, The Kiss of the Muse, 1859-60 (oil on canvas) by Cezanne, Paul (1839-1906) oil on canvas 82×66 Musee Granet, Aix-en-Provence, France Lauros / Giraudon French, out of copyright

We have talked about how the caretaker role by so many light workers and by women especially is being released from the mind and body of the human in this embodied enlightenment process.

So what does this mean on a more day to day tangible way?

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It means no longer taking responsibility for how other people feel.

And it’s happening naturally. We notice now more than ever that we are not into being fed off of by others. We know where our boundaries are and how to set them.

It also means that some emotions will be coming up around setting boundaries and dealing with other people in our lives. We need not mistake those emotions as having done something wrong. All they are at this point is our soul taking them for us and extracting the wisdom from them and integrating and transforming them for us.

I remember watching a movie called The Muse, in which a woman appears in peoples lives, especially those who are creative and are experiencing blocks to that creative part of themselves.

They find themselves wanting to be in her presence, and they actually gift her with many presents, which she graciously accepts and just throws on the mantle with a substantial of other gifts from her clients. She really doesn’t do much for her clients other than just spend time with them and not that much actually. 

So she just hangs out with them for short periods of time. She doesn’t nurture them, she doesn’t stroke their ego. She doesn’t really even give them ideas for their novels or screenplays.

She appears very confident in herself just being there with them. And they seem to find just the right inspiration to free themselves from their creative blocks.

So to a degree I see this image as the new us. We reflect a soul that is already whole and complete unto itself. It already is worthy so it does not have to strive for worthiness. It is sensual and expressive. But it has no need to compromise itself in order to express itself.

The muse is the beauty and sensuality of our soul. 

We inspire others simply by just being ourselves. Not our old over-nurturing and sympathetic self.

But our beautiful, expansive, self-confident self. 

Enjoy my original tune, Gonna Find My Way Back Home

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8 thoughts on “The Muse

  1. You have a lovely voice Maria! I vaguely remember that film starring Sharon Stone, whose Pisces energies mix well with this moment. I am blessed to find so much inspiration here at WordPress where many strong creative awake women ( and men) express themselves genuinely and freely.

  2. Annette

    Oh you KNOW I loved this, and you, and your beautiful voice, and this perfect song!

    Haven’t seen this movie, but will look it up. 😉💞💞💞

  3. Thank you, my Annette! Your words are ‘music to my ears.’ And, I think you would enjoy the movie. Albert Brooks co-wrote it and he has quite an imagination. His creations seem to lean toward the esoteric, like in ‘Defending Your Life’ with Meryl Streep.

  4. elizabethsadhu

    Thanks so much for this. Perfect. NEEDED to read.

    “We inspire others simply by just being ourselves. Not our old over-nurturing and sympathetic self.

    But our beautiful, expansive, self-confident self.”

    Love the song, dear sistar……

    love you and loving us all

    1. James

      Hi Maria, it is James here from many years back, no idea if I’m remembered or not 😅

      I wanted to pop by and send you love and light, and to see you’re still continuing with the great work you were doing here is heart warming.

      Thank you as always, I can feel myself gradually gravitating back to this beautiful space you have.

      Much love ❤️

      1. Hi James. It’s nice to hear from you, my friend! So glad you found your way back. So much has transpired in a few short years for many of us. Thank you for your sweet words of appreciation! 💕love to you.

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