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Who Are The Brave Men?

Art by Maria Chambers

The brave men are those courageous men who embrace their own sensuality.  Who honor their feminine nature equally to their masculine nature.  Whether they are ‘traditional’ men, or they are gay, bisexual, transsexual or transgendered.  They naturally honor all gender identity and expressions in others. Continue reading


A One-Woman Band

I remember when I was playing gigs with a fellow musician, a gifted electric guitarist, I would relish those times when we set up our equipment, and we would practice and record songs.  It was all evolving and each time there was something fresh and new that evolved from working with someone else.  It was synergistic.  There were clashes of intents at times though, and it was frustrating. Continue reading


The Art of Being Real

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

So I was once again coming up empty, staring at my Netflix and then my Amazon watch list.  It’s happening, and it’s a little depressing.   Nothing much left to watch.  I watched the crap out of the t.v shows and movies I love, and the ones I try on are at best moderately entertaining.  And just when I think I can sink my teeth into something, they present a female character in a major role, maybe as a prosecutor, or a CIA agent, who is physically flawless, under 25 years of age, and looks like she is posing in Vogue. Continue reading