This morning I went for an oil change. I go to the dealership even though my warranty on my Hyundai expired awhile ago. It cost only $6.00 because I bought a lifetime voucher for oil changes. They provide great service, and even wash the car afterward. The only problem is the ride is a bit long for me, and these days I don’t feel that safe going outside my comfort zone.

I’ve been feeling a sense of vulnerability unlike any other time in my life. 

it’s no secret that this transformation from human to divine human has been arduous on our body, mind and life in general. Everything feels as if it is breaking down, or falling apart.  It can be frightening to the mind, who feels like it’s not doing its job keeping everything together.

Its job has been to keep us safe, and now it feels like it has lost control. Which may be the hardest thing to deal with in our embodied integration. 

After all, in our old 3D life we worked hard to keep things together.  Or, at least that was the illusion.

Many of us have noticed that our minds don’t work like they used to. We forget things, why we walked into a room, what we were just thinking, and have to keep checking to make sure we have what we need before leaving the house, whether it’s our phone, or wallet.

I took the trouble to dig out a cabin air filter from the closet for my car so they could replace the old one for me, and I left it home on the kitchen counter in plain sight.

I was not happy about that because it means another trip down town in the near future.

But, as uncomfortable as it is, there is a purpose to the mental fog.  As our mind integrates with our soul, and light body, it’s essential that we release the memories of the past that have to do with fear, guilt or shame.  And when we do recall our past it will no longer be infused with those heavy emotions.

And that’s because our soul has transformed them for us, and has kept the wisdom of those experiences.  

And even the every day things we forget, like names, or birthdays, or appointments. Or cabin filters.  Rest assured they are not life altering.  We will remember what we need to in the now moment.  That’s the way our life will be lived in the new energy.  

And that’s going to be challenging for the mind, with its need to plan and control things.  A new kind of recall is being created.  One in which we use our instincts more than logic.  We will be following our inner senses.  There is a reason we are becoming more sensitive.

Sometimes things happen that don’t seem logical.  Or we have an urge to do something that goes against logic or common sense. We need to trust that.  

My friend at the cafe often says that people were more logical in the past, that now they are doing things that are illogical and that’s why there is the chaos and radicalism we see in the world.  But I contend that most people don’t make decisions based in logic, but on emotion, and they always have.  Many decisions are made from a place of fear and lack, which are emotions generated from the mind.

How many people love their jobs?  They work at jobs that rob them of their spirit because they don’t believe that money and resources can flow to them easily.

How many people exercise and eat certain foods because they enjoy it?  Many people over-exercise and scrutinize their food because they believe they are prey to illness otherwise.  They have fallen out of trust with their body and its natural ability to process all types of food.

The primary reason for illness is due to deep belief systems.  And also the body has its own consciousness and holds onto emotional wounds, from this and other lifetimes.

This transformation is taking care of all of that, albeit too slowly for our liking.  But if it’s done too fast we are at risk of destroying the body.  And the mind.

I have run out of patience many times with this process, but I am beginning to see how important it is to take it slow. The body especially is based in the past, and isn’t going to handle rapid change well.

Our body wants change as much as we do, but like our mind, it’s fearful of anything new. It resist it. 

This morning  I really didn’t want to go downtown, and I could have cancelled the appointment.  But I also thought how nice it would be to have the car serviced and washed.  I breathed into the fear, and allowed my soul to take it for me.

My mind still wrestled with it anyway, worrying about traffic and potential rain….I don’t like driving in the rain….but it all went well, and the car drives much better now.

I was becoming concerned that my fears and vulnerability around this transformation were keeping me from venturing into anything new or outside my comfort zone. (Article continues after photo)



And the same goes for our physical body.  I’m allowing myself more latitude with foods I like but would resist in the past.  Even things like sugar.  I was always very careful about my sugar consumption because I was concerned about blood sugar issues.

But more and more I allow myself delicious gooey deserts.  In the past I would try to concoct them using dried fruit, plain yoghurt, and a little piece of dark chocolate.  Which was nice.  But then I decided that I wanted the full experience of dessert.  I wanted chocolate cake, ice cream and cookies, whatever my heart desires.

I decided my body can handle it in moderation, and it has.

A couple of months ago I had symptoms of a bladder infection.  I went to the doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic.  They said I also had a vaginal bacterial infection, and prescribed an antibiotic for that.

I tried both, first one, then the other, and nothing worked.  One made me ill. Then I tried a natural supplement, oil of oregano, which used to work but no longer does.  

I reached a point where I decided to let it all go.  No antibiotics, no supplements.  No special diet.  None of that felt right to me anymore.  And as scary as it felt, I decided to just give it over to my soul.  

The infections cleared up on their own, and I have stopped worrying about them or about my diet.

Doctors and medications have their place, and each of us knows when they are appropriate.  And that’s all we need to do here, is just trust.

I have reached a place in this transformation where I am tired of trying to figure out my health.  I just ain’t got it in me anymore.  It’s a surrender, and it’s scary because my body feels weird and symptomatic at times.  But now I trust that it’s all part of the process, and that labeling or diagnosing it just keeps it stuck in that pattern.

Sometimes I’m scared that my body will just fall apart.  Sometimes I feel that way about my car.  We feel something different, we hear something in the car….we go into a bit of a panic.  It takes trust in our own soul at that point.  Trust that it’s being taken care of on levels we do not or need not understand.

It’s a huge shift we are going through.  It will take more time.

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19 thoughts on “GIVE IT MORE TIME

  1. I feel so much of what you are saying. I have been on an emotional roller coaster, much of it digging out my shadows. Transformation is for the brave, the courageous, the vulnerable, the spiritual and the healers and the healing. Peace to you.

    1. Yes, Sara, you are absolutely right. This arduous path is not for everyone. And yet, eventually every human will have to go through it. Hopefully we pioneers will work out the bugs, and make it easier for those who follow. Peace to you too. 💕💕💕

  2. golf4life1

    I think oldstimers is actually beneficial to help prolong the bodies life. Many times I go upstairs to get something, get distracted and forget why I went up. When I get back down I remember, then I go up. My stair work is doubled.

    My other philosophy, when in too much doubt, drink wine!


      1. elizabethsadhu

        Dearest SiSTAR!!!!

        Oh my gosh I needed to read this.
        Thank you so much for this message and reminder that our beautiful SOULS are in charge. TRUST. FAITH. JOY.

        What a wild ride this year has been! SHIFT SHIFT SHIFT.

        I’m going to stop TRYING and trying to fix, and do do do and I’m moving to TRUST and BE. I’ve done it before, thanks for the much needed kick in my bum…..hahaha, not that you intended it that way. But I’m taking it that way. 💜💜💜💜💜🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💜💜💜💜💜🎉🎉🎉🎉💜💜🎉💜🎉💜🎉💜🎉💜

        Love you tons and tons!

        Loving us all

  3. I needed to read this today Maria. My patience with grace and time has gotten me wanting to hold onto what I can’t control. Ultimate surrender is in store, in the moment and what I need to allow for. This transformation gets sticky and this past week has felt uncomfortable in many ways. Yes, reminding me of past hurts. Your post is reminding me to cut myself some slack and ride it out. Give it up to God. The mental confusion’s smog will make way for brightness and clarity. We know this. My path up to this point has proven this. We are going deeper, in faith and in trust. That’s what Divine light is providing. Oh and the love that is blasting through is what my soul feeds upon. I take it all in. Remembering that it all serves. Thank you for the reminder my friend 💖🙏

  4. mm

    “Sometimes I’m scared that my body will just fall apart. Sometimes I feel that way about my car. We feel something different, we hear something in the car….we go into a bit of a panic. It takes trust in our own soul at that point. Trust that it’s being taken care of on levels we do not or need not understand”

    Well, I for one needed to read this! I so often resonate with what you write, Maria. I’m on the same crash course in learning to trust where my soul is leading, and as you say it isn’t always easy, especially in physical symptom flares. But this is the journey I’m on, and in a strange, paradoxical way it is a beautiful one.

    1. Yes, mm, you nailed it! This journey indeed “… in a strange, paradoxical way it is a beautiful one.” I have a suspicion we will look back and see that beauty even more from a very different perspective that only our soul can provide.

  5. Bruce Tompkins

    It’s interesting what you said about not wanting to go outside of your comfort zone. I’m the same way these days. Rarely go more than a mile from my home. Usually just stick to a few nearby places – places that I’m used to.

    1. Bruce, I suspect many of us feel this way especially as we go deeper into this process of transformation. Some compare it to being the caterpillar in the cocoon. There is so much going on within us and our body that we feel fragile and vulnerable and tend to want to keep close to home and to the familiar places.

      For the rest of humanity, they had the Corona virus, which forced people all around the world to stay at home. And as a result, the consciousness of the entire planet has shifted.

      Some of us are beginning to emerge from the cocoon, and test out our new wings in the world. It’s truly a fascinating phenomenon.

  6. Lisa

    I almost want to cry as I read your posts. Not because they’re sad but because I feel so validated and less alone. Thank you for braving the wilderness of this crazy ride and sharing so candidly about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. This week I’m having the most intense desire to sell everything and move to Mexico. I’m terrified. I’ve built a while life that I’m feeling it’s time to walk away from. I’m slowly opening the channel of trust.

    1. Lisa, thank you also for sticking it out and pioneering this transformation along with the rest of us. It sounds like you are readying for the next chapter and as you trust and follow the inner nudgings, it will be filled with much more sensuality, grace and joy. 💕

  7. Vanessa

    Thank you for sharing this. I came to Mexico to visit a cousin and as a vacation but I’ve realized I’ve become much more sensitive. I’m also experiencing some strong uncomfortable symptoms that make me want to escape my body to be honest! Trusting is hard but I guess all I can have is patience for now. Thank you very kuch for sharing your Truth.

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