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Image credit Maria Chambers

I mentioned in my last post that one of my cafe buddies likes crossword puzzles.  I used to do them myself.  Not so much any more for some reason.  The thing about puzzles is, the mind loves them.  It loves solving things.  Complexity and challenges keep the mind engaged in life.

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The Mind-Blowing Experience of Enlightenment

Image credit Maria Chambers

Many of us are becoming more and more detached from the world outside our door.  From the news, from other people.  But it doesn’t really trouble us, because we know that it’s being replaced by something profound.  

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Pennies and Calories: Follow The Joy, Or Follow The Fear


Image credit Maria Chambers

Two interesting things this morning at Starbucks.  Small, but at the same time significant:   my friend Christina said she wanted me to help her make a decision….should she go to Target, or to the deli section at Publix (grocery store)….I asked, “Why Target?”  She said the yoghurt.  I ask “Doesn’t Publix have the yoghurt?”  to which she replied, “Yes, but it’s cheaper at Target.”

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Celebrate You


Art by Maria Chambers

Whatever part of the world you live in, whether or not you celebrate Christmas, or any other type of holiday tradition, I hope that you will take some time to sit with yourself, and reflect on who you are.  To remind yourself of what you took on your shoulders, of what you went through this lifetime, for your love of humanity.

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