This morning I went for an oil change. I go to the dealership even though my warranty on my Hyundai expired awhile ago. It cost only $6.00 because I bought a lifetime voucher for oil changes. They provide great service, and even wash the car afterward. The only problem is the ride is a bit long for me, and these days I don’t feel that safe going outside my comfort zone.

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Once upon a time there was a CEO of a large company. His name was Bob. The company was handed down to him by his father, and his father’s father because this company was in the family for generations. Bob took a great deal of pride in running his company. He loved so many aspects of being in charge of so many people, so many departments, and so much enterprise. He worked very hard to maintain his position because, just as his father and grandfather and great-grandfather passed on to their beneficiaries the physical business, they also passed on their ideology of working hard, being competitive, not trusting easily, and not taking anything for granted. Continue reading “The CEO”

Divine Feminine Speaks To Men

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I am the Divine Feminine, and I am here to address the courageous men who are in the forefront of the transformation from a carbon based to a crystalline based reality.  I am addressing those who are in the forefront of a consciousness shift that has not been done before in such numbers. Continue reading “Divine Feminine Speaks To Men”