Pioneers of Change


Artwork by George Redhawk

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If you are reading these words, and relate to the material in this blog, you are a pioneer of change.  Your outer life may not seem to reflect that truth, and that’s because the changes have been inner ones.  And as we know, real change begins at inner levels.

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Coming To Our Senses: Sensuality Will Replace Emotions

Art by Maria Chambers

As we move into our Mastery, we will identify less and less with human emotions.  We will stop responding and reacting to life, and spend more and more time just being in our senses.  We will experience life sensually, with all of our human and our angelic senses.

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Soul Talkin’

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The soul speaks to the mind…..

Dear mind,

Are you beginning to feel the relief? Are you starting to finally exhale? Are you still doubtful that you can let go of all the control? Of having to figure it all out? Are your shoulders beginning to relax? Are you finally unclenching those fists?

Dear mind, dear male energy, you no longer have to continuously prove yourself, or your worth to me. You won’t be kicked out. You are needed here.

But I will not cater to your tantrums anymore. I will not try to manage you, or your frustration. You can try to engage me with all the emotions, all the fears, but don’t expect that you will fool me anymore. There is too much at stake now. It’s come down to the wire.

I have been as patient as possible with you, but this is my body, and this is my life. I am not interested in you feeding off my energies. That will no longer work.”

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