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Darkness And Light


Image Credit Maria Chambers

As Divine Light continues to infiltrate the planet, it brings to the surface any remaining darkness.  So we see in the world, acts of horror toward others, toward self, and it seems to be heating up.  From domestic violence, to suppressing, controlling and murdering women and children in the name of honor and religion. Continue reading


Mass Hypnosis

C79FA010-94EB-4CA1-BB37-0F59E13F68F7.pngI watched a hypnotist convince an ordinary man that he was a skilled surgeon, and that he was about to perform a life-saving operation on an eggplant.  It was interesting to watch the man’s demeanor change so radically, and his brow begin to sweat as he started carving into the vegetable with a plastic knife.

In that moment he absolutely believed that the purple produce was someone’s brain. Continue reading


Mass Consciousness

AA377F6C-6845-4500-B72F-FFA210E8B75CI remember, in my ‘former’ life I could accomplish a lot of things in a day.  I would run around, filling my day with various activities.  Visiting different people, or they visiting me.  Family, friends, lovers, husbands, jobs.  There was a part of me that thrived on it.  Now, if there is one thing I have to do in a day, like go to the dentist, or grocery shopping, or see a friend for lunch, that’s an over-filled schedule. Continue reading