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The Game

Recently I was shocked to lose a beloved T.V. character… Not the actor, but the character he played in a T.V. Drama that I was following devotedly on Amazon Prime.  (I don’t own a television.)  He was killed off unexpectedly in the script. This has happened several times, in various t.v. dramas, and each time, I am just as shaken.  It makes me realize how invested I get in some of these shows, and in the characters, even if they are written as having questionable integrity.  Often the producers will ‘kill them off’ because the actors have chosen to move on to new projects.

This time I was hit hard. I had a good cry.

So I had to ask myself, what’s going on here?  Why was this tugging so strongly at my heartstrings?  And then it became apparent that I was not allowing myself to fully grieve my own ‘death.’ What feels like the death of my old self.  I, too am moving on to new projects, to a new life, and saying goodbye to my old ‘story’ was pulling on my heartstrings.

Ascension, embodied enlightenment is just a breath away.  But, some of us on the leading edge of ascension are hesitant to go through that last door.  So we label ourselves as ‘stuck.’  Sometimes, not letting go of feeling stuck is because it means stepping out of the game. What game you ask? The game called Life on Earth. A game that, for so many lifetimes had us steeped in drama, battling with ourselves and others. Needing things to overcome.

And of course it is fueled by fear.

We have been detaching from the 3-D world. But, we are still hesitant to give up this game entirely. It is a bit delicious. We still want to savor those last morsels of a game we have been playing for eons of time. To let it go completely is a bit frightening. We are already experiencing a sense of loss because we believe we will never have a game again that has been so much fun. Fun you say? How could you call drama/trauma fun? To answer that, all you need to do is look at video games or any sports events to see the challenge involved? Is there not an opponent of some sort to fight and overcome or overpower? Without that, would those games even be any fun? Someone inevitably holds the power. Maybe our enlightenment is just a breath away, and not as complex as we may think it is. Maybe it is just a matter of, do we want to give up the game just yet? Because we know we have to, that it is inevitable.  That in order to ascend we will have to release the drama/trauma.  And even though we are finding that drama just doesn’t appeal to us like it used to, and we know it is going away, it may still concern us. Without some sort of drama or challenge, doesn’t life feel a bit….empty?

We say we want nothing to do with drama, but how many secretly sneak off and watch the news? Or some drama-filled TV series? Or enjoy a bit of gossip?  And, really there is no wrong here, no judgement.  Can we have the utmost compassion for ourselves for still feeling the draw to some drama?  After all, it’s been the only game in town forever.  In fact, as the master, we can choose to play in a little drama from time to time.  The difference is, as the master we are conscious of it and we can choose to leave it any time we want to.  One night I was driving home and it was raining and it was very difficult to see the roads.  It was a relatively short ride, and I could have pulled over until the rain subsided, but I chose to drive through it anyway.  That was really about the extent of drama in my life on that particular day.


Admittedly, there is a shameful lack of programming that expresses themes related to ascension and enlightenment.  You and I and others at the forefront of embodied enlightenment are the catalysts for those new programs, books, movies, songs and art.   The drama angle will be replaced with a different ‘draw.’  As more and more people release the need to overcome something, to do some sort of battle, it will most definitely be reflected in the media and literature.

But for now, it’s slim pickings.

And of course battling with our mind is the ultimate form of drama, a game we play.  Allowing our soul to be with us and then pushing it away, another game we play.  This love/hate relationship with ourselves.  Again, no judgement.  It’s what we have been doing since we came here eons ago and began experiencing the physical.  In fact, we were doing it even before we came here.  It’s our galactic story.

But, the game is over.  At least for us at the forefront of this transformation.  And this is in no way dismissing the pain we have endured as just a ‘game.’  But, it has been our clever way of making the pain of being unconscious more bearable.  For that we should give ourselves credit.  We have glamorized and romanticized that pain, and it has been cultivated to a high art in the media, our movies, t.v shows, books, songs, and of course, the news.

I have never had an interest in sports, or anything of a competitive nature, but I have been pretty heavily invested in the drama game, just like most humans.  But now I find myself slowly losing interest in it.  I am finding that it’s being replaced gradually, by a sense of peace, and a feeling of carefreeness, and adventure.  A sense of a new partnership with my soul.  We are discovering that drama is being replaced with a joyful, sensuous connection with our soul and with life.

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It’s Time

Don’t make anyone else responsible for how you feel, or for holding you back.  Don’t put that burden on them.  Whether it’s your spouse, your job, your family, or humanity.  That story’s time is over.  It’s time to be your divine self.  It’s time to stop pretending that you don’t know how.  It’s time to take real steps. To walk your talk.

It’s time to stop tip-toeing around your divinity.  That doesn’t mean to stop being your human self.  But it does mean stop using that self as an excuse.  That you are too scared.  Or too ‘broken.’  You are not broken.  You are magnificent.  You are spectacular.  You are beautiful.  You are sensuous.  you are safe to be sensuous.  You are safe to be magnificent.  You are safe to be beautiful.  Why?  because you are not of this world anymore.  You are not.  You are becoming more of who you are.  That is, a being of light, who is expressing through a physical body.

It’s time to consider how you have been playing the role of the victim.  It’s time to honor that role, but to set it free.  It’s no longer serving you, especially as a woman.  It’s time, as a woman to own your divine masculine and divine feminine.  It’s time, as a man, to own your divine feminine and divine masculine.  It’s time to let go of your story that had you separate from your god-self.  It’s no longer a virtue to suffer and to sacrifice for love.  It’s no longer necessary to put anyone else first.  You are first.  It’s time to be bold, and to choose to be first, to love you first, to give to you first, regardless of what the rest of humanity has to say about that.

It’s time to dismiss anything that humanity has to say about giving being better than receiving, about the necessity of compromise, of putting aside the needs of the few for the needs of the many.  It’s time to express your sensuality, to express your soul’s fire, that fire that comes not just from your heart, but from you belly, and from your pelvis.  It’s time to allow yourself to feel safe in doing so.  To stop pulling back your light, and your sensuality, in fear that you will be misunderstood, especially as a woman.  Aren’t you tired of holding back?

Aren’t you tired of putting up with a body that feels worn down?  Don’t you want to declare your freedom from all the restrictions?  This is your time.  This is your lifetime.  You set this in motion.  You were the brave one who said you would change the course of the consciousness on this planet.  You have been such a blessing.  Such a radiance.  You feel it, don’t you?  You feel that fire.  you know you have it, even if it feels mostly like a spark.  Others feel the shift in energy when you walk into a room.  Your neighbors feel it, and your community feels it.  Some do not like so much light.

It’s time to honor your human self, your personality, for its journey.  It’s time to love that human self for everything it’s been through and for just being here.  You know how to do that.  You are an old soul.  This is not really new for you.  But it is new to stay here, on the planet after you integrate your divine self into your physical body.  You have opened so many doors.  Walked so many miles.  But now it’s time to rest your feet.  Let your self enjoy the freedom that you said you would do anything for.

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There Are No Missed Opportunities

It’s important to know that in this transformational process you are going through, there are no missed opportunities. Whether you feel as if you’ve missed the boat in terms of your age, in terms of career, relationships, marriage. Whether you feel you are too ill with a disease or two or three. No matter what stage of that disease, no matter what age you are, you have not missed any opportunities. You have a magnificent, exciting future.

Your body is going through a major transformation. You are doing the groundwork for your soul to reside within your body and your life. To believe that it’s too late, or that you have missed the boat somehow, is just old energy thinking. In terms of your enlightenment and your brilliant, joyful life ahead of you, you are very young.  There’s so much to look forward to. Don’t buy into the limitations that society lives by. You are not in society anymore. You really are not there. You have created your own reality. Your own set of rules prevail now. You have accomplished this because you have allowed your soul to be in the driver’s seat of your life. You have only to decide what your heart desires, and allow your soul to co-create that with you. Rather than focusing on the symptoms that disturb you, look for the small and big miracles that have taken place in your life. Those things that have come in ways that you never expected and with grace and ease. They are there. Sometimes you just have to look for them. Acknowledge them, and celebrate them because that’s just the beginning. Sometimes things change for the better and it kind of sneaks up on you. You may have turned around one day and realized that there was more money flow in your life, or that your health was beginning to improve in some areas that you weren’t even thinking about. Perhaps an opportunity to be more creative appeared that you never would have imagined. These exact scenarios may not apply to you but if you stop to consider it, you will find that there are some changes that have occurred to you that are tangible proof of this process being real.

Sometimes the situations or illnesses that are the most disturbing seem the longest in transforming. And that is sometimes because there is a bit more resistance built up around them, wanting them so much. Have you noticed that things that come to you easily are things you do not really have a great deal of resistance about having, or you were not even thinking about very much.

We are beginning to allow ourselves the bigger dreams now. Knowing that they will be fulfilled. We are no longer being held back by an old energy system. The only thing that slows it down for us now is our own resistance.

Someone very wise said, pertaining to our Ascension, our embodied enlightenment, that we have no choice but to get well. So true. We have no choice but to become free.

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I AM The Master

Enjoy my song, Angelic Realms, from my album, Cosmic Blend, while reading the post.

The following is not just me speaking from my human/soul self, it’s also the voice of many of us on the ascension path:

I am the master of my life. I am the one who is at the forefront of this movement, of this transformational process. I am the one who is going through it. I am proud of being one of the few souls who made this the lifetime of embodied enlightenment. I am proud of being the new consciousness teacher and wayshower.  I may appear selfish to others because I am selfish. And I am proud of that too.   I am beginning to love myself so much that I care about how I feel. Why? Because how I feel is everything. How I feel directs the energies at my disposal. How I feel creates my realities. I am that brilliant.  I am that magnificent. I am that awesome. I am that creative.

Yes, energies pull on my heartstrings, I feel the sorrow. Fear resides in my solar plexus. I feel the neurotic thoughts that parade through my mind and sometimes my head hurts. I know, that as the human, I am feeling vulnerable. I am feeling like the victim of my body, of my emotions, of my environment, and of the energies from other people. Yet, are those energies truly mine? Are they my emotions? Is this even my body?  I am in the process of transforming this body into one that reflects my true consciousness. The so-called issues I am experiencing on a physical level are just passing through. They are coming up and wanting to be set free. All energies want to come back into balance. All energies are here to serve me. I am the alchemist. I take energies, no matter where they originated, and I move them, not with my will, but with my love. I move and transmute them with my acceptance and allowing.

And, as I accept and allow these energies, they do transform. And I am also becoming aware that I can choose how I want to feel. There are times when I feel disconnected from my soul. It feels boring and colorless, but I do my best to just be in that space and make peace with it. But I do notice that those times are fewer and more short-lived and there is more of a feeling of connection. More feeling good regardless of my circumstances. I used to think that my circumstances had to change in order for me to feel better. And, sometimes I still do. But, I also realize that feelings can change if I keep identifying with how I want to feel and not make how I don’t want to feel my truth. I choose to make my truth those feelings that feel good to me. I choose to feel fulfilled, I choose to feel adventurous. I choose to feel excited by life. I choose to feel carefree. I choose to feel abundant in resources, and in good health. These feelings are not always within my emotional reach, but sometimes I enjoy just feeling around for them.

And I am becoming adept at just being o.k. with just hanging out, watching movies or programs, sleeping, taking leisurely walks and letting these transformational energies just do what they need to do.  These are my transformational energies.  I summoned them.

But, I learned something. I don’t have to do it by myself. My soul is adept at it because my soul is Joy.  It is bliss.  It is fulfilled. So I don’t have to try or push, I just have to decide how I want to feel. I write down how I want to feel, and interestingly, my soul then is able to magnify those feelings more and more. And then, my circumstances begin to reflect those feelings to me in the form of financial abundance and better feelings in my body.

I noticed that if I make it o.k. to feel whatever I’m feeling, whether it’s fear, anger, sadness, or boredom, that creates a sense of peace, and then from that place I seem to be more in the neighborhood of joy.  I discovered that just being in the vicinity of the lighter, brighter feelings brings in more like them.  More of those feelings are attracted to me.

Earlier, in the beginning stages of my awakening, I was not able to allow all the so-called negative emotions. I was too overwhelmed by them. So, I separated them from my joyful feelings. I pushed the darker feelings away. But, that didn’t really work because they did not just go away. In fact the more I tried to push them away the more they came back even louder.

But, as the master, I am understanding that all is allowed. That, as my soul, there is no limit to the amount of love and acceptance. The love from my soul is all-encompassing. And it does take the master to be able to work with these darker feelings. To not get caught up in them.


I have come to realize that my soul, my divinity is not limited. It does not reside in just my heart space. And, especially as a woman, I have kept my soul from moving into my entire body, because I was afraid I would not be safe. Like so many women, I was afraid I would be considered less than honorable if I expressed my sensuality in my day-to-day life. I was restricting my spirit and I didn’t even realize it. I was afraid to be seen as filled with spirit.

But now, I am in a place where I am feeling more safe to express who I am. And, I created that space for myself, that safe space within myself. I used to look for that safety outside myself, in others, especially in men. But now I have come to know that I have that male energy within me who is there to support me. As I allow more of this safe space within myself, nothing on the outside can take away from that.

So, I am allowing spirit to come through me in a full way. Because that’s how spirit wants to express. Spirit isn’t just peace and calm and pleasant feelings. Spirit is also fire. Spirit is pure creative expression, not just sexually but sensually. It can’t be contained and it also doesn’t exclude parts of me that still feel sad, angry, helpless, vulnerable.  If I incarnated as a man, perhaps I would be experiencing the movement of the energies upward, to my heart space and feel safe to express emotions more and more.

I noticed that when I asked for more energy in my life, either in the form of money or time or resources or even just physically feeling better, the energies did come in, but I was not always ready to receive them. They came in, but they just amplified my feelings of lack of self-worth or of feeling like a victim. I discovered that becoming enlightened did not automatically exclude me from the law of attraction. That as I was allowing more light and love into my life, it brought up parts of me that felt unloved, that felt scared. And, if I allowed myself to accept those parts of me that felt that way as my truth, then I created more of the fear in my life. The energy is that potent.

The energy will just magnify those parts that are out of balance if I choose to make those parts my truth. And these new energies, these crystalline energies are potent. They are not like the earth energies that we are used to working with. So, opening up to more energy can be scary. I knew that as I asked for more energy, it would come. But would I be truly ready to receive it?  I am beginning to understand that it’s part of the human journey to feel vulnerable. To feel victimized. Especially since we had kept our soul at arm’s length for so long. It felt as if we were fighting for our own survival. Who wouldn’t feel vulnerable? So as the master, I am understanding that it is to be compassionate with the human self that I am. And it is also to allow my divine nature to fill-in where my human self is not able to. It is a divine partnership. It is continually unfolding. It is a wonderful time to be alive on this planet.

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