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Let It In

The hardest part of this ascension, awakening, soul embodiment process is to let it in.  To just allow it.  Because on a human level we have been programmed over lifetimes to go into survival, defense mode on so many subjects.  We believed we had to shoulder all of life’s challenges alone, without spirit, so we brought in other people to help us.  Because we have kept spirit at arm’s length for so long, for the most part, we felt alone in trying to navigate our way through life. Not that we haven’t  done an amazing job.  We have figured out how to keep a roof over our head, and keep ourselves above water financially.  Somehow we managed to pay our bills, have food on the table, and maintain these bodies.

But that got kind of boring after awhile.

Life had to be more than ‘just enough.’ Where’s the joy?  In the early stages of our enlightenment we thought that awakening meant an improved version of our old life:  better health, more money, better relationships, perhaps a more fulfilling career.

But slowly we discovered that the awakening isn’t what we expected.  It’s about reconnecting to our soul, and falling in love with ourself.  And of course the extension of that kind of love is naturally better physical conditions.  But the more we resisted, the harder things became.  And when we did finally open up more to spirit in our life, things didn’t suddenly clear up.  In fact some things got worse because more self-love brings up in us all those places that had been feeling unworthy of that kind of love.  We discovered that our bodies need to recalibrate to accommodate spirit, and in that process we felt uncomfortable symptoms on every level. Maybe even some frightening ones.

But those of us who chose the accelerated path also began to accept the responsibility for that decision.  We, at a soul level, made the choice.  We wanted this to be the lifetime for our ascension and we wanted to remain in these bodies.  Never done before by so many.  What should have taken many lifetimes to achieve we are doing in one.  So is it any wonder we are feeling the intensity of that process on so many levels?

So after so much drama, so much kicking and screaming, so many sleepless nights, we are finally coming to peace with this transformational process.  We are stepping out of the way more and just allowing our soul to manage it for us because…..well……our human self, our mind, doesn’t have a clue!

And that’s o.k.  we are learning to love the mind and understand its limited perspective, but we no longer wish to hold that perspective as our truth.  We no longer wish to give in to the fears of our mind, of its need to control things for us by indulging us in so many fears and limiting thoughts.

We are coming to understand that we deserve to feel good, and that we have the knowingness to choose that feeling no matter what is going on around us or within us.  We understand that from that place of feeling good, of feeling into our heart’s desires as if we are already living them, we bring forth the energies to create them.  Without effort or struggle.  And when I say we, I mean our soul.  We are finally giving our mind our unconditional love, and allowing it to come with us but as more of a passenger and not the driver of our experience.

And all those parts of us that have felt sad, and unloved, or guilty, or confused, are getting the benefit of our self-love.  So tears will be shed from time to time. There will be intense feelings welling up. They, too are invited to come along with us.  They want to also feel that love.  Because this love, which we have never experienced before, especially on a human to human level, is the solution to all our physical, emotional, financial and relationship issues.  To be so in love with ourselves that we allow all these parts of ourself, our mind, our shadow selves, to be.  Not fighting them or trying to change them.

Imagine such a relationship where we can enjoy life on Earth in these bodies, and have our heart’s desires fulfilled from a place of unconditional love for ourselves.


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Are You The Master Or The Student?


A while back – actually lifetimes ago, you took a vow to yourself that you would make this the lifetime for your enlightenment.  You didn’t quite know what you were getting yourself into.  But you did know that the old way of experiencing life, without your soul present, was incredibly boring.  Even with drama to make you feel alive, it wasn’t cutting it.

To come here and to forget who you are, what bravery!  To stumble around trying to be just another human.  To go through very difficult childhoods, where you hid your Christ Consciousness because it didn’t feel safe to express it.  So you gradually lost the connection to your first love – your very soul!  To try so hard to fit in, but you knew you were different from the other children.

To have the confidence before you incarnated to know that you would remember who you are.  Very few angels had the guts to do that.

To put our minds and emotions and bodies through hell, and in the process think there is something wrong with us.  Things seemingly disintegrating, our health, finances, relationships, and our minds.  Feeling so alone, no one in our immediate family or community to talk to because they are not going through or have gone through this awakening.  Mostly they are at the very beginning stages of this transformational process.

But here you are.  You said you would do whatever it takes to remember who you are beyond your human personality and body.  And now, as you are awakening, you realize that things are coming up to be transformed, things seem to be leaving your life, but you really lose nothing.  You still have your mind, although you no longer rely on it for your awakening or for your manifestations.  You still have your body, and you realize that the seeming illness and fatigue are temporary because it is releasing the cells that can’t embody spirit, and is in the process of creating new cells.  The physical body is the last to catch up so you realize you need a little more trust and patience.  You realize that as you begin to love yourself more, your soul is more able to come in closer.  You recognize that this brings up resistance from your mind and that resistance can show up as more illness or emotional turmoil.

You begin to accept those parts of you that haven’t felt loved and you begin to embrace them with unconditional love.  You realize that things may seem to get worse because there is a process taking place, so you don’t allow your mind to engage you in more fear.

You begin to pay less and less attention to those fears and you choose to feel good.  You understand that the master chooses how they want to feel, and you understand that manifesting your dreams comes from feeling joy, not fear or lack.  But you also realize that the master allows all feelings.  But he doesn’t allow the feelings he doesn’t enjoy to control him.


There is no judgement in that question.  But the answer will determine how you experience your awakening from this point forward.  And that is not to say that you won’t flip back and forth at least until you build your trust.  Jesus had days that he got lost in the emotions and energies of those around him.  And he got distracted by his own doubts, at least until he accepted himself and loved himself just as he was.

If you decide you have had enough of asking how do I become enlightened, why are these things happening to me, and you begin asking questions like, dear soul, what would you like to do today, then you are the Master.  When you decide you are not a victim of any emotion, or any person, any family DNA, any disease, or any financial institution, then you are the master.  If you can let go of needing to take care of anyone emotionally, of having to save the world, then you are the master.  If you realize that you do not need to process or analyze things, try to figure things out, then you are the master.

If you are still searching, then you are the student.  If you are still trying and struggling then you are still the student.  If you believe you need to suffer or compromise for anything, you are not yet the master.  If you believe it must be complicated, you are still the student.  If you believe you must be the master in every moment, you are wrong!  But the master realizes that they have the choice in any moment about how they want to feel.  You are here to awaken yourself, and you have so many beautiful energies right here to serve you.  The master says clearly and with feeling, “I am healthy.”  Then she doesn’t think about it and knows it will manifest.  The same with finances.  The master states with confidence and self-worth, “I am wealthy!” And doesn’t try to figure it out from her mind.  The master knows that passion for life, living from her soul, is what brings her dreams into form.  He has left the inner battle behind and is now into feeling joy and sensuality.

The master knows that true freedom is the freedom to choose how she wants to feel.  That a joyful life is a life lived from the inside out.

The master knows that she is still living here in a very dense environment.  And even though she chooses to feel joy, she also knows that life here still has its challenges. But she also knows that in any moment she gets to choose how she wants to feel, and is no longer in response to life but lets life serve her.  She knows that life wants to serve her and that everything is possible.


I Got My Soul

Enjoy my new song, I Got My Soul, while reading the post.  Listening to the music helps to ground the message.


Have you felt lonely? You know why? Because you’ve disconnected from your soul.

Your soul –  oh she is so in love with you! She just wants to be with you. She just wants to share the day with you. She wants to feel life through your hands and feet and taste buds. She wants to see life through your eyes. She wants to explode in you with joy.

She wants to make love to you. She wants to be your lover, your confidant, your best friend. But she will never impose herself on you. So if you are keeping her at arm’s length for whatever reason, those reasons are understandable.  After all, who have you been able to trust with your heart? Because human love by nature is conditional.

Your soul loves you just as you are. With all of your shadows and fears and anger. With all the parts of you that you don’t feel proud of. That kind of love can be overwhelming, can’t it? So, she will not impose herrself on you. Instead, she waits patiently for you to allow her to come in fully and unashamedly. But in order for you to allow that type of love, you need to begin feeling worthy. Haven’t you wanted to taste that kind of love from another human being? Haven’t you been disappointed? Very few can offer that kind of love. And that’s because they’re still looking outside for love and approval and acceptance, which becomes a kind of dependency and feeding.

You wanted something different in this lifetime. You want to go for the best lover, friend, and companion anyone could ever have. But, it required you to strip yourself bare of your past, of your self-doubt, your feelings of not being ready or worthy. It meant you had to dive deep into the darkest abyss of yourself, and love those parts of you.

The kind of love that your soul can offer will have you behaving in the most outrageous ways. You may appear quite selfish to those around you. Falling in love with you? Dare you put you in the center of your universe? Dare you look into your own eyes in the mirror, and see a fire that can’t be extinguished? It is there, make no mistake. That fire is there. It’s in your cells, in your heart and your sexual organs. Yes it is orgasmic.

If you allow it. If you trust that the kind of love you want is real, in spite of your mind telling you you’re just making it all up and you’re being selfish. If you allow it, it is there for you. Are you ready? Are you worthy? Just as you are?

Don’t be hard on yourself.  It’s not easy allowing this amazing lover in.  You have to be so trusting and vulnerable.  It’s not about feeling it in every moment.  But when you do begin to feel her…you will never be the same.


Conversation With Your Soul


Enjoy my song, Sea Spirits, from my album, Cosmic Blend, while reading the post.  Listening to the music helps to ground the message.

You don’t have to change a thing about yourself, or about your life to invite spirit into your body. You don’t have to resolve all your issues, your relationship issues, your health issues, or your financial issues, or even your self-worth issues.

Your life could be falling apart. You could be at the end of your proverbial rope. In fact, that’s actually the best time to stop, take a few deep breaths, and have a conversation with your soul. Treat your soul as you would a good friend, as a confidant. Share what you are feeling and going through with her. Don’t leave anything out. Tell her what your needs are on the physical, financial, emotional and relationship level. It’s of course best if you are in more of a calm space when you are sharing this. You have more access to your inner being, or your soul, when you’re feeling more relaxed. So set aside some time, where you can be alone, and find a way to just relax. Whether it is a warm bath a shower, listening to some music or having a cup of hot tea or glass of wine. It could be while you are taking a leisurely walk in nature.  It doesn’t matter, whatever gets you in that relaxed state. Then, tell your soul what your needs are. Because you have been battling your mind, who is trying it’s best to do the figuring out for you, but the mind simply can’t do it. It was not designed for that purpose. And yet we continue to listen to the advice of the mind as if it knows what it is talking about. So it is going to require depending on Spirit more and on the mind less. But it is possible to allow our spirit into our minds, bodies and our realities here on earth, and we don’t have to wait for any designated time of enlightenment or Ascension. We are qualified right now, just as we are, with all of our so-called problems, our physical, emotional, relationship, and financial issues.

Our soul is ready, willing and able to work with us with the new energies, these new crystalline energies, whenever we feel ready. And being ready doesn’t mean having resolved all our issues. All that is required is that we begin to accept ourselves just as we are right now. Seeing ourselves as worthy right now of this relationship.

We have processed, expressed, integrated, and while there is more to release, we don’t have to complete another cycle to begin to have a real relationship with our soul. It can be as intimate as we want it to be. We can enjoy the simple things in life with our soul right alongside us.  Our soul loves us completely and unconditionally and wants to experience life with us.

Struggle and Suffering

We still carry the notion of struggle and suffering within our energy field to a certain degree. In the past we suffered and struggled to find God. So in this Ascension process, we still believe, even if we are not a part of any organized religion, that we are not worthy yet and that we must struggle and suffer in order to have God in our life on an intimate level. We are still not yet convinced that there is a certain ease in the new energy. That all we need to do really is to command the energies to serve us. And then to step aside and allow this process which is totally natural.

That is okay, we are in the process of releasing centuries of old patterns and beliefs. Whenever we go deeper into self-love, things come up in our energy to be cleared. Those parts of us that feel unworthy and incomplete are still there and wanting our attention. It is why sometimes things seem to get worse instead of better. We think we are doing something wrong or not loving ourselves enough, but in actuality sometimes as we do open to self-love, we invite in our aspects that have been in shadow. I know for myself, I have been going through this process now for quite a while. I have been facing some very deep fears, some of which I have never felt in my entire life. At times they have overwhelmed me. I have felt so out of control but actually I was trying very hard to control things and that’s why I was in such pain. I am slowly releasing my mind as being the creator of my life, and I am tentatively and cautiously allowing my soul to work with these new energies on my behalf. I have to admit, this has been one of the most difficult times of my life, because I am facing some of my deepest fears. At one point it was so uncomfortable, that I truly felt I wanted to leave the Planet. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to leave, I’m sure we have all felt those feelings during this intense transformational process. I had to remind myself that these issues were not really personal, that they were universal issues that so many of us are going through right now, and we need not feel alone with them.

So when we are having that conversation with our soul, it is important to be clear about what we are feeling, and what our physical human needs are at this point. To take those needs seriously. Because our soul doesn’t truly understand what it’s like to be physical. It wants to share this physical experience with us, and wants to use all our physical senses to enjoy life here with us, but we will not be of much use to that dear soul of ours if our body is breaking down, and our finances are a mess, or if we are in unsatisfying relationships. So, if we are to move forward into the new energy, with our soul in these bodies, we need certain things. We need strong healthy bodies, we need to feel comfortable in our home, whether that home is in the country or by the ocean or in town. We need to have plenty of sacred space all our own. We need to have a good means of transportation, and some good friendships. Some of us may want a mate, but that is not necessarily a requirement. But it is nice to have others of like mind, to share with on an intimate level.

We have been through so much to get to where we are now. There is no reason whatsoever that we should not have the things that make our stay on this planet more comfortable. If you are suffering from a physical condition, whether it’s a disease, or a malady, it does not matter where it originated. You don’t have to try to figure it out from your mind as to why it’s there. All you need to do is ask your soul to clear that disease or imbalance for you, And to clear the underlying patterns and emotions that may have created it. Now in that process, there may be feelings that come up such as deep sadness or anger, and that is good. It’s to just feel the feelings and allow them breathing space, to let them come and go. Most of those illnesses and imbalances aren’t even ours to begin with, as I have discussed this in other posts, so I will not go into detail here.  But suffice it to say that it is time to be clear to ourselves and to our soul about what exactly we want and need. And of course over time, as we accept and love ourselves as we are, our needs and wants will be taken care of without even thinking about it. Some of us may already have this experience. Everyone is going through this process in their own time and way.

We deserve to have a joyful and fulfilling life for the remainder of our years here on the Planet. This transformation is not an easy process, and is not for the faint of heart. Those of us going through this are absolutely courageous, absolutely resilient, and maybe a little crazy. But the fact that we are still here, after what we have gone through, is an indication that we are ready to receive the love and support from our soul that we so deserve. There is still a lot of work to do in the new energy, and even though many of us may feel detached from mass consciousness, a little bored, and maybe even confused, we are stepping into a whole new energy, with new rules, a whole new operating system, and we are going to be creating our reality in a whole new way. We can’t drag the old tools into the new energy and expect them to work. Believe it or not one of the old tools was struggling and suffering. We used pain and suffering to motivate us to want a better life for ourselves. That is not necessary anymore. And even though we say we want it to be easy, that struggling and suffering energy still clings to us to a certain degree. If that were not the case, we would not have these issues and problems that seem to overwhelm us at times. But that is okay, as I said, this is a time of releasing old outmoded patterns that have been with us for a very long time. So even though we feel sometimes like we are at the end of our rope, we need to have more patience with our human self. Because that human self is really doing the best it can to keep up with these changes. So, I hope as you are reading these words you are embracing your human self, you are acknowledging its needs and wants, and you are also feeling into the expansiveness of your soul. This is an amazing time because we now get the opportunity to meld our human and our souls selves into this amazing new energy being.


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