What Is The Feminine?

The feminine is looking at self, at humanity and at life from a broader perspective.

It’s a sensuality that encompasses the physical body, and life itself.  It’s experiencing the full range of emotions, including at times anger.

It’s a gentleness and compassion toward self, and toward life.  It’s allowing.  Allowing oneself to be vulnerable.  Allowing all of life to flow through.  Uncensored.  That also means accepting one’s own boundaries and never allowing those boundaries to be violated.

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The Dark Night Of The Soul – Chapter One – Film Noir Style

The city lay shrouded in the darkness of the night, a suffocating blanket of fog and mystery. The woman sat in her dimly lit office, the shadows of her past dancing on the walls. She was a woman changed whose soul had been on an arduous journey through lifetimes of longing and searching.

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