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The Mind Will Thank Us Later


Art by a Maria Chambers

Years ago I told a man in my life to relax.  I told him that he was trying too hard, and consequently was pushing me away.  I could see that he wanted to believe it.  He wanted to relax, and stop trying to prove his love to me.  He wanted to trust that he could just be himself.  But it wasn’t long before he once again resumed the trying and the controlling.

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A Darn Good Life

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Nothing says drama, trauma, pain and suffering like country music!

I had to stop binge-watching Nashville. Apparently, by season five, Rayna dies. I did not see that one coming. That’s just a little too traumatic for my liking. I felt like she was one of the characters that held the whole series together. I’m sure it gets interesting afterword and people rally, and they overcome the grief. But really, it’s just a little too dark for me. Kind of like Desperate Housewives was. Continue reading