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Feeling Vulnerable

I’ve been binge-watching an old t.v. series on Netflix called, Psych which is funny, light and entertaining.  But typically there is so much action and pursuit of something or someone, and so little of stopping and smelling the roses along the way.

The Simple Pleasures

The Simple Pleasures

But doing that would require being open.  And that openness makes many people feel so vulnerable.  It’s the feminine energies of receiving, of feeling and sensuality.  And this openness is at the very heart of our ascension process.  Most of us have been shut down because of our history of being so hurt, emotionally and physically, when we allowed ourselves to be open to love.  And not just in this lifetime, but it’s a galactic story.  And so now that we are required to open up to spirit, to our own divine self, to open our hearts and our bodies, we are still reluctant.

I know for myself, I have been shut down to a degree, not trusting that love…since the love I had experienced has been conditional for the most part.  I experienced a couple of traumatic events which helped to initiate a deeper connection with my soul, because I found myself up against the wall with really no other place to go.  But up to that point, I said, no, thanks, spirit, I’m just fine here…I can take care of myself.  I’ve done it this long.  No, It’s not the most fulfilling experience but at least I’m not at risk of being abandoned or worse!

Why would we want to risk an unrequited love, when our history speaks for itself in that department?  Or if we did allow that love from someone, we paid a pretty hefty price for it. Continue reading


Let it Be


Enjoy African Forest from Cosmic Blend while reading the post:

As I sit here at Starbucks with my morning dark roast, I feel like I am on safari.  The decor has that African feeling to it, at least for me.  I know I had a life in Africa about 2000 years ago.  My artwork is a portal for me to connect with that lifetime.  While I don’t have any real memory of the details, I can feel into it.

I can feel there is a part of me that doesn’t want to let go of my connections to my past, to my family and my lineage.  Despite the struggles and limitations, I can feel the richness of those lifetimes and those experiences.  It even feels like I would be lost and alone without that safety and familiarity that was part of being in a family and a lineage.

And then there is that part of me that is already free of all that.  The part that has all the wisdom and sweetness of all those lifetimes and experiences, but is unencumbered by the patterns and limitations.  The part of me that can take the essence of the experiences and go off and explore something entirely new. That part is my soul.

My soul is o.k. with me not wanting to let go.  It has compassion for its human aspect, who calls herself Maria, who has been so deeply and intimately connected with her family lifetime after lifetime despite the physical and emotional pain and all the limitations.  That expansive part of me just wants to be with me, not try to change or fix me.  That’s how much my soul loves me, my human self.  My soul wraps its arms around me and just loves me, and provides me with a safe space to just be who I am.

In that space I feel at peace.


When I was considering moving on from my cafe community, it felt unsettling.  I felt sad.  I wanted to stay in spite of that part of me that was wanting to move on.  I suppose I should have expected it to be bitter-sweet.  So I gave myself permission to stay as long as I needed to.  I felt a deep compassion for that part of me.

And amazingly, much to my own surprise, in short order, I found myself ready to make the move.  It was that acceptance of things as they were that created that safe space in me, that feeling of being loved, that initiated the movement forward.

Can we call this the feminine energy of allowing and receiving?  No pushing, no trying to change circumstances or trying to change our mind.  It goes against everything we’ve been taught.  That imbalanced male energy of pushing, trying, and overcoming.

Women are just as caught up in that as men are.   But that’s o.k. too.  It is what it is.  But it’s why we are here now in this lifetime.  To create new potentials in ourselves, to set ourselves free as much as we are able, using the feminine energy of just letting it be.  And THAT is our service to the rest of humanity.

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Setting Everyone Free

Hello my dear friends!

Well, I’m breaking my word and coming back a little early from my retreat.  (Life is full of little surprises!). It seems I am quite refreshed and ready to reconnect.  I hope you are having an enjoyable summer (or winter depending on your location).

I appreciate each and every one of you in this wonderful little community!  I say ‘little’ because in the scheme of things we are not a large group, compared to where most of the planet’s population is at right now consciousness wise! But as Abraham of Abraham-Hicks wisely stated, “There’s never a crowd on the leading edge!”  Besides, you don’t need a majority to create a paradigm shift.

I am proud and honored to be in a small but devoted group of souls who are bold enough to slowly let go of their story. Even though that story has been their identity literally forever! Brave souls who decided a while ago that enough is enough, and began their journey of no longer playing the victim in life.  So you opened that door to your freedom, and began allowing your Christ Consciousness in, even though that blew your life apart as you knew it. Even though you weren’t quite sure as the human what it meant and where it was all leading, you did whatever it took to initiate your freedom. So I hope that, no matter what you may still be going through, you have the deepest compassion for yourself.  If you can laugh, you are doing well, because it’s just too easy to feel stuck and start believing the stuff the mind churns out.

For me, it’s been an interesting couple of months. I did some venturing outside my community and took a few road trips to some areas of Florida I had not been to. It was refreshing to get out of my neighborhood without having to board a plane…not fond of flying these days.

But the most interesting ‘trip’ was the one that happened all too close to home. Continue reading


Our Ascension: Making It Real

There’s no rush to get through our ascension, but sometimes we feel stuck and want to make it more real.  In this video I explain ways to do just that. Continue reading


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