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Every Day Mastery

Image by Maria Chambers

Many of us came here to this beautiful blue planet in order to bring in a new energy.  An energy that contains the christed light.  This has nothing to do with the religious interpretation, but everything to do with a light that carries balance. Continue reading


Detachment (not Denial) is a Good Thing


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Many of us, as we move into a 5D experience, are feeling more detached from the world outside our door, the world of duality. No, not groundbreaking news.  It doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the environments we find ourselves in, or enjoy watching the news from time to time.  Sometimes we like the feeling we get.  We like getting ourselves triggered, because it helps us through what is a challenging phase of this process of transformation – the boredom.

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A safe place


I’m sitting here sipping my morning dark roast, and I see a helicopter overhead.  It’s never a good sign.  It turns out there is a school lock down at the local Middle school, right across the parking lot from here.  Patrols are looking for the student with the gun.  Apparently they already found four guns within the school property.  I don’t know if anyone was hurt.  A young family gave me the details just now.  They were sitting with their young son, who happened to run late today and missed the chaos. Continue reading


The Self-Help Mentality and the New Consciousness

36049805-c2df-46e7-bd01-36abd8183b9cEnlightenment.  It’s hard.  It tears your life apart.  Most of the Ascended Masters of the past left this planet pretty soon after their enlightenment.  Sticking around wasn’t a real option because they hadn’t prepared themselves or their bodies to make it practical.  Those of us who have decided to stay are going through Embodied enlightenment.  And, it’s also no picnic.
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