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Walk Like You Know Where You’re Going


Enjoy my song, Altered State, from my album, Cosmic Blend while reading the post.  The music helps to ground the message.

Do you sometimes have those moments of such clarity and joy and you feel like nothing out there matters, you are feeling so good in here?  That’s when your Soul is the closest to you.  There is a feeling of all is well, of sublime joy.

Those moments may be fleeting or you may be experiencing more of them for longer periods of time.

There are people who have those moments but they are drug induced. Often marijuana or other recreational drugs are used.  We on the leading edge of ascension have learned to reach these moments all on our own.  And of course there is a limitation to the expansion of consciousness that drugs can achieve.  And it does not carry over when the drug wears off.

People would refer to certain drugs as ‘mind expanding’ but in actuality, the mind is not expanding, but it is taking a back seat.  The person is giving themselves a needed break from the incessant mind chatter.  All sorts of drugs are used to calm down the mind, but too often they just put the person in limbo.  So give yourself credit for being able to reach rarely attained joyful states, even briefly, without dependency upon any artificial means.  That’s big!  The more we acknowledge the presence of our Soul, the more we can achieve and maintain these states of bliss.  And it’s no longer necessary to meditate for hours, or go to a remote area away from others or to so-called portals or power spots.  Our Soul simply wants to enjoy life through us.  Even the mundane things are enjoyed by our Soul.  Doing chores, shopping, preparing a meal.

We have this idea that the Soul is a ‘lofty’ being who is always at arm’s length from our humanness.  That maybe we are not worthy of its presence because being human is somehow less than spiritual.  That the human body and its various activities are base.  Or that our emotions, especially the darker ones, are unacceptable by such a pure, refined essence called our Soul, or our Higher Self.

If we are not accepting those aspects of our human self, we will be keeping our Soul at arm’s length.  Our Soul is never in judgment of us.  She doesn’t expect us to change one iota in order for us to be worthy of her love.  She loves us when we are happy, sad, angry, hopeless, confused, passionless, scared, socially inept, having a bad hair day!  You name it!  Nothing we have done in the past can make her love us any less.  Whether we were playing victim or perpetrator.  Whether we felt beautiful or ugly, or too old.

Whether we were rich or poor.

We are certainly not accustomed to that type of love, are we?  We are used to a love with all kinds of conditions attached to it.  It is why so many have given up on love.  They no longer want to compromise themselves.

Your Soul will not impose herself upon you, so if you keep her at a distance, she will respect that.  She does not play power games with you and is not interested in drama or struggle.  So when you are in your joy she is much more accessible.  She is always there with you, just not there rescuing you.  But when you open your heart and arms to her presence, she is willing and able to create a healthy body, and an abundance of whatever your heart desires.  For she has access to the creative energies that fuels life on this planet and the universe.

Walk Like You Know Where You’re Going

So this brings us to what I like to call the next big step.  In order to accelerate our ascension, we need to walk like we know where we are going, even if we think we don’t know.  Why?  because we are far enough along to be counted among the Avant Garde of Ascension. We are not beginners, or novices, at this.  If you found your way to this blog, you are one of the Avant Garde.  You can still feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed, but you are not.  It’s time to walk like the Masters that we are.  To not play small. To stop acting like we are just human.  To step up to our creator abilities, and stop hiding behind a relationship, a job, a health or financial issue.

To stop acting like we are not ready.

Because the vibration of ‘not ready’ just attracts more of that ‘not ready’ energy to us.

You may be asking, ” but where am I going?”  You’re going into your enlightenment.  You’re going into your joy, and into your abundance and health and well-being.  You’re going into your union with your Soul. And, in fact, you are already there.  You just need to catch up with yourself.  You can do this for a few minutes a day at first, until you feel more comfortable with it.  It’s like winning the lottery.  You just won ten million dollars, but you are not yet a vibrational match to it, so you want to ease yourself into it. You’ve heard of people winning large sums of money and they keep their jobs because they are not ready to change their lifestyle all at once.  Well, you’ve hit the spiritual jackpot but you are still not quite ready to receive it.

I have seen so many so-called miracles in my life, physical, emotional, financial…you name it.  I know that all is possible when we are lined up with our Soul.  There truly is nothing we have to do to earn this miracle status.  Other than begin expecting more wonderful things to come to us, until we get to the point where they are just there, without having to think much about them.  No, life won’t be a nirvana, and it will still have its challenges, but it will be so much more filled with ease and grace.

You are doing fine, as you continue to honor your heart’s desires and tell your mind that it no longer needs to carry the burden of creating for you.



So many on the ascension path are feeling detached from what once gave them pleasure, from people they once resonated with, and are experiencing a general sense of aloneness.

Many who are experiencing this are interpreting it as bad.  Something is wrong.  Maybe, they think, I just don’t want to be here anymore.  Life just doesn’t hold the same meaning for me anymore.

But what they are not taking into account is that they are detaching from old energies, from the old way they connected to life, not detaching from life itself.    There is a difference.  For example, many of us have detached from world events and aren’t plugged into the news.  No, we are not burying our heads in the sand, we just know that the world is doing what it does and needn’t affect us.  We have compassion, not pity, for all those on their own sacred path, even if that path is one of war. We are not interested in saving anyone.  We understand that one who is connected to their Soul is millions of times more powerful than millions who are disconnected from their source.

We know that all is well and that we are of greater assistance to others, and to the world if we are in love with ourselves and our own life.  Feeling detached in this case is positive for all concerned.

Feeling detached from friends and family can cause lots of concern and guilt. We are not so available for them emotionally or physically anymore.  We are understanding that the energy of worry toward others just helps perpetuates their issues.  How wonderful that we are finally giving them the gift of solving their own problems.  Of being their own source of comfort and joy.  What a beautiful gift to anyone – to help them to become empowered!

We are detaching from drama, in others and in ourself.  Not responding to emotions that pull us into feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness.  While we honor the feelings, we allow the feelings to come and go.  We’re even detaching from worry about our own medical issues or health issues.  Well meaning friends or family fear we are in denial, but in fact we are finally surrendering it to spirit.  Allowing the healing process to take place without trying to do it ourselves.

We are detaching from goals, plans, from trying to make things happen in our life.  Whether it’s to lose weight, get buff, build a career, you name it.  Many of those things may not be important anymore to us, or if we do desire something, we have a knowing that it is already there, and we just need to allow it into our experience.  It’s the struggle and trying and needing to prove worthiness that we are detaching from.  This may be interpreted by others or ourselves as being lazy, or as wishful thinking.  As not being ambitious. We may still be unfamiliar with our limitless creator abilities, but we do know that the old ways aren’t working.

These feelings of detachment can initially created a void that is interpreted as a loss of identity. Who are we without our old role of caretaker, of artist, musician, writer, wife, mother, father, best friend, even of someone striving for spiritual enlightenment. We may even become detached from that one because we are awakening to the realization that we are already there. We don’t need to seek god, for god is within us, within our bodies and hearts.

So we are systematically detaching from the old ways of doing things.  And this can leave our minds reeling…..wondering what in the world is happening.

What is happening is the most incredible experience a human will ever have!  Releasing old worn out ways of being so they can embrace their soul and create with joy and ease.  To have a partner with them who loves them unconditionally, who has no fears, and who can clear up their disease, their financial lack or create with ease their hearts desires.

So the detachment isn’t an issue, it’s our interpretation of it that brings us pain.  And it’s being in the place that new energy pioneers find themselves:  doubting themselves, being uncertain of what lies ahead, shaking in their boots.

But it’s a place of adventure.  If you are reading this, you are an adventurer.  You love exploring the new and unchartered.  The bigger the adventure, the bigger the fears.  So dear adventurer, give yourself credit for blazing new trails!  You didn’t come here to play it safe.  Don’t let the feelings of detachment be a negative.  See it as a springboard for reconnecting to life in a whole new way.  And that way will make itself known to you, a step at a time.  Your only requirement is to trust that.

 And to continue doing things that bring you joy.  To continue accepting and loving who you are in each moment.

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The Now Moment of Being

Enjoy my song, “SOUL TO SOUL” while reading the post.  Listening to the healing music helps to ground the message.

The hardest part of this transformational process we refer to as Ascension, or Embodied Enlightenment…..the hardest part may be the lack of passion.  The disengaging from drama, from goals and plans, and just living in the now moment.

We may still have our projects and creative expressions, but it doesn’t seem to involve the same emotional fervor as before.  We sometimes envy those around us that are deeply involved in their various goals and projects with passion.

 But for those of us who are awakening, it seems we are being pushed, often kicking and screaming, into that place of living in the moment.  We get pulled back as we engage in worry and drama, and even use drama as an artificial passion.  We may even mistake this temporary disconnection as a sign that we do not want to be here anymore.

But this is just the mind trying to figure out this new energy.  And it can’t.  So it does take trust.  Trust in the process.  Not easy considering we are the first to go through it.

But what I am discovering for myself is that the more I allow that way of being in the moment, the more my life just flows.

Recently I decided to renovate my apartment,   and living alone, at first the job felt overwhelming to me.  But as I began to discard things and give things away, people just seemed to appear to assist me.  I didn’t need to ask anyone!  From taking away big pieces of furniture to helping me shop for new things, to helping me to let go of the minutia the I was clinging to.  A dear friend was by my side, giving me support, generously purchasing some things for me, making what could have been a daunting experience actually fun!  He even offered to paint the apartment, but the management offered to do it for me for free!

So the experience reminds me that we are renovating from the inside out.  That we need not feel alone, that we can relax, enjoy the moments and everything we need comes to us.  Also, during the renovations, there were moments when I wanted it to be done, when I thought I couldn’t relax until everything was in order.  But then I realized that was a limiting belief.  We want it all to be resolved, our health, our finances, before we can feel good.  But it doesn’t work that way.  We are discovering that being in the now moment is the only real way to find that joy and peace and passion we desire.  And then, almost like magic, what we need is there.  And it’s because we are not being so resistant.  We’re not trying, pushing for results.

Of course it goes against everything we are taught. Which is why most people are either in the past or the future.

And what happens when we are present, with ourselves, enjoying the moments, is we begin to feel creative.  We want then to express, whether it is art, music, writing, gardening, dance, or anything really that is fun.  But without question, our soul wants to express.  Why?  Because it can!  Because it exists, and it wants to express through the physical body.  It wants to express its joy.  Not for an end result, but for the joy of the process.  Unfortunately many people believe that this is a waste of valuable time, yet it is exactly what created life on this Planet!  Spirit desired to express itself.

So, here we are, at the end of a thousands of years cycle, awakening from the dream, wanting to express once again.

But just for the joy of it.  Not for an end result, although there will be tangible, physical results from the thrust of desire to express.

One of the problems with the concept of being in the moment is it’s too easy..  Without lots of effort, and something to overcome, it can feel like we are not worthy of our desires.  But we are beginning to remember the part of us that knows we are worthy, and knows it is a creator god, so of course it is easy!

You’ve probably heard the story of the dog that was put outside and was free to run around but couldn’t go beyond the confines of a low voltage electrical fence.  And when the fence was taken down and he was free to run without limitation, he continued to stop short of where the fence once was.

So now that we reside in a more limitless energy, we still believe we are limited.  Old patterns.

That’s o.k.  We are here to break old patterns.  To create new ones, in which we are much more expansive and free.


Waiting For You

Enjoy my song, “Waiting For You” while reading the post.  The music can help you to heal and balance your energies.

There is a lot of talk and conjecture about our soul self and its relationship to our human self.  That it is separate from us.  Somehow not quite able to connect with us completely.  We have kept her at arms length.  The human condition has kept us deeply entrenched in struggle, in drama and in forgetfulness.  We had our hands full with trying to make it through the day, much less trying to establish a relationship with our soul!

In fact at one point we thought that struggle and overcoming problems were part of the way to connect to our soul.

But now as we who are in the later stages of the ascension process begin to feel our soul more, we realize that our soul wants nothing to do with struggle, with depriving ourselves, with drama.  We wonder where our soul is when we need her, when we can’t figure out how to solve seemingly insurmountable problems.  We have been asking and asking, even begging for help.  And when it doesn’t seem to come we blame ourselves for not being good creators.  We were not yet ready to stop pushing against our issues.  To relinquish our mind’s control to our soul.

But we are getting glimpses of the love waiting for us.  And that love does not require any compromise or sacrifice.  It’s delicious!  We are getting that asking for help from a place of desperation  doesn’t work.  In fact it pushes our good away.

While our soul loves us, she will not interfere with our choices.  If we choose struggle, she will back away.  Is that love, we ask?  We are used to thinking of love as rescuing someone when they are drowning.  Of carrying the burdens of our fellow man.

But our soul, or spirit, is all about joy and ease, and is already whole and complete.  She is in love with us, regardless of how we feel or what we have done.  She is right there, within us at all times, but we don’t always have access to her because of our preconceived notions.  One of which is we, the human self must take control and figure things out.  Our soul will honor that choice.

But on the other hand there are areas of our experience where we have trusted our more expansive self to do the heavy lifting.   All we need to do is look at what is working well in our lives.  Those things that flow that we take for granted.  In those areas we are co creating with our soul.

Now, as we release on deeper and deeper levels those patterns that no longer serve us, we are making it easier for our soul to come in and co create with us.  We are honoring all of our feelings, our fears, our sadness, and as we release them more and more it creates an opening for our soul to be in our everyday life.  When we make choices that honor our joy, it becomes easier to access our soul.

It’s a process of releasing resistance.  Of being more accepting of what is, and allowing of joy.  No pushing, or trying, or begging.  Just more relaxing and breathing.

Our human experience has been more about stressing, trying, micro managing and resisting.  So it’s understandable that we get frustrated when we see little or no results.

But there has never been a better time to allow the new energies on the planet and our soul to create for us.  Being the pioneers, those of us on the forefront, it does require some hit and miss, some adjusting, and it can be extremely frustrating to the point of wanting to throw in the towel, and take the next bus out of here!  But there are those of  us who hung in there.  Who were courageous, or, call it crazy!  But we are here and we want to experience life as an awakened human.

Your soul is lovingly waiting for you.


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