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What the Beep???

Most reading this would agree that we create our reality by our resonance, or our frequency.  Our predominant feelings.  And we have discovered that our human self, for the most part radiates lackfully:  lack of health, lack of wealth, lack of self-worth.  So, naturally what life reflects back , well, it kind of speaks for itself.  Not that we are not living wonderful lives filled with all kinds of blessings, but we could be living so much more fulfilling lives. Continue reading


Rescue Mode Or Random Acts Of Kindness?


Black Cat Cafe

Today at the cafe I noticed a table of men next to mine.  They were quite animated and enjoying themselves.  One of them spilled their coffee on the floor and was attempting to clean it up with some paper napkins.  At another table were two women also deep in conversation with each other.  But upon witnessing the event, one of the women seemed quite distracted and rushed over to the men’s table to see what was happening, then rushed over to the counter and asked the barista if they could give her a rag.  They said they would take care of it.  The woman then rushed back to the men’s table to tell them that the barista would clean it up. Continue reading


Stay Or Leave?

img_0373If you are in physical form and are reading this, I’m sure you can make a long list of things that irritate you, concern you, scare you, bore you, and anger you.  It wouldn’t take too much effort would it?  From physical discomforts and illnesses to perhaps financial, relationships, and just the daily challenges.  Getting through traffic, dealing with the assault of bad perfumes from women at the coffee shop.  And just living in a world in which the consciousness is at the level of about an adolescent.  Wait, make that a third grader. Continue reading