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Expressing Our Soul

Art by Maria Chambers

Some people say they are not creative or expressive. But in actuality, they are expressing all the time. Perhaps not in the traditional way we know that to be, through an art form, music, writing, theatre and other forms. But being in physical is a form of expression. Our body is expressing on our behalf all the time. It expresses repressed emotions in the form of illness and imbalance. Same for our mind. And our life. Whatever we see around us in our environment, the people, the events in our personal lives, are all forms of expression, telling the story of our life. Continue reading


It’s Alright

Art by Maria Chambers

If you find yourself in a situation, a relationship or a job that just doesn’t feel right, it’s alright.  But just be aware that you may be trying to convince yourself that you are there for ‘greater’ reasons.  That you are still working out issues.  That your soul wants you to experience something there.
Continue reading


Vacation Notice

Can you believe it’s already that time again?  Has it really been a whole year?  Time to put up the GONE FISHING sign, and take a summer retreat.  Which for me will most likely be just continuing to hang out at home, and the cafe, take a road trip or two, and maybe do a few other things.  But it’s mostly to reboot, as we all need to do from time to time.  

So as usual, soulsoothinsounds will continue to be up and running, but from August 1st to September 1st I won’t be posting or commenting or answering emails.

And feel free to share here on the blog with the community if you like, or you may want to take your own vacation.  Get away and have fun and play, in whatever way that feels good.

I will be available and posting until July 31.