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Independence Day – Releasing The Generational Curse


Mom in her 30’s

What better day than today, July 4, 2015, to choose to walk as an embodied master?  This celebrated day of freedom.  Freedom from the old, restrictive roles we have played, especially as women, on this Planet.

What better day to set free our mothers, their mothers and their mothers, on down the line?

My own mother passed away several years ago, on Mother’s Day.   Recently I saw a photo of her as she stood in the kitchen, then in her 80’s, and she looked both so sweet, yet so tired.  So beaten down by life itself.  Yet there was a spark in her even then.  That photo evoked so much sadness in me, so many tears, and I knew that those emotions were part of the healing that I am, and that perhaps many of us, are going through.  Especially as women, we are in the process of letting go of the limiting roles we have played, not just in this lifetime, but for centuries.  We are in the process of setting ourselves free from the roles of nurturer, care taker, of mother, of vixen, of victim.  Of the guilt and the shame.  Of the obligation and compromise in the name of ‘love.’ An effaceous role to say the least!  A role that keeps us tethered to relationships, marriages, jobs, family and friends, and even financial and physical conditions and diseases. That keep us in a place where we can’t feel the full joy that is our birthright!    Conditions that really are just mirrors of our own fears of liberating  ourselves.

So, dear mother, dear women in my family tree, I honor you, I value you, I see what strength it took for you to be in this physical environment, with these tremendous overlays that define your role for you.  Dear  mothers and grandmothers, and great grandmothers, I love you, and I miss you at times.  I know you are cheering me on and asking me to set you all free, to let you all go.  To stop taking on your pain and struggle.  I know now that you are all encouraging me to continue walking this road of enlightenment, a road you would have liked to take, but there were just too many obstacles in place. You are all excited by this new road that so many of us are traveling on now.  Then if you choose to reincarnate, you will have an easier experience here.  You won’t have the burden of feeling obligated, of being the care takers for humanity’s emotional  sorrows.  So you are all watching with awe and love, and looking forward to seeing the new role models of the enlightened, sovereign women.

You are encouraging  me to not diminish my light for anyone.

me and thea

Me and my aunt in Greece 1972

So on this day I set you all free, and I set myself free.  It’s a little bittersweet, because our connection was from that place of compromise and sacrifice primarily.  Of sympathy, not empowerment.  My mind believes that if I move into my enlightenment, into self-love, I will somehow be betraying you.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but part of this self-love thing is to allow my mind to feel what it feels, but not to own it as my truth.  As an enlightened woman, my truth is that I am human and I am Divine.  That I create my own reality.  That I am worthy of a life filled with joy.  My truth is that even those parts of me that I am not so proud of, the parts that feel guilty, that feel shame, that feel angry and resentful and unlovable, even those parts get to be loved by me, by my soul.  Even if I inherited those parts, they are also worthy of love, and that love is the elixir that transforms my life.

Most women take on the emotions of others, especially of other women, but don’t know how to move beyond that.  They think they are doing other women a disservice by being self-loving.  Some have tried to emancipate themselves from that role in this and other lifetimes, but found themselves treated less than kindly for it.  Some parts of the world still practice this persecution of women who stand out, and they justify it in the name of religion.

But many of us are beginning to take ourselves seriously as embodied masters in the new energy.  We are bold enough to release that part of our heritage that defines us as limited beings, and makes us feel less than free to radiate our love and light FOR OURSELVES FIRST.  As enlightened women we want to love ourselves in a way we have never felt before, and then share that love with others from a place of feeling fulfilled.  Then others can receive the blessing of that rare type of love and can choose to also do that for themselves.

As women we are beginning to feel safe enough to break the generational curse, to know it is safe to love ourselves, to allow the incredible love from spirit, from our soul, into our bodies and our lives, without compromise, without sacrifice.

So dear mothers, dear great grandmothers, dear sisters, I honor all of you.  I honor your journeys, I admire your strengths.  And now, on this day of independence, I set you all free, as I set myself free.

Enjoy my music video, Freedom.


Three Friends

Today I ran across three friends, the owl, the turtle and the egret.  Well, actually I saw the owl the other night perched upon a post outside my apartment.  Today I almost ran over a large turtle sauntering lazily across the parking lot.  And at the cafe I was approached by an egret.  While these creatures are not uncommon down here in Florida, they seemed to be ‘up close and personal’ and so I decided to look into the messages they were giving me.

owlThe owl is an age-old symbol of wisdom and intuition.  It is the ability to see what is hidden to most.  It is a symbol of the practice of discernment.  A quiet observation of our surroundings.  The ability to know what is going on beneath the surface in others, in spite of their words or actions.  I am slowly trusting the wisdom of my intuition, in regards to others in my life.  To sense what is going on beneath the surface.  They may appear to be doing and saying the right things, they may be sweet, generous, and attentive, but if I am feeling something is not in balance, I need not respond.  They may have very personal motives which are generated from a place of feeling unfulfilled, and consequently there may be a feeding going on.

The owl is also alerting me that I am being seduced by the fears of my own mind, rather than trusting the wisdom and intuition of my very soul.


The turtle is a symbol of adapting to new surroundings and environments, while maintaining a comfortable self-pace.  Not to push self too fast.  All things come in perfect and divine timing.  Patience.  It retreats into its shell to protect itself from negativity and there strengthens itself to prepare to re-emerge.  It goes inside to find peace  It opens itself up to imagination and intuition, where anything is possible.  It symbolizes longevity and immortality, and reminds us that the way to heaven is through the earth.  So it may be time for me to just be, to retreat into my spiritual center.  To be at peace with where I am at and to be in the moment.

IMG_1300The egret is a creature that has one foot in the water and one on land.  It goes with the flow, and is comfortable in spaces that are neither here nor there.  And that is the space that I find myself in now, that so many of us find ourselves in now…the place of no man’s land….the in between space where we are not yet feeling the love and support from our soul to the degree we want, yet we are no longer on solid ground with our old life.  So it is a message to me , to just be at peace with this space.  That this is just a transitional place.

Reminders To Us All

During these times it is easy to get swept up in a feeling of being out of control of our life, since we have kept a tight rein on it with our minds, our human personalities for eons.  Right now, as we invite our soul more into our bodies and our lives, our minds are feeling even more scared.  Our mind can’t do what it used to do, manage our lives.  In fact, it never could do what we wanted it to do, which was bring us joy.

What I was reminded of from my dear friends, the owl, the turtle and the egret, was that it’s not necessary to push this process.  It’s happening anyway.  There is within each of us a deep undercurrent of wisdom, of peace, of passion, of connection with the Earth.  Within us is the knowledge that life wants to serve us, and that it is safe to be here on Earth.  Our job is only to ALLOW our soul to carry us now…and also to be patient with our human self because from its perspective this is not familiar territory.  Trust that when it feels right to rest, you rest.  When it feels right to express,  find a way to do that.  When it feels right to cry, to laugh, to be angry, do that.  Be as gentle and compassionate with yourself as you have been with others.

And most importantly, know that your truth is in the wisdom of your soul, not in the musings of your mind.  And your soul is that part of YOU that is whole and complete, that part of you that knows only joy, and knows that all is possible.

Enjoy my song, Maybe I Can Learn To Fly


You And Your Mind

Our mind is the part of us that has been responsible for our creations for eons.  Some call it our egos, our personalities, our human selves.  That part of us is very good at many tasks, but not so good at creating our enlightenment or at creating our heart’s desires.   And as we awaken we become more and more aware of that truth.

There is a belief being generated in the new age community that we must eliminate that part of ourselves, our ego or our mind, because it is running our life and has created more problems than it has resolved. That there is no room for our ego in the new energy.  So our mind fears being left behind in our enlightenment.

But it’s not being eliminated. It’s being integrated, and it needs to know that from you.

You may not do this much anymore, but do you find yourself trying to change someone’s mind about something, and do you see the futility of it?  Chances are, you were doing the same with your own mind but weren’t so aware of it.

Our hearts and minds have been in battle mode for eons.  We kept trying to change or push away our mind…our heart was telling us which way to go, but our mind would be telling us of the perils and list all the reasons why that won’t work based on the past.

It may be telling you that you are being irresponsible. That you should get medical advice, or get a job, but not from a place of joy but from a place of worry. It may be telling you that you should eat more vegetables, but in the moment you are craving a steak or fish. It may be warning you that you need to respond to someone’s emotional needs but you want to just be in your space.

Just as with other people, it’s time to stop battling with our mind, trying to change its perspective, stop writing lists of pros and cons on a subject, trying to convince the mind that our heart is making the right decision about something.  How many of us spent years trying to analyze why we kept repeating patterns in our life?  Instead, it’s time to take a deep breath and just allow the mind to feel what it feels, whether that is a feeling of being out of control, worry, doubt, anger, frustration.  Even depression. We are used to either giving into our mind’s fears, or trying to convince ourself (our mind) that our heart knows best by trying to justify, by trying to analyze why it is so resistant. Have you noticed that it just leaves you exhausted?

Take The Easy Way

There is an easier way.  And that is to just accept that your mind is made up.  That it is conditioned by a past and that it is not capable of knowing what the expansive you knows.  And that’s o.k.  it doesn’t have to get it for YOU to get it.  Just as you need not convince anyone else of your truth for you to embrace it.

And, an interesting thing happens when you allow all the mind’s feelings to just be.  When you continue to trust your inner knowing, which is joy based, when you continue loving yourself in this way, your mind begins to also feel that.  It feels you accepting it for where it is at.  It begins to trust that you are not getting rid of it.  It can relax more.  It is now more willing to work with these new energies.  It is relieved that it is no longer responsible for your life or for your enlightenment.

You may be asking, “how do I know if it is my mind or my heart that is talking to me?”

Messages from your mind are generally fear based.  You see your bank account shrinking and no visible means of income is evident.  So you are hearing a voice saying to you to get a job, and NOW!  But then you feel depressed, you are not highly motivated, and nothing seems to gel.  That is your mind trying to orchestrate your abundance for you.

The other potential is, you see your bank account dwindling.  You notice you begin to feel anxious.  You begin to imagine scenarios in which you are living in your car, or crashing on your cousin’s couch.  Or, even more nightmarish, you imagine yourself working as a telemarketer in a cubicle in some flourescent lighted office complex.  And I am sure you can list your own horror stories!

Instead, you can laugh and say,”dear mind, you have quite an imagination!” You don’t need to push the fears away, but you also don’t let them dictate your mood.  Eventually, you begin to feel something else.  You have a desire to go to the beach today, and just relax and read a good book.  Or you feel like taking a long nap.  Maybe you want to go for coffee and just enjoy your day.  That is your true heart.  Following your bliss.   But your heart has compassion for your mind.  It understands that it is conditioned to respond to events.  To take action from lack and fear primarily.  And your true heart also knows that you ARE ABUNDANT.  And that the right conditions and people and circumstances will be drawn to you.  There is nothing to figure out.

Now, as you do this, as you follow your bliss in the moment, you may begin to feel inspired to some action that will attract money, either in the form of a job, or an opportunity, but the less you try to figure it out the better.

Many of us spent a lifetime working at unfulfilling jobs for a paycheck, so we are now ready to experience a different way.

Many times in my life, money came to me in the most unexpected ways.  And there were times I went into deep fear about being left with very little resources!  But opportunities presented themselves when I allowed the fears ‘air time’ but didn’t respond to them.

The same for health issues.  So much fear is stirred up in that area!  Your mind will take you to some dark places with health issues.  It will tell you that you are being irresponsible if you do not go to a doctor, get tested for all kinds of things.  Then you go onto the internet and research your symptoms, to discover you have at least seven diseases.  And that if you do not take action NOW, you will probably be taken away in a gurney or just wither away.

This not to suggest you do not go to a doctor if you are inspired to do so.  Sometimes it is the path of least resistance, and that is o.k.  there really is no right way, but we are discovering that there is an easier way.  That by honoring all our feelings, and by deciding how we want to feel, and making that our top priority, that dramatically changes our reality.

If you find yourself taking a course of action from a place of fear, that is also o.k.  This is a process, and we need to be patient with ourselves as we exercise our new creation muscles.  The beauty of the new energy is we can ‘self-correct’ as we go.  There is really no right or wrong, good or bad experiences, since they all lead to our enlightenment.


I Accept And I Choose

If you want to move into your light body and ascension status more quickly, the best way to do that is to accept yourself exactly where you are. Most people think that if they accept where they are they are giving up and just settling for unwanted conditions. And then they think that means giving up on their dreams.  Many on the ascension path think they have to first mold themselves into something else before they are worthy of being loved and accepted by their soul.

There is a saying, you cannot release something until you love it. And that holds true for this as well. If we want to release the conditions that we find uncomfortable, that are not up to our heart’s desires, the first step is making peace with where we are at.

The mind does not like that so much. The mind wants to take action to make changes. But it does it from a place of fear and lack primarily.  It’s what the mind has been doing on our behalf.  It’s been in pretty much survival mode for eons.  And as we know, it hasn’t been able to take us where we truly want to go.  It has been trying to protect us by controlling and orchestrating our life.  The mind judges things and situations. It likes to separate things out into right and wrong, and good and bad. If we feel that something is bad or unwanted, we want to change it as quickly as possible…(and that usually, from the mind’s perspective, means taking action or pushing something away.)  But the benefit of being in a dense, slowed down environment on Earth is that we can see how our feelings create our reality, how we create from within.  It is here we are literally face to face with our own unresolved issues.  And we are here now to resolve and transform them with our soul-self, with love.

In our awakening, we begin to recognize that we need to go through the steps. Instant manifestations may be coming in our reality, but for now we need to go through the stages of enlightenment. We want to feel the unconditional love from our soul, and we get glimpses of it, but we tend to push it away. 

One of the most important steps is allowing, or self-acceptance.  But most people want to bypass this step altogether.  And understandably.  It can be challenging to feel into our unresolved aspects (the parts of ourselves that are now surfacing to be integrated) without wanting to either change them or push them away.  Yet without accepting those parts of ourself, those parts that feel unwanted, confused, angry, wounded… parts of us we consider to be unevolved… we won’t be able to move into our true enlightenment.

In the earlier stages of enlightenment, many of us went through the analyzing and processing of our emotions, and that had its place, but now all we need do is accept all the feelings when they come up, to accept that we may feel depressed, angry, doubtful, confused.  Perhaps bored.  We may be experiencing a physical disease or discomfort, a financial or relationship or job issue.  Can we now just allow that to be o.k.?  To make peace with that?    To not try to resolve anything, heal anything?  To not try to push anything into place, especially our enlightenment?

We begin to dramatically transform our life by first accepting what is, without judging it as bad.

Many of us successfully moved out of family and relationships that no longer were a good fit or were disrespectful of our own choices.  Then we found ourselves in the same situation within ourselves, with parts of ourself that were in our face and not respecting our feelings.  But now those parts of ourselves feel something different in us.  They sense the love we are beginning to have for ourselves.  And as we share that love with them too, whether they are an aspect from our past, or a cell in our body, they will respond with greater trust and will move with us to accommodate our hearts desires.

Notice how differently you feel as you practice self acceptance.  You will begin to feel a sense of peace.  Your body will respond positively over time.


As a master, we get to choose how we want to feel, no matter what is happening outside of us or within us.  We have slowly detached from the mass consciousness and respond less and less to events or world news out there.  We have learned to honor other’s truths, even if we do not ourselves embrace those truths.  We know that if we want to be honored for our truth we also need to honor the truth of others.  It doesn’t mean we need to keep company with those people if it doesn’t bring us joy.  But we are awakening to the realization that we can have any reality we prefer while living alongside the rest of humanity. That in taking total responsibility for our joy, we can no longer hold anyone else responsible for how we feel.

As masters, we are coming to realize that we need to do the same thing with our own aspects and our mind.  Parts of us are conditioned deeply to being a certain way, of feeling certain things, and we need to be o.k. with them as they are.  It doesn’t mean that when those feelings get triggered, either from our mind or our aspects, that we need to respond to them.  We can allow them their reality while choosing how we want to experience our reality.  But this requires total trust in our soul because we are our soul also, and our soul wants to come in now to be in an intimate relationship with us.  And it’s our soul that knows unconditional, all-encompassing love.

As we choose how we want to feel, and as we choose from a place of joy, our soul is very responsive to that, because our soul is the very epitome of joy.

The master says out loud, with FEELING, confidence and self-respect, “I am healthy,” if she wants to experience good health.  The master says out loud, “I am wealthy” if he wants to experience that.  “I am passionate” is something the master says if she wants to feel and experience that.  The master knows that it’s the FEELING that draws in the energies.  He also knows that he may not be feeling passionate at times, and that is also o.k.  And she doesn’t try to make anything happen from her mind. And then doesn’t keep checking to see if it’s happening but just trusts that it is done.  She knows that feeling joyful and expansive is her true nature, and that if she is feeling anything less than that she can choose to reconnect with that feeling any time.

As we practice this more and more, and nurture ourselves every chance we get, to feel as joyful, passionate and expansive as we can, and allow our soul to be in our everyday life, the universe has to deliver our desires to us.  It is a law of the universe and of manifestation.


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