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Patterns And The New Energy

It’s no news that patterns seem to control our thoughts, emotions and actions. Even our biology. Patterns we picked up from our environment, mass consciousness and our biological lineage.

Here are some definitions of patterns:. Configurations and tendencies forming a consistent or recurring characteristic.  Something that repeats in a predictable way.  Emotional patterns are stored at a cellular level in specific organs in the body.    The brain receives information, interprets and patterns it.” vector_patterns_18

The human mind tends to repeat patterns of thought and behavior in order to feel safe. Patterns even such as how we put our pants on, how we brush our teeth, and how we drive become second nature to us.  It was done like this yesterday, so this is how we do it today, says our mind.  Patterns were necessary to navigate in an environment where so much seemed unpredictable.  It was the mind’s way of keeping life safe, ordered and flowing.  Many patterns serve us, yet how many patterns became a limitation to our joy and freedom?  And how many of us spent years, energy and money trying to change those pattern, whether they were about relationships, addictions, depression, anger, lack of health, abundance of resources or lack of self-worth?   Continue reading


Is Time Speeding Up Or Are You Slowing Down?


The other day I glanced at the calendar and noticed that it was already half way through May.  That it was already the weekend.  It felt like it was just Monday and suddenly it’s Friday!   And it’s not the typical, yeah, getting older, time speeding up type of feeling.  There has been a noticeable and profound shift.  Almost like riding on a train that is accelerating in speed very quickly.  But unlike the train that eventually locks into a certain speed, my experience is it’s accelerating, and there doesn’t seem to be a cruise control option. Continue reading


Clearing Your History

Yesterday I realized that my mobile device was running a little sluggishly, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t cleared my browsing history and data on it for….well since I bought it.  I clear it on my home computer regularly, but I use my tablet more often.    It’s more ‘mobile’ and has become a part of me.  So I went to the settings and saw the options before me:. Clear history from (1) today (2) last week (3) last year (4) from the beginning. Continue reading


Celebrating Mother


Today is Mother’s Day, a day in which mothers are honored, especially by their offspring. My mother passed away decades ago, (on Mother’s Day – how’s that for a sense of humor?) and it is now, finally that I am having a good relationship with her. Now there’s not that mother daughter personality conflict that gets in the way of a more clear, honest, and compassionate connection with each other. Continue reading


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