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Hi my friends

Just to let you know, as of July 1, I will be putting up the “GONE FISHING” sign and I’ll be ‘unplugged’ until September 1st.  (Not the blog, just me 😎) During the break I will not be posting or emailing, commenting on posts, or doing any email coaching.  Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy soulsoothinsounds blog, …Take your shoes off 👡👠👞, put your feet up and enjoy the writing, the music, and each other.

See you in September.


Here’s a few songs from my soon to be released album, Smell The Flowers.



My rendition of Moondance by Van Morrison:

Black ANd White Smell The Flowers

My rendition of Stormy Weather by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler. (I like to see this song as a metaphor for the Divine Feminine wanting to re-unite with the Divine Masculine.)

Black ANd White Smell The Flowers



Long Lonely Road

Black ANd White Smell The Flowers





Be Yourself

Black ANd White Smell The Flowers





I Got My Soul from Simply Divine

Simply Divine Album Art





My Divinity from Simply Divine

Simply Divine Album Art





Promised Land from Simply Divine

Simply Divine Album Art





I wrote this song, Goodbye My Friend, for my cousin Andy after he transitioned in 2009.

Andy and map





Finally Free from Cosmic Blend






Talk To Me, from my album, Cosmic Blend:

Cosmic Blend Album Cover

Napoli from Cosmic Blend

Cosmic Blend Album Cover

All Nite Long from my album, Cosmic Blend

Cosmic Blend Album Cover

Now for some popcorn and a couple of movies (that is, short videos)

This video features my song, I’m Enjoying Life Now from Smell The Flowers.

This one features my song, Angelic Realms  from Cosmic Blend.

This one features some of my artwork along with the artwork of Sheri Salin.  The featured song is Sea Melody from Smell The Flowers:

This one features a song of mine, California Take Me Home from my album, Soulful Sounds

Photo on 3-22-15 at 7.27 PM


Our Ascension: Making It Real

There’s no rush to get through our ascension, but sometimes we feel stuck and want to make it more real.  In this video I explain ways to do just that. Continue reading


Is It Time To Dumb Down?

If you feel like you’re losing your mind in this ascension process then you are right on track.  Forgetting things, names, dates, what you were just doing or thinking a moment ago…all excellent signs.  Maybe something that was very cerebral that you used to enjoy no longer interests you…like doing the crossword puzzles or something that requires a lot of focus and concentra…….

Oh, sorry, where was I?  Oh, yes.  Right…You may even be growing weary of trying to figure out this whole ascension process….doing the surfing for websites and videos and poring over the lists of symptoms and descriptions of the mechanical process involved in ascension and light body.

Even the questions about why is this happening to me and is it my mind resisting the process or is it my biology that is stuck?  Is it my issue or something I picked up?  Will I be able to integrate this body?   What if I missed the ascension boat?  What should I be doing to assist myself?  Should I change my diet?  Should I take a webinar?

Rest assured all the questions are because your mind knows it’s fighting a losing battle and still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Continue reading


What? More Resistance?

So… after everything we have been through, and even as eager as we are to move into our enlightenment and our crystalline forms, there is still some resistance.

Yes we are the pioneers and we have gone through changes first, before most others…..but having been human for so long, there is a natural conditioned resistance built into our DNA.  What are we resisting? Continue reading


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