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Compassion, Not Sympathy

You have a big heart, and you do not enjoy seeing your fellow humans suffering.  Hell, you don’t enjoy seeing YOU in pain.  And you have held your hand out countless times to those who you felt a heart connection with, whether they were someone you knew or a complete stranger, trying to soothe them in any way you could.  For that you are deeply honored.  That had its place. Continue reading


Embodied Enlightenment: Why Wait?


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On my own journey of ascension, of embodying spirit, I have discovered some things that surprised me.  One being that my soul, my Divine I Am is just wanting to love me, and not just a kind of ‘New Agey’ Hallmark moment love.  But a deep, respectful, abiding and unconditional love.  She wants to feel my essence as much as I want to feel hers. Continue reading


Are You Ready For Your Financial Fortune?

moneyThat may sound like a silly question. You say, of course I am ready to receive my financial fortune. I deserve it. I put my time in with developing self-love and cultivating a relationship with my soul. Now I wish to reward myself with plenty of money so that I can truly enjoy life here on the planet. Continue reading


Distractions And The Ascending Master

Many of us on the ascension path have come up against so many distractions, and at this point we are able to recognize them.  But sometimes it’s so easy to get swept up in this consciousness that we live within, the polarized Earth reality, and we just need a reminder that we are being distracted from our own ascension, our own embodied enlightenment.

So I have listed a few distractions that we may have all fallen into from time to time. Continue reading