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The New Enlightened Woman

While both women and men can take on the energetic role of emotional caretaker, women especially have been entrenched in it for eons of time.  While the feminine energies of compassion and nurturing have their place, women in general have gone beyond that to taking on the emotional and even the physical burdens and issues of others.

This was done primarily to make others more comfortable.  Often it was done to keep others from becoming angry or hurtful to them.  For self-protection and self-preservation.  Women especially have had a history of being under the control of their male counterparts, and in order to feel safe from the other’s anger, women would try to control them with over nurturing and fostering a type of dependency.  Women would take on the role of victim, to get what they believed to be some amount of attention and love.

Even today, with women’s liberation, women still find themselves in the role of caretaking the needs of others, often at the expense of their own joy and freedom.  They continue to play in the victim energies.  You only have to look around at your own family, your own community to see that women for the most part are not free.  They may be financially free, but not free to truly express their own selves.

Men also suffer their own prison, being stuck in the mind.  Traditionally men have gotten their value and worth from being the protectors and financial providers for women, while women have gleaned their identity from being the emotional providers.  Outside of this role, they feel lost.  They wonder, who am I then?  But most women haven’t posed that question to themselves.  We on the forefront of ascension have begun to ask ourselves that question, especially those of us in the older generation.  We may feel uncomfortable without identifying ourselves in that role, but it’s not as uncomfortable as continuing to play that role.  We didn’t have many role models of a truly liberated woman.  Even within homosexual and lesbian relationships, often one partner will be playing one role or the other, according to their own history and proclivity.  But I will say that within the person who is gay, there is in general a much better balance of the masculine and feminine.

As we awaken and begin the process of loving ourselves more, we notice that we feel in our bodies and emotions all of the ancient, stuck energies that are coming up to be released.  Energies that had been repressed by our mothers, and their mothers, and by women in general.  Feelings such as shame, guilt and anger.  It can feel overwhelming, especially if we were taught to be accommodating, sweet, gentle, and nurturing to others…even self-sacrificing in the name of love…that was at one time seen as a virtue!

As we face feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, we need not judge them as bad.  They are just the energies that have been repressed.  Energies that we have inherited from our female lineage.  All we need do is accept those emotions…and share our love with them.  Then they can be set free.  These repressed energies can also come in as physical illnesses and diseases.  The same principle applies:  accept them, give them your love.  But keep in mind that the physical body is the last to catch up with the consciousness changes, and it needs more patience.

The ‘needing to be needed’ on an emotional level is being replaced by loving ourselves and by taking care of our own needs first.  For women that is a radical shift.  I’ve seen too many women (at times, including myself) have to become sick physically in order to give themselves permission to stop giving and giving.  I’ve seen women die of cancer because they were not aware that their role as caretaker was literally killing them.

Not all women are ready for their freedom, but many are.  And they are looking for the new role models.


The new enlightened woman is a brave breed indeed.  She is someone who has the deepest compassion for herself first, for what she has been through and is still going through.  She knows it’s not about being super woman, being the perfect wife, mother, girlfriend, boss, or about having the perfect body.  She’s way past that.  She actually cares less and less about fulfilling anyone else’s idea of what she is supposed to be.  She cares most about how she feels.  And that has taken awhile because she had been so caught up in everyone else’s world for so long that she didn’t have a clue how she really felt.

So she’s not terrible interested in making others comfortable anymore.  That was exhausting!  She may enjoy connecting with others, but trusts her feelings if that interaction becomes unbalanced.  She knows if things have crossed the line in terms of over nurturing by how she feels…if it doesn’t feel good, then it’s not good for all concerned.  She is being prompted to stop and take care of herself.  She loves her own company and enjoys spending lots of time alone.  Not just a few minutes here and there.  She is beginning to take herself seriously and she wants her relationship to herself and her soul to be the most important relationship in her life.  She may even prefer to live a solitary life, with no mate or partner.

Sometimes she feels lonely, but she’s finding that she would rather be lonely than compromise herself in a relationship that doesn’t honor her soul.  And as she acknowledges her own soul, she is less lonely.  She also knows she has a new family right there at her fingertips, onine, who are also going through this transformation, who can give her the support she needs.  She need not do this alone.

She knows that moving into her freedom will make some people angry.  especially other women.  It’s why she has kept her light from shining too brightly.  She was reluctant to make other women feel uncomfortable if they saw a women who was owning their Christ Consciousness.  Other women wanted her to stay in victimhood with them.  But that no longer stops the enlightened woman from continuing on her path.  She has tasted her freedom and she knows there is no turning back.

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Meet Your Soul Mate

Are you making real this relationship, this partnership with your soul?  Are you inviting her (or for some of you it may feel like him) closer, into your daily activities?  Not just reserving time with her during meditation, or when you are being creative or channelling?

Don’t be hard on yourself if you are just getting glimmers of him, or if you are feeling detached from her. This is a process of getting to know each other.  Yes, while your soul loves you unconditionally, and is o.k. with all the things you judge yourself for as shortcomings and issues, he wants you to communicate with him.  She doesn’t necessarily know the details of your life so feel free talk to her about anything.

But she won’t participate in drama.  He’s not interested in playing games.  She has compassion for what you are going through, but won’t pity you.  He honors all your choices, including the choice to do it by yourself…so he won’t swoop in to ‘rescue’ you from yourself.  She’ll wait until you invite her in and as you begin loving yourself, which you are doing, she can come in much more easily.  And from that intimate place in your body and in your life, you begin to recognize that SHE is YOU.

But really, for practical purposes we will call him or her your lover and your best friend.  So, you may ask, if she truly loves me, how come she doesn’t feel my pain?  And why doesn’t he take care of all these problems for me?  She is willing and able to do that (resolve all your issues, but not by feeling your pain) but resistance needs to be released.  You as the human need to relax more and allow more.  That’s happening.  But meanwhile, as best as you can, take advantage of that soul mate you have right beside you.

Isn’t it interesting that on a human level we would think our partner, lover, husband, wife, was being uncaring unless they were also immersed in our pain with us?  And we thought we were being uncaring unless we took on their pain (women tend to do that) and tried to make them feel better by trying to fix their problems? (Men tend to do that).

We believed that was a healthy relationship.  Well, it was a typical relationship, but not a healthy one.

In my own life, I am slowly allowing her to be with me.  I like seeing things through her eyes.  I like feeling giddy for no apparent reason.  I like feeling like skipping instead of walking.  There are times I have to hold myself back from doing that in public.  I may one day express that impulse without reservation.  (Our soul doesn’t like being confined or restricted).

I have never heard music before as I do now through her ears.  I have never tasted food the way I do now with her tongue.

I know I sometimes appear crazy to others, especially to those who haven’t yet allowed themselves to taste life with their own soul.  Hell, they haven’t even acknowledged that they have a soul!  They’ll get there.  It’s not my job to get them there if they are not interested.  In fact, it’s not my job to make them feel more comfortable, by pulling back my radiance.

So, this new lover, this new friend (it’s not really new, but it’s new to our human self) took some getting used to. I found that I wasn’t getting anywhere by playing the victim with her or with anyone else.  She’s there in compassion, stroking my hair, but she honors my choice to still try to do it alone.  And even though I was crying out for her help, I was really not trusting it.

So it’s a different kind of love that me the human had ever experienced.  It takes getting used to.  To feel a support from a consciousness that doesn’t participate in drama, that doesn’t try to fix me or my problems, but when I allow her to she can take care of my needs easily.  Without agenda, without any expectations.

No expectations?  Wait a minute.  That doesn’t sound right.  All relationships have expectations, even unspoken.  Why doesn’t she expect me to do things for her too?  Because she is already fulfilled.  She is whole and complete.  She doesn’t need to be validated.

On a human level that would be a rare relationship.  Two sovereign people coming together to share without expectations, or obligation, without pushing their own agenda on each other.  Rare indeed!

So the benefits of this new partnership are plentiful.  I the human get to experience life from a much more expansive perspective.  Every sensual experience I have is enhanced right down to the simplest ones.  I get to relax and allow this loving partner take care of my human needs in a way that is synchronized and fluid and graceful.  I get to feel that life is safe, and my mind gets to relax and do the things it was designed to do.  My finances and my body come back into balance.  (Patience with the body, it’s the last to get it.)

I get to be a living example of someone who has it all…freedom (the freedom to choose how I want to feel), self love, passion, wealth and health…oh and someone who loves to skip.

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Are You In Your Body?

You have chosen this lifetime as your designated lifetime for your ascension. You knew on a soul level ahead of time that you would be going through some emotional and biological challenges. Perhaps diseases and imbalances that you inherited from your family bloodline. But you also knew with certainty that you would move through them easily.

Now that you are here and going through emotional and or physical issues, you are wondering why it seems so difficult. Well, as we know things always seem easier when we’re not in our body. When we were nonphysical between lifetimes we recognized our abilities and we knew who we were and what we are capable of.

As many of us go through various degrees of physical imbalances, some of which are very disturbing and very frightening, we tend to want to be outside our bodies and understandably so. But if we are to allow spirit into our bodies and begin to feel and see life through our soul, we need to absolutely be in these bodies. And we need to absolutely want to be here. But then you ask, “What if I don’t want to be here? I feel so disconnected from everything here.” Well that’s partly true. But there is also that part of you that wanted to be here as your Divinity to experience life from a fresh perspective. Somewhat like small children do. We marvel at how they look at life as a big playground. Up until a certain age these children are truly connected to their Divinity. Even the seemingly simple or mundane things intrigue them. That’s partly where we are going.

And you have already been there many times. Have you ever eaten an ice cream cone with such gusto? How about just immersing yourself in the ocean? Maybe you were petting your cat or playing with your dog. Maybe you were driving down the road and screaming a song out at the top of your lungs. Or maybe you were just sitting and looking at some trees and smelling the pavement after rain.

These may have been momentary but they were powerful moments where you were absolutely connected to your soul. It’s not what we are doing but how we are feeling as we go about our day. You could be feeling deeply connected to your soul and just be sitting and watching a movie. But the point is, we are here in the physical so that we can experience life on a sensual level. For many of us it seems that life’s pleasures do not do it for us anymore, and that is not because we no longer want to be here necessarily, but it is because we don’t want to be here in the same way anymore.

There is a difference.

We no longer want to be here from a place of not trusting life, from a place of not feeling safe. We no longer want to be here from a place of feeling disconnected from our soul, from a place of not recognizing our eternal consciousness. It is just too unbearable. Do you know why people create so much drama in their life? It is because they feel very disconnected from themselves. They have gone mental.  Disconnected from their feelings…I am not talking about emotions that are generated from the mind, but true sensual feelings.  There is a difference. So people want to feel even if it’s brought on by seemingly negative circumstances. There’s nothing worse than being human and not feeling anything.

So as much as people are trying to be outside their bodies, and most people are, ( they are thinking about or worrying about the future or they are in the past.) they also want to feel.

We in the forefront of Ascension, and if you are interested in these materials you are one who is in the forefront of this tremendous transformational process…..we are also in the process of integrating our soul and recalibrating our bodies. But this process cannot be done if we are not in our bodies. I have talked about this extensively in other posts, but I feel this is very crucial right now because of the physical discomfort or diseases many are experiencing. These discomforts cause us to want to leave these bodies and this reality at times. But it is imperative that we stay in our bodies as much as possible because that’s where the action is right now.

Yes our bodies are being reformatted, and we will not have the same bodies when we ascend, but it is important that we honor and love these bodies just as they are and know that they are also doing their best to keep up with all of the changes.

It’s important to remember that we came this way, to this beautiful Planet, so that we would experience ourselves in a slowed down visceral, sensual environment. There is really no other experience like the human experience. Angels are lining up to come here and take on a body.


Most people think of their soul as some lofty, airy essence that’s somewhere ‘out there’. But our soul is calling us now to see it as our most intimate friend and lover. Our soul wants to come through us, through our bodies in the most loving and sensual way.  It’s not judging us as we tend to do but is in love with us just they way we are.  We have thirsted for that kind of love for a very long time. We want to be in that kind of a relationship.  But it requires a trust on our part that we have really never experienced before.  We’ve been vulnerable in the past and we’ve been hurt many times.  But we need not compare our soul’s unconditional love to the love of any human.  While humans are capable of great love, it pales in comparison to our soul’s love and devotion….besides, we don’t have to make small talk if we don’t want to. Our soul’s o.k. with that.

So it seems that we the human often have little say in the way things are going for us emotionally and physically.  And that is partly true, for our soul is taking care of business behind the scenes, orchestrating this ascension with the help of the crystalline energies that are coming onto the planet.  Most of you would agree that it has taken on a momentum of its own more and more.

As the human we do have free will, and we can resist this transformation and our soul’s love for us, but after a certain point there is a desire by us to surrender to it and know that it is what we wanted all along.  The other way, the old way is just …well…boring!

And once you create this foundation of self-love, of allowing your divinity to love you and to be a part of your day-to-day life, it will be easier to explore other realms and other dimensions while still remaining in this one.

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Who Am I?

Maria Art

As we go through the awakening process, we begin to feel detached from family, friends, co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, offspring, the community, and mass consciousness. We no longer feel attached to the role of father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, accountant, artist, musician, writer, caretaker.

Getting recognition from the outside, from others, just doesn’t satisfy us any more.  Our accomplishments, our achievements seem to pale in comparison to what we desire now.  Doing and goal setting seem things of the past for us.  And when we try to go back to that way of being, things just get mucked up.  Or nothing happens.

We’re not totally certain what we are walking into, but we know it is amazing, and we are beginning to feel like we are just getting in our own way.  There seems to be this empty space.  This nothingness, feeling detached and bored.  And because we are uncomfortable with the seemingly empty space we find ourselves in, we attempt to fill it up with activity or worry.  We are addicted to doing.  We need to do something, anything but just relax and allow.


We are in the process of releasing our ancestral lineage, which goes back thousands and thousands of years.  We have been carrying around the emotional, mental and physical attributes of our ancestors since we came here.  And it has kept us stuck in many ways.  So many patterns of behavior, beliefs, physical imbalances and diseases are the product of our ancestors.  We had an influence on our bodies and our creations but it seemed so many times they were sabotaged by some type of limitation.

But now all that is changing.  We are reaching a time where we now can consciously release, through ascension, the limitations of our past.  It is to honor our ancestors and release them with love.  There will be resistance because we are leaving the familiar.  The resistance comes in because who we are has been an accumulation of lifetimes of experiences, and has been for the most part influenced by our family bloodline. Even if we think we broke out of the family dynamics we still carried patterns of thought and bodily conditions and attributes through our DNA.  It is hard to imagine ourselves without a connection to our ancestors.  To imagine being able to consciously create from such clarity.  Of course there are many beautiful energies that our ancestors have contributed to our makeup.  But now it is time to release them and for what, we ask?

For our freedom.  For our enlightenment.  For the experience of being in a physical body that is now the product of our awakened self.

But we can’t have it both ways.  We can’t move into our embodied enlightenment without releasing our ancestors.

It is unchartered territory.  This is revolutionary.  But for many of us, we wanted this to be the lifetime.  We wanted to do it now.  We didn’t want to wait for humanity to catch up.  For many of us, this will be our last lifetime in the cycle of reincarnations.  We don’t want to come back for yet another lifetime in order to go through the awakening process.

Many of us said, “ENOUGH!.”  We are ready.  We are willing to have patience with our human self, and with our body, but we said, “I’ll do whatever it takes to become enlightened in this lifetime.”

Many of us who came in as the female gender wanted to be the last of our lineage to carry the burden of being the emotional caretakers.  We wanted to set ourselves free.  To become a self-loving, enlightened woman who no longer cares about making others comfortable at the expense of her own joy.

For men perhaps it’s to finally give themselves permission to allow life to serve them, to allow all their feelings.  To receive from life, from spirit without pushing and trying.  To let go of the need for power through achievements, money, position.  To get out of the mental prison.

 And for all of us, it is to feel that love from our soul that has been calling us for a long time.


This ascension is about coming home. Coming home to the sweet love of our soul. But in order for that to happen in completion, it also requires saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to parts of ourselves and our past. Those people from our past and all of our experiences since we came to this planet. It’s releasing and saying goodbye with love in our hearts. It’s not about forgetting it is just about releasing. It is about releasing our human self from the burdens of having to carry us in this lifetime. So it is saying goodbye to our old identity of that human who must shoulder the burdens and the responsibilities for our life. That hurts our heart a little. It is who we have known ourselves to be for such a long, long time.

But let’s look at it a little differently now, from the perspective of our soul. Now, we can enjoy life without the fears and anxieties that seem to color our experience here. And with the love that we are feeling from our soul naturally our body and our finances just come back into balance. Aren’t we ready for that? For a joyful life experience in a healthy body. That is waiting for us as well. And we are free to visit any of those experiences and people from our past anytime we want to. They are not really lost to us nor we to them. As we set ourselves free, we give all of them the opportunity to set themselves free. We do not have to discard our cherished memories. All of that can come with us. We are just setting ourselves free from the hardships that we have placed upon ourselves.

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