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Just A Reminder

Sometimes it’s easy to forget who we really are and what we are doing here on Planet Earth at this time, in this lifetime.  We tend to take things personally.

Maybe it’s something someone said, didn’t say, or especially something we hear from our own mind, a thought that feels awful, a thought that evokes fear in us, which could be related to our health, our finances.  And we respond to that fear as if it is our truth.

Most of humanity believes they don’t have a choice.  They are going around responding all the time to whatever thoughts and feelings are coming from the outside and from the inside.

But we on the forefront of ascension know better.  We don’t always follow through on that knowledge, but we are aware that we always have the choice.  It’s the gift we were all given as humans.  We are living in a world in which everything we are experiencing is a mirror of our consciousness. Continue reading



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Once upon a time there was a CEO of a large company. His name was Bob. The company was handed down to him by his father, and his father’s father because this company was in the family for generations. Bob took a great deal of pride in running his company. He loved so many aspects of being in charge of so many people, so many departments, and so much enterprise. He worked very hard to maintain his position because, just as his father and grandfather and great-grandfather passed on to their beneficiaries the physical business, they also passed on their ideology of working hard, being competitive, not trusting easily, and not taking anything for granted.

So Bob embraced those principles in his own business dealings. He was competitive, didn’t trust others and didn’t take the easy way.

Yet, despite years of hard work, things in the company were not flowing that smoothly. It always felt that he would take one step forward and then two steps back. His efforts to keep things running smoothly always seemed to be sabotaged by internal conflicts among co-workers, and departments. There seemed to be a growing dissatisfaction within the workforce toward Bob. Some even turned against him, calling him a tyrant who did not understand their needs, working them long hours with little pay and even less appreciation. Giving some employees more perks because they were more attractive but didn’t have the qualifications necessary for doing a good job. There was a lot of favoritism.

Bob was always behind on his financial obligations, and often had to borrow money to pay his employees. So even his products in which he took the most pride, were beginning to suffer for the internal problems.

One day Bob talked to a friend, one of the few who he trusted and confided in deeply, and the friend told him to consider getting some outside assistance. Hiring someone who had a bigger overview of the company and its needs. Because while Bob was the CEO, he was too close to the problems to see them clearly.

Bob reluctantly agreed to meet with the business advisor his friend recommended. He knew however in his heart that he was on a sinking ship and the crew was about to commit mutiny.

Upon meeting the new advisor, he was unprepared for who showed up. The first thing that threw him off was, it was a woman. The name his friend gave him was Chris, so he naturally thought Chris was a man. The first thing he thought was, how could a woman possibly understand how a big company operates?  How is she going to command the respect of all the department heads who are mostly men? This place will eat her alive. She’ll quit in a week and I’ll be left with an even bigger mess. Continue reading


Night Bird (Your Soul’s Song)

Night Bird 1

Original photo by Maria Chambers

As I took my evening walk last night, I was drawn to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of a solitary bird, singing and chirping melodically in a tree near the dumpster.  I walked closer and just stood there.  The pure, clear and joyful sounds came at me, and went through me, and in spite of being downwind of the garbage dump’s ‘aroma’ I recorded the song on my iPhone.

Then I added some of my own sounds to it from my home music studio.

The radiance of our soul is like the bird’s song.  It doesn’t hesitate to express its pure joy despite the ‘garbage’ surrounding it.





Beyond Healing: From Fixing to Integrating

We are used to taking action to fix things, including ourselves: Bored? get busy, fill up your time with activities, pull in a relationship. Lonely? Same solution as Bored. Tired? buy an array of supplements. Start eating ‘better’.  Sick? Go to a healer. Go to a doctor. Take medications. Overweight? Start yet another round of diets, exercise more. Depressed? Go to a doctor. Go into self-analysis. Take medications. Financial problems? Look for a better paying job. Pull in your resources. Clip coupons.

Even some of us on the forefront of the ascension process tried to improve on our situation with various spiritual practices, positive thinking, and various esoteric healing modalities. Continue reading


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