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Boredom and Ascension

cropped-8c33fa6a-55b6-4d81-9117-338894b2651a.jpegI mentioned in another post that the ascending human, before enlightenment, will feel bored.  Why?  Because they are not here in the same capacity anymore. They are not motivated by the same things as other humans anymore.  They may think they are because this transformational process can leave them exhausted, sick and broke financially. Which are often symptoms of ascension and not because they have done something wrong. Continue reading


Me and My Shadow-How Far We Have Come


I have said this many times before but it bears repeating. It takes a great deal of courage to face the darkest aspects of ourselves. And those dark aspects that are in the shadow are simply emotions. Nothing more. It’s not any kind of evil, or nefarious aspect of ourselves. They are simply the darker emotions that our soul in its love for us kept in shadow because we were not able or ready to deal with them. Continue reading


Good Vibes, The Law of Attraction, and Ascension

cropped-077cc661-7d09-43b4-be94-1ce91e8951ef.pngIt’s no big surprise that we attract things to us according to our frequency, or some call it vibration.  Even neuroscientists have researched and concluded that like attracts like when it comes to our vibrational frequencies. Continue reading


The only way out is in


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This morning at Starbucks a man who I know, who has been coming here as long as I have, and who is here every day, said he was feeling particularly lonely.  We don’t sit and have long conversations with each other, but we catch a few words with each other now and then. Continue reading


Not looking busy enough?



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No, we are not Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, or, or any rising star or high-profile person that will make political or social or musical history.  At least, not from a 3D perspective.  But on a Soul-level, that’s not our goal.  And it’s unnecessary, and even a distraction.  As I have said, energy magnifies and if there are any issues that have not been released, that energy of massive attention, or status would cause major disruption in our life. Continue reading