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Feeling Good


Image credit Maria Chambers

Feeling good 24/7 is not encouraged in this world.  How could we possibly feel good when others are suffering.  The homeless, war-torn countries, poverty, and disease are rampant.  People are suffering emotionally.  There is loneliness, heart break, despair.  We may know people in our own life that are suffering.  

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The Mind, Power and Creativity


I am so grateful that we have someone like Donald Trump to use as an example of the human mind run amok. He wants total control. Yet he has no clue what he’s doing, and is willing to crush anyone who disagrees with him or is not loyal to him and him alone. The more control he is granted, without checks and balances, the more irrational he becomes. He trusts no one. He wants to appear strong, because underneath, he is terrified he is weak and vulnerable. So his ego is fragile, and paper-thin.

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Major Energy Shift


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There’s been a major shift of energy these past couple of months, and everyone has experienced it in their own unique way. You could call it a reset.  It could have manifested as a worsening of a physical condition, or feeling more boredom, more detached, or feeling like you have had enough, and are at the end of your rope.  And in between there may have been more blissed out feelings.

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