You’re Not Alone: Physical Symptoms of Ascension

Art by Maria Chambers

Well, my dear friends, how are you all doing?  Are you getting more clear on who you are, on why you’re here?  Do you feel like you just don’t fit in with the rest of the world anymore?  Do you sometimes barely recognize your old self?  Are you clear and joyful one minute and then totaly confused and down the next?  Do you sense that something big is in the air?  Bigger than you have ever felt in this lifetime?

Welcome to the new age.  You are entering the gateway of a new life.  You are participating in the biggest celestial event in cosmic history.   Going from a ‘mere’ human back to your true self, a multidimensional god, yes that’s right, god.  You are  a god in human disguise.  Here to experience what it’s like to be limited.  Now we are on the verge of reclaiming our sovereignty and our freedom.  No easy task.  But we are the brave ones who have volunteered to take this ‘plunge into density’….

Do you believe this? or are you still afraid of even imagining it?  Thats ok,,, we’re waking up, and there’s still some grogginess.  But do you admit that you have changed from who you were a year ago, or even a week ago?  Take a moment to relax, to sit with yourself, to think about how far you’ve come in such a short time.  Feel how much you’ve been through.  How tired you are sometimes.  And maybe even sick.  Your body is changing, morphing, become more light body.  Allow this to happen, and allow yourself all the feelings because it’s just a clearing and cleansing.  There’s nothing you did wrong, there is nothing really wrong with you.  Just as mother earth is going through her cleansing, shedding her skin, so you are, so you are, my dears….just allow this to happen.  Everyone is unique and your path is not like any other.   Some of you may feel terrific throughout this process, others may feel downright exhausted and even very ill.

This post is directed to anyone who has been feeling symptoms, physical in nature, that may be causing them fear.  We’re in the process of releasing lifetimes of old patterns from our DNA, so many of us are feeling this on a physical and energetic level. Of course trust your feelings and if it feels appropriate to go to your doctor, do so but if your doctor isn’t finding a solution for you, then it’s probably an ascension symptom…these symptoms can be from mild to very severe.  The symptoms may mimic those of a disease, when in fact you are actually not ill.  It’s just the physiological adjustment of our bodies to the higher vibrations.  It’s our bodies releasing fear based patterns on a massive level.  I have been experiencing my own.   And at times, they can inflame and seem much worse…All of us are going through the ascension process in one form or another….and these symptoms are often part of the process of releasing our 3d dimensional patterns and will pass eventually.  Our bodies are going from carbon base to crystalline, not to mention we are embodying our soul…this has never been done before.  So we need to have patience with ourselves in this awesome process!  It’s not easy to relax when you are in fear that there’s something wrong with you physically  But rest assured, if you resist the temptation to go into fear mode it will go so much easier!


I have had bouts of exhaustion the likes of which I have never experienced before.  Especially when awakening from sleep in the morning.  To the point where I couldn’t even make any plans with friends for fear I would be too tired.  Many of us are working in other dimensions during sleep.  Also, our bodies will to a degree resist the light quotient coming into our earth right now.  That resistance will often be expressed as fatigue.  So we need to rest, and give ourselves time to assimilate the changes.  Don’t try fighting it.  It will just backfire on you.  If you need to cancel plans, or get out of a commitment, do so…I had to give up my care-giving role because it was literally making me sick.

Weight Gain

Nobody wants to hear this one.  But, again, the body is trying to adjust to all the changes, emotional and physical.  Don’t worry, it will come off at the appropriate time.  Without the ridiculous dieting and arduous exercising routines.   However light exercise, some kind of body movement like walking, or swimming or yoga is an excellent way to release old toxins.  Our bodies are set up to release toxins and will.  If you feel drawn to a certain kind of food, listen to y;our body and enjoy  it, even if it’s chocolate cake…don’t get overly concerned with dieting right now.  Sometimes the body needs to have more weight to process these massive changes…honor it.

Flu like symptoms

Sometimes that comes through the flu, which is a great way to release toxins.  Sometimes the symptoms will mimic the flu…achey, sinusitis, etc.    When my symptoms got severe,  I would run to the clinic, get an antibiotic, and it really didn’t do much to improve the condition.  Often these symptoms are misdiagnosed by the medical profession because they don’t really have a clue about the ascension process.  But our soul knows…it knows what we need, and how to heal our bodies…Again, it’s o.k. to have some medical assistance when it feels appropriate, but sometimes it’s just better to relax and allow this process to take place.  It’s a lot like the birthing process…we are giving birth to our new selves, but in the process we are sometimes feeling the labor pains.

In my case there have been times when I felt frightened and angry and alone.  I didn’t know where to turn…when the natural products didn’t work, I would go to a doctor.  I don’t regret going to doctors.  Sometimes there’s something  to learn.   For example I learned that my ‘chronic’ bladder infections were actually not infections at all, but a condition called cystitis, not bacterial, but an inflammation of the urethra, the bladder wall, and can become chronic.  I mention this because many people have been misdiagnosed and have been led to believe they need antibiotics because they have been diagnosed with a bladder infection.

Other Ailments

Body aches and pains, dizziness and nausea (we are moving from one dimension to another), ringing in the ears, itching of the inner ear and a host of others you could list yourself I’m sure.  The human body is also a body of consciousness.  It is here to serve us.  Often the physical symptoms are messages to us.  Depending on how and where it manifests, our body is telling you something.  And it would be wise to listen.  You will know if it is.  Louise Hay has a wonderful book called,”You Can heal Your Life” which lists many symptoms and conditions and their potential emotional causes.

As I collected information about the ascension of our physical bodies it became clear to me that sometimes these bodily symptoms are part of the process.   Often when we get sick it lowers our resistance emotionally, which gives us an opportunity  to go within and explore our deeper selves.  It assists us in releasing toxic beliefs and patterns that may have initiated the physical imbalance in the first place.  Try not to give your power away to a doctor if possible.  Use your intuition.  Listen to your body, and to your soul.  you will know what to do.  Trust yourself.  Our heart center is opening now in order to download these awesome energies coming into the earth right now, so you may be experiencing some heart palpitations.

Just know that your soul is taking good care of you, and try to relax as much as possible.  Do things that make you happy.  Get into nature, stand on the grass in your bare feet.  I will be writing more on this subject because I see that many of us are undergoing lots of stress right now and our physical bodies are hit hard.  But there is an end in sight.  Let your soul guide you.  Let your actions come from a place of inspiration, not of fear.  There’s more support now than ever before for lightworkers.  Especially online, where you can connect with those on the same path as you, your true spiritual family, from all over the world.   And of course there’s your non-physical spiritual family, who support you unconditionally.  You simply can’t do anything wrong.  Everything you do or feel is appropriate for your growth and your enlightenment.

You may think you’re going crazy.  Well, you are, but in a good way…you can no longer fit into the existing ‘norm’.  that’s the good news!!  I find for myself that the best way to make the last legs of this incredible journey into the light easier is to rest as much as possible, and watch funny movies or tv shows…laughing is a great vibration elevator.  And at the end of the day, we’re all eternal, we’re all of the light, we’re all going home and having a grand celebration.

Until next time, go well my friends.

Check out an update post: Physical Symptoms of Ascension (Update)

19 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone: Physical Symptoms of Ascension

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    1. Yacine, Thank you for this question, for it’s on many people’s minds as well. I wish there was an easy answer. But we are all so individual in this process of transformation. It doesn’t have to take long, but it will require patience. Not always easy is it? Our physical bodies are the last to catch up because they are operating on old energy. It takes time for the new crystalline cells to come on line. If the transformation were any quicker our bodies risk total burn out. I hope your are being gentle with yourself, for this process is a massive releasing of old, stuck energies such as guilt and shame. I try to remind myself when things get intense that it’s a major releasing. Trust your intuition because it will tell you the best thing for you in every moment. Blessings, Maria

  2. Kat

    Maria, I have noticed that my skin has gotten really dry lately, although I drink loads of water and treat my skin with coconut oil, it doesn’t seem to get better. I’m not that old (33yrs) so it’s unlikely that it’s age-related. Have you got experiences with this, too or have you heard sth. similar from other people?

    Kindest Regards from Kat

    1. Kat
      Dry skin could likely be an ascension symptom, in that the body is ‘shedding’ it’s old skin from the inside out. I have developed over the past couple of years a dry, scaly skin condition on the surface of my ears. Never had that before. I have heard from others too that they developed itching on the surface of their body, with almost rash-like conditions. It may also be psychosomatic in that we feel like our old life has become dry, and for others with the itching, they are ‘itching’ to express a new version of themselves, their true selves.
      I hope this helped

      1. Kat

        yes thank you Maria, it does make sense. After having read your reply a quote from one of my favourite authors came to my mind “A snake that doesn’t molt, dies”. He was very into self transformation and deep psychology.

  3. Filip

    I am also experiencing changes but I just cant believe that bladder infections could be a part of it.I have some kind of bladder problem as well(have to go pee a lot in the day frequently). I ran many lab test that turned out with inconclusive results so the doctor doesn’t really know how to diagnose me and gave me mild antibiotics for it. I drank antibiotics before from a different specialist and these new ones and nothing is working in changing my condition. So what you are saying this bladder infection could also be some kind of symptom of ascension!? A reply would be greatly appreciated thanks

    1. Filip

      If the doctors couldn’t find any infection in your bladder, you could have what’s know as interstitial cystitis, which is an inflammation of the bladder wall, which creates an urgency to urinate may be accompanied by other symptomology. It’s considered incurable, but we know that is an old energy belief. It can be easily overlooked by doctors because it’s symptoms are very much like an actual bladder infection. But with IC, there is no infection involved. I had this condition for years and didn’t know it, and had been also prescribed antibiotics without any real relief, until a doctor told me it was IC. It is treatable with antihistamines and not eating too many acidic foods, but for me the biggest culprit was stress. It seemed to flare up when I was feeling particularly stressed out.

      As far as being an ascension symptom, I would say yes, and I will even go out on a limb and say, during these times of ascension, all illnesses are ascension related. And that is because as we activate the Christ Consciousness within ourselves, it triggers all the energies that were dormant for a long time, as it relates to our lineage, our past experiences in this and other lifetimes. But what is important is to not try to figure out where it came from or to try and analyze it. Yes, it is uncomfortable, and it probably relates to anger that has been suppressed, but beyond that, I found the best thing to do was accept it, and know that it isn’t really my issue, but an issue I inherited that is in the process of being set free. Some of these things take more time than we are comfortable with, so I have a great deal of compassion for what you are going through.

      There are trigger points in our body that are activated when we awaken, and these are transitory, but they can feel stuck. If it feels right, getting some natural body work is good, some massage work. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins. Sometimes I do develop a urinary tract infection, and when it feels like that is happening I begin a regime of oil of oregano for a few days and it seems to knock it out. It’s a natural antibiotic and pretty potent. But of course always follow up with your doctor if you are concerned.

      I hope this has helped.

  4. Kavita

    I am feeling it a lot having problems with friends don’t feel like going anywhere financial stress may have to shift home feeling low bad dreams

    1. Kavita
      It sounds like you are experiencing natural ascension symptoms: relationship issues, wanting to lay low, be by yourself, financial issues…even the bad dreams are things coming up to be cleared…it can be very challenging, and the mind can get in there and try to figure it out, but there is really nothing to figure out. I hope you are being gentle with yourself, and accepting where you are at. And just know that you do not have to do this alone. Your soul want to share its love and wisdom with you every step of the way. And so many others are going through the same thing. This too shall pass.💕

    1. Mamosebo….if you are drawn to this information here on the blog, and other material like it, you are most likely experiencing ascension symptoms. Remember too, that we tend to be empaths, and are feeling and experiencing issues that are not ours to begin with.

      As far as feeling lazy, honor it. Your body and mind are going through a massive transformation. You need lots more rest now than ever. Myself, I do the bare minimum these days. And what I do is generally inspired action, like writing, drawing, or just walking in nature.

      I hope this has helped. 🤗🌹💕

  5. Schavi Ali

    I just discovered your WONDERFUL writings! The manner in which you express the ascension process is both scholarly and spiritually rich. Physical, mental, and emotional symptoms are indeed often daunting, but if we pray and meditate for guidance, we will definitely be led to confirmation that what we are experiencing is a Divinely-ordained process. Eating as organically as possible, drinking lots of water, obtaining sufficient rest, and aligning with others who are in-tune with our consciousness will help us to relax and allow the sacred sustenance to flow. NAMASTE!

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