Time, The Divine Feminine, and Our Transformation


Most reading this will agree that we are no longer part of the world outside our door.  Whether it’s politics, social groups, community, and in some cases even most of family and friends.

At the same time, we understand that the world outside our door is also our own soul’s creation.   Our mind can’t grasp that, but it doesn’t have to.

The world is going through its chaos leading to change.  That includes severe weather conditions and natural disasters. And for many of us, so is our own lives and physical body. 

There are no coincidences.  Everything is happening appropriately for the world, and for us personally.

Over the years I have written about how governments have been leaning more and more toward authoritarian. That it’s been the product of resistance to the feminine energies that have become present on the planet.

The biggest resistance to change has been from the mental, patriarchal energies.  There has been a consistent rejection and mistrust of the feminine.

This is both from a macro and micro level.  From governments and social structures that fear losing their status and power, to our minds fearing the same as we transition  from human to divine human.

What does this all mean on a practical level?

As the feminine becomes more present in politics, and in positions of more power, and the same feminine begins to let go of her caretaking role, even her nurturing role, there is anger, and pushback from those who are already in positions of power.

From presidents, to intimate partners.

But it’s all part of a natural process of evolution.  The balance had been lost for eons of time, and now it’s in the process of being restored.  The balance of the masculine and feminine.

But as with all evolutionary processes, there will be resistance to change.  Even if the change benefits all concerned.

And on personal levels, our mind is resistant to changes.  It wants to let go of its burdens, but at the same time it’s having trouble trusting the feminine, soul essence to take charge.

And even as we release the mind’s fears, our physical bodies have to go through the same process, releasing the old stuck energies of guilt and shame that have been stored in the cells.

But thankfully the human isn’t in charge of any of it.  It’s all being orchestrated on a soul level.

The human’s job is to just allow it to happen.  And to do whatever is possible to help release the resistance, so that it’s not so painful.

Not easy at times when we are in pain emotionally or physically.  Or both.  But the emotions that come up are totally appropriate.  They are there to be released.  

The problem is when we try to analyze them, or hang onto them, or indulge them too long.    That’s the mental part of us that wants to be in control. 

But we’re learning that we will be even more uncomfortable if we continue along a mental path with this transformation.

It will be much easier on us if we accept that the soul, the feminine aspect of us, is in charge, and that she can be trusted.  

She isn’t the feminine that we have been conditioned to understand as all sweet and nurturing and compliant.

And that can throw us off.  We have defined the feminine as sugar and spice and everything nice.

Also as the part of us that takes on the burdens of others emotionally.  As someone whose role is to suffer.  To sacrifice.

To play a subordinate role to the masculine.

All of these concepts of the feminine are on their way out.

Rest assured, if we hold any of these old worn out beliefs about the role of the feminine, life will be rough.  The good news is that our soul is extracting them from our body and our mind.

Which may play itself out in emotional and physical purging.

Or with a relationship in our life.  Our job is to just accept whatever emotions arise, and not judge them as being something we should have already released.

Because, and I have said this many times, they are not even ours.  As energy shifters, light workers, whatever name you want to call ourselves, we have taken on the problems of humanity and pretended they were our own.

And that is all changing.

So in that sense, it’s imperative to not take any of it personally.  The last thing we need to do is continue pretending these are our issues.

They are passing through us now, and don’t need to be analyzed or even understood.  Our soul is taking care of it all for us.  She is in charge of all of our past lives and all of the aspects from those lives and well as this lifetime.

She’s bring them all home, integrating them all so that we can meld our energy with our soul’s.

But it helps the human to be aware that the Divine Feminine has been influencing events in both the world and in our own being.

And, keep in mind, our soul is operating OUTSIDE OF TIME, so that means things are happening in the now, even if we as the human are going through them in a linear timeline.

Again, the mind won’t understand that, and it doesn’t have to.

But many of us have already been experiencing moments of timelessness.  Of time being much more fluid.  And that can also be disconcerting.  Our human body and mind have been rooted in time, in a linear perspective for such a long time, that it’s going to be uncomfortable for awhile until the mind and body acclimate to the soul’s timeless qualities.

We all have people in our life who seem so stuck in the past, and are not very open to change.  We have discovered that there is no sense in trying to push them to see another perspective, even if that perspective would benefit them and their life.

It’s no different for our mind and body.  We have to accept where they are at.  But interestingly, in that acceptance, transformations happen naturally.

It makes it easier for our soul to continue doing what our soul does best, transform, alchemize, and integrate our light body.  Which is our true, original body, by the way.

But, getting back to time, and timelessness, we exist in both.  And so we can say that this is already a done deal, our realization, our integration.  Now we are just going through the physical, linear process of getting there. 

Enjoy HAINA, an original tune of mine…

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7 thoughts on “Time, The Divine Feminine, and Our Transformation

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Lovely song. ❤️❤️❤️

    The extent of the misogyny hit me when Hilary ran against Barack. I seriously thought folks would never vote for a Black person over a white woman. Sheesh! I was wrong. And Mr Obama came up against so much racism. No wonder his hair was completely gray.

    The hate for both. Ow!

    And the hate for AOC, Stacy Abrams, Hilary, ANY strong woman!!!! So hard to witness.

    Happy to see and feel shifting in the other dimensions. It just takes awhile for 3D to catch up.

    I’m completely TRUSTING in the process and shift.

    Thank you Sistar!!

    Love you tons and tons

    Loving us all.

    “It makes it easier for our soul to continue doing what our soul does best, transform, alchemize, and integrate our light body. Which is our true, original body, by the way.” Mine on certainly shifting and transforming. I feel it.

    1. Indeed dear siSTAR, it’s hard to watch, but misogyny has been so deep in the consciousness that it became normalized. And because of that it’s one of the most dangerous, insidious and pervasive of prejudices.

      We understand on such a deep level that this shift into the divine feminine is a blessing for all concerned, and yet there is sooo much resistance to change.

      But those who protest the most are the most in fear. And their protests are more and more falling on deaf ears. Change is here. And there’s no going back.

      Love you too dear friend. 🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️

  2. What I really truly relish about your blog Maria is that I do not get the usual ascension soundbites hear. I get nuanced, original takes on issues dear to my heart. Being a woman is a privilege but it sure ain’ t an easy path. Could you possibly write more on an accurate depiction of femininity? I would be interested in your perspective.

    much peace, Linda

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