What Is Ascension And Embodied Enlightenment?

Art by Maria Chambers

Ascension, which is also called Embodied enlightenment, is an awakening, or becoming conscious of our god-self, or our soul.  It is the total integration of the human and the divine.  Of the body, mind and spirit.  It is the total acceptance of the self, and all of its aspects, without judgment.  It is falling in love with ourselves over and over, just as we are, with our light and our dark.  Nothing is excluded.  In an ascended state, we allow all of life to serve us.  We and our soul have a relationship that is mutually loving and respectful.  Eventually we choose how we want to feel in every now moment, and we no longer respond to life from a place of fear, worry and doubt.  It is living as a sensuous being.  Ultimately, it is walking this Earth as an Ascended Master, with an unbridled joy for life.