We Are Embodying Our Enlightenment

Graphic by Maria Chambers

If you can relate to the energies of this blog, you are in your transformation from human to divine human.

It does not matter what stage you are in, or what your personal perspective is, since each of us is on our own unique path.  But there is one commonality that unites all of us. And that is, what we are doing in this lifetime has never been done before in the history of humanity.

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To not only become awake, and enlightened while here on the planet, but to also embody our enlightenment. To stay here and walk the planet as an embodied master.

I don’t think any of us anticipated what is truly involved in that process, and what a tremendous commitment that is. Or how challenging it is to our emotional, and physical being.


Many of us baby-boomers have been at this for quite a long time. And for us especially it is beyond challenging.  This process of going from caterpillar to butterfly, being crushed in the cocoon while still having to deal with every day life, feels often like we bit off more than we could chew.

In my own life, the last few years have been the most difficult for me, as I faced some physical challenges that seemed to take over and leave me doubting myself and this whole process.

I was being asked to trust in something up until recently I couldn’t really feel on a tangible level.  It felt like I as the human was being asked the impossible.  To trust in something that promises to take care of life for me, when I look at my body and my life at times and don’t really see any true evidence of that.

But that’s because the changes that have been taking place are more of an internal nature. And along with those comes a kind of break down of the old systems. A kind of disintegration before an integration.

Some call it a rebirth.

Not everyone experiences it the same. For some it may be predominantly physical issues, for others emotional, financial, and relationships. Or all of the above.

But there is indisputably some sort of inner and outer chaos/crisis that needs to take place in order to bring transformation.  Some refer to it as the dragon that comes in and routes around uncovering anything that will not serve us going forward.  Things like guilt, shame, and fear.  Health and abundance issues.

But the human tends to look at what is happening and evaluates it as bad. Which is totally understandable. The human is so used to trying to protect us, keep us safe.  And now it feels totally out of control.

Things in our life that we feel are working against us are not necessarily at all.

I’ve developed a lot of compassion for my human self, who often feels frightened, overwhelmed, and at times hopeless.  

The only thing that distinguishes us from the Ascended Masters of the past is, with very few exceptions, they all left the planet after their enlightenment.  They hadn’t prepared their bodies to hold their light body.

They are called Ascended Masters.  We are becoming Embodied Masters.  Something that all of creation marvels at.  

Many of us took a vow lifetimes ago that this would be the lifetime of our realization.  Our soul has become realized in this lifetime.  That part is done. And now we are in the process of integrating that realization, in as gentle and as fast a way as possible without burning out our physical systems.

And the thing is, as the human, there’s nothing we need to do.  We’re not in charge of this transformation.  

Personally, I’ve come to find that the more I try to figure things out, the harder it is on me.  Things of an emotional or a physical nature.  It’s been challenging to just trust that it’s being taken care of.

It would sure be nice to have a driver’s manual for this process. Except that we’re not driving anymore so it wouldn’t really do us any good anyway. But if there is anything that can help us through this process, it is to do our best to relax, to find things that bring us joy on a daily basis and do them, even if that means lounging around, eating yummy foods, taking walks, visiting friends.


Another thing that has been brought to my attention recently is that I tend to sit on the fence. Especially as things became more intense for me, I began to eye the exit. I began to contemplate leaving the planet because it felt like it would be so much easier than staying.

It was brought to my attention that there’s nothing wrong with leaving. It is as honored as staying. But, as long as I am straddling that fence, I am sending mixed messages to my body especially. That makes sense. But it’s not easy at times. 

That’s because the mind is very, very tired. It’s tired of trying to do what it thinks it must do. But it so much wants to relax and just take a backseat now, and trust the heart. It wants to trust the soul to take care of things. To take care of my embodied enlightenment.

And truly I’m not ready to leave. I’ve already decided to stay. But now my mind and my body need to hear that from me in a way that they have not felt before.

It’s easy to write a list of all the reasons that this planet is not master friendly. Or that it is not particularly embracing of the feminine, or of creativity. It’s easy to find hundreds of reasons not to stick around.


Art by Maria Chambers

But really all you need is just one reason.

For me it is to experience walking this planet, and enjoying life in a way that I have never been able to do before.  From the perspective and sensuality of my divine self. I have had a taste of that many times.

But can you imagine being in that state of consciousness on a sustained level?  To no longer be triggered by the emotions that are generated from a fearful mind? 

I think sometimes it’s the fear and uncertainty that is most discouraging and exhausting. I have let go of fear on so many levels in my life. But there are still some places that are trying to hold on to it.

All the emotions, especially fear, grief, guilt, shame, are in the process of being transformed.  Which is why they are coming up for many of us now.  I said in a previous post that much of these emotions are from our physical body at this point. That the physical body holds a lot of these old stuck energies.

But again that’s not for us as the human to figure out, is it our body, is it our mind? That’s just more distractions.

It really doesn’t matter because who we truly are is orchestrating it all.  Our only job is to allow it and relax as much as possible.  And for those of us who may be eyeing the exit, remind ourselves of the one reason we want to stick around.

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30 thoughts on “We Are Embodying Our Enlightenment

  1. Shar B

    Oh Maria, thank you so much for sharing from your heart and soul like this, it’s exactly what i needed to hear. I relate to everything you said, as an ol’ Gen X’er, I’ve been at this for a long time too and am weary. But I felt in my body everything you expressed and it eased me, made me feel less alone, made me realize it’s all part of the process and is totally ok. Like you said, when you just let your mind get out of your way, things unfold naturally. I’m so glad you are still here and are sharing your messages as you help out people like me more than you know. We’re drowning in ‘law of attraction’ spirituality content and lacking in old soul content like yours. SOOO glad I found you and much gratitude and solidarity with you dear Maria, my soul sis. Love, Shar

    1. Shar, thank you, too, dear friend, for being here and shining your light. One bright light from an awakened human does more for this planet than a thousand trying to effect change who are still asleep. Love to you too 💕

  2. James

    “But now my mind and my body need to hear that from me in a way that they have not felt before.”

    I completely relate to the quote above, in the past couple of years I’ve changed my perspective towards my mind and my body. Instead of getting mad at my body for not keeping up at times and causing me all sorts of discomfort, I’ve changed towards thinking how can I help my body ground these energies, to nourish my body and give it what it needs and I’m building a new relationship with the physical body I have. The same with my mind, how can I help nourish my mind to catch up with this process, how can I build patience and kindness within myself towards to my mind and again, I’m building a new relationship with my mind. My point is, it was only through this that I’ve gradually started to find an integration of mind, body and spirit.

    Another beautiful and inspiring post, Maria!

  3. Maria,
    I take great comfort in your posts because I feel like we are going through similar processes. I keep vacillating between wanting to stay and wanting to go, which may be why my bode gives me outlets in case I truly want to exit.
    As a boomer ( closer to x but technically boomer) this has been a loooong road and the rules keep changing.

    Keep the posts coming! ❤

    1. Litebeing, it is very comforting to know we are not alone in this often arduous process. And, it’s been comforting to me to know that my soul doesn’t judge me, and supports whatever decision I make, stay or leave.

      And leaving doesn’t have to be dramatic. Just a true and deep desire to move on and our soul can smoothly orchestrate it for us. But it’s interesting, as many times as I have protested to this often painful process and said ‘I’m done’ I knew in my heart that to leave wouldn’t give me the most joy at this point.

      I really want to see what it will be like to be here, on the planet, as a human who has fully embodied their eternal consciousness.

      Meanwhile, good coffee, treats, and walks in nature, and doing things that are fun are essential for me.

      Thank you my friend for sticking around too. 💕

  4. golf4life1


    A wonderful message, as always and certainly captures ho Wo am feeling. I also plan on staying, but some days I wonder. You mentioned a drivers manual. I recently read “ The end of your world” by Adyashanti, which is definitely a users manual for those awakened and alive. As a group it’s always great to hear your affirmations we are not alone. It’s also great to read someone talk about all the changes we have experienced and know there is nothing wrong with us.

    Press on!



  5. golf4life1


    I just thought of this one and want to write it down before I forget. We talk about the masculine and feminine, that is in all of us, and the importance of being in balance. Another analogy, which you will appreciate as a musician, is the magic created in the perfect mix of treble and bass.


    1. Gary, yes, it is so important to recognize that there is nothing wrong with us, especially in the face of so many physical changes. The typical response is fear, and wanting to take action. Which is fine in some cases. It will feel in alignment when we do. But in general, it’s the worry and concern that takes the most toll on us. And when we allow ourself to relax, our soul shares her perspective through feeling all is truly well, and we are just where we need to be.

      And I like your music analogy of treble and bass, of the feminine and masculine melding in harmony with one another.

      Thanks for your wisdom, friend. 💕

  6. I have been saying for the past few years now that I’m compelled by my soul. When I allow my Divine soul to lead, it’s all flow. Yes, at times the body tenses and the mind tries to wrestle wit things it plays no re in deciding anymore.
    I will share this post with my other close friends who understand where we are and are going to. For me, my soul knocking came in pieces so once I fully awakened its been full steam ahead. It took 40 years of blossoming to finally bloom 🌺 and now all of my memories are flooding back as I work to heal my vessel and release all the stagnant energy. It’s a committed practice and the one thing I remember is all worth it gor is love. Pure and simple. Light and love above all else. The things, aces and people that were meant to fall off did and I know it’s all a part of the process. Connecting with you and others in this commis like a big hug. Thank you dear sister gor making us all feel seen, heard, understood and most especially loved ❤❤❤

    1. Ladysag, your wisdom is also greatly appreciated. It’s so good to hear that you are committed to this process and that you are truly feeling the benefits of that devotion. And I agree, the love, and it’s an all encompassing love, is what it’s about. And thank you for your kind words. Love to you. 💕

      1. elizabethsadhu

        I can’t believe I missed this one. Oh my gosh, Sistar! Speaking to me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

        “Personally, I’ve come to find that the more I try to figure things out, the harder it is on me. Things of an emotional or a physical nature. It’s been challenging to just trust that it’s being taken care of.”


        “It really doesn’t matter because who we truly are is orchestrating it all. Our only job is to allow it and relax as much as possible. And for those of us who may be eyeing the exit, remind ourselves of the one reason we want to stick around.”

        I’m in major healing mode right now with the physical and so grateful for all of it. But being a patient sure requires a lot of patience. 😉♥️

        Thanks! And of course I’m reading this JUST WHEN I NEEDED TO!

        Love you tons and tons!

        Loving us all.

        Now to read the comments. Kindreds! ♥️♥️♥️

  7. Barbara

    Ditto your article, Maria and the Comments. I’m past saying, “What a ride.” Now it’s “One day at a time.” I can’t remember ever being so tired, but then I’m supposed to be! I was advised by my invisible friends to be gentle with myself, and since then nearly everything I’ve read, including your post, has the word ‘gentle’ in it. Okay, I’ll do my best, but then boredom sets in (along with some sadness for the state of the world) and I have to think it’s because I have no idea what needs to be created in 5D, if anything, while at the same time 3D is disappearing along with its creations. Will I disappear? Maybe, but certainly only because that is my Soul’s desire. Thank you for this article, Maria, and much love, B.

    PS I have a new e-mail address. My old server gave me a choice… whatever happened to free will in 3D? The choice was get the new e-mail server set-up or no e-mails ever again! Quite sure 5D won’t need e-mail servers!

    1. Hello dear Barbara! Yes, and yes, on everything you say. It is such an intense time for us, and for the world, Even in the optimal of circumstances it’s easy to have weariness, and a kind of PTSD. To keep a detached balance from out there and even from the mind’s fears and concerns is not easy. This is where true Mastery comes in, doesn’t it? And we are Masters who chose to be here at this amazing time on the planet. No coincidence there for sure. And, yep, living still in the 3D world, with email, yet not of the world. I need some ice cream. 💕💕💕

  8. Annette


    I certainly did not, in fact I had thought by this time that my life would be so much more blissful…..NOT! The emotional, and physical aspects of this process have increased ten fold, especially this month, yet I’ve noticed that I am being SO much more kinder, gentler and loving towards self and others.

    My husband age 69 is truly in the throws of this process, and I’m trying to figure out some simple words to describe to him what is actually happening to our physical vessels, ya know going from carbon base to crystalline, any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as I am a firm believer that knowledge is power, and keeps the fear from over riding, as this can be a very fearful experience if one doesn’t understand what is actually taking place, eh!?

    “But there is one commonality that unites us. And that is, what we are doing in this lifetime has never been done before in the history of humanity.”

    Wow, think about this….NEVER in the history of humanity guys!!! This right here is enough for me to LOVE myself ever so much more!!! What powerful brave souls we each are, and I send so much love to each and everyone of you, because NO, this is NOT easy, yet it will all be worth it, I truly believe this.

    “All emotions, especially fear, grief, guilt, shame, are in the process of being transformed.”

    Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely!! And I am SO very grateful for this, and just recently went through a HUGE release, and more and more as things surface, I welcome it, as it assures me that I’m that much closer to my true freedom. 💖

    Much love, and gratitude for all of your divine wisdom you continue to share with us!!

    My soul sister, my dear friend, be well, and know that you are loved and appreciated! 💗🌟💗

    1. THANK YOU for your sweet words, my dear, wise, beautiful Annette! And your hubby is so blessed to have you guiding the way. I’m sure this was in both your soul contracts. And yes, it can be challenging to describe this process to others going through their early stages. But just our presence is really more than enough.

      Thank you for seeing this through. My deepest respect and love for you my dear friend! 💕💕💕

    2. elizabethsadhu

      Dear almond sister Annette— this make me smile so big.
      “Wow, think about this….NEVER in the history of humanity guys!!! This right here is enough for me to LOVE myself ever so much more!!! What powerful brave souls we each are, and I send so much love to each and everyone of you, because NO, this is NOT easy, yet it will all be worth it, I truly believe this.”


      1. Annette

        Hello Dear Almond Sister!!!
        I have been thinking about you lately, and wondered if you were okay, SO happy to hear from you!!

        Love ya lots! 💞

        1. elizabethsadhu

          Going through some physical trials but all is well and lots of good shit coming out. How are you sweet almond sis?

          1. Annette

            I’m so very glad that all is well, and that lots of ‘good shit’ is a coming out!!

            I’m doing okay, have been on a roller coaster for some time now, yet, growing, releasing, and trying to move ever onward and upward, and sideways works too…lol

            Always trying to find things to laugh at, including myself!!

            You take gentle care of yourself dear almond sis, ya hear!!

            Big love and hugs! ❤️🤗

          2. elizabethsadhu

            Laughing is such great medicine! And laughing at ourselves is even better!!!

            The roller coaster never seems to stop, yes? I can relate. Glad you are okay.

            Big love and hugs right back at you sweet almond sis! Muah muah muah

    3. elizabethsadhu

      PS. My dear hubby is also 69. Trying to share this stuff with him would not work. And that’s ok. He always says, “Elizabeth takes care of the woo woo shit in the family!” Ha! He is very analytical.

      So we just love and support each other.

      And I appreciate this reminder, thanks my dear almond sistars, that he is also going through this in his own unique way. Just like all of us.


      1. Annette

        Yes it’s all very much o.k.

        So you take care of the woo woo shit in the family, Lol, I’m pretty sure my family would say this about me as well! 😁

  9. Annette

    I feel it was in both of our soul contracts too.

    “Just our presence is really more than enough”

    Thank you, simple, yet profound! 🥰

  10. Thank you. I am on the path right now. I am just getting over the type of crisis you describe. A few years ago everything I believe in was tested. My wife was cheating on me I had cheated too. My children took her side and even covered for her. I was on drugs just getting out of jail. I feel I was broken all the way down to be rebuilt. I struggled with addiction for years. I am clean almost a month so the work continues. I am working on meditation and focus. I found you by continuing to work and seek light.i thank you sincerely. Namaste

    1. K Hard, I am so pleased you found the blog…or it found you. Lol. And I appreciate your candid sharing of your experience.

      Nothing says enlightenment like intense personal crisis, does it?

      I don’t know any Masters who haven’t gone through them. But the good news is, it’s all behind us. We can go forward knowing that our soul isn’t interested in the drama and trauma. It has gleaned the wisdom from the experiences, and wants to bring us into grace and an entirely new kind of passion. There will still be challenges, but not anything that would make for good tv drama. Lol. Congratulations on staying the course and moving into your sovereignty. ❤️

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