A Ride of a Lifetime


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A while ago a dear friend and I imbibed in some cannabis.  I should have known better.  My track record with the weed has not been great.  I end up with some not so nice side effects.  It’s not that the stuff wasn’t quality, or that I did too much necessarily.  I’m just not a good candidate for ingesting it.

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For me personally, it’s a wash.  There’s just too much physical and mental discomfort for the payoff, of feeling high.

And, since I can get to those states of bliss on my own, without side effects, why bother?

Well, because sometimes it feels like those states of peace and bliss are elusive.

But while under the influence the other day, I got to that really panic stricken, paranoia place.  And my dear friend tried to calm me down, and asked me what my biggest fear was in that moment?

I said, it was losing my mind.

That surprised me.  Yet, it’s the most common fear associated with cannabis paranoia, and also with this whole transformation process.

With cannabis, it’s not so gentle a process.  It can yank the mind out of its comfort zone abruptly, and create a sense of losing total control.

With the natural transformation process, our soul is guiding our mind in a more gradual way, not giving it more than it can handle at any one time.

But my mind did not feel safe.  It was in such new territory.  

My intent was to relax my mind, and it did for awhile, but the full on panic that followed was not worth the ride.

I remember saying, as I did a couple of time previously when I imbibed, “I can’t wait to get back to my normal neurotic self.”  At least there I know my demons.

At least there I was in my comfort zone.

But I’m glad it happened, because it gave me a whole new appreciation of why this transformation needs to be gradual.  Not just the body, but the mind needs time to adjust and adapt to a whole new perspective on life.

On our Soul’s perspective.

Having said that, there have been ascended masters who chose the abrupt way, and that’s why most of them left the planet after their enlightenment.

They were not prepared to embody spirit, mentally or physically.

So they blew up.  They left.  Some unceremoniously.

I have written two posts on the subject of cannabis and enlightenment, so I won’t go into depth, but suffice it to say that there are no shortcuts to enlightenment and realization.

And this process is tailored perfectly for each of us, by our very capable and wise soul.  There are energies that need to be released, and transformed, and that does take time.

The mind is already freaking out because it can no longer control things like before.   It is slowly acquiescing to our heart and soul presence.  

Our Soul knows better then to jolt the human beyond what he or she can handle.  In its unconditional love for us, it will not assert itself into our experience uninvited.

Yes, we opened the door a while ago, and the light of our soul came in and began highlighting and releasing stuck energies on our behalf.  It was and continues to be very uncomfortable, but it’s not going to push us into a state of insanity or mental breakdown.

Although it feels like that sometimes.


Art by George Redhawk

But this is for many of us the designated lifetime to embody spirit and bring together all of our other lifetimes, and all of our aspects.

So it’s going to be intense as we know.  For many of us, we wanted it to be a do or die.  This lifetime or not at all.

We chose the accelerated path.

But even so, our Soul is in charge for a reason.  She knows how to do all of the above.  She has the wisdom.  And she has the enlightened perspective.

If we became aware of our own soul’s realization too soon, we would most likely leave the planet.  

So it’s gradual, and it’s timed perfectly by our soul.  

And, of course our human impatience and frustration is noted.  And thank goodness we have one another to share that frustration with.  It’s no coincidence the internet technology was created at this time on the planet.

And have you noticed it’s getting easier and more affordable to use?  All by design.  

Everything happening in our life is purposeful.  It’s all for our realization.  All done at levels we the human need not understand.  

Let’s enjoy this final ride.  A ride of a lifetime.

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13 thoughts on “A Ride of a Lifetime

  1. Pot is a mixed bag. When I used it as a teen, it was helpful in some ways, but the paranoia around getting arrested or discovered by my parents consumed me. The product was milder though than now and paranoia around cops or parents is non existent. Losing one’s mind occurs to me without substances as this year is very hard for me to integrate. What is interesting is that my mystical connections ( albeit they are infrequent) way surpass whatever occurred while stoned. It is tempting to escape this pandemic ascension clusterfck year, but chemicals created outside of us have limits and some pitfalls. However, cannabis is great for heightening sensual experiences like food and music ( for me) that is hard to access in other ways. 🙂

    1. Litebeing, I wholeheartedly agree, the ‘high’ we feel naturally does far surpass that of cannabis. In fact in my earlier post THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS- Cannabis and Enlightenment, I point out that many of us have surpassed the vibration of the plant, and could experience a lowering of our own vibration if we partake of it.

      And in fact I have had numerous sensual experiences as a natural byproduct of this awakening/light body process, because our soul and light body have thousands of senses to add to the human ones.

      I like your description of the past year as ‘clusterfuck.’ That’s it in a nutshell. Lol. 💜

  2. mom2bzs

    Loved this article Maria. Last time I got stoned was 30 years ago. The last time felt terrible. I felt trapped behind a wall. I was constantly stoned in my 20’s. My family of origin always told me I was “too sensitive” and I believed it, so I used pot to numb myself, until it didn’t work anymore.

    I could never get to the levels I feel now naturally being stoned.

    I agree with you that its gradual for a reason. I have thought at times it would be nice to be stoned because the release and purging I feel just feels so so so (I could say that a million times!) intense, I feel like I can’t feel or do it anymore. But I try to remember its all a release from this and other lives and it needs to come up and out, or it will come forth as resistance in me, which will be so much worse.

    The saying “what you resist persists” is so true for me. Most people don’t even understand that statement, but I’ve experienced it, so I meld into the intense feelings. Not so willingly sometimes, but at this point, I don’t have a choice. Or I feel I don’t.

    1. Yes, mom2bzs, I agree. I think the other day I just wanted some quick relief from the same…all of the purging and intensity…..but I guess where we are that isn’t really possible….because as you say, it needs to come up and out. And each time we do let something go, there’s a natural high that follows. There’s no better high than clarity.💕

      1. mom2bzs

        I can totally understand wanting quick relief. Yes, I always notice after I let go and feel the intensity, it does feel better

        1. Absolutely! Very few humans are at this level of mastery, to be able to work with all of the emotions, the light and the so-called dark within us. If we look around at our immediate family and friends or associates, how many are allowing their deep inner issues to be looked at, accepted and released?

          Most are still operating pretty unconsciously. That’s not a judgment, but just a reminder of what we are doing here.

          1. mom2bzs

            Its so nice that you understand this. Rarely do I ever meet a person who does.

            I don’t really blame them. Its of an intensity I sometimes feel will break me. That might sound dramatic, but its how it feels at times.

  3. Edy

    I know what you mean. I used a lot for 20 years to numb feelings and trauma, but have not really touched the stuff ever since I had an awakening experience and raised my vibration. Everytime I tried again, I had a moment of relief and then an intense panic/paranoia that ripped my soul appart, and also the very dark feeling of being psychically abused. I read since that weed can tear holes in your aura, and I wouldn’t necessarily think things like that naturally but since I experienced something that very felt like my protection and aura being easy for others to trespass when I smoke, I kind of believe it. Strangely, when I smoked the same abusive people contacted me again in the days after and tried funny behaviors on me. This happened too many times for it to be a coincidence. It took about a year of total sobriety for the psychic effects of weed to completely heal. Im totally letting go now, it’s over.

    1. Edy, cannabis in particular has a forth dimensional frequency, and on weed we can attract those incarnate souls from the astral realms (4D) who try to disrupt our energies. But I’ve never known anyone who has actually experienced it. I believe it took that long for you to heal from its affects. I ingested some once or twice (last time was about 40 years ago), and it took almost a week to feel like it was out of my system. Every one is different of course, but I’m with you, I’ll stay far away from it, too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. elizabethsadhu

    I’m with you all! My last time was 30 years ago and I spent the whole time BREATHING and saying to myself, “it’s going to be ok!” 😉😉♥️♥️

    “But I’m glad it happened, because it gave me a whole new appreciation of why this transformation needs to be gradual.  Not just the body, but the mind needs time to adjust and adapt to a whole new perspective on life.

    On our Soul’s perspective.”

    This says it well. Thanks dear SiSTAR!

    Our souls are so f’in smart.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Love you tons and loving us ALL

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