God is Not in the Details


The old adage, “God is in the details” does not apply in embodied enlightenment.

I know a couple of people, dear friends, in fact, who can remember very specific details of things from their past.  Whether it’s a day, a moment, and all of the environmental elements involved.

And, I am really in awe, and always impressed as they describe them to me.

And when I compare my own memory of events and people in my life, I fall really short, and could be considered memory-impaired.

But I know better now.  I know that it’s because in this transformation from human to Divine Human, memory will not be important.  In fact, it can get in the way of a truly sensual experience of life.

Our soul isn’t into details.  That’s a factor of the mind,  and there is a place for it in many things in life on this planet.  Details are important in many areas of life, in technology, medicine, science, in some aspects of creativity.

But those details ride on the wings of inspiration from the soul.


Where we are going in our embodying of spirit, we find that our soul is much more interested in the essence of the experiences, not the details, like the date, time, place, or what we were wearing.

It’s not really interested in the date of birthdays, our’s or anyone else’s.  The same for anniversaries, holidays, or any subject that requires a knowledge of historical facts and figures.

It isn’t interested in who we were in our other lives, or our names and our professions in those lives.

The soul is really interested in the wisdom of our experiences, of this and all of our other lifetimes.  It wants to extract the essence of all of our experiences.  The sensuality of life.

Your soul couldn’t care less about what kind of car you drive.  Or how old you are, your gender, your nationality, race, political affiliation, or how much you have in your bank account.

It isn’t judging you based on what you did or didn’t do this or any other lifetime. You don’t get points for being a better person.  That concept doesn’t exist as far as your soul is concerned.

And be assured soul has taken all of the life experiences and has distilled the essence and the wisdom from each and every one of them.

It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy or cherish whatever memories we do have.  But we find that more often than not, our memories have been colored by our human perception of those events.

And as we integrate our soul, the human perspective slowly melds into our soul’s perspective of those experiences.  Which are vastly different than our human ones.

It’s why it feels at times that we are losing our memory, and even our mind.  We are releasing old ancestral energies, from our mind and our physical body.

It’s why this process seems to be going so slow.  It’s no small thing to move from predominantly a human to predominantly a soul perspective of life.  If it happens too quickly there is a good chance we will end up on the other side sooner than we would have wanted to.  Although for many, that is actually what they wanted anyway.  Not everyone is willing to go through the later stages of this transformation, which can be the most difficult.

The stage where things are coming up intensely, to be cleared, so we don’t bring them into our embodiment of soul.  Because whatever isn’t in balance will be magnified a million fold.  The energies are very potent.

So all the delicious details of physical life, whether it’s nature, food, music, art, technology, our physical body….will be enjoyed just for the sake of the sensuality of the experience.  It’s not that detail goes away.  The mind loves details, and it will still have the joy of experiencing those details, but they will not be the main event anymore.

And an interesting thing happens, as we feel into life from that sensual, more expansive perspective.  Life begins to serve that perspective of joy, delivering to us more and more sensual and joyful experiences.

And, all the details fall into place.

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26 thoughts on “God is Not in the Details

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thank you dear SiSTAR for this. So perfect and such a great reminder and explanation. Losing my mind…..hahahahaha…….and THAT is a good thing, a great thing. Everything is so shaded by that beautiful human us. Oh well…..

    “Because whatever isn’t in balance will be magnified a million fold.” OH HELL YES!

    Moving into SOUL FLOW mode…..oh yes oh yes!!

    love you tons and loving us all

    1. Yes, siSTAR, losing our mind is a good thing. Who would have thought we would be saying those words? Considering most of humanity still thinks they are their body and their mind.

      I like your expression…SOUL FLOW mode. It would make a great t-shirt.

      1. Annette

        Oh I like the t-shirt!!

        “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”…..John Muir


  2. Barbara

    Yesterday evening I went to a small get-together for a lady who is moving across Canada. Today she sent me three pictures from that get-together, and I was in all three and when I first saw them I was appalled at my appearance. Good grief, old I am and not very pleasant to look at and I wanted to delete those pictures immediately. I didn’t as I felt there was a lesson there, so I spent some time today thinking about my first reaction to those pictures and realized after awhile that I was in some way negating my Soul by being upset by my physical appearance. This is hard to explain, and it wasn’t sensual at all… though the food was great (!)… it was that regardless of photos all I had to do was change my always overly detailed thinking into one simple thought, which was, “The world would be so very much more peaceful, content, harmonious, loving, loved by Soul, etc. if people would just understand how beautiful they truly are.” Hope that made sense. Much love, B.

    1. It makes all the sense in the world, Barbara!

      I share the same self-judgement about myself in pictures especially. I have a friend who loves taking photos of me and thinks I look wonderful, yet when I look at them I have a hard time seeing what he does.

      Let’s face it, our culture doesn’t allow us to grow old gracefully, especially as women. There are impossible standards of beauty paraded in front of us constantly in the media.

      And you are right, this world would be a much more joyful place if we could just see ourselves as our soul does, as precious, and beautiful.

      And the good news is, that’s happening, as we continue to allow our soul to love us. We begin to see ourselves as our soul sees us. And we radiate that beautiful light outward as a gift to all we come into contact with and then some.

  3. elizabethsadhu

    I’m with you both, Barbara and Maria.
    sometimes it is a big ow! Do I really look like that with those lines and sags? hahahaha

    NOT my soul…..Thanks for the reminders.


    1. It’s interesting, when I watch these tv shows, and movies, and I see how mostly they portray the male figures as, well, let’s be honest, regular looking guys, meaning they can be heavy, not impeccably put together wardrobe-wise, be old, not classically handsome, and these are often the main characters…and the female actors surrounding them, and often the main female characters..,,,are just the opposite. Not only having to look not a day older than 27, but have to wear makeup, and looking like they spent hours applying it, and always looking like they have their own wardrobe department.

      And even more insulting to all women, they all look like they just stepped off the Barbie Doll conveyer belt.

      It seems more and more I am noticing this glaring inequality, and to be honest it has ruined many tv shows and movies I loved at one time.

      Sadly, this hasn’t changed in a significant way even in today’s media. I can name only a handful of strong female leads who were allowed to look normal.

      1. elizabethsadhu

        I hear you loud and clear. Recently I went to watch Ocean’s (whatever number) with all women. I was appalled. I told my young friend who enjoyed it that I couldn’t watch because they were all wearing too much makeup. yuk I wanted to like it. Possible female empowerment? Not bloody likely.

        I am rewatching the Good Fight right now which I like very much and has some good stuff in it, but I am completely distracted by the shoes. They look so bloody UNCOMFORTABLE. ow ow ow……AND the skirts and the tight clothes. Even in the midst of a good story line, I am often thinking, jeez, I hope they get to put on their comfy clothes, soon. hahahahahaha

        I am WITH YOU, dear siSTAR!!!!!

        Sheesh……We women can look good and be comfortable and LOOK like OURSELVES.

        I am laughing also because the last couple of times I wore mascara (I used to be addicted) it ended up smeared all under my eyes. hahahahahaha……so funny. I was out walking and no one said a word. haha. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the racoon affect.


        1. Your raccoon eyes story cracked me up, siSTAR!

          And yes, about the shoes, the female detective or whatever is running around in stacked heels, a skin tight mini skirt, and after the chase scene, and the rain of gunfire, and the cars exploding, she comes out smelling like a rose, not a hair out of place, no smeared makeup, and not limping from running in heels.

          I would definitely watch a movie or tv show that parodied these ridiculous standards somehow.

    1. Barbara

      Absolutely made my day, Maria, thank you! I’ll never look at heels the same way ever again. I don’t own any, but I’m almost tempted to go get some just for the experience… not! Much love, B.

      1. Â

        i think i am in my dark night of shadow, it happen months. Still remain, but now sometime i feel so depression, feel like i wanna die, feel like wanna give up, tired, just dont wanna do anything, i feel breathless, bcuz of life i must go school to study, and it have some good triggers when i go school too, but i feel tired, just dont wanna be trigger anymore. Sorry for bad english, i am vnese 🥰

        1. You got the message across, Ā, despite the language barrier. You’re not alone. Many are feeling that right now. It’s very intense, and it will bring up all the parts of us that need to be integrated, and released. But we’re not going to be able to do it as the human. It’s our soul, our divinity that is in charge of all of that.

          Everything you are feeling is appropriate and just part of the process. I have found that just allowing all of the emotions to be, and do your best to relax when you can, and only do things that bring you joy when you can, even if it’s sleeping, snacking, a walk, writing, or watching shows you enjoy, or nothing at all.

          Many of us are in that place of deep integration, and it feels like the caterpillar is being disintegrated before it becomes the butterfly.

          The part that is tired is the mind. It’s tired of thinking it must still be in charge. It’s been through so much and it’s tired of the responsibility.

          And our soul is asking us to allow her to be in charge now. To trust that she knows what’s in our heart, and that she is working as fast as possible to complete this transformation without burning our systems out.

          As much as we don’t want to hear it…..more patience is required.💕🦋

          1. And the loneliness will fade as you become more integrated with your dear partner, your soul. There is no greater love and compassion to be found than with our own Divine Presence. And it’s right here. Just keep allowing the process and you will be amazed how fulfilled you will feel. I can attest to that.

  4. Â

    Thanks you❤️❤️Now i am full of anger, my inner knowing tell me that bcuz since i was a child, when i anger, sad,… I got judge, punish. Now i am anger fiercely. I like alll emoition i repression go all out. And my head thougt “why people can do this do that to me? Why i cant do this do that? Why i dont have persimion to feel anger, to feel my emoition,why if i feel those emotion i will be punish?”

    Tks you again sis ❤️

    1. If you like, type the word ‘anger’ into the search on my blog, and you can read a few posts on the subject which I think can help you to gain a broader perspective and ignite your own wisdom about it. 💕

      1. Â

        Sometimes I get stuck, how do I use the inner knowning? if you ask inner knowing, how can you be aware that it is giving you an answer? I also sometimes I use logic too much, my brain is tired 😣

        1. Tyron

          Hello  🙏🏻

          Listening to you, I feel you are exhausting yourself, and the main reason for this, is you are giving your-self away from your-self so much with these thoughts and feelings. Giving too much attention and time thinking about others and not to your-self.

          Please read Maria’s beautiful article about the inner child. One of her most important articles. https://soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/the-inner-child-and-the-new-energy/

          I feel you could really benefit from this – as we all could. Acknowledging, reconnecting and reunifying with our inner child, giving them constant love care and attention, is the most important thing any of us can ever do. This is the true meaning of ‘loving yourself’ and once you start to do this, everything else becomes insignificant. All your problems and worries and anxiety start to fade away. It provides everything we really want and need: Presence, peace, happiness and Joy and of course, Love…

          I suggest getting a photo of yourself when you were 4-5 years old and keep this with you at all times. Look at them. Talk to them. Say hello. Tell them how much you love them and that YOU are going to look after them now. No one else matters. It’s just you and them. Everything you do, do with them. FOR them. As if they are there with you, everywhere you go. And watch what happens. See how your feelings change.
          This is hard and it takes time to practice and remember but it really is so very important. It is almost the single biggest reason for our negative emotion – giving ourselves away from ourselves and looking outside of ourselves for the love we want and need.
          Give YOU to YOU now and it will give you the peace and love you are looking for. From Within, not from without.
          Lots of love, peace happiness and Joy to you 🤍🙏🏻

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