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We have all heard the caterpillar to butterfly analogy to describe the transformational process we are going through. And I would say it’s pretty accurate. We are being crushed and pulverized and spun into a magnificent butterfly at the other end. But we ask, how long? When do we get to fly?

And unfortunately for the human caterpillar, there is no answer that could possibly satisfy. But there is one thing for sure. The caterpillar doesn’t remain in the cocoon forever. Eventually it is transformed and has wings to fly.

Exactly when that happens isn’t up to the human. There are processes that take place on levels that the human couldn’t possibly understand. And those are being taken care of by the soul.

Your soul knows the amount of change that the human can handle and will make sure that its human counterpart isn’t compromised by things moving too quickly. That the mind and the body aren’t overloaded from too much too soon.

The human tends to be worried he isn’t doing enough to speed it along, but really it’s happening anyway. It’s in process, regardless of the fears and concerns of the human.

The real question is, do we want it to be a more graceful experience along the way, or one with so much resistance that it makes it chaotic? Or, more chaotic than necessary?

Even the letting go of our past, of our wounds, of the aspects that try to keep us stuck in the past…..we are not responsible for those. Our soul is in charge of that, too.

The human is just here to experience it. To experience the soul’s presence, and to enjoy life.

While it can feel daunting at times, and confusing, and frustrating, there is one constant. Your soul loves you deeply. It knows your needs and heart’s desires.

And it asks of you to just trust it. Trust your soul to bring you the joy you deserve. Trust her to bring it to you in the best way. A way you as the human probably don’t expect. Or understand. You the human have an amazing imagination, but it will never be as amazing as your soul’s.

So why not let her deliver the goods to you in a way that will blow you away?


Invite your soul in close when you are sad, or scared, and let her soothe you. Ask her to help you to see your issues from her perspective. That will help you in ways you can’t imagine.

She wants you to know that things may seem to get worse for a time, but to trust that too.

She is asking you to trust that she is guiding you and transforming you in just the right way and in just the right timing tailored for you.

She is asking you to just relax. To know that there is nothing to do. That you have done nothing wrong. She wants you to know that she is the one who is doing the transforming, and that you are just where you need to be.

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30 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. golf4life1

    Maria, thanks for your Friday night post. Was wonderful to read after two hours of guitar playing. BTW, before COVID, I had never played guitar.

  2. So many pearls of wisdom here my friend. I gace opened up the cocoon, started the fluter about and are operating from pure soul as both a shaman and psychic channel fully. Forgiveness of self has played a major part, it has to all go down this way. It all unfolds in the proper order. Lovibg myself all the way through. Great validating post nt friend 🙏❤🙌🥰

  3. Ladysag, yes, that is so true, the cocoon has been opened, and in fact many are fluttering about getting used to being free. And I’ll even say that we are already free…all of us are already realized, and are reverse engineering to see how we each got ‘there’.

    And it’s not even a destination, but just an awareness, a realization.

    And yes, absolutely, self-forgiveness is key, which isn’t really possible from the human, is it? It’s allowing the soul to do that too. Which of course we have done nothing to be forgiven for, but the human feels so guilt-ridden that the soul offers to forgive it.

    It’s truly amazing that we as the human have nothing to do to improve on ourselves, or to make this all happen.

    . 🦋🤗💕

  4. Barbara

    Wonderful to see and read the Butterfly/Metamorphosis Metaphor, Maria, thank you. Just wanted to mention that many… and I mean, many (!)… years ago I wrote a short story for girls. My heroine was named Maria. She was starting high school in a few weeks and was very nervous. One day she was daydreaming as she was catching some Sun in her back yard, all about how she would change so many things about her body and her mind in order to be acceptable to her peers. She happened to notice a caterpillar walk… do caterpillars walk (?!)… by her blanket and she was drawn to follow its journey over the next few days. Yeah, caterpillar became a butterfly and Maria then realized that she had nothing to fear, that she was exactly who she was supposed to be, and on her first day in class, when asked her name, she stood up and said confidently, “I AM Maria!” Indeed, Soul teaches and loves in wondrous ways! Thanks for a super article… oh, shoot, now I’m getting teary! Love, B.

  5. Sharleen B

    Goddess I love you dear Maria! Once again, I totally resonate with your message.. you must pick it up in the noosphere where we meet soul sis-star! I like how you explained that this process is already underway, and we don’t have to rush it along. In fact I notice that my old perfectionist self wants to rush in and “try so hard” and “effort” at “making it happen” that I actually push it away (via control, resistance). So thanks for double-clicking on this topic. I love that what you discuss and have insights to, usually have such a real world component that is useful. Thank you, I so love that I found you long ago! p.s. love that you used “she” will tell you about our soul…. 🙂

    1. Sharleen, I’m so happy you are resonating with the message, and I know exactly what you mean about trying to rush it along. It’s human nature to want to control it. It really took me awhile to let go and trust, and yet I still have those moments.

      And, yes, I often refer to the soul as she. Even though the soul has no gender it feels, at least for me that it embodies more of the feminine qualities.

      And I am also happy you found this blog. 🦋🤗💕💕💕

  6. Ripley

    Actually, I kind of enjoy the cocooning part. It’s the other aspects of this process that I have trouble with…the spinning, crushing and pulverizing.

    Someone definitely set the bar too high. We’re supposed to stay grounded and yet learn to fly?

      1. Annette

        OMG! I looked and looked for this picture I thought I had saved to show you Maria, so cool you had it, as it’s been all I could think about since your post!! Lol

        Perfect! 😁🦋

    1. Hi Maria

      In a way it seems to me that the metamorphoses of a caterpillar
      is quite peaceful and that, if it survives, it has a guaranteed outcome:
      beautifull, perfect , light.
      Not so with being human, I have been through one tough round after
      the other, and I’m not near to being a butterfly.
      I have experienced the opposite of what you describe – about the soul
      taking care of that the body and mind doesn’t get overwhelmed with
      too much too soon. My process has consisted a great deal of too much
      too soon. But I guess that is probably quite natural since I had LOADs
      of accumelated stuff, that needed to be released.
      I think I experience my process more like the creation of a diamond:
      deep in the earth it developes under intense pressure and heat.
      I am actually sparkling some times these day, my light ( soul) is slowly
      coming throug with the wonderful feeling of true strenght and integrety!
      So something HAS been transformed, and Hallelujah for that!!!!
      😌🌹from Marguerite

      1. Marguerite, I like your diamond analogy very much. I wrote about that in an earlier post, ‘From Carbon To Crystalline’ to describe the light body process. These bodies are carbon based and are being purged of all the old, dense energies so it can accommodate its natural body, its angelic body.

        This has never been done before by so many here on Earth. The Masters of the past left very quickly after their realization because they couldn’t deal with all the pressure and sensitivities of an integration process.

        But we chose to stay and are preparing our bodies. And thank you for staying and shining your multifaceted light. 🤗💕💕💕

  7. I do love your story, Barbara! It’s such a wonderful metaphor for this transformational process….and the tears are also welcome. I’ve been shedding my own lately, mostly from the joy of having these wonderful connections here, and from reconnecting with my soul. 🦋🤗💕💕💕

  8. elizabethsadhu

    Oh my gosh…..I am laughing a bit because no big surprise but this is such a perfect message and what I got just today. I finally got around to reading this what with all the pulverizing…… 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    One of the things that came through was this line which I am sure you will love:

    "You are the forerunners and we think you have not quite realized yet that there is NOTHING ELSE FOR YOU TO DO but BE. Yes, BEING is paramount for you and for all forerunners. You have nothing else that you need to do, no one you need to save, no group you need to succor, no group you need to join, no humans you need to lift up. All you need to do is BE. Your being-ness is like a HUGE BONFIRE and beacon. JUST BE. Your light shines out and you need do nothing else."

    thanks so much dearest SiSTAR!!!! You ALWAYS get it.

    love you tons and tons and

    I LOVE us all!!!!

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Ahhhh….thank you my dearest Almond Sister Loves………

        So much love for you all, And for us all!!!!!

        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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