How Irreverent Are You?


Well, it’s that time of the year again.  But this one is a little different for many of us.  Guilt is no longer the gift that keeps on giving.

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again. A time when friends and families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe it’s Hanukkah for others. Perhaps it’s Festivus for the rest of us. Where we get together and air all our grievances.


Festivus Pole

And of course given the situation with the pandemic, many will be spending the holidays alone, perhaps for the first time in a very long time. And their connection with loved ones will be virtual…Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype will be buzzing with activity.

For some of us, we’ve been preparing for this for a long time. We’ve been very solitary and are actually relieved not to have to spend time with others on holidays.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Not that there’s anything wrong with spending time with others or spending time alone at the holiday season.

For myself, over the years, I have grown more and more impatient with obligations, especially around holidays. So others have been warned by me many times that I prefer not to do anything at all. On that “special day“ I just want to get up like any other day and do whatever the hell I want.

Having said that, sometimes there is a circumstance where we do acquiesce. It is not comfortable for us. Perhaps one day we won’t even do it. But for now it’s OK.


I would not want to live in a world in which people do not extend themselves to others in a loving and caring way. I think it is wonderful that people have such big hearts and want to give to their fellow humans in many ways.

But there is a trend, especially among the spiritual communities, that it is better to give to others than to self. The concept of sacrifice, for the good of all, has been with us a very long time.

But there are a rare few of us who have awakened, and who recognize without a shadow of a doubt, that it is better to give to Self than to others if we are giving to others from a place of guilt and obligation. Many will protest that and say no, I am giving from a place of love, of overflowing love I already feel for myself, and the overflow I give to others.

In that case I say kudos. But for others the sense of guilt and obligation is still pretty strong and it’s one of the things that our soul is releasing for us at this time. It’s the thing that keeps us from moving into our realization in this lifetime.

Guilt and shame are the two things that have held us back physically and emotionally for lifetimes.

So if in your own life you are feeling these emotions coming up, whether it’s around the holidays or any other time or any other circumstance, don’t panic. These are just coming up to be acknowledged and cleared.  You don’t have to do anything about them, but just acknowledge them and accept them and allow your soul to do what it does best. Transmute energies.

Most of my readers know that I am not the typical spiritual blog/website. I don’t subscribe to airy-fairy feel good concepts. And because of that I have gotten myself in trouble a couple of times but it is what it is.

I can be fairly direct and even irreverent when it comes to some subject matter.  Subjects like politics, religion, and even the spiritual community.

I have even poked fun at my own self-contained niche of ascension, enlightenment and realization.

A good hearted laugh at self moves mountains of stuck energies.  Irreverence doesn’t mean always being so serious.  Not at all.

Did you know that many of us started the early religions?  And many of us lived in Atlantis, and were responsible for standardizing the human mind.  Which, while we had good intentions, caused some real problems that have been prevalent today.  The mind has become very susceptible to hypnosis.  Many of us carry that guilt with us and our soul is also transmuting it for us.

Sometimes the guilt we feel is ancient and we don’t even realize it.

So, back to being irreverent. The whole idea that someone who is on an awakening path is understanding or loving to all, all of the time is nonsense.

But admittedly, sometimes I fail to ‘read the room’ before launching into my routine.  And then there is some hell to pay.  Oh, well, it comes with the job description.  Namely, don’t expect to win a popularity contest.

It can be challenging to be irreverent. Especially as a female. It looks as if I am being selfish.  Apparently the worst of sins. Being un-nurturing for a woman is tantamount, in some circles, to being a bad person.   Add to that, I am also being ‘un-spiritual.’

And to that I say, yes, I am being unspiritual, because I don’t consider myself a spiritual person.  I don’t like that label.  It comes with a lot of baggage.

But for all of us, all genders, there is no other way to move into our sovereignty and our freedom other than to let go of the idea that we are the emotional caretakers of the world. And I have demonstrated in my own life that when I let go of that role, sometimes things don’t go really well for the other person. Sometimes because they depend so much on my energies, they are very angry and will do things to hurt themselves and others.

But all I was doing was delaying their own soul growth and journey by holding energies for them.

It is no longer our role to hold energies for the earth or for anyone.

Others will be doing that now.

If you are reading these words and you resonate with this material, you have decided to become one of the irreverent ones. You are one who is not subscribing to what a spiritual person looks like. You are not playing social worker, especially with those people in your own life.

It doesn’t mean you don’t care about them.

Did you know, that the only person you can truly love is yourself? Let that one sink in.

It’s fine to tell others you love them, but what you’re really saying is you love yourself, and they are a reflection of that self-love. Is that unsettling? For the human it probably is. Because the human self tends to value itself by how good it is. How loving it is. How much it works on itself to be a better human being.

Bookstores (real ones and virtual ones) are full of how to become a better human being.

Self-improvement is something that is very deep in the consciousness of humanity.

Personally, I’ve reached a point where when I see that happening it makes me a little nauseous. And of course it’s all about duality. That’s a dualistic, polarized way of thinking which subscribes to good and bad, right and wrong.

We may say we’re beyond all of that, but rest assured this time of year could bring up some feelings that still need to be distilled into wisdom by your soul.

Since I have let go of so much of the guilt around holidays, I can truly enjoy them now, but in my own way, on my own terms. I love the music, the decorations, the scents, the food.  All the sensual aspects.

I can enjoy these things now because there’s no sense of obligation attached to it. A truly free human is one that can enjoy any activity, any tradition, yes including family get together’s, as long as they don’t feel that sense of obligation and karmic attachment.

What the world needs now is not ‘love sweet love’ so much as it needs human beings who have demonstrated love for self. Because from that love of self stems everything else. When one loves oneself…..and it can only be done through allowing the unconditional love of our soul…..then everything just falls into place in our life. Everything we need comes to us at just the right time and just the right form.

What better gift to give to other human beings, to this humanity we live alongside of, than to demonstrate to them how energy truly works. That energy serves us the best when we love ourselves.

But to get there one must be irreverent. One must let go of the old concepts of what love is, what a spiritual person is, and what enlightenment is.

Happy irreverent holidays, my friend.


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27 thoughts on “How Irreverent Are You?

    1. elizabethsadhu

      Did you write this FOR ME???? 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

      JIM AND I where just talking about selling his body parts as relics. Then we thought we could sell them in advance so that everyone could have an opportunity to buy a piece of him. And TOTALLY CRACKING OURSELVES UP. We love irreverent. So thank you!!!

      Just yesterday I wrote a post on social media that said, “I realized that the only person I need to inspire is me.” Got a lot of pushback about that. Selfish. Privilege. Etc. But I KNOW YOU KNOW.

      I totally love this post. Thanks darlin SiSTAR friend for your FABULOUS irreverence and Joy of living.

      I LOVE YOU!!

      LOVING US ALL because I f’in LOVE ME.

  1. I see us as kindred spirits, while I am a licensed social worker in my profession, lol! I am bold, irreverent, and often shake things up whether intentionally or not. I am ambivalent about holidays. I abhor duty but sometimes fondly remember some fun holidays as a child, before much was expected of me and before I woke up. I will be alone this year and am okay with it as I have been alone before.I do like the food though, lol!

  2. parusmontanus

    “But all I was doing was delaying their own soul growth and journey by holding energies for them.

    It is no longer our role to hold energies for the earth or for anyone.”

    OMG, this is something I needed to hear. (I have read your blog for years, now I just had to comment.) Been in a situation like that and deep down I know it is as you say, but I’ve had really hard time with the guilt and shame and being blamed bad by the other. It’s relieving to hear what you are saying, thank you. ❤

    I'll just have to let my soul do her thing, instead of trying to "fix" this guilt.

    Btw, many love songs sound like they are about the love relationship between the soul and the human. I had a time when my soul would give me lines and I'll go and find the song from Youtube. Once She gave me this:

    1. parusmontanus …I’m glad you commented. I have total compassion for what you’re going through. It will get easier as you continue allowing. The whole dynamic changes, especially when the other senses you are not buying into the guilt anymore. And, I agree totally the love songs are really about the love between us and our soul. I love the video you posted, so I reposted it below. Thank you. 💕

  3. Edy

    Amen to that sista! I don’t always agree with your views but I must say this one is right on point, with amazing synchronicity!!:) I was terrified, 3 years ago, when I became more awakened and chose to withdraw myself from some aspects of the holiday celebrations. It cause such agression and hurt in my family and even caused some abuse. Reading this made me feel a little less alone, 🙏🏼.

  4. Lyn

    A big Yes from me. I almost always resonate strongly with your perspective.
    I have dropped Christmas in stages.. reducing the number of people I gave gifts to, then no cards, and this year I told the few remaining family that I’m not doing Christmas any more.
    My sister and I have implemented a system she named the ‘Fred’ gift. That is if we see something at anytime that we feel like giving, we give it then. I am definitely over just finding something commercial someone doesn’t need just to meet a calendar date.
    Christmas was always expectation loaded so I’ve come a long way. The big challenge this year was stepping away from my mother – not in anger but having reaching the end of the road. I know me not seeing my ‘aged mother’ ( loaded term) won’t be viewed favourably. If any residual guilt arises, I’ll deal with it then.
    Strangely I like the lights and sparkle of Christmas and idea of loving connection (rarely upheld in reality in my world). Perhaps I’ll have my own festival of light in my own way.

    1. And a really big KUDOS to you, Lyn!!! Those are lots of self-loving choices you have made. And I like your Fred gift system. And yes, I agree the mom thing is a huge one. Laden with potential guilt. You are an inspiration to all. 👍💕💕💕

  5. elizabethsadhu

    LYN!!!!!–I am with you entirely about your mama. YAY you!!!! I am close but due to the blessing of COVID we can’t really go see my mum. She has cancer and it would be a quick leave the planet if she got corona. AND the thing is she doesn’t believe in all that anyway, along with being a 45 lover. AND thinking he is a hero. hahahahahaha

    I took a 3 year break from my ma years ago when my kids were little and it was the best darn thing I ever did for myself. I wouldn’t even let her see my kids. HEALTHY……..I cut the ties of thinking I needed to TAKE CARE OF HER!!!!!

    YAY you!




    1. Dear siSTAR, this is noteworthy! Another role model for self love. There’s this notion that to be spiritual means we can be with anyone and not be irritated. That we somehow have transcended being human. Kudos to you!

      “If You Think You’re Enlightened, Go Spend a Week with Your Family.” ~. Ram Dass

      1. elizabethsadhu

        That is a good one, Ram Dass! So f’in true!!!!

        I practice sending love to ALL, but that doesn’t mean I have to be around them…….ha!

        love you siSTAR and all you Almond SiSTARS!!!!!

        Loving US ALL

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