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Art by Maria Chambers

Fear.  It motivates people all of the time.  Fear motivates them to work at jobs that bring them little joy.  It motivates them to be in relationships in which they compromise their freedom, because the alternative is to be alone.  They compromise their joy and freedom daily for a modicum of security.  Fear motivates people to seek medical attention, get the next surgery, because they fear the body can’t rebalance itself.  Some say people die of fear, not diseases.

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My Light Body Experience


Art by Maria Chambers

The light body experience is unique to each of us going through embodied enlightenment.  For most of us it hasn’t been so graceful.  It’s been challenging to our core.  Those who follow will have an easier integration because of our pioneering work in this unprecedented process.

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If You Knew…


Image credit Maria Chambers

If you knew you are eternal, what would you do with your day?  If you knew you are magnificent, and can’t really get it wrong, what would you choose to do next?  If you knew you are loved unconditionally, without judgement, how would you feel about all your so-called issues and supposed flaws?  

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