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An End to An Ancient Virus

8E31E544-0118-4E92-B4A4-D0BBEA080969Everything this morning went well.  I woke up early and refreshed, made a little breakfast, and drove to my cafe as the sun was coming up.  The air was balmy and fresh.  I got here and the place is practically empty.  I am sitting outside before the heat makes it too uncomfortable.  The coffee is rich, fresh and hot. All is well, and yet I have a bit of heaviness in my heart.  I don’t feel that connection to my soul.  I know it’s there, but something is just off.

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Home Movies And the Sweet Nectar of Wisdom


So I’ve been creating a few short home movies using old photos and videos supplied mostly by my brother.  He’s a history buff, at least, history that dates back to the 1950s going forward.  I’m so grateful to him for preserving so many wonderful memories.  As most of you know, I’m not much for the memories.

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Staying Alive


Me back home

Note: This post is for those who have chosen Embodied Realization in this lifetime.
Why does realization feel so elusive? That moment in time when we shift from a life we have been living for over a thousand lifetimes, to a life as the embodied master? Why does that feel so implausible? Why can’t we wrap our mind around being predominantly the human one minute, and the next, being predominantly the I AM, or the Master?

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