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While we are pretty clear of old, stuck patterns at this point in our transformation, the dragon is here to help clear out any remaining energies that no longer serve us.  I like to see what’s happening globally, and here in the USA as a metaphor for what is happening within us. And as an opportunity to clear out any remaining resistance to stepping fully into our freedom.

For example, if we get triggered by the violence perpetrated by our current administration, we can ask, are we allowing our own aspects to storm our home, our seat of peace and democracy?

Who is governing our life?  Is it our human and its fears, or is it our eternal and self-fulfilled soul?  Are we still battling our masculine or our feminine?  Or have we accepted both.

But really, as the human, our only job is to accept the emotions as they come up, and just allow our soul to do all of the integration and releasing for us.  Our soul is in charge of distilling the wisdom.

What we are witnessing now in the world is the toxic patriarchy pushing against change.  It can no longer ignore and disown the feminine, the heart and the soul.

And it’s also an outer manifestation of the inner battle. Those of us at the 11th hour of our awareness of our soul’s realization are discovering that we have to surrender our life to our soul, which means there is no more battle.  

Just a peaceful transference of power (energy) from human to divine.

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4 thoughts on “Something to Consider

  1. Maria, thanks for helping to keep me sane.Who is governing my life indeed? Your writing holds simple clarity for me. One of my core issues has been and still is feeling safe in my body and in the ” world” and I get triggered to some degree any time events like this unfold. I keep feeling the feelings the best I can and listen to me body.

    Namaste, Linda

    1. Linda, I completely understand. Feeling safe in these bodies has been a huge issue in our transformation, considering the body has been doing all kinds of things we can’t understand. It’s literally being crushed like the chrysalis in the cocoon before it emerges as the butterfly.

      Another analogy someone offered is we are being stripped of all of the layers that kept us from shining clearly all our beautiful facets.

      But meanwhile, that sense of vulnerability, of loss of control can be traumatizing to the human. Yet, being vulnerable is what is required. Being open, and trusting our soul is taking care of it.

      And it may not look like what we expected. It may seem to worsen, including physical conditions, but it’s all part of the process. Just as we see on the outside, in world events.

      But the good news is, it’s not going to take a couple more decades for us. Ours is a faster route, we have chosen the accelerated path although we may at times think it’s endless….

      And because we have chosen the fast route to our realization, there is much more personal emotional and physical ‘chaos’ we are dealing with.

      So, the safety, survival issues are front and center now, and the message here is we are safe. The new energy is a balanced and safe energy,

  2. Barbara

    Been a while since I’ve commented, Maria, and apparently others, too. I guess I needed to see the last week play out, and feel what I needed to feel with respect to my own self-Soul-love before I could come to any realization. Hope that made sense. So, thing is, nothing ‘out there’ has changed, but for sure Inner Me has… sovereignty is rather a worn out word, but then even sovereignty is not quite the answer in a 3D world. Knowing is… and all I know… and please understand everyone who may read this… nothing to do with politics, or who says this, or who says that, and even you, dear Maria, though you inspire me, but one must Know within one’s own heart… not even that one might surrender to Soul, (never was much into surrender) but surrendering to one’s own ability to Love regardless…. is that blissy? No. Real? Yes, for me it is and that will carry me for a while till… whatever. Just had a grilled cheese sandwich… burned on the outside, soft in the middle, my style! Love, B.

    1. Barbara, what you say makes perfect sense.

      it’s weird, because I wrote this post only a week ago and it feels like a year because it seems sooo very much has shifted within me since then. It feels like I have begun to trust even deeper in my inner being, and it’s at the heels of purging so much emotionally in the past week.

      But now I have a hankering for a grilled cheese sandwich. I haven’t had one of those in years.

      Love you Almond siSTAR! 💕💕💕

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