No Protection Needed in The New Energy


Trying to protect ourselves is not what the new energy is about.

In the old consciousness, life was all about protection.  The mind and even the body have been rightfully trained to go into self-preservation mode when it felt their existence was being threatened.

And with the transformation from human to divine human, our self protection, survival fears have gone into high gear.  Whether it’s about our health, or our finances.  Or anything that threatens our safety zone.  The mind and body sense big change, the likes of which they have never experienced before.

Change is scary, both to the mind and the body.

As my sensitivities heightened because of the integration of the light body, I found I couldn’t tolerate certain perfume smells, even fabric softener scents from other people who wore clothes that they washed in scented detergents.  I even reacted to the off-gassing from a new appliance.

I was becoming highly sensitive to environmental pollutants, as well as to sound and others’ energies.  Nothing new, many of us are. Generally with the aging process our senses dull, such as sight, sound, hearing , and our sense of smell.

If you ever doubt whether the light body integration is real, just remind yourself of how much more sensitive you have become to everything in life.

But when I look back at how hard I worked to control my own environment so I could be comfortable and how stressful that was, I am amazed. No, these things weren’t life threatening, but it just compounded the level of stress and anxiety that this process brings to the surface.

It is challenging to deal with all of the symptoms of transformation while trying to maintain a 3D existence.  There were many times I felt like I was going into overwhelm.  Which by the way, is why this process needs to go at a certain pace, or our body and mind would not be able to handle the level of sensitivity that is part of the light body.

Because, with the integration of the light body, our original body, with our ancestral body, we are becoming very sensitive.  We’re feeling things not only with our human senses, but with the thousands of senses of our soul.  This is an amazing situation because we are beginning to feel life on such a sensual level.

But meanwhile the body must adjust to deeper and deeper levels of integration and sensitivity.

And it will.  It’s reacting to the stimuli in its old, defensive way, by creating allergies in the body.  For me it usually manifests as an irritation in my mouth and tongue. I have noticed that many of them are not affecting me like before, which is a sign that body is adjusting to the soul’s senses.

Research has been done where children who were raised in very environmentally sterile homes were found to experience more colds and infections than those who were in less sterile surroundings.  The body needs a certain amount of exposure to different particulates and environmental conditions in order to strengthen its immune system.

But over time humanity has fallen out of trust in the body’s resiliency.

This can apply also to foods.  It’s important to trust the body, and if it rejects certain foods, of course stay away from them, but in this process of transformation, it’s interesting that certain foods that caused us problems can now be enjoyed without ill effects.

Our relationship to food is changing, but not in the way we may think.  What we believed was bad for us isn’t necessarily at all.  It was our expectations about the food that created the allergy or the reaction to them in the body.

So we may find our beliefs around food changing also.


Over time many of us have learned that trying to protect others from their own issues doesn’t work, and in fact backfires.  They needed to go through the challenges on their own in order to become stronger and wiser.

The same applies to us in this transformation.  We are needing to allow the body and mind to experience the conditions it finds itself in. Whether it’s a relationship issue, an emotional issue, or a physical condition.

Trying to protect it all the time will just prolong the process of integration.  Trust that the body can and will adjust to the new senses, and is not fragile or so vulnerable.  This also sends a message to the body that we trust it and this process.

It’s challenging because our instinct is to protect ourself from what we consider harmful.

But I have found in my own experience that over time my body may have a reaction to something, but it will last less and less time.  The adjustment period is quicker. And I also notice that the accompanying fears are also dimishing.  And really, that’s most important, all of the fears associated with the changes we are going through.  Those are being transformed by our soul.

We are here to enjoy life, and now we get to do that with all of our human and our soul’s sensuality.  But there is an adjustment period which we need to honor, and trust.

Trust that our body will adjust over time, and it will not need to react to the things in our environment in a defensive way.  The body will begin to trust the light, and rejoice in its presence.

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10 thoughts on “No Protection Needed in The New Energy

  1. The body is an an amazing defense in these days of subtle interference.
    It will adapt to the influx of energies if look after it in the traditional ways, or you can go for vegetation diets, drink lots of water and spend hours in meditation to purify yourself, which admire and bless, as I do not feel able to do it in my feeling of limitation and advanced age.
    I need another beefsteak and a few chips with a bottle of Stout, but I only have sausages and bacon for lunch.

    1. elizabethsadhu

      I LOVE THIS!
      Big surprise dear SiSTAR! I can relate to it all.
      Sensitive to smells and sounds.

      A fun story I must tell. When my kids were little I let them eat dirt and sand and whatever was on the floor. They NEVER got sick. Even one time when my son was still crawling, he had a slight runny nose. The next thing I knew, his nose was fine and he had garlic breathe. He had gnawed on a garlic clove on the floor. I was a pretty tidy housekeeper but for some reason just didn’t worry about a lot of that stuff.

      They are now 38 and 41 and still super healthy.

      We eat a very plant based diet with some animal protein. And it is so good. Even though some vegetarian friends have given me shit about it. I WAS a vegetarian for 14-15 years back in the mid 70’s, and the late 80’s. And I just can’t eat like that anymore. BEANS!!! No no no. And we are careful about what animal protein we eat. Climatarian. 💜👍👍👍 Eating very intuitively.

      Anyway, love you tons and tons dearest Maria!

      Love to us all

      1. Great story, dear siSTAR! Proof is in the pudding, or, in your case, the Garlic. Lol.

        And you’re so right about eating intuitively. Whatever feels good in the moment. Even the scientific community is discovering that there is no one size fits all for the body, and that not just food, but our consciousness affects our health profoundly.

        You make me laugh about the beans….

        I’ll eat lentil soup from time to time. But they’re legumes, not beans? Whatever. Lol.

        And I love you tons and tons too, my sweet Elizabeth! ❤️❤️❤️

        1. elizabethsadhu

          Hugest of hugs to you dearest Maria!!!

          Love love 💜💜💜🌻🌻🌻🌻🎉🎉🎉🎉🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💜💜💜💜💜

        2. elizabethsadhu

          Laughing about the legumes. 🤣🤣🤣

          Also, I wanted to be clear that my kids only sickness when young was chickenpox and they had a very mild case. I don’t remember any colds, earaches and the like. 💜

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