Drama Makes Way For Sensuality


Many of us are less and less interested in drama. We can see that in the world of duality, there are always sides, the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. The just and the unjust. And those who battle the other side always feel righteous.

Many of us have become bored with the game, in which no one really wins. We have discovered that pushing against anyone or anything just creates more of the same, and we get pushed equally by the other side.

And it’s business as usual in the world of politics and social unrest.

But as we let go of duality, it can feel strange initially. And that is because the mind is used to extracting energy, and it’s hungry for something to feel. There is nothing worse to our human mind, than not feeling.

The mind wants to feel alive.

Because our mind is in the process of integrating with our Divine Self, it is still struggling with wanting to feel in control, and wanting to feed off of our emotions. It is hungry and it is looking for some juicy drama to feed from. Whether that’s from the news, relationships, or just from our own emotional responses.

That has been the history of our human experience for a very long time.


So, life without drama and emotional responses….what is that like? Is it boring?  Dull and monotonous? 

We are discovering that yes, there is a sense of boredom because we are detaching from the way we used to respond to life here on the planet. We used to feed off of outside sources in order to feel fulfilled.

That inevitably leads to drama. Because no one can feed off of anything outside self for very long before that source dries up.

So there will be initially some sense of boredom, a feeling detached from life. But, the good news is, it is being replaced by an inner fulfillment and a rich sensuality. It’s a whole different type of feeling alive.

All of the senses are opening up, including our soul’s senses. We are beginning to sense energies, sounds, colors, textures, smells, and tastes…. not just through our limited human senses, but through thousands of soul’s senses.

If you are ever in doubt about the light body process, about whether it is really happening, just look at how your own physical senses have been heightened over the past few years.

Typically, as we age, our senses are dulled….our hearing, eyesight, sense of smell and taste become more diminished over time.

Yet, many of us have become hyper-sensitive to environmental stimuli, which can leave us feeling very uncomfortable at times.  There is an adjustment period in which the body reacts to the new stimuli. But over time it will no longer do that as it integrates with the light body.

So, sensuality is the new duality.  Or, more accurately, sensuality is replacing duality.

We will begin to feel life at such a deep and delicious level like never before. And without having to feel it through the pain and suffering of drama.

This transformation is often arduous, on our mind and our body.  It’s all too easy to go into drama when it feels like our body or relationships or finances are in chaos.  It’s a familiar knee-jerk response.

And it’s o.k., but it’s good to be aware that the mind is feeding off those dramatic emotions.  I’ve said this many times, but it bears repeating.  Allow all of the emotions.  Don’t run from them, or try to suppress or change them.  But just be aware of them.

There will be a tendency for the mind to want to magnify them so it can feed off them.

But that’s slowly going away as we integrate our soul.  The worry and fear energy isn’t sticking like before.  Sometimes I catch myself forgetting to worry about something that in the past would have occupied a lot of my time and energy.



Many of us are realizing that nothing is really outside our own energy.  That our life is our own creation and everyone and everything are just reflections of our own soul.  That what we are experiencing with another is just our reaction to them, and that they can’t really intrude on our being.

Even those we consider dark or negative.  

That doesn’t necessarily mean we still have dark aspects we haven’t released yet, and that those others outside are a reflection of that.  But it could mean someone or something got our attention, and then we responded to them, to their perspective on life.

Our response to them is what affects us, not the other person or situation.

Think about that for a minute.  It’s not them that is hurting us, or making us uncomfortable.  It’s our perspective on them that is.  We have allowed them to influence our emotions.  

The human mind isn’t going to fully understand this, nor does it need to, really. But it’s helpful to be aware when we find ourself slipping into some drama, that there is nothing outside ourself that can ultimately hurt us or influence our mood. 

It’s only our own reaction that has any impact upon us.

So no one outside us has the ability to upset us, whether it’s with guilt, or anger or aggression. And, we also don’t have the capacity to hurt anyone else. They too are allowing us to influence their own perspective, their own emotions.

Now if that doesn’t change our whole perspective on politics, social issues, economics, world events, and interpersonal relationships, what will?

So, sensuality will be our new perspective on life here as embodied masters.  It doesn’t mean there will never be some drama, or challenges.  As long as we are still living in a dualistic system on a planet that still loves playing in drama, there will be challenges.

But if you relate to these messages, you are already well on your way to integrating your human and soul-self, and that means you are in store for an extraordinary and sensual experience.

© Copyright 2021 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “Drama Makes Way For Sensuality

  1. Yes sister, dancing within my soul self is so exhilarating. Understanding how energy works as made this transition and the choices it presents so much easier. I cut out all the b.s. and the people who are about that which has ushered in a ton of peace. I have more time for my own interests and development. This journey is ever so fascinating and wondrous as I allow the Universe to push me along where I’m meant to go within the flow. Allowing by surrender is what it’s all about, right my friend 😉❤🎆🌠🌌

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Thank you AGAIN, dear SiSTAR for your profound words. A big ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……resounding throughout my soul.


    Here here to feeling ALL the feelings and to BEING and to choosing what we want to be and do and and and…….ALL with HUGE sensuality…..JOY JOY JOY!

    And I have noticed that I have let some humans in my life go……whether by not taking in their energy or just not being around them as much. (COVID blessing! HA!)

    AND as I have often done, I look at what triggers me and what bothers me and hold up that mirror……getting it cleared. Wooohooooooooo!!!!!

    Love you tons and tons dear siSTAR girlfriend.

    loving us all

    1. SiSTAR…You nailed it, “ And I have noticed that I have let some humans in my life go……whether by not taking in their energy or just not being around them as much. (COVID blessing! HA!)”

      And yes, those triggers…and that mirror…and getting it cleared. Yay!

      Love you too my sweet Almond Sister! 💕💕💕💕💕

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