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An End to An Ancient Virus

8E31E544-0118-4E92-B4A4-D0BBEA080969Everything this morning went well.  I woke up early and refreshed, made a little breakfast, and drove to my cafe as the sun was coming up.  The air was balmy and fresh.  I got here and the place is practically empty.  I am sitting outside before the heat makes it too uncomfortable.  The coffee is rich, fresh and hot. All is well, and yet I have a bit of heaviness in my heart.  I don’t feel that connection to my soul.  I know it’s there, but something is just off.

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Our New Role Is Pretty Simple


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In beautiful duality, most folks are looking for a savior.  Someone to lift them out of the quagmire of their own messy life.  Some look to god, some to government.  Some look to a mate.  Or a position of wealth and or power.  Some hope for the second coming, or for the Aliens to show up and rescue humanity.  And some try to make their own human personality, their own mind do all the heavy lifting in their life.  Those who claim to be agnostics or atheists try to make their human self the sole creator in their life.  And, none of these are working very well, are they?

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