Nothing To Fear


Most fears are irrational.  How many times have we poked fun at someone, or a group for subscribing to fears that aren’t based in fact or in reality?  Whether they are a religion, a political group, or a friend or family member.

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Maybe they are superstitious. My family was Greek, and they held a wide variety of superstitious beliefs that they tried to neutralize with mantras and jewelry with ‘evil eye’ protection.

Corporations, businesses and industries depend upon fear to market their products.  From cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, supplements, health foods, and the medical industry banks on fear for many unnecessary medical tests and medical procedures.

Politicians are masterful in drawing out the fear in the electorate.  Whether it’s fear of socialism or fear of authoritarianism.

If you resonate with the material in this blog, you know that the mind is a fear-based entity.  It’s been in defensive mode for quite a long time.  It’s job was to protect us.  To calculate what threat is around every corner and try to protect us from it. 

Whether it’s a disease, a virus, or financial ruin.  Whether it’s to save a relationship, or to save the world.

And because of our history of things going horribly wrong, or at least that’s our perception, our mind is in high alert.

Until we awaken, and begin to realize that the it’s not the situations or conditions that are the enemy, it’s the fear itself.

Not a new sentiment since Franklin D. Roosevelt coined it back in 1932, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

What we are looking for is relief from the fear and the anxiety.  It’s why there is such a large uptick in the use of medications, alcohol, and other products to assuage the anxiety of a mind that can’t stop turning its wheels.

And have you noticed that while others may seem ridiculous in their extremist views and fears, we ourselves may be harboring our own fears that are also extreme in nature.  The mind tends to go to the worst case scenario when it comes to, well, anything we fear.

And, again, we have had a history, mostly past lives, in which things did get a little out of control.  We were in rather embarrassing situations, some of which involved righteous townspeople and a bonfire.

But, this is a new time.  We are doing something that guarantees life will begin to serve us like never before.  We are integrating our divinity into our human form, and that’s the ultimate solution of assuaging the fears.


But in the process things in our life may need to go a bit sideways.  We may lose things we thought we needed.  But they are being replaced with something much more fulfilling.  Maybe it’s a new way of creating money, or new relationships.  But the old ones had to go.

Maybe it’s an upgraded physical body, which we are all receiving through the light body process.  But in the process it feels like the body is breaking down, and It is to a degree.  The old is dissolving to make way for the new.

So the thing to remember is that there will be many emotions surfacing during this process, most of which are fears and anxieties.  The mind is adept at taking a fear and bringing it to an extreme and terrible conclusion

But that doesn’t mean it will end up in that extreme.  It just means the mind is doing what it does to try to protect us.  But meanwhile our soul is taking those fears and dissolving them, along with the guilt and shame. 

But it takes a radical trust.  Our mind struggles with that.  It’s been distrusting of the soul, even though our soul has always been here with us, but there was the illusion of separation.

An illusion necessary in order for us to dive deep into the human experience and explore the human, physical realms.

But we are more aware than ever that it’s time to trust our soul, and this amazing process of transformation, and yes, feel the fears, but don’t trust them.  They are not our truth.

The truth is that we exist, outside of time and space, as an eternal being.  And that our soul is here with us to take over the helm of our life.  To bring peace to an overactive and fearful mind, without drugs, without medications, or any outside dependency.

In fact, those don’t work anyway, as we know.  The only solution is to surrender our life to our soul.  That doesn’t mean give up our human self, and its needs.  In fact, the human needs are no longer an issue once we fully allow our soul to integrate with us.

As we move closer to the perspective of our soul, we won’t be entertaining the fears, which become burdens, don’t they?  Our soul is unburdening us of our fears.  And that changes everything.  Then life serves us so fluidly because the fears and resistance are background noise, at best.

Our mind stops trying to solve all our human concerns first so that we can relax and feel at peace.  Instead our human concerns are taken care of because we become more at peace. 

We have already seen this happening in our life in various ways.  Now, it’s time to trust that.  To trust fully. And to trust the seeming chaos.  Whether it’s physical or emotional or financial.  Trust it all to your soul.  You can tell your mind to relax.

There’s nothing to fear.

Enjoy Nothing Left To Fear, from my album, Smell The Roses

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16 thoughts on “Nothing To Fear

  1. Sara Manninen

    Thank you Maria! Just what I needed to hear now. I’ve had all kinds of mind fears coming up lately. This message was a great reminder that the mind can truly relax because all I need comes to me. Soul’s in the house now!

    With all my love,

  2. mom2bzs

    I love this post Maria. So very very true. Totally resonated with me. I’m an empath, as well as a HSP (highly sensitive person). One of the attributes of an HSP is what I call mental mastrubation. I’m good at it!

    I’ve had osteopenia for years ever since I went into menopause. I had a bone scan and one section said I was at the lowest level for osteoperosis. My gynocologist wanted me to go on Fosamax, or something similar in that group of meds. I said no, as I’ve heard horrible side effects having to do with broken femurs. She tried to convince me and there’s no way I’m taking that crap. I felt like she pulled the fear card, and I wouldn’t go for it.

    When you talked about townspeople and a bonfire; I had a past life regression where I remembered being burnt at the stake.

    How much of our angst now is because of past lives?!

    So grateful for this community!


    1. Sher, kudos to you for refusing to take the drug. Most physicians may be well-meaning, but they don’t have a clue about the transformation and light body process we are experiencing.

      Of course every situation is unique and we need to trust our instincts, but for many of us we are beginning to trust in our soul, our own divinity, and the light body integration over anything else.

      It can be scary at times, because our body will have symptoms and will feel as if it’s falling apart. And in a way, it is. Just as we see in the world now, it appears to be falling apart. But we know better now. We know that change almost always comes with a type of caterpillar in cocoon, sometimes crushing and brutal metamorphosis.

      At least for us way showers.

      And yes, the past life experiences are being brought to wisdom by our soul, so that we never need repeat them again. 💕

  3. Barbara

    Thank you, Maria.

    “But it takes a radical trust. Our mind struggles with that. It’s been distrusting of the soul, even though our soul has always been here with us, but there was the illusion of separation.”

    Over time I came to realize that my greatest fear was the fear of loss of love… ergo, lots of hanging on and taking BS because of fear of losing what passes for love in 3D… my humor. And that fear of course was based on, just as you say, “the illusion of separation.” But from what? That I had become disconnected from Source… from my Soul so I could fit into human and undertake my mission, but now trust is a given. Doesn’t make sense otherwise. However, I move a lot slower these days… light body hasn’t learned anything at all about icy patches on sidewalks. Love, B.

    1. Barbara, you nailed it. Underneath all of the other fears, is the fear of loss of love, of being abandoned, and right, it manifests in the human as fear of abandonment from others. Who, you aptly describe as incapable of true love.

      So the human is still learning to trust the love from source, which is absolute, and unconditional. Not easy for the wary human who’s been burned more than once. But soul is patient.

      And, yep, walking gingerly on ice patches. Did you hear that, Soul? Be mindful! Lol.

    2. elizabethsadhu

      Thank you so much! Another beautiful post.

      So so comforting. My soul is in charge. And I know she is one awesome fantastic warrior goddess of joy! So, thanks for the reminder to let go and let it flow. ♥️♥️♥️🎉🎉🎉

      I’m finding that trust and faith and Joy are words that are deep in my heart and soul. I do feel SO CONNECTED. DIVINE!!

      Life is f’in awesome. I feel so very blessed.

      Love to you and all my almond sisters!
      Fabulous song, SiSTAR!

      Loving US ALL!

      “Loving myself so that I can love ALL my neighbors”.

  4. Annette

    “There’s nothing left to fear”…..oh my, your song struck a beautiful cord with me, as did this post, thank you my Maria!! 🤗♥️

  5. What a thought provoking post! I too was raised with superstitious parents of both Italian and Latin descent. The statement of how many of us who read your blog have past lives of being mobbed by townspeople with the pitchforks image and fire drew quite a laugh for me since I have connected to this past life experience often. My awakening has given me the gift of the pause, being able to see what it is I truly feel in the moment. Fear doesn’t serve me as it once overly occupied my days. Another thing to consider is how the vibration of fear and excitement are so similar and often become confused in the body. When I center my breath, with my hand over my heart, I know where I am and what matters. A soul based life. Beautifully written Maria ❤🌠🙌🤗

  6. Ladysag, thank you.

    interesting about your heritage, and also my mom was Italian, and dad was Greek. I’ll say though, the food was fantastic! Lol.

    And what you say about the vibration of fear and excitement being so similar….that’s true, I didn’t consider that. The mind does use the emotions to feed off of us. An energy infusion.

    And, yes, you are practicing beautifully a soul based life, indeed. Thanks you. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. golf4life1

    “Politicians are masterful in drawing out the fear in the electorate.” You nailed it with this line, Maria. The very essence of politics and why everyone hates each other at the moment.

  8. golf4life1

    The other boogie man besides fear is desire. Both of these are your projections in the future. Along with regrets and reminiscing in the past, these are the four things that keep us from experiencing the only thing that matters, the present!


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