The Most Astounding Realization


After a certain point in our awakening and our realization we come to the understanding that we create our reality. There is a collective reality that we’ve all agreed upon, but there is also an individual reality that each of us has created on a soul level.

And the amazing thing about this is once we realize that we create our reality we also recognize that every single other being creates their own reality as well.

And we realize that there is room in this universe for everyone’s version of reality.

It doesn’t mean we agree with their version, or that we don’t think they are in deep denial of reality.  For they may also believe that about us.

And it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t set boundaries and speak our truth to others when we feel called to do so.

But it does mean that there is no such thing as being a victim of anyone else’s reality, or that they are a victim of ours.


The most astounding and initially unsettling realization is that no one in all of creation can hurt us and we cannot hurt them. Physically or emotionally.

This goes against everything we have learned because we have carried wounds from feeling hurt that have gone back generations.

But dear friend, all of that is just a grand illusion.

As souls we have the capability of creating any type of reality and illusion that we want.

On a human level we are just experiencing this.  In fact, we are not really in charge of it. It’s all orchestrated on a soul level. But as a human we do get lost in the illusion. We think it is real. It is as real as when we watch TV shows, movies or play video games. Don’t we become so engrossed in these that we actually begin to believe what is happening is real? We get pulled into the drama and sensuality of the experiences.

Let’s face it, what fun would there be If we didn’t get engrossed in them? In fact, on a physical level all kinds of chemicals pour into our body that reflect that back to us.

The emotions literally create drugs.  That is why emotions are so addictive. They make us feel alive in this game called life.


So there is a brilliant game taking place on planet earth. The game of duality. We have learned a lot from this game over eons of time but a few of us have now awakened to our self and to the realization that it’s just a game we are playing. And as with any game, it may appear that we are hurting one another either emotionally or physically or both, but in actuality we are hurt only if we believe we are.

This won’t make sense to the mind.  The mind has been invested in this game since the beginning.  It was a necessary part of the learning experience here on Earth.

The mind was designed to navigate this reality, not create it.  So it was important to believe that this was real, that we hurt others, and that they hurt us.  We created karma in which we paid for past ‘sins.’

Jesus’s life was reassigned to a belief that he died for our sins. That supports the belief that as humans we fell from Grace when initially we left the other realms to be on earth. Consequently, we began to believe in good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark.

Life was all about endless battles.  Light vs Dark, good vs evil, right vs wrong, the masculine vs the feminine, the Republicans vs the Democrats, whites vs blacks.  The strong vs the weak, the rich vs the poor.

The mind vs the heart.

One side of the coin pushing against the other side of the same coin.

It’s a fun game.  Until it isn’t any more. Until we begin to realize that no one really wins.

Until we awaken from the dream.  And then all hell breaks loose in our life.  Then our life falls apart.  Everything we thought we knew dissolves into a pile of manure. Or so it felt. But it was a transformation from human to divine human taking place.

We lost things we thought defined us.  But they were things that no longer served us. But it left us feeling totally out of control.

Until we realize we were never in control.  At least not the kind of control we thought was necessary.  The mind’s control.

We were always in control, but not from our mind’s level.  We, as our soul were always in control.  It didn’t mean that we knew how things were going to turn out, any more than an artist always knows how a painting will turn out.

On a soul level, we never judged our creations as good or bad.

But on a soul level, we always knew that no matter what things looked like, that all is well. That we were having amazing experiences, the time of our life in a dream that feels so real. And as much as we said we hated life, and had what we considered some hellacious experiences, we kept coming back over and over again to another lifetime.

That’s because, dear friend, there is no place like this Earth for such deep and sensual experiences in all of creation.

But a few of us here have decided (and if you resonate with this message you are one) that this is our last time around on this amusement park called Planet Earth.  We have come to the end of a cycle of lifetimes, we have awakened, and after enjoying walking the planet as enlightened humans for awhile, many of us will be heading out on a high note, and will most likely not be back.

Not that it wasn’t a fun ride, but we are pretty much complete.  There’s not much more to experience here.  We’ve pretty much done it all.

Except, dear friend, for one more incredible experience.  if we decided to stay here awhile, now we get to live this dream from the perspective of our soul, and that changes everything.

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14 thoughts on “The Most Astounding Realization

  1. Love love love this! You explain these concepts so well, simply and directly! I do need reminders especially since so many in my circle are swept up in the good vs evil, cabal vs the alliance, etc
    How could creation/source possibly be based on this madness? ACIM really hones in on we live in either love or fear and only love is real.

    Keep blogging as your posts help me maintain my sanity.

    peace, Linda

    1. So glad you resonated with it, Linda! We all need reminders because the gravitational pull of the game is strong. But once we let it go, we can choose to play in it any time we want. If we aren’t completely bored with it. Lol.😊

  2. Barbara

    And that is why, “Sometimes I feel like a nut; sometimes I don’t!” Well said, Maria. This 3D duality Earth game is not for the faint of heart, but if Soul needs the experience, then who am I to argue? Love, B.

  3. golf4life1

    After 37 years with the same company and a great pension payout, I’m looking to move on this year. I beat this world! I’m never coming back. Time to take a victory lap … or two!

  4. Joanna

    Ah Maria! Love your posts. At times I sit and wonder how this journey can be so simple and yet the mind can make it so challenging at times😊.

    This is certainly my last life time on this planet. I find my human self just so eager to move into the space of this next phase of really enjoying my life yet being frustrated at not allowing life to occur as is. It’s like the physical is slow in changing (for now) and another part of my beingness knows the goodness that is to come. Patience and allowing are my Themes right now.

    1. Tyron

      Hi Joanna 🙏🏻

      Have you ever considered that ‘the mind’ may be our beautiful, forgotten about inner child, that desperately just wants our attention, love and care…? And that maybe we spend so much time ‘waiting’ for this transition or improvement in our circumstances, thus constantly giving ourselves away from ourselves ie our inner child, that she/he/the mind… keeps giving us the hard time… becomes impatient… Why don’t we just enjoy ourselves/life Now… Total immersion in, and appreciation of every single Now moment, whatever that may hold. Maybe we don’t need to be patient any more…. Maybe the answer is to live life and love life, loving and caring for ourselves, playing and having fun right Now……
      This. Is. It. This is life. Right now…

      “I am. You are. ALL is. What ‘IS’ – Not how, or why”

      The goodness is already here – we just need to BE present, constantly, to see it. ‘This’ is realisation 😌✨

      Love, light, peace, play, and lots and lots of fun to you. No more ‘waiting’. Give you to you, ‘the little self’, constantly, and see what happens 😌❤️👩‍👧⭕️🧞‍♂️✨

    2. Brent

      Patience & allowing.,., I like it.
      Right along with what I’ve been holding onto & coming back to when I slip away & remember again 🤪
      …to …. “trust & observe”

  5. Joanna

    Hi Tyron:)

    Thank you for your message:) Talk about synchronicity.

    I got up this morning and was musing to myself that in all honesty there is a small part of my human self that has yet to submit to fully trust in my divine self.

    I told myself I was just going to enjoy myself and my life as is from now on as I had nothing to lose at this point in my journey.

    Feeling good, I got up to exercise and decided to check my emails. Lo and behold saw a comment from the blog, went to it, read your comment and smiled. How appropriate😊 Bascially reinforcing what I had just decided to do.

    Thank you. Your words are appreciated!🌿💜🌹


    1. Tyron

      Wonderful isn’t it 🙂🧞‍♂️✨

      ‘Live Life Love Life!’ It’s the only reason we’re here 🌍 all of us, but particularly us budding Embodied Masters on our last lifetimes, and when we realise this, realised Embodied Masters we become… ⭕️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️🥳🥂

  6. Over the years, I can still hear the chuckles when I say, this is my last stint on this planet and I don’t believe that I will be coming back. Although they are likely certain that I’m kidding, I smile, continue with the conversation and let their minds rest on what they may. Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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