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Sculpture by Maria Chambers

Years ago, when I was a practicing artist, I would spend hours in my studio, a.k.a. kitchen, sculpting from clay, and painting on stretched canvasses.  I recall the feeling I had afterward, as I went out for lunch or coffee.  There was a buzz throughout my body.  I was in an altered state.

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Feeling Bad Feels Badder Than Ever!


Art by Maria Chambers

More and more we are feeling aligned with our SELF.  But when we’re not, it feels awful.  It feels really bad. More so than ever. I mean, why does it feels so bad when we are in that space of misalignment with our SELF?  Why does the doubt feel even more doubtful, and the fear even more fearful?  Why does the sadness feel even more poignant?  Why does the frustration and impatience feel even more intense?

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The Laughing Master

cropped-6a527776-54d3-41f1-9650-ca9aa144972a.pngI take my embodied enlightenment deadly seriously.  Meaning, I vowed when I came here that I would do whatever it takes to claim my freedom as a human.  Whatever it takes to embody my SELF in this lifetime.  This lifetime for me is my last, so I am making it count.  It’s my designated lifetime to reunite with my soul in the most intimate way.  There is no other relationship more important to me, than the one with my soul.  Most reading this understand that statement on a deep level.

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Author, Author


Image credit Maria Chambers

I mentioned in my last post that one of my cafe buddies likes crossword puzzles.  I used to do them myself.  Not so much any more for some reason.  The thing about puzzles is, the mind loves them.  It loves solving things.  Complexity and challenges keep the mind engaged in life.

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