Enjoying Our Sovereignty

On my back steps, early morning with a cup of Joe.

Those of us on the forefront of ascension, enlightenment, realization, whatever name you want to give it….are coming to understand that we are sovereign beings.  That we are the creators of our experiences. As sovereign beings we dance with our Soul as we allow her to create the deeper rhythms in our life, such as our health, our financial abundance and our joy. So everything we need and desire is within our SELF.

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It Will Happen

Image credit Maria Chambers

The other day at the cafe I asked my coffee buddy, who is a military vet, and suffers from PTSD, chronic arthritis, scoliosis, has a heart condition, and has to wear a catheter….a hypothetical question. If he was given a choice to have a completely upgraded body, through easy body replacement parts, perhaps with nanotechnology, and for free….would he do it?

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Moving in and out of Time

Image credit pixabay.com

I don’t know about anyone else here but August was a very intense month for me. I have felt especially sensitive and insular. I had a couple of mini-meltdowns. Things just felt kind of endless and hopeless. My human self felt like it didn’t need too much more to push it over the edge into a precipice.  And then there were moments when I felt the extraordinary bliss of my soul.

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