Here’s An Interesting Question

Hi all! I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to showcase an AI crafted video I created that speaks to what we are going through, what you may be experiencing relative to your ascension and enlightenment process.

This is a new format for presenting my blog posts. And if you like this format, see the icon at the bottom of the video and buy me a coffee.

14 thoughts on “Here’s An Interesting Question

  1. Happy 2023 Maria!

    I totally adored your post but was not feeling the format. However I rather get your material in this manner than not at all. Your message was so on point for me. As I am not enjoying good health right now and am not in a great place, the concept of radical acceptance is a goal for me. I needed to hear it in a new way.

    I am such a fan of your writing and look forward to more.

    blessings, Linda

  2. Annette

    Hi My Maria,

    Great message, yet I’m not feeling the AI.
    For me, I feel that your Raw, Beautiful Essence has been lost.

    Much love my dear,
    Annette ♥️

  3. The message is excellent. After watching and listening it helped my ear and eyes to have different folks with different accents. Perhaps it is a collective Maria. Not avatar but your spokespeople. The first woman’s voice was awkward and stilted.

    This is totally about building community and getting to being as one.

    Could you use your voice?

    Love you and it is SO F’IN FABULOUS TO SEE YOU HERE. 💜💜💜💜💜

    1. My dear Elizabeth, you have also been in my thoughts and heart, dear siSTAR!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the message.

      That’s interesting about avatar meaning highest incarnation. I like the idea of animating the messages with avatars (btw I like your idea of spokespeople) but of course they are not nearly the same as the real human. I will look into using my own voice. I believe that technology is available.

      It’s all an experiment at this point, and it definitely needs fine tuning.

      Love you💕🦋❤️

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