As we look around we can easily see that the suffering energy is everywhere on this planet. Wars, poverty, disease, mental imbalances, depression.

And it’s carried forward from generation to generation.  Pain and suffering has become synonymous with being human, and with life on Earth.

It’s been perpetuated by religions of all kinds.  Yeshua’s (Jesus) story in particular is all about suffering.  Although that wasn’t his message to mankind at all.

Whether we’re religious or not, we can’t deny that suffering has been a big part of our lives in one form or another.

Even our ascension/enlightenment/realization process has been laced with pain, struggle, and suffering.  Granted, this transformation requires a certain amount of discomfort, as our lives are turned sideways, as our old human identity is torn asunder.  As our bodies integrate the light of our consciousness and things come up, discomforts and diseases, to be transformed.

It’s by no means a pain-free process.

Many who relate to this blog are seasoned ascension pioneers, and have traversed the pitfalls of this process, and are now in their final stages of their transformation. 

And the final stage is the hardest part of all.  It’s the final clearing of old patterns in our being that can’t come with us into our embodiment.  They can be the most resistant parts and aspects in both our mind and in our body.  It’s the guilt, shame and subsequent pain and suffering that goes along with it.

Our mind will interpret the intensity of this final stage as bad.  As things continuing to persist and fall apart and maybe even get worse in our body and our life.  We will at times chalk it up to old age, or that we are not really the advanced souls at all, but just another human in the matrix.

There is still a part of us that believes we must endure more pain and suffering, just as our human family is doing.  What makes us so special or different that we can be free?  We even believe that our freedom comes only from more pain and suffering. That somehow we still need it for lessons and spiritual growth.

Is there a part of us that enjoys it?  It’s one way to stay human.  To get the support from our fellow humans, and even their sympathy.

As we have noticed, this transformation is all about letting go of control. And of allowing our divine self to manage our embodied realization. And to allow our soul to bring us abundance, health and joy, all of which are our birthright, We are discovering that energy serves us, not the other way around, and that it’s all our energy. And we are required to release our allegiance from our mind to our heart and soul, and our mind will begin to serve us in a new way.

Meanwhile, our mind is very clever in trying to maintain its control of our life, and one way is to convince us that we need to suffer some more or we won’t be worthy of our soul’s love, or of an abundant life.

And suffering can take many forms.  Whether it’s in relationships, an unrewarding job, finances or our health.

In the next few days, notice if there is anything in your life that you continue to suffer with. Don’t get analytical about it, because that just stops the natural process.  Just feel into it.  Don’t try to fix it or get rid of it.  Just notice it.

Are you doing lots of things that don’t bring you joy?  Are you allowing others to cross your boundaries?  Have you accepted depression, or a physical disease or condition as inevitable and unchangeable? Something that you must live with? Are you telling yourself, others are suffering, so what makes me so different?


We ARE different.  We are undergoing a never before done transformation in the history of ALL THAT IS.  We are ascending while remaining in these human bodies, while staying here on Planet Earth. We’re here to just enjoy life in health and abundance, which shines the light of consciousness on a planet that is in its own transformation and needs our light.

We’re simply not here in the same capacity as the rest of humanity at this time in history.  We are not of mass consciousness any more.  We are still influenced by it, but we can choose to just be the observers now.

This way is not for lightweights.  Many on this path have opted out.  Many have left the planet or decided to wait for another lifetime to do it.  This requires tremendous trust and commitment.  There is a tremendous transformation of our mind and our body taking place.

But understand, it’s not even the human that’s doing the transforming, it’s the soul and light body.  The human’s role is to allow.  To just let it happen.  And that allowing helps to release the resistance in us, the parts that want to hang onto the pain and suffering.


I don’t think even on a soul level that we knew how arduous this would be, and how long it would take.  Many of us are feeling the doubt big time, the sense of overwhelm, of hopelessness at times, the fear that we will never see or feel any tangible evidence of all our devotion to this process.

But at a certain point we realize that it’s time to declare, no more suffering!

It’s optional.  No more excuses that it’s coming from other people trying to oppress us or control us, or even our own thoughts trying to make us feel crazy.  These are all forms of suffering, and it’s not necessary.

Maybe it’s time to take a stand, and declare you’re done with it.  Not done with life, but done with suffering.  Pain and guilt and suffering have been done to death,  it’s old energy, and everyone on the planet plays in it.

And it’s actually fun.  Some part of us really enjoyed it. It made us feel worthy, and it garnered a lot of sympathy from others.  But it’s really a dead end.

We don’t get brownie points from our soul for suffering.  It’s a rude awakening, but we can’t move forward into our freedom, health, abundance and joy if we are still holding onto the guilt, shame and suffering energy.

But the good news is it’s happening anyway.  Our soul is extracting it from us.  That’s why many of us are feeling things even more intensely right now. Our soul is bringing up all the old suffering energies, from this and other lifetimes, and transforming them.

And the less we resist, the easier life will be for us.

But again, it comes down to a personal choice.  We can keep playing the game for the next decade or two, or we can let it go.

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  1. Overcoming the suffering from the Halloween candy and beer, but this too shall pass! Thanks for the great words and the continued knowledge that I’m not alone on this remarkable journey.


  2. You can “Let Go” but the discomfort remains, so accept with good grace amid the inevitable complaints being human.
    Accepting the wisdom of the Soul helps in the knowledge allowed in the limitations of physicality. Thankful for a supply of beer and wines, and a supplement of animal protein withal subjected to the cook’s vegetarian cuisine.
    The very long way back is described by a Lord of Karma based on Mars, Mars Sector Six so self named, in the book “The Nine Freedoms” dictated through George King.
    You will never be the same after digesting the contents of this book.

  3. Great article Maria. Very timely for me. I notice a lot of people my age talking about how “old” we are, which is one of the points you brought up. That doesn’t feel relevant to me. Maybe others see me as “old”, but inside myself I don’t feel that way. Also what you said about the human in me allowing the transformation; that feels so difficult at times. My mind wants to mind fuck me so much about this. I want to concentrate on what I want and why I want it, not the rest of it. Ultimately, its because I think it will make me feel good. I have to say its challenging being so different in this world with such a different perception than others.

    1. Thank you Sherry! And I agree, it’s a real challenge being so different in a world that subscribes to the aging and falling apart process. And since we are literally the first group going through this transformation, we have no one else’s success as a reference.

      Letting go of control and allowing is what this is all about, yet it’s the hardest thing to do. We’ve been existing in a world where action is what produces results, or so it is believed by the majority of folks on the planet.

      What they don’t yet understand is that action nets some results, as people try to move and manipulate energy. But true mastery, true abundance in every form is just allowing energy to serve us.

      All the action in the world cannot compensate for being out of alignment with ourself and our own soul’s energy. Once we realize that, and begin allowing our energy to serve us, life just flows with grace and ease.

      Meanwhile, there are some places left that our dragon is unearthing in our mind and body, and it will feel intense, and it will feel scary. But our dragon (our soul) is our best friend, who is making sure we have released the last vestiges of guilt, shame, pain and suffering.

    2. James

      Hi Maria,

      This is so well put.

      “Many of us are feeling the doubt big time, the sense of overwhelm, of hopelessness at times, the fear that we will never see or feel any tangible evidence of all our devotion to this process.”

      I am struggling with the above quote at the moment. I have decided to let things take there course, to let go and surrender to the divinity of the creator. This meant dropping my obsession with meditation and spiritual books and just allowing myself to flow freely. I seem to be walking around in nature more than anything else these days while watching my thoughts and emotions. But how can we be sure that we haven’t left “the path” so to speak, that we haven’t gone crazy or that our original spiritual awakening, which for me was an explosion of love and awareness, was nothing more than an episode of psychosis etc?

      Basically I’m struggling with the idea that we could go from such a palpable and tangible awakening, which was imbued with pure unconditional love to many years of suffering, which often times lacks the synchronicity or genuine divine urges to confirm to us that we are on the right track.

      I felt plucked up from God, able to feel his love and make such sense of my life during my awakening. Only for the past so many years, God has felt so far away, life seems so random and my disconnection towards others from the past grows stronger.

      How can we maintain our original confidence and resilience that we had after our awakening? That inner need to be connected with the divine was so strong and the experience was so real, I was very sure I would reach that place again and my only desire was an unquenchable thirst for enlightenment. Yet these days, the awakening experience I had feels barely real and the abandonment I feel by God is so huge.

      I’m sure many others are going through these feelings too, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

      Much love and light Maria ❤️


      1. James, first thanks for sharing here with such directness and honesty.

        And kudos for letting all the trying go and just allowing. That takes trust!

        You’re right, many, many are feeling or have felt exactly what you are saying. The initial awakening is generally a wonderful feeling. A feeling of oneness, of the awareness that we are so much more than our human self.

        And that stage can vary in length, but eventually your life begins to fall apart. Things leave your life, relationships, jobs, maybe health. There’s the dark night of the soul, where you feel so abandoned by your own soul.

        And the symptoms can feel like psychosis, which I wrote about in my post, THERE’S A FINE LINE BETWEEN PSYCHOSIS AND ENLIGHTENMENT,

        What I find so interesting is the deeper we go into our enlightenment and awakening, the more doubtful we can become. It’s actually a sign that we are in the last stages of this transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

        When the caterpillar is in its cocoon, it gets crushed and it no longer resembles that caterpillar who was crawling around on the ground. It’s unrecognizable to itself. It can no longer relate to the caterpillar world anymore. Yet, it has no idea that it’s re-forming into a butterfly.

        In many ways we are being crushed and it feels awful. We feel alone, can’t relate to the world, and wonder if we have been genetically screwed and will remain in the cocoon forever.

        Now, we can interpret that experience as suffering, but it is a part of this transformation. If we can just realign our perspective to our soul’s, and see it as releasing of our old identity, of releasing anything that no longer selves us, maybe we can then see it as a beautiful experience.

        But the suffering comes in when we are still trying to hold onto that old identity, and sometimes that includes diseases, depression, mental imbalances. But, and this is important, it’s not up to us as the human to release them, that’s what our soul is already doing on our behalf. So even if we try to hold onto old patterns, it may make this hurt more than it needs to, but it’s happening.

        Our soul is fine tuning us, bringing to our attention all of the aspects that felt lost, all of the places we are still holding onto guilt and shame. Emotions will come to the surface, and it feels awful, but the job of the human is to just acknowledge them, and let them pass through. Just be the observer. Nothing more is required of us.

        And that’s where the trust comes in. It’s challenging, and it’s where many want to give up.

        There’s a major misunderstanding about realization. Our soul has already become enlightened. Our human is becoming aware of that. But many think that once that happens, then life is beautiful. Well, not immediately. There is the process of integration.

        Our light body is integrating with our ancestral biology. It can’t go too fast or we would fracture. So it has to be at a pace we can deal with. It can make us doubt this whole transformation is even real, because it’s so uncomfortable, and it’s bringing up all the things we can’t take with us into our realization. It’s a final clearing.

        That’s where many of us are right now.

        And yes, nature is a great balancer for us. I highly recommend it, and drink plenty of water. Anything else, the working on it, I recommend that gets tossed. Our only job now is to allow. Try to enjoy life the best way we can, and know we are close to emerging from the cocoon.

        And, since time is just a local illusion anyway, that’s already done too. We are already the butterflies. We already have our light bodies. Feel into that. Move your attention from the mind to your heart, and you can feel that.

        And, you are never alone, my dear friend.💕💕💕🦋

        1. James

          Thank you for such a thoughtful and detailed response Maria, it’s much appreciated!

          I found this very reassuring and I had a good read of your other blog article, “there’s a fine line between psychosis and enlightenment”.

          It makes a lot of sense and the best way I could describe my awakening to my mother and to counsellors etc, was that I felt “a huge sense of peace and calmness”, I was more at peace than ever and realised it was the normal way to be. Awake and fully conscious. That actually before awakening happened, to be stuck in the ego was actually what was abnormal and insane. It felt very impersonal and all inclusive, hence why I feel other people find it believable and interesting to hear about, because I’ve never once had to bring up manic episodes or have ever spoken about how it disconnected me from reality when I spoke about awakening. It felt normal, blissful and came with a deep clarity about all of life. However, it’s when getting to the dark night of the soul that it’s such a huge contrast to what was initially felt, all sorts of issues start drudging up from the past and it’s like we are littered in darkness. The disconnection from reality that can be felt sometimes can truly be mind blowing.

          Just allow. That our soul is orchestrating the whole process is reassuring to hear, that whether we cling on or not our soul will continue anyway. But it makes me think that we could create all sorts of psychological, bodily and spiritual issues if we interfere? It’s great to hear that we are not alone and don’t have to carry the weight load ourselves though. It just seems like such a blind process sometimes, I mean a few mystical dreams or some magical reoccurrences during the daytime would help hugely 😅 but yet life seems so bland in comparison to what was such a magical experience to begin with.

          I’m intrigued to ask you about something, as I’ve read about them briefly in a couple of blog posts of yours in the past. What are your views about the Orion group etc? I’ve read before when you say it’s no use blaming outside forces or anything alike for the darkness that we feel and I completely agree. Creating a victim identity and blaming things outside ourselves would get us nowhere. However, wouldn’t light workers and wanderers from other planets be of particular interest to groups like the Orion? I apologise if I’m going too off subject or getting too extreme 😅 but we must suffer with a lot of psychic interference amongst other things and I’m wandering if during our dark night of the soul we become particularly vulnerable to the opposing forces out there? Due to our potential to create changes in consciousness and due to the enormous amounts of light we bring with us? It seems very taboo to talk about and I’m not sure if I’m way off track, but it seems like not many light workers are talking about this either through lack of knowledge or through lack of significance. Have you any views towards this or find it insignificant in the grand scheme of our awakening process?

          Much love and light ❤️


          1. Yes, James, there seems to be so many unanswered questions that go with this process. But with the exception of a couple of past Masters, we (a fraction of the world’s population) are the first to go through this transformation from human to divine human. We are the pioneers, so I guess you can say we are the ones who are figuring it out as we go. And by we, I mean human and soul.

            We’re writing the books, blogs, etc. No religious guru or spiritual leaders are doing it. We’re the first to experience it. But we came equipped with lifetimes of wisdom. We’re not novices.

            As for the Orion’s or those from other planets or galaxies, my perspective is that they are very curious about us. They may be technologically more advanced but they don’t have the lifetimes of experience and wisdom and heart that we do here on Earth. So they are curious about our heart, our capacity to love.

            And you’re right about being vulnerable to some of those entities, some being aliens, some are just from the near earth realms who try to interfere with our thoughts and emotions.

            Overall, I would say there is no need for concern especially at this stage of our consciousness. Although there are those in 3D who like to perpetuate conspiracy theories about how the Greys are working behind the scenes to take over the world, or whatever. But I know that’s not what you’re referring to here.

            I will add that any Alien influence at this point is moot because most are returning home now.

            At our core of who we are, we know that we are eternal, that everything we need is within us, that we create our own reality, that energy serves us, and that all is well.

  4. Annette

    Thank you so much for this my Maria……It’s definitely time to declare NO MORE SUFFERING, hell YES!!!

    It’s interesting as I feel this happening for me on a deep cellular level, and sometimes I’m astonished at times when I’m use to suffering over certain issues, and that suffering is NOT present.

    What an AMAZING transformation this truly is!! 💖💫

  5. Maria, this is BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL! It is deeply nice to have someone talk to veterans of the ascension plots, wars, dreams, doubts, discoveries, and all the many *s. Thank you so much. Oh, and my name is “Bill”, so Love the graphic above. Yes, I never know what day it is. Or care. Love, .b

  6. kat

    “But the good news is it’s happening anyway. Our soul is extracting it from us. That’s why many of us are feeling things even more intensely right now. Our soul is bringing up all the old suffering energies, from this and other lifetimes, and transforming them.”

    I’m in such a phase again at the moment and I feel you are right. I have noticed that the bouts of melancholy and the depression of change sometimes comes up after I workout. Maybe it’s because my body and mind are more relaxed after moving my body and because the mind is more relaxed it tries to control less so that my resistance to letting go of old stuck energies is lower as well which leads to those old energies being released and having to be refelt (is that a word, well now it is, haha) before they disappear into the ether. Does that make sense?

    1. Yes, Kat, it absolutely makes sense.

      The operative word is control. When the mind relaxes its control, it gives permission for the energies to flow and open up, and then emotions sometimes surface that have been buried.

      Our minds have been given the job of protecting us for such along time now that we identified with the mind as being who we are.

      I think the hardest part of this transformation, at least for me, has been letting go of the control. All the worries, concerns, trying to figure things out…but it’s required or this process will be even harder.

      And so thank you for your wisdom, and for allowing yourself to relax into the process more and more.

      So when things come up, emotions, physical discomforts and imbalances, it’s so important to just allow it all, and trust that it’s just part of the transformation. That our soul has our back, and is also extracting the last vestiges of suffering from our being.

  7. Tyron Jones

    Happy New Now Maria, fellow embodied master 😊🧙🥂✨ Hope all is well with you..? You haven’t posted for a while. Hopefully you’re having some beautiful ‘you’ time!
    Light, love, peace, joy, happiness and the very best of wishes to you anyway for the year ahead, all your new Nows and beyond. ‘Live Life Love Life!’ 🤍🙏🏻🥂✨

      1. Tyron Jones

        Hi Joanna,

        No I haven’t heard from her at all… Let’s hope she’s ok and all send her our love – but she will be, whatever the circumstances 🤍🙏🏻✨

  8. kat

    “It’s optional. No more excuses that it’s coming from other people trying to oppress us or control us, or even our own thoughts trying to make us feel crazy. These are all forms of suffering, and it’s not necessary.”

    Maria, I have been led to read this article again today and I believe it is especially because of that particular paragraph. I’ve been feeling like crap because my long term relationship seems to have come to an end in a way. I say in a way because I don’t know yet whether my partner and I will transform our relationship and elevate it. I would like that but there is no guarantee. Anyway, I have been feeling like the energies between me and him are rearranging. That’s the best I can describe it. It hurts. I have been crying for the past couple of days and my heart feels heavy but I’m really and utterly sick of feeling pain. I feel like pain is a feeling I have been feeling repeatedly during the whole ascension process and I’m really tired of it. Life is more than pain and crying and I don’t want it anymore. Of course I don’t want to suppress any emotions either but when is it “letting out emotions” and when is it creating scenarios in my head and creating unnecessary pain? even though I’ve been in the ascension process since 2002 (and I have been out of the extreme part of it since let’s say 2013/2014) I still don’t know that difference. Maybe someone can relate and maybe knows an answer to that question.

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