The Time is Ripe for Change


I wanted to cover a topic that has been given a lot of air time, because there can be misunderstandings.

Donald Trump represents the mental aspect of humanity, that doesn’t want to concede control.  That part of the collective consciousness that has disowned the feminine, the heart and the soul.  He is the last vestiges of a patriarchy that is doubling down in the face of imminent change.

He is a symptom of a much deeper disease.  

He rose to power because of the prevailing consciousness.  People get caught up in the details, on both sides of the aisle, and miss the broader perspective.  It’s not about the election process, or Russian interference, or voter fraud, it’s about the collective consciousness.

When the consciousness shifts then the leaders will reflect that, not the other way around.

Humanity has become very stuck.  It needed a catalyst like Trump to disrupt things.  The ensuing chaos was needed to initiate change.

But make no mistake, he is not an evolved soul, as some in the spiritual community are touting.  He is a very young soul.  He will need several lifetimes to become enlightened.

But in this case the United States needed such a soul to reveal the deeper issues in government and politics. He was like a virus that came in to clear out stuck energies in a corrupt and compromised system.

The system was already broken.  He didn’t break it.  He was the result of a patriarchal, chauvinistic system that was becoming more and more imbalanced.

He was the result of the Divine Feminine energies that came here and began embedding into the Earth.  He was the natural next step in the resistance to that balanced energy.

We know how light can disrupt.  There is an initial resistance.  The light creates seeming chaos as it clears out old stuck energies.

And to be clear, that old stuck energy is also on the other side of the aisle.  The Democrats have their own level of corruption and resistance to change.

Their choice for a Presidential candidate was also from an old patriarchal world.  But the Country wasn’t ready for someone like Marianne Williamson.  These things take time, and the system couldn’t handle that much light all at once.

Just like our bodies and our minds through our own transformational process.  We could handle only so much light or our bodies would burn up, literally.

This transformation needs to be gradual for a reason.  Our bodies are conditioned to resist change.  The physical is the last to catch up with our consciousness.

And so it is with the body of consciousness.  The world outside our door is needing time to incorporate all of the changes.  There will be pockets of resistance on both sides of the political aisle.

To try to push for change will only create more resistance.  

The world is already dealing with tremendous change from the Coronavirus.  There is an opportunity for humanity to shift into a higher consciousness, and along with that are the growing pains.  Shifting into more awareness is always painful.

We at the forefront of the new energy can wholeheartedly attest to that.

Humanity is still in a victim mentality.  And for them to shift into their sovereignty is going to take time.  Many will want to play in duality for a while longer.  And that must be honored.


Art by George Redhawk

But the real question is, have we stepped back and allowed them to take their own path?  Because what is happening out there is all about duality, and victim consciousness.

Whether it’s about race, women’s issues, gay issues, or religious freedom, there is a tremendous amount of blame being allotted all around.

And we know that that’s a game no one wins.

It’s easy to get caught up in the issues, and to cast blame for social, political or economic injustice.   But, a truly sovereign being takes TOTAL responsibility for their reality, no matter where they find themselves in life.

For example, women historically have fought hard for personal, political and economic freedoms that were given to men without question.  And in a dualistic system that is necessary.

But for women to have true freedom, they must become free within their own being first.  They must release the wounds of Isis.  They must begin to trust their own Divine feminine and their own Divine masculine.

They must release their caregiving roles, and the tradition of pain and suffering that defined them as virtuous for so very long. And that takes a great deal of awareness.  And courage.

True freedom can’t be legislated.  It can only be felt once the human accepts their soul as the primary governor of their life.

The good news is, it’s happening.  It’s happening in the world outside our door, and  it’s happening within us.

Meanwhile we need to honor our process, and that of humanity at this time of change.

All the protesting and the anger out there is also appropriate, just as it is for us in our ascension process.

People will find their way to the likes of us when they grow tired enough of all the battling.  And many will grow tired of it.  Many are already seeking a new way to approach their life.

These times are challenging, but the time is ripe for change.

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27 thoughts on “The Time is Ripe for Change

      1. Michelle

        Hi Maria! I have been a reader of your blog for several months. Just wanted you to know you’re appreciated and I love your wisdom and empathy of this process and of our soul being which easily conveys as self empowerment ..does that make sense? 🙂 There is indeed a warrior of truth within you that I abSOULutely love, thank you and blessings all-ways💞🌈💝

  1. Sharleen B

    Once again Maria, you so clearly tapped into the zeitgeist and I totally resonate with your message. That is exactly how I feel and it really bothered me seeing many in the spiritual community talking about Trump like he was some “white knight”- never bought it. Sure, he plays a role, like you explained so well, but enlightened he is not. Thank you so much for writing this and helping put some sense-making into the chaotic noosphere. I appreciate you so much! Love, Shar

  2. Ripley

    Maria, After posting all the negative information about Trump, you advise us to operate from a higher state of consciousness. This feels very one-sided and contradictory to me.

    1. elizabethsadhu

      Oh my gosh, dearest SiSTAR!!! You do it again!


      So perfectly said. So perfect. So affirming. So confirming.


      Love you tons and tons!!!


      As I like to say: Loving myself so that I can love ALL my neighbors.


      PS. I’ve been posting the American flag more recently because it is a flag for ALL Americans. #takingbacktheflag


    2. Ripley, from a wider perspective, it’s all good. It doesn’t mean he is bad, or negative. It means he is playing his role in the changes that are needed on the planet. That humanity has allowed to exist this type of leadership is telling of the prevailing consciousness.

      Just like with our mind. It’s not bad because it’s been limited and defensive, and overly controlling. It’s just trying to preserve its identity.

      And so is the old order on the planet. The mental, male oriented aspect of humanity that has become imbalanced over time because it has disowned the feminine, the soul, to such a degree that it has become toxic. Very imbalanced.

      There’s not good or bad, right or wrong, but there is just energies that seek balance. Energies always seek balance. And humanity is resistant to change even if that change will bring it into more balance.

      Trump, and others….there are many others, and again they just reflect where the consciousness is at…..are here to assist in shifting humanity out of that stuck place.

      We have all played the roles of the authoritarian, and the oppressed. All soul experiences. Until the soul has gleaned enough of the wisdom of those experiences that it is truly ready to expand to a whole new level.

      1. Ripley

        Who are we to decide whether someone is a Light Being or not? Appearances can be deceiving. Numerous enlightened beings throughout history were completely misperceived and judged by those who thought they were seeing clearly.

        1. Ripley,
          All of us, every single human is a light being, our I Am is whole and complete unto itself. It doesn’t strive to become.

          But in its love for itself, it created endless expressions of itself, as souls, and those souls wanted to explore and expand their experience. It’s what consciousness does.

          And each of those souls has been on a long journey, lifetime after lifetime doing just that …accumulating experiences and the wisdom from those experiences.

          As souls in human expression, many still want to experience duality. I’m sure on a soul level, Donald Trump wanted this particular experience for his own soul growth. But on an I Am, source level, yes, he is already enlightened.

          We all are.

          But then the next step is to become aware of that truth, as the human. To realize our own realization. And that takes a soul that has decided to be done with duality and all of those games. That takes, for want of a better term, an advanced soul. One that has lived many lifetimes here on the Planet and has decided that they are done with the cycle of lifetimes here.

          That soul isn’t really interested anymore in playing the role of dictator or saint. Or Mother Theresa. They are at a place of awakening from the dream of duality and becoming a sovereign being. Or rather accepting their own sovereignty.

          Every human being will awaken to their own sovereignty eventually. If not in this lifetime, then another one. They will realize that there was never really a journey at all. That it’s all about just seeing life from their soul’s perspective. That is the essence of realization. From that perspective there is no right or wrong, no good or bad experiences.

          There is a total acceptance of themselves and then that’s how the transformation happens.

          1. Ripley

            You stated in your article that Trump is not an evolved soul.
            If perceiving him as an evolved soul is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

  3. Barbara

    Well said, Maria, and much needed… if my solar plexus is any indication, then indeed the timing of this is extremely telling for us as Volunteers and for the collective, and as a result of my solar plexus being kind of an inner (roiling!) guide, I am learning more and more how important it is to trust myself, my intuition, what is and what is not my responsibility, my choices and my sovereignty. T’ain’t easy as you have so well expressed numerous times, but it seems natural that balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine would be the reward. And yes, the world was not ready for Marianne Williamson, but that will come. Thank you for this article. Love, B.

  4. Well said. It’s frustrating to see paths and ways to freedom and yet be aware that they are up against thousands of years of socially constructed personality. It’s what stands in the way of changing the operation of the heart and feelings. If we cannot change our perception from the heart things won’t evolve, they will continue to repeat in the trap of conditioning. Be well.

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