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No More Processing

Art by Maria Chambers

At this stage of our ascension we are not processing for the collective.  We are now ‘nurturing our own radiance,’ to borrow a phrase from a very wise mentor of mine.

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The Angels Who Wanted Too Much

Image by Maria Chambers

Many on the ascension path feel frustrated because they see the world as very shut down, and they wonder how they can make any difference to that world.  They say, “We are here shining our light, and I don’t see the world improving substantially.  How do we penetrate the mind and heart of a humanity whose mind seems made up?” Continue reading


Dear Barack

Dear Barack,

After the stunning election of 2016, you tried to process what happened.  You didn’t believe Trump would be elected. You pondered, behind closed doors, “What if we were wrong….Maybe we pushed too far…maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.  Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early.”   You questioned If somehow you underestimated those Americans who felt left behind. Continue reading