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Sensitivities And The Light Body


Art by Maria Chambers

Whenever I come down with a bad cold, the thing that bothers me most is losing my sense of smell.  I realize during those times how much I depend upon that human sense for my enjoyment of life.  Not being able to smell the warm, tropical ocean air, the grass, the woods, the honeysuckle, or the earth on my walks, or taste my food, or my coffee. Taste, to a great degree, depends upon our sense of smell.

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Art by Maria Chambers

As far along as many of us are in this embodied enlightenment process, we notice there are still parts of us, aspects that do not feel worthy.  It’s the mental part that keeps trying to make things happen by pushing, and applying force.  The part that keeps trying to prove or earn worthiness.

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Major Energy Shift


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There’s been a major shift of energy these past couple of months, and everyone has experienced it in their own unique way. You could call it a reset.  It could have manifested as a worsening of a physical condition, or feeling more boredom, more detached, or feeling like you have had enough, and are at the end of your rope.  And in between there may have been more blissed out feelings.

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