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Your Light Body


The light body is the non physical body that surrounds the human biology.  The light body process is the integration of the current physical body with the true body, or light body.  The current human body is the result of the evolution of spirit’s desire to experience physical life on Earth.  It is the result of generations of belief systems and patterns, which have become so entrenched that they are part of the DNA.

Now in the New Ascension, the ascending human has the opportunity to release the old ancestral biology and upgrade the physical body.  Your light body is not subject to aging or disease.  So as you integrate your light body, aging and disease will be diminished.  But time is required.  This is a process, and it is not achieved through mental effort.  It is done through trust and just allowing.  Through releasing resistance.

It need not take generations either, since this ascension is well under way and a number of souls wanted this to be THE lifetime of embodied enlightenment.  So all the symptoms are part of this process.  It is a spiritual and physical metamorphosis.   The fatigue, the bodily imbalances, and disease, the mental and emotional crises are all part of the process.  The less resistance to this natural process, the easier it will be.  Sometimes the resistance is due to fear.  Fear of letting go of who we think we are, both mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

If you are reading these words, you understand that you create your reality.  You collectively created an opening to move out of mass consciousness and reprogram your entire being.  You reached a point where you said, “Enough!” You grew tired of duality, of lessons, of struggling and searching for god.  You wanted to remember that YOU ARE GOD!

Playing in duality became boring.  You learned everything you could, and it was time to come back home.

Permission has been granted for this awesome process.  It is now possible to be the embodied master, to have access to the spiritual gifts of the avatar, while remaining here on Earth.

The most important thing to know about the light body process is that it is a natural process.  The less trying to make it happen, the better.  It would be like trying to make the sun come up faster in the morning.  The physical body needs time to adjust to the increasing levels of light.  The physical body is always the last to catch up with spiritual changes.

So get as comfortable as possible, get out of you logical mind, and relax.  Do whatever you can to release resistance.  There is a myriad of information out there on what you should or shouldn’t be eating.  My advice:  trust your body.  Eat what feels right.  You may find you crave more vegetables, and later you want a big steak.  Maybe lots of carbs.  It truly doesn’t matter what you eat.  If you believe certain foods or supplements will help you, by all means partake in them, but just remember that it’s your belief in those products, not so much the products themselves, that are helping you to feel better.  But ultimately the light body process is about trusting that the body is able to heal and balance itself.

You deserve a healthy, vital and youthful body.  After all, as you embrace your divine nature, that must be reflected in your physical reality.  But it can’t be achieved from a place of struggle or trying, but from a place of self-love and allowing.  B r e a t h e…… into your light body process!