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The Joy Factor

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Today as I was opening my mailbox at the apartment complex mail center, I noticed that the mailman looked preoccupied, stressed.  He was not in a good mood.   He seemed overworked.  I have seen him that way many times.

I walked away from the mailboxes wanting him to think I too was uncomfortable in some way.  I didn’t want to appear too happy. Continue reading


The New Mind

Art by Maria Chambers

The most challenging aspect of Embodied Enlightenment, of allowing spirit to reside in our bodies and our lives, is the mind.  Our relationship with our mind has been, for the most part, a relationship based on survival.    Not so much on joy. Continue reading


Ascension: Accepting, Not Perfecting

angel-1212559_1920There are some major misconceptions circulating about the embodied enlightenment and ascension process.  The biggest being that we are moving into a perfected state of light and love.  Sure, there’s a lot of both light and love, but that’s not truly what this transformation is about.

Continue reading


Rescue Mode Or Random Acts Of Kindness?


Black Cat Cafe

Today at the cafe I noticed a table of men next to mine.  They were quite animated and enjoying themselves.  One of them spilled their coffee on the floor and was attempting to clean it up with some paper napkins.  At another table were two women also deep in conversation with each other.  But upon witnessing the event, one of the women seemed quite distracted and rushed over to the men’s table to see what was happening, then rushed over to the counter and asked the barista if they could give her a rag.  They said they would take care of it.  The woman then rushed back to the men’s table to tell them that the barista would clean it up. Continue reading