Interesting Times

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It’s interesting how people tend to blame the uptick of deaths from the Coronavirus on others, from people not following the rules, all the way up to the government.  “Lives could have been spared…”

Well, no.  Not really.  There’s really no such thing as a senseless or tragic death.  No one dies before their time.  Yes it is sad to lose loved ones, and the news media will show the deaths as horrifying, but from the broader perspective those leaving now, and there are many, are choosing to do so on a soul level for their own reasons.

In light of the consciousness shift taking place, being here on the planet and going forward is going to be challenging for many people.  Especially so for those who have not embraced their own feminine energies.  It will be especially brutal for those who are still insisting that the mental, male aspect is going to keep running the show.  They will be in for a rude awakening.

It’s no surprise that more men than women are dying from the Coronavirus.  The masculine energies are not going to be comfortable here unless they begin opening up to the feminine.

And, of course, many women, and really people of all genders can be closed to their own feminine nature.  In a world that does not embrace the feminine, denying and disowning the feminine has been practiced for survival purposes.

The quieting down of humanity has been a direct result of the virus.  Staying home, being more quiet, and just being rather than all the doing, has opened up the doors for many into the realm of the feminine.  The part of the feminine that is accepting, and allowing.

It’s the quieting down of the mind that is the ultimate benefit.  Not by battling it or denying it, but from the heart to just allowing it to be as it is.  And, that gives the Soul the green light to come in even closer and to infuse love and healing into our life on every level.

This may sound like a broken record, but it is the only way this embodied enlightenment works.  It’s one of our most dynamic tools moving forward.  All of the trying, pushing, hammering into place, and battling that the male energies on the planet pride themselves on, well, that’s not going to work very well any more.

People wonder why all of the activism, all of the political back and forth between parties isn’t moving things along much at all.  They will have an opportunity to get a glimpse into why.  How many will take it for a ride remains to be seen.

But it’s not our problem.  We are here in a vastly different capacity.

And so when we hear people around us are angry at others, and at the political leaders, it’s understandable.  Most of those leaders don’t have a clue.  But they don’t have to have a clue, because each and every human is sovereign.  They have the answers within themselves for every question.

But they are asked during these interesting times to let things just be, and to open the door to a new way that includes the feminine perspective.

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18 thoughts on “Interesting Times

  1. Thank you dearest Sistar!

    Such a feeling of peace.
    Just BEing. Ahhhhhhhh…….

    I don’t have to do a thing. I AM whole. I AM a Sovereign LoveBean.

    In many ways this is one of the most blissful times of my life. I’ve worked hard my whole life. I raised my most wonderful son and most wonderful daughter. I worked way too many hours as an HR Manager. Way too much DOing. And I know I mention this working hard aspect of my life because part of me needs to convince myself that I already did a lot. I deserve this time. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. No more. And dear mind, just back off and let me revel in this Bliss. If I want your opinion or advice, I’ll ask. 😉😉♥️♥️

    And now I get to just BE. The indescribable and ineffable Bliss!

    Muah muah muah….
    Shifts are happening.
    BEing in the now moment.
    Profound allowing.
    I AM a Sovereign LoveBean.

    Loving us all!
    E 🌸🎶♥️

  2. Thank you for writing this truth. I believe in every word of it. I feel myself, have been preparing and practicing this for some time now. It’s probably why I am seeing this time as a gift. Our systems needed a total breakdown and restructuring. Humanity needed this forced reset. I know we will all be better for it. Thank you sister, beautiful ❤😊🙏

  3. Annette

    Interesting times indeed My Maria!

    I was verbally attacked at my local Dollar General last Sunday by a towering male reminding me of the 6 foot distance , oh it triggered so many emotions, and I haven’t wanted to venture out since. The vibe out there is getting increasingly hostile, and feels down right surreal.

    Trying to balance it all, and some days are just so incredibly difficult. 😢♥️

    1. My Annette, wow. Fucking rude! I’ve heard other such stories, and it’s perhaps showing people’s true colors. A couple I know were yelled at as they sat in their car at a hardware store parking lot, because their windows were rolled down, and, this was on The Big Island, Hawaii!

      1. Annette

        Yes, it was pretty rude, and even ruder with the couple in Hawaii!!! Yet most people that I come across in general have been very jovial, this dude definitely had a huge chip on his shoulder, the kind of person, I believe that could pull out a gun, and never think twice….scary, but I will say, I’m taking this 6 foot distancing thing a bit more seriously, may take it a little farther and make it 12 feet, lol. I must keep some sense of humor, otherwise I will go insane!!

        I love you My Maria, and very much resonate with your every word in this post!!

    2. Oh honey! Annette! I’m so sorry that happened.

      But I’m even more sorry for that rude guy who missed an opportunity to bathe in your radiance and love. He was the loser there. Clearly he is fear based and that is sad. Your light reminded him that he is completely freaked and has no base to draw from. So he lashed out. It is NOT about you at all.

      Your grace and radiance are a blessing to yourself and to us all. Remember that. ♥️♥️🌸🌸🐝🐝🐝☮️☮️

      Don’t let him draw you away from remembering who you are!!!!

      Love you!
      Loving us all!

      1. Annette

        Oh Elizabeth,
        Thank you SO much for these beautiful kind words!! I have taken them to heart, and will NOT let him or anyone else draw me away from remembering who I AM!

        I love you sweet lady♥️

        1. Yes yes yes! We are here together to help each other remember WHO WE ARE.

          At times we falter, so we support each other.

          Love you, too, sweet Annette!

          Love you dearest Sistar!!

          What joy we are together!

          Loving us all!!

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