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Conspiracies and What’s Really Behind The Curtain

3077D7E4-0091-4C74-BF13-BADBDA0132D7There’s a popular myth that there is a dark cabal working behind the scenes, controlling people.  That there is a secret dark government pulling on the strings, controlling Trump and the people in his administration.  Or a deep state trying to upend Trump.  And, even more far-reaching, the dark forces are manipulating the populace. Continue reading


What’s New in Conspiracy Theories?

Photo Courtesy of The Secret Dark Forces of the Omniverse

I don’t know about you but I am a little bored with the same old conspiracy theories out there. At this point they seem a little hackneyed. The JFK assassination, The moon landing hoax, the Illuminati, the deep state, the flat earth.  So I decided to make up some conspiracy theories of my own.  Won’t you join me in reviewing them? Continue reading