Message From Tef-Lon

Greetings. I am Tef-Lon, of Non-Stick Surface.  I reside in the Quantum space within the outer corridors of the 999 billionth dimension.  I am responsible for shifting the cookware grids in 1987.  It is why many of you back then switched from cast iron to T-fal.  You’re welcome! I come to you in this now to bring you good news.

To better serve you, the Planet Earth has been selected by ALL THAT IS to fill out a short survey.  Any human who chooses to participate will be entered in a sweepstakes contest to win a free pass to Instant Realization.  No purchase necessary. Restrictions apply.  Non-transferable.  Must be old enough to remember MySpace.  Not eligible in Alabama.
Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible.
1. While visiting Planet Earth, were you greeted in a friendly manner?
◦Once in a blue moon
2. Would you rate the atmosphere of Planet Earth to be
◦Very bad
◦Very good
◦Great atmosphere but the service was lousy
◦Terrible atmosphere but good service
3. Has your spiritual journey been
◦Really bad
◦All of the above
4. Do you even know what a spiritual journey is?
◦Don’t care
◦Does not apply
5. After residing on the planet do you consider yourself
◦Highly conscious
6. Would you recommend Planet Earth to souls who are considering it for the first time?
◦Not on your life
7. Would you come back to Planet Earth?
◦Not on my life

Bonus question

Which of the following best describes your own realization?

  • I am not yet realized
  • I am realized, I just don’t realize it yet
  • I am realized, and I realize it, but I have placed it in the linear future, so in my now, I am not realized
  • I am not realized, but I actually am realized, but I’m pretending I’m not because I’m grooving on the experience of ‘getting there’
  • All of the above
  • none of the above
  • It doesn’t matter
  • I need a drink
Thank you for participating. Click here 👕 to continue shopping.

Click here 👡 to return to Kansas, Dorothy.

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20 thoughts on “Message From Tef-Lon

      1. ‘Absolutely’….always do with all my shares, with much ‘Respect’ to it’s Creator….thanks !…I love reading your posts, & appreciate your “wise & humorous thinking mind”…xo

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