Redefining Love in the New Energy

LOVE…that four letter buzz-word in the new age community is now being re-examined, and redefined by the lightworkers/starseeds.  There’s always been a great deal of lip service given to love and unity consciousness and we have been inundated with the importance of shining our light in service to God and the planet.  While we have been giving in love for eons and it’s been noted and we are appreciated for it, in the light of the New Consciousness, old patterns of care-giving and sacrificing are being dismantled.

Humanity has called for more light and we are receiving it in spades.  We are being downloaded with rarified love and light and we are awakening to our True Selves. our God Selves. We are slowly leaving duality behind and embracing our sanctified selves. We have come long and far to see these changes.

As we know, all the changes come from within our being first.  We have dedicated ourselves for quite some time to releasing old, outmoded beliefs.  One of those is the old energy notion of sacrifice and caregiving in the name of love. Of loving others first.  Of needing to prove worthiness and of love being conditional.

Love is one of the most overused and misunderstood words in the universe. Hollywood will tell you that love means undying devotion to someone else(till death do us part), it means proving worthiness (I’ll do anything for you) and is defined as codependency.(I need you). It means sacrificing core values in order to give to the other.  But if that’s the path that we follow there is never a happy ending.

I have learned in my own life what love ISN’T much more easily than what love is.  I learned that love was a condition of being needed by someone else.  Most of us are taught early on that we need to behave in a certain way or we will not be loved.  We carry these patterns into adult relationships.  We come together trying to fulfill our unmet needs through the other person.  Love has been tainted with manipulation and guilt.  It has become synonymous with intensity of feelings or sadness or drama. (Listen to most love songs)

We are seeing that these old notions of love are falling apart in the New Energy.  In our own lives we are being tested in our personal relationships.

Listen to ‘Here’s to Love’ while continuing to read the post

Love Thyself

So what is love, really?  Amazingly, as much as the word has been bantered about, the definition still remains elusive.  That’s why it’s so important to take a look at love in our own lives.  The importance of that being, we can’t adequately give to others or to the Planet unless we begin to love OURSELVES.  We can’t give what we don’t have!

So what is self-love? Is it striving to be a good light worker or good spiritual person and then we will love ourselves? is it meeting conditions set by ourselves or others in order to be worthy of love?  As we move beyond the old adages that self love is egotistical and un-spiritual, we are needing to redefine it.

In order to know self-love one needs to be courageous enough to spend time alone; to delve into the sacred space of one’s own soul; to sit quietly and listen to the inner promptings, to the inner subtle voices, not the ones that are distractions from the outside. In order to understand what it’s like to love ourselves, we need to embrace all aspects of ourselves. What does that mean? It means wherever we are right now in this red-hot moment in our life, in what ever situation we find ourself, whatever quirks and imperfections we think we have, whatever thoughts flow through our mind, whatever we may be feeling, we accept that about ourself without judgment.

Whatever you think you’ve done in the past, whatever you think you’re doing now to hurt anyone, that you’re not meeting up to expectations, can you accept where you’re at and what you’re feeling?  It doesn’t mean you have to love it but start by just accepting it.  Start with just taking a deep breath, and then saying, “I don’t give a damn! I don’t care. Whatever anyone else is saying or thinking doesn’t have to affect me. I am going to be right here with myself right now, and just let myself be. I don’t have to prove worthiness to anyone else and not even to myself!”

The new energy is about the Divine Feminine, which is about allowing, and receiving love, from self, from others, from Gaia. It’s a place of self understanding, self acceptance, without the overlay of good and bad choices or thoughts. You’ve never made a wrong or bad decision.

You are not your past anyway, so it’s moot. You’re creating now in this moment. You’re becoming unfettered by your past. It will have less and less influence on you. You’re clearing… you’re pure and innocent just like the babe in it’s mother’s arms.

Do you feel worthy of unconditional love? The newborn baby is showered with love. The mother looks at her and she’s in awe of this magical being! Of this fresh new person filled with love and potential. The baby also feels the love, not only from mother, but from source, because she just came from there. She is still in that loving energy even though she is traumatized by the harsh new reality she finds herself in.

What happens to the feelings of love? Over time they erode as we are filled with expectations from others, not just our birth family. We’re taught to perform in order to be loved. We slowly forget our original heritage of unconditional and pure love. But now we find ourselves, in this auspicious place and time, called upon to love ourselves.  We can’t move forward into the new energy unless we claim our original heritage of unconditional love.

Yes, easier said than done. It means re-examining our beliefs around what love is and what love isn’t. As light workers /Starseed we are learning that it’s coming face-to-face with our fears and judgments. Accepting ourselves just as we are.  Seeing the beauty in our human-ness.  Loving our fellow humans then beomes a natural extension of self-love. It’s not about saving anyone or a species of animal, or protecting mother nature, although all will benefit naturally as we fall in love with ourselves.

We’re understanding that self-love isn’t based on becoming more (filling the blank) beautiful, slender, rich, successful, creative, spiritual, accomplished. No, because the child in it’s mother’s arms has nothing. He is virtually naked, has no education, no known talents or skills developed yet, no degree in business, no wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend. No he or she is.   YES he or she just IS!

Somewhere along the line we were taught to fall out of love with ourselves. To work hard. To strive, to prove worthiness to others, to ourselves, and to God!  If we were stripped of everything material where would we be?  Probably traumatized for a while until we recognized that we came in worthy.   Nothing has changed. We are still worthy. We are source. We are God incarnate. How could God be anything but worthy? God doesn’t judge herself! That’s a ridiculous notion.

But here we are, awakening to who we really are. Gods in human form reclaiming our Creator abilities. Awakening from the dream of being limited, of being victims, of being disempowered. The new earth will not, does not support anything less than love of self and when the love of self is present everything else falls into place. It just flows out to everyone and everything we touch.

Self-Mastery and Being Alone

Self-love could begin as simply as just saying no to a request that doesn’t feel fun to you. Or as major as releasing a relationship that doesn’t feel right to you anymore. Sometimes in the final stages of our Ascension, we find it is necessary to retreat from relationships and be in our own sacred space. In that space we can find and develop that self-love and self nurturing.  That type of self-love is not always easy in a relationship, especially a relationship that is codependent. When two people come together as whole and complete unto themselves, the relationship is then a wonderful place to develop and grow. In our world today those relationships are rare. But in the end, the most important relationship is the one with Ourselves.

As you take your next steps into self-mastery you may find yourself alone in life.  Or if you are in a relationship, you may find yourself wanting to be alone more and more.  Honor that choice.  That it is your choice and on a soul level, you are wanting to get to know yourself better, to get to love yourself better, because you can’t move forward into the new energy without that self understanding and self-love.

You are love, and you are dearly loved, just as you are, which is a beautiful, unfolding divine-human.

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