Starve The Fear

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Last night I dreamed that there were hundreds of ants crawling everywhere in the house where I lived.   Others also lived there, both men and women.  In fact, it wasn’t my home in which I reside in waking life.  It was unrecognizable.   But the ants were relentless, and I went right into fear.

How was I supposed to get rid of all of them?   I felt overwhelmed.

But then a woman in the house began clearing them out.  She did it so quickly it seemed unreal.  But within moments they were all gone, even the ones on me and the clothes I was wearing.

At first I didn’t trust that she got rid of them all, and I asked her if they were all gone.  As I asked, I saw that she had indeed cleaned them up.   She said she got rid of their food source.

How about that!  Got rid of their food source….stop feeding them, and they disappear pretty quickly.   Amazing.

So it wasn’t too difficult to figure out the dream’s meaning for me.  Well, actually for all of us….our fears can feel overwhelming.  There are hundreds, thousands even of concerns that reside just below the surface.  They live there, but are not necessarily activated unless we begin to feed them.   And it doesn’t take a lot of food, does it?  It can be a couple of crumbs on the kitchen counter, or a drop of orange juice.

It sometimes takes just a little bit of doubt or concern.  That’s  all it takes for an entire army of them to appear and pretty quickly.

And just like the ants, those worries and fears are relentless.  Even though, like the ants,  they are tiny creatures that really can’t kill us, they can sure make our lives miserable.

Another significant point in the dream was…another woman did all the cleaning up for me, or for all of us in the house.   Our soul can take care of the clearing and cleaning of all our fears and concerns.  And easily and quickly.  But our job as the human is as best as we can, be aware that the fears are not who we are, but are attracted to anything that can feed them.

And as we pay less and less attention to them, respond less and less to them, whether they concern our health, finances, or relationships, they end up starving or just moving on.

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9 thoughts on “Starve The Fear

  1. Lisa

    Interesting dream, Maria. It just so happens I woke up this morning feeling anxious, but I don’t know why. Perhaps an unsettling dream I can’t remember or maybe doubts and fears activating beneath the surface. It feels a bit like impending doom or something big is about to happen. That’s the weird feeling I’m sporting this morning. I wonder if something was in the air last night. 😎 Good reminder not to feed these pesky little troublemakers!
    Thank you!

    1. Good morning Lisa….yep, it does feel that way….like this momentum has been building and something is gonna give….it’s like we keep asking for more clarity and right behind it is more anxiety in one form or another…we’ve been asking BIG, and then getting some big resistance coming up, in the form of fear, etc. if you want to call it that.

        1. Moms2bzs….good question…is it the gap between where we are and the clarity? Yes, that makes sense. And maybe it is also that we are being called more and more to be in our divine selves, our eternal selves, in every aspect of our lives. We can’t straddle both worlds comfortably any more. The old, 3D world of lack and limitation, and the one in which we are the master.

          But the tricky part is we are still required to be human. But now not identify so much with that human personality. It’s not that we have to improve on the human, but we just have to shift our focus to our souls perspective. Which is there. And it’s perspective is kind of the opposite of our human….it’s expansive, joyful, carefree, capable.

          So the less we argue for our limitations, and the more we feel into that soul perspective the better.

          And even though it will continue to bring up stuff to be cleared, it seems we are headed for something awesome. I think eventually our human self will see the benefits of releasing the resistance and the control.

  2. Janel

    That is so weird Maria, I just had a dream about ants 2 nights ago. In mine, they were bigger than usual and able to jump, gross! I don’t remember much about the dream except I also felt overwhelmed like you said. For me, I think this relates to being overwhelmed with feeling not in control of my life with my chronic pain issues dictating what I do and feeling stuck, trying and trying to fix myself and not getting anywhere. I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately about letting go of trying to figure things out on my own and just asking the universe for help to do it for me instead. I have asked for help in the past but then I would “take over” by continuing to worry or think about it or do research, etc., I couldn’t really release it and let it go. I stubbornly keep trying to do it all on my own when I clearly don’t know the answer. So, I’ve been breaking down my protective walls a bit, opening myself up more and trusting that I am completely supported. My soul has it covered, I just need to humble myself and ask for help, then let it go and relax. I need to let it be easier. Anyway, thanks for the post, aren’t dreams cool?

    1. Janel…wow….amazing…I love what you are sharing here….that is EXACTLY what I have been doing vis a vis some troubling physical issues that seem to have gotten worse in spite of all the allowing of more joy, more of my soul into my body and my life…and, like you, I let my worry take over at times and I would try this and that to relieve the symptoms. And when they didn’t work I would say, ok, I know that they are just resistant Energy coming up to be released. But then the fear would come back around again, and then anger, frustration and hopelessness.

      And you are right, our mind doesn’t have a clue, and further it is tired of trying to do it by itself. That’s what the fatigue is about. Our human personality simply isn’t capable of figuring out this transformation. Or of figuring out how to bring us our hearts desires. And then our mind feels like it has let us down.

      Our pride takes a hit.

      But our mind doesn’t get annhilated in all of this….it just quiets down and assumes another role. And eventually it feels relief. So it takes courageous and adventurous souls to do it in a new way. Where we let go of the control just enough so that our eternal, capable self can do the heavy lifting for us.

      And we begin to love ourselves so much that we decide how WE want to feel, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

      Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and experience. 🌹💕💕💕

  3. elizabethsadhu

    Thank you! It makes so much sense to NOT feed the ants, I mean the fears………OH MY GOSH! AND can be so hard to do…….at times I am so clear…….and others, getting caught up in my 3D……

    My dear hubby (he is VERY 3D) has just come home from being gone for 2 months (our longest time apart and the longest I have ever been on my own in my life-almost 60 years). I am adjusting……wow! I was worrying a bit about things I wanted to keep doing or mostly not doing….keeping the quiet and peacefulness going with him here. AND then I realized that I don’t have to explain or say anything….I can just BE or do whatever without explanation…….

    Wiping the counters and spaces to eliminate any food sources…… 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    Love, E

    1. LOL…yes, I took a little more time this morning wiping my actual kitchen counter…lest those lil pests reappear😆 And it is so cool that you had time to be on your own. And it sounds like during that time you discovered some things about yourself, yes?

      And thanks so much for reblogging on elizabethsadhu 🤗🌹💕💕

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