Ascension And The New Psychology

Note:  Please read the disclaimer at the end of this article.

Art by Maria Chambers

As we awaken we realize more and more that those who once determined we were not ‘normal’ are now having to face the reality that they are the ones who need help.  The tables have most certainly turned.

Most people haven’t a clue what their soul is, or that they are more than just their human personality and their mind.  They are not aware then of their multidimensional selves.  If someone shows up with more than one personality they are labeled schizophrenic.  Granted some people have a deep imbalance and they do use that as a coping mechanism, but we all have been conditioned to remain within clearly defined behaviors.  That we are a singular personality without a soul and all its aspects.

And for the most part, we have been conditioned to suppress our emotions.  If that were not so, there wouldn’t be such an epidemic of people taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.  Again, there are a few exceptions in which these drugs are administered to keep someone from harming themselves and others, but even that should be in the short-term.  And now as the Christ Consciousness is present here on the planet, its light is shining brightly upon those emotions that people have kept buried for a long, long time.  The parts of them that they had denied.  So it’s no surprise that the escalation of these types of medications has resulted.  Because acknowledging and accepting these emotions is not something that people do well.

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I was talking to a woman  who has been taking anti-anxiety medication now for eight years.  She knows she needs to cut back because she is experiencing symptoms and she says she doesn’t feel like ‘herself.’  When she told her psychiatrist he said he doesn’t recommend it.  At that point I felt angry, which I don’t usually feel.  I also noticed that when I talk to this woman I become more animated and much more expressive of my own emotions.  What is happening is I am feeling into her suppressed emotions.

And as we spoke she revealed that her marriage was to someone who abused her emotionally.  she had a history of such relationships, and she claimed she began the medications because she had an uncontrollable nervous reaction to diet supplements eight years ago.

The denial is obvious.  Clearly she is not ready to face her situation and her real emotions.  I look at her and see someone who is a prisoner of her mind.

And yes, we all were trapped in our minds up until we initiated our awakening.  And we realized that getting out of our mind wasn’t going to happen using our mind to do it.  Those of us in the forefront of ascnsion are at a critical place in which we are beginning to trust in our god self to create our joy, and so it becomes imperative to not allow anything to interfere with this process.  And unfortunately these drugs do interfere, because they keep us stuck in our mind.  The drug masks the emotions, so that we end up feeling very little…we end up disconnecting from ourself.  And residing in a ‘no man’s land.’

Taking these drugs leaves little hope of accessing the important emotions that need to be expressed and healed. Granted many of these emotions are what we have inherited and we are picking up from mass consciousness, but suppressing them leads to more problems.

The good news is we are becoming more adept at allowing the darker emotions while also acknowledging our I AM.  We are among the very few on the planet who are learning to work with all the emotions.

There is the argument that in some cases drugs are needed to address the chemical imbalance in the brain, which is believed to cause emotional imbalance. It’s the other way around, the chemical imbalance is caused by the emotional one. Along with this band-aid type solution there has been, over the past three decades, a huge movement to think positive, which, like the original religion, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. The ultimate goal is to feel good, yes, at which point the law of attraction will bring more good feeling experiences to us, but to paste ‘positive thoughts’ over a feeling of anger or depression is not the way there. (just as sedating feelings with drugs). It’s like putting a lid on a pot of boiling water, and expecting it to stop boiling while the flame is still on. If unattended it will boil over and possibly do some serious damage.

And the side effects of these medications, some quite serious, are the mind, body and soul trying to get the message across that medicating the mind is not the answer!


Before your awakening you existed in a prison cell.  You became accustomed to living your life within the confines of those walls, and just worked at making thatface-1247955_1920 prison more comfortable.  You could re-decorate, bring in some new things, re-paint the walls.  All of which gave you the illusion that you were improving your life.  The human takes classes in behavior modification, how to become more assertive, how to create abundance, better health and better relationships.

But nothing really changes much, because at the end of the day, you are still in prison.  And getting out of that prison required a radical shift, in which the human had to lose control.  They had to let go of the mind’s control of their life.  They had to move from the mind to the heart.

Taking medications that suppress emotions is like trying to break out of prison by double locking the cell doors.  Now when you are allowed out for recreation and food, you don’t even want to participate in that.  You just end up staying in your cell.  You are not depressed.  You are not angry.  You are not filled with joy either.  You are in a mental coma.

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For the most part, psychology and psychiatry do not recognize the ascension process.    Generally speaking practitioners are in a belief system that supports the mind as the core of our consciousness. It does not acknowledge the soul, the I AM, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and the aspects from this and past lives. Nor does it understand the true nature of consciousness.  Some important concepts have been laid down by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, but we need to pick up where they left off.  The timing is perfect now.

Freud did some groundbreaking work in human psychology. But he left the planet feeling that he did not take it far enough. He understood the soul level of the human being but at that time he felt that such a concept would be met with great resistance by his peers and by the psychiatric community. But this is a new time. We are expanding into our multidimensional nature. This is not reversible. We wanted this expansion, this awareness. So psychology now needs to catch up. Now more than ever, we need new energy psychiatrists and psychologists and counselors, those who are awakening. Just as Freud and Jung were groundbreaking in their concepts, so are we now. We are the pioneers of new consciousness and new psychology. We are here to share our wisdom and experience. Not to settle for old worn-out methods and modalities. We now can see the patient as whole and complete, not as a broken being. That is a major shift in itself.

We don’t need to be psychologists ourselves, but we will be inspiring those in the field by our energies, and our sharing of our own life-experiences.

If humanity believes they are just their bodies and their personalities, If they believe they are on only one timeline, living only one life, if they don’t believe in their multidimensional nature, they will be relegated to a ‘Groundhog Day’ existence. Repeating the same problems and issues and dynamics over and over again.  We on the forefront of the transformation understand that the emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness and anger are generated from the mind.  And that it is imperative to accept all of the emotions, and to learn how to work with them, not to run from them.

To break through the limitations of the mind, psychology needs to acknowledge our multidimensional nature, that we are refined beings of light having a very human experience. The new psychology will help people to accept all their feelings without judgement, and to understand them on a soul level. Further that they are here playing a role, in this dimension, for the experience on a soul level.

While it is true that the state of psychology and psychiatry is just a reflection of where the mass consciousness is at, there is a growing need for new consciousness psychologists and others in the field working with those suffering emotionally.

Note:  This article is not meant to take the place of medical advice.  If you are considering cutting back or going off medications it is imperative to consult your doctor and have them monitor your process.

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54 thoughts on “Ascension And The New Psychology

  1. senlinsays

    I wasn’t expecting a new post on your blog so soon, but I just visited, thinking, “I NEED to read a new article by Maria!” And there it was. I have never gone the route of taking medications, but I wonder what I should do sometimes, as my anxieties and fears seem to be getting worse, not better (even as it seems many ascensioners are through the worst of it, and feeling joyful). I guess I gotta go ‘straight on ’til morning,’ just like Wendy. 😉 Thank you so much for posting often. It helps a LOT.

    1. Senlinsays…….I’m learning to trust my feelings, and they were telling me to publish a post that was in my queue, that I had written in January. The timing didn’t feel right at that time to publish it. And I notice that I am posting much more frequently than I have in the past. Good to hear you look forward to them. Just the writing alone helps me, and then sharing them is so very satisfying.

      And relative to your anxieties…it’s interesting because it seems that I am experiencing more joy than ever, but I am also experiencing worsening of symptoms at the same time. So it feels like….what you are saying, maybe I need to do something about them….but nothing really works. Which is to me an indication that they just need to be acknowledged, and continue to allow in our soul.

      Because our eternal self knows what to do about them. It’s really out of our hands. And to understand that these emotions of fear and anxiety are not really ours. They are inherited, and what we are picking up from others around us, and from mass consciousness.

      Things are pretty intense out there right now, for sure. I spend most of my time alone these days, aside from my coffee run and shopping. When I spend too much time with others who are not of like mind, it feels like I am getting sucked back into the old energy world.

      It’s a critical time for many of us right now. We have to make sure our allegiance is with ourselves and our relationship with our soul. 🌹💕💕💕

  2. Kat

    Wow, Maria, what a great article. I have been wondering so many times how “regular” depression could be treated in a new way, or if depression maybe just is the ascension process. And yes, yes, yes to everything you’ve written above.

    1. Kat, good question. In some ways depression could be just repressing other emotions, like anger. Anger is not as accepted as depression is. My feeling is when someone is experiencing anger, they are a step further toward balance. Whereas depression seems more a stuck place. It’s interesting because we talk about accepting ourselves exactly where we are, and that moves energies.

      But we live in a world in which the emotions in general are not accepted. So we do everything in our power to get rid of them. We medicate them, overanalyze them (a clever way to not feel them), and find a myriad of distractions to avoid them.

      But us ascension pioneers are discovering that we can allow all of them. We know they are not Who we are. That they are by products of the mind, so they eventually lose their power over us.

      But most people who have not awakened are not able to work with the emotions in that way. They respond to them and they are too frightened of them to allow them in to the degree we are. And most psychologists are included in that group.

    2. Kat

      “. Good to hear you look forward to them. Just the writing alone helps me, and then sharing them is so very satisfying.”

      I just finished editing a short little video I shot with my (not so good) mobile phone camera. I was thinking to upload it tomorrow but then remembered how satisfying it is for me, too to get it out there so I decided to do it straight away. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

      Ok the picture quality is really crap, I reckon it has to do something with the upload, but can’t be bothered to change it now. Hope you like it xx 🙂

      1. OMG Kat…..what a great video….it really gave me a relaxed feeling as I took in the local sights. So beautiful. Felt like I was right there….and the music…wow….Your camera movement is really smoothe…did you hand hold it or use a tripod?

        You definitely infused your soul into it. I look forward to seeing more….are they on your Vimeo channel?

      2. Elila

        Kat–wowwwwww!!! Ive only just watched this first one but i had gooosebumbs thru the whole thing and for me that always signifies connecion with soul!!! Its so forgeous and i REALLY dog the music too!! So much love to you my dear–thank you for sharing yourself!!!

  3. Kat

    Oh Maria, your words are making me so happy 🙂 🙂
    No, I haven’t used a tripod but I stabilized the videos in the editing programme (I used After Effects and Premiere ) as they were shakier before and applied some coulour correction to some of the clips. So happy you like it.

    I just opened my vimeo account last week and there is one more video called past days. I was looking at some photos I later used in the video (the photos were shot in the 1970’s in a high school in the US) and was listening to this meditation music at the same time and it made me feel a certain way so I decided to combine those two and make a video out of it. I think it induces a feeling of nostalgia/yearning. But see for yourself.
    Happy to hear some good feedback, it makes me feel more secure on my path 🙂

    1. Actually I went ahead and did watched the other one and wow….amazing how you created such a feeling with the images and music….I love that one….it inspires me to do som black and white photography…I never heard of Joseph Szabo but I love the images. But the way you merged them with the music in such a sensual and meditative way…a meld of the earthly with the celestial, I guess you can say.

      you got some serious talent.

      1. Kat

        aaaah thank you 🙂 🙂 Glad you like it. And with this one I was really precise with the transitions from photo to photo – it had to harmonise with the music and I was really working almost obsessively on it until I was happy. I didn’t make such an effort with transitions/musical editing with the other one, but I felt the “past days” had to be precise in this respect because the viewer would notice if there was a discord (or maybe thats just me).

        Thanks again for watching. I’m aiming to further this and one day make a feature film. I do have other older videos I made on my hard drive, just not sure if I want to put them on my vimeo. I feel the vimeo account is just for the fresh stuff I create if you know what I mean?

        love and hugs

        1. Yeah, Kat…I can appreciate what you mean about obsessing on the precision of music syncing with image in just the right timing…and your result is it really flows perfectly. Sometimes a half a second off can make all the difference. And I know what you mean about keeping just the current stuff there. Are you happy with Vimeo? as opposed to YouTube?

    2. Elila

      Oooooooh my gosh Kat–i just watched this (second video) and recognized the music instantly–its playing on my speaker across the room as i watched your video!! Amazing!! Its the only music ive been able to listen too lately–the solfeggios from Power Thoughts!!! After i realized the same music was coming from the two different sources in the room and my astonishment, i was able to take in the images too–the video is really lovley and engaging–well done you! Im so glad you shared it. Still stunned at the music thing!!!! I mean what are the odds???!!

      1. Kat

        Hahahahaha that’s soo funny but also typical for us! Yeah I discovered the solfeggio frequencies lately for myself and I feel like they are really helping with the healing of some persistens stuff that doesn’t seem to want to go out of system for good.
        And I thought the music together with those images do create a very special emotion. To me it’s nostalgia and a bit of sweet melancholy (which in fact is part of nostalgia).
        Thank you for watching it dear and for your nice comment 🙂

    3. Elila

      Kat–yes! I feel the same way about the solfeggios. I really think they are helping sooo much (surprisingly), and im very drawn to them after not being able to stand music at all for a long time. I have a few in rotation but the one that resonates the strongest and is having the most impact is the one titled “LET GO of fear, overthinking, and worries”(852Hz). (For anyone else reading here who may feel drawn, they are available to listen to for free on youtube.) I have been playing it softly in the background all day and evening and i really feel like fears (ants!) are losing grip on
      me …
      Just the fact that im drawn to it at all makes me believe theres a reason for it.
      And i thought the very same thing that it was typical for us!! Lol Lol

  4. Kat

    I am happy so far with Vimeo yes. I think there is a lot of crap on youtube and Vimeo felt like the more fitting platform for me and this type of work I’m doing
    I’m planning to film my trip to Croatia (with my bf’s camera which should be a much higher quality) and put it up there.
    I asked the uninverse for some more opportunities regarding film, so I’m rather excited to see where this leads me and what God/the universe/Spirit/my guides/whoever will come up with 🙂

  5. Thanks for article on psychology . I am one of those licensed therapist that have been teaching consciousness/ awakening for 17 years . It is disturbing to see that therapist continue to teach ” tools ” that teach clients to avoid feeling , how to get around their feelings vs through them .
    Thx Tami –

    1. Yes Tami…well put, “….how to get around their feelings vs through them.” I imagine that you attract clients who are more open to their expanded self’s presence And yet I am sure it is still challenging because most people are addicted to the mind. I am really happy to hear you are doing such wonderful work which is sorely needed.

  6. Oh yes, Sistar Goddess! “Those of us in the forefront of ascension are at a critical place in which we are beginning to trust in our god self to create our joy, and so it becomes imperative to not allow anything to interfere with this process.”

    I have often thought that we need to embrace ALL our feelings…….and once we do, they float away like a cloud…..they just needed a little attention……and acknowledgement. WE have judged all our feelings as “good” or “bad” feelings……they just are…….BUT it can be frickin scary to feel them!!!!

    AND then this cracked me up! “DON’T BE AFREUD TO STAY JUNG AT HEART” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love to us all……thank you dear Maria and all for your contribution…..

    Spirit Translator
    Warrior Goddess of Joy

    I AM WITH you on this: “Things are pretty intense out there right now, for sure. I spend most of my time alone these days, aside from my coffee run and shopping. When I spend too much time with others who are not of like mind, it feels like I am getting sucked back into the old energy world.”

    KAT! Love your videos…….I am a portrait photographer, and I am completely obsessed with bw format so I love your images……..AND the combo of music is awesome on both. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Elila

    Maria this post is so spot on & good. I struggled for years before i eventually caved to being put on antidepressants for severe clinical depression. I was on them for several years and always wanting to somehow get to a place where i could get off them–but doctors these days seem to just say they are for life –which is bullshit. The first time i went off them i ended up back on them. But the second time i got through and have been med free for over a decade–and the new happy level i feel at this point in ascension, even when things are crap, is miles and miles better than any “feeling” i had on the drugs. They sort of emotionally flat-lined me i remember.

    1. Oh goodness, Elila, I am so glad you had the courage and dedication to become medication free.. and good way to put it, emotionally flatlined. I also agree, on my worst days I prefer those feelings over being emotionally numb. Not too many people are adept at mastering their emotions. Most people think that means denying or sedating them.

    2. Kat

      Wow Elila you are one brave woman. It takes a lot of courage to get off the meds, especially when the doctors try to keep you on them.
      I remember when my ascension process started and I felt really really shit, couldn’t sleep for weeks, had panic attacks, back pain, pain everywhere, I went to the doctor and he gave me a very heavy anti depressant (which is quite reckless of him if you think about it; I just told him my symptoms and he didn’t make any further tests) but when I got home I threw it in the bin and didn’t take any of it. It just didn’t feel right; it’s not for meds I thought and I was right.

      Imagine how easier it would have been if that was a doctor who’s familiar with the ascension process; how much stress he could have taken from me by explaining this stuff. Maria is so right when she says that we need more people in these professions who take the spiritual side into account. It would save lives and reduce the profits of big pharma drastically 🙂

  9. Elila

    Maria and kat–
    Well im not sure how brave i was 🙄, but i always knew i was no way going to spend my life on meds. I went to a homeopathic MD/psychiatrist and even he, listening to me for less than an hour on the first meeting, looked very alarmed and said i needed to begin meds immediately. He said he hated to go that route but yeah i had gone to him as a last resort at a point where i was absolutely desperate and suicidal (i struggled with depression for as far back as i can remember–and only now do i see how it was really kind of environmental–the people i was surrounded with that were violent and angry, and so i just kept attracting more of those people as i grew bcuz thats what i was familiar with; and no one could handle my emotional reactions to my environment, and on and on until i was stuffing down so much with food and alcohol and shopping and anything else i could use to “tone it down”. ) I think the meds probably saved my life and gave me enough of a break from the onslaught to figure out a different plan. I took the first pill with the strong intention to find a way to get off them. This was in the 90’s. My first attemp didnt last long and i relapsed during a life crisis that i didnt know at the time was ascension related. But the second time i succeeded, using new tools. I found that changing what i put into my body made much more difference than the pills, and changing the people in my orbit made an *enormous* difference too. These were tools i was unaware of before and wouldnt even have had the strength or inspiration to utilize before that. I remember the doctor suggesting i not drink alcohol, and i was aghast, i could not even FATHOM my existence without it–it had been a part of my life since birth, everyone i ever knew drank, and it was one of the very few things i still found enjoyable. I actually think in some way it was ascension that lifted me out of depression and made it possible for me to even CONSIDER the new tools. I changed the way i ate, removing animal products primarily, and eventually after that was strong enough to remove alcohol (this week is my 9 year annivesary of being free of it). Im not saying everyone should be vegan and sober–its simply the two things that ended up having the greatest impact on this particular human vehicle for whatever reason, and the impact was far more positive and freeing than the drugs, and i feel healthier emotionally than i ever have in my life. There have neen many other “tools” that i have discovered that work for me and calm my mind, such as minimalism and a tidy simple environment/dwelling, and i have learned over time how to maintain and even feel happy most of the time, which amazes and pleases me. Ascension, in retrospect, has obviously been an integral part of it all, and im grateful for how far i have come! One of the hardest tools to utilize was organizing my relationships and the people in my life–THAT has been a long road. But now im at the point where i just cant and wont spend time or precious energy on anyone who brings me down in any way. I feel like at this point my life literally DOES depend on me being selfish enough put myself number one on the list, and if it means walking away from ANY relationship, no matter how long or how tight, its still essential for my well being and i WILL do it!!
    Kat im so glad you threw those pills out and managed to find your own way–i completely understand your mindset and intuition and determination. Even my so called homeopathic, alternative, forward thinking woo-woo shrink medicated me (i do think it was probably wise at the time), and these days its even more prevalent for a doctor to whip off a scrip for anyone who walks in–they get kickbacks from “selling” those drugs, and they have become so ubiquitous that no one questions it anymore. I think your doctors response to you was probably typical, and it has gotten to be even more the norm now. At least my doctor still had reservations and regret about requiring such a tact, but nowadays its pretty standard to automatically medicate, especially here in the states, i suspect.
    Most people i know simply accept if a doc says meds for life. But what i have observed is that the meds may be consumed for life, but they dont WORK forever–the body acclimates to them over time and they lose efficacy, and must be changed. Eventually one pill wont do it–doses are raised, other types of pills are added, until a person is on a merry-go-round of constantly changing chemical cocktails and completely disconnected from themselves and their emotions, and so strung out and dependent that they cant handle even minor life events. Obviously thats great for big pharma–the obsolescence is built in just like an iphone LOL 😜. But it seems dreadfully enslaving and detrimental to the “consumer”.
    (Oh yeah–the MONEY i have saved in addition to my own sanity…..WOW!!!)

    1. Thank you Elila, for sharing your story here…I am sure it will touch many who are going through their own variation of it, and will be inspired. To have been through it yourself goes a long way in compassion and credibility.

      And yes…relationships are probably one of the hardest to move through. But being selfish is a necessity if we want to remain here. It requires TOTAL devotion to our joy. And again, we become the new role models, especially as women, as a sovereign, self-loving human.

      So true, there is no room in our life for ANYONE who is looking outside themselves for love and attention. We can’t afford to be the source or nurturer of anyone else’s energies.

      1. Elila

        Ah thank you maria for saying this. I was actually thinking as i wrote it that perhaps someone else struggling may read and feel a boost or support in a different direction, or be inspired to trust their own intuition in the face of overwhelming noise to the contrary.
        And YESSSSS! I believe profound “selfishness” has been the biggest and most effective game-changer for me–it has improved my life and my experience of it IMMEASURABLY. Getting started in that direction may be daunting and difficult, but it gets easier with practice–just keep practicing it!–and the payoffs and benefits are ENORMOUS. I promise.

    2. Elila

      I just had a funny thought about the ants and removing their food source–ascension did that for me in a way, with alcohol in particular. I remember that a big part of me quitting drinking was that ascension was actively ransacking my life and removing money and resources and i didnt want to have to PAY for the expensive habit anymore lol. It was quite effective i recall. I remember how ultimately giving up alcohol was easier than when id quit smoking, which i did more for health reasons (also becuz it was expensive but more for health). Having no money to indulge the drinking, added to realizing after a blind lifetime of it how much it DIDNT help or impart value (no retrn on investment!) and how CRAP it always left me feeling, well the light finally went on!
      So ascension removed the food source (money) of that particular ant (alcohol) and yep it cleared up pretty quickly and easily–i did not struggle with quitting at all as most do. And even now with my mothers passing and ascension and no income and so many other things that would have drove me to drink in the past, i have not been tempted even a little to return to it–which i find extraordinary and even supernatural!

      1. .its been said that ascension will remove anything that is no longer serving us. And how that plays out can be so strange and so challenging to our mind. even removing resources, at least temporarily in order to help us to let go of old energies…and to rely more and more on our own SELF 💚

  10. Kat

    Elila: I just discovered this one and I can feel it deeply in my body. It definitely does have an effect. Maybe you wanna check it out, too?

  11. Lisa

    Wow, Maria!

    You must’ve channeled Adamus with this post on Saturday, July 1st. I missed Saturday’s Shoud live, but I just read it last night (on and now I just read this post of yours. In the Shoud, Adamus talked about a big problem in the higher realms being souls who have been on SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) drugs for more than two years. He said it’s worse than people who commit suicide because those on drugs are so zapped of their I AM / I EXIST life force energy that it’s difficult for them to come back to it even on the other side!

    And here you are talking about the same thing! There are no accidents!

    Thanks for the synchronicity!

    1. Wow, Lisa. Interesting. Makes sense that if they transition to the other side in that coma like state induced with some of these medications….that they would be pretty disoriented at first….they would need some really intensive guidance even there to come back to their TRUE SELF… now THAT’S depressing…but all the more reason to get as clear on this side as possible.

      And I too love the synchronicity…because this post was already written in January and sitting in my queue, which I sometimes do before publishing…the timing didn’t feel right for it until now to publish it…

      Thank you for sharing. Hugs🤗🌹💕💕💕

    2. Elila

      Wow that IS super interesting Lisa–it makes sense bcuz having been on them in the past, i suppose it IS akin to a kind of emotional suicide–killing off your feelings ….

  12. Annette

    “You are not depressed. You are not angry. You are not filled with joy either. You are in a mental coma.”
    EXACTLY!!!! This is what I remember from many years ago from a antidepressant that I allowed for 6 freaking months!! Day number 5, doing this again, what the fuck
    am I thinking, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking……THERE WILL NOT BE A DAY 6!!!
    I have felt like shit. Finding this post is by far NOT a coincidence!

    Thank you my Maria 💞

    1. My goodness, my Annette, I am so proud of you. You obviously have come a long way and are no longer willing to compromise your joy. I think we are all beginning to realize that truth. That we are here to experience our joy, even if it takes some very uncomfortable feelings initially.

      So happy you found this post. Definitely no coincidence. It was waiting for you, and you are ready. Wohooo.🤗💜💕💕💕💕

      1. Annette

        Thank YOU so very much Elizabeth!!
        As I was sharing with My Maria, after posting this late last night I was hit with some serious discernment!! So for now I am staying the course, as I was reminded of much that had led me to this decision to begin with, and that I can use a little help right now (a much lower dose than they start most people on, upon MY request), especially with the erratic mood swings that I’ve been experiencing for such a long time.
        I will say though 2019 thus far has been an incredible inner healing journey for me, as anything, and EVERYthing seems to have surfaced to be CLEARED!!
        I ask Spirit for guidance, and awoke feeling confident that for now I’m doing the right thing for myself, ya know, that deep inner peaceful feeling, that all is OK!? I must say up to this point, I had NOT felt this AT ALL.

        Much love to you, and all of us!! ❤

        1. Annette!!! I love that!

          It is interesting how we get nudged, pushed, shoved, to go inward, Spirit driven. Yay!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️

          I still remember a time, (one of many), where I needed to make a big decision. My guides came to me and said (yelled) ” jump off the cliff and we’ll catch you!”. They showed me that they were holding a kind of blanket, something like the firefighters would use to catch someone jumping out of a burning building. So I made the decision and got immediate OBVIOUS confirmation. What joy!

          Here’s to deep inner peace!!!! 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

          We’re doing it!

          Much love!


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