Ascension And The New Psychology

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Art by Maria Chambers

As we awaken we realize more and more that those who once determined we were not ‘normal’ are now having to face the reality that they are the ones who need help.  The tables have most certainly turned. Continue reading “Ascension And The New Psychology”

The New Psychology

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As we awaken, we realize that we are not just a human trying to get through life. We are not the person who is just trying to make more money, promote our business, socialize, or just get our bills paid. We are so much grander than that. Yes, we’re having a human experience but it is not the totality of who we are.

As we ascend and become more aware of our multidimensional selves, the field of  ‘human’ psychology will need to reflect that.  Perhaps it should be called Diman (Divine human) psychology.

 We are slowly beginning to honor that part of us that is here in human form and also invite the divine in.  We don’t need to be “perfect” to do that. Just accept ourselves. But if we try to do that from the mind, we won’t get far. We will need to open up our hearts.

We incarnated on earth to experience separation from self, so the heart (the bridge to the higher self) has been closed for a long, long time. It would not let the love in from spirit, so it really couldn’t love others very well. Other things got confused with love.   Approval and accomplishments were confused with love. Being needed, and needing someone else in order to feel whole and complete were confused with love.  Love became conditional.

Opening the heart through feelings will accelerate our ascension. In order to do that we need to embrace all our feelings. It’s not a mental process. We are moving out of the mental, patriarchal patterns, and into the intuitive ways of being…into the heart energy!

The mind has an important role to play in our body of consciousness, but it was never designed to create for us.  It’s very limited in that department.  It is an elaborate computer system that wants to serve us.  To help us to navigate the physical reality, to store information, and to retrieve information of a logical nature.  It enjoys keeping ‘busy.’   But as far as guiding our life decisions, it actually can’t and further, doesn’t want that responsibility.  It tries to ‘protect’ us by becoming fearful and listing the reasons we can’t do something.  It never takes into consideration our eternal nature.

Opening up our Hearts

Many struggle with feelings. Men especially have had a difficult time with accessing them, through conditioning, delegating them instead to their sexual centers. However, there has been an undeniable shift and many men are opening up to their intuitive nature quite beautifully. They are beginning to embrace their feminine side, and understand that they can’t go very far with just their minds. The patriarchy was all about pushing, trying, and using willpower to accomplish and create.  The new way of creating is a melding of the masculine and feminine aspects within, a balance of allowing and relaxing, and inspired action and receiving.

Many believe that feelings will lead to a dark scary closet full of bad dreams, things gone wrong, broken hearts, guilt, fear, or worse!  That they will be overwhelmed and never recover.  That is an illusion. None of that is real, although it may feel real. It’s like the child who is afraid to look under his bed. terrified of finding the boogeyman. His parents encourage him to look,  at which point he is able to do so to see there really was nothing to worry about, and then to get to sleep peacefully.

Many of our emotions are generated from our beliefs.  They are a visceral reaction to those beliefs.  For example, If we believe we are not worthy of love, we will draw situations in which that belief is manifested, and we may react with anger or sadness.  You can say then that the feelings are not valid because of course we are worthy, but shoving those emotions underground isn’t the answer.  Feeling them without judgement and then transmuting them is.  Sometimes we need to get to the core issue before the feelings can be released, in this case, not feeling worthy.

Antidepressants and psychotropic drugs prescribed by psychiatrists, psychologists (in some states), and medical practitioners are not an answer to the deep issues that people are facing.  Isn’t it curious that the psychiatric field, in which we depend upon to assist in facing and dealing with emotional issues, would so easily succumb to the belief that drugs are the solution? Even in the face of mounting clinical evidence that they make the condition worse?  And, that is because traditional psychotherapy does not go deep enough. Generally speaking practitioners are in a belief system that supports the mind as the core of our consciousness. It does not acknowledge the soul, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and the aspects from this and past lives. Healing isn’t even necessarily about going back and reliving childhood trauma. But in order to have any long-term healing, it is vital to embrace all aspects of ourselves, not just the human mind and psyche.

If we believe we are just these bodies and these personalities, we are doomed to get lost in a vicious cycle of cause and effect. If we believe we are on only one timeline, living only one life, if we don’t believe in our multidimensional nature, we will be relegated to a ‘Groundhog Day’ existence.  Repeating the same problems and issues and dynamics over and over again.

To break through the limitations of the mind, psychology needs to acknowledge our multidimensional nature, that we are refined beings of light having a very human experience.  The new psychology will help people to accept all their feelings without judgement, and to understand them on a soul level.  Further that they are here playing a role, in this dimension, for the experience on a soul level.

Why do you think there are so many antidepressants on the market?  Why are there other antidepressants being advertised to supplement the ones people are taking? Why do you suppose there are so many adverse side effects? It doesn’t take a mastermind to figure out that they are not an effective solution to the issues and challenges of those seeking help. I know someone who is on a long-term antidepressant. He claims it is helping him, but meanwhile he has to wear a hat because he has gradually pulled all his hair out. He can’t seem to stop himself, as painful as it is. He confided in me once that he believed being angry is not spiritual.  Sometimes depression is repressed anger.  The emotions WILL BE EXPRESSED, one way or another.

Taking these drugs leaves little hope of accessing the important emotions that need to be expressed and healed.  There is the argument that in some cases drugs are needed to address the chemical imbalance in the brain, which is believed to cause emotional imbalance.  It’s the other way around, the chemical imbalance is caused by the emotional one.  Along with this band-aid type solution there has been, over the past two decades, a huge movement to think positive, which, like the original religion, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. The ultimate goal is to feel good, yes, at which point the law of attraction will bring more good feeling experiences to us, but to paste ‘positive thoughts’ over a feeling of anger or depression is not the way there. (just as sedating feelings with drugs).  It’s like putting a lid on a pot of boiling water, and expecting it to stop boiling while the flame is still on.   If unattended it will boil over and possibly do some serious damage.

Sharing our Wisdom

Sigmund Freud did some groundbreaking work in human psychology. But he left the planet feeling that he did not take it far enough. He understood the soul level of the human being but at that time he felt that such a concept would be met with great resistance by his peers and by the psychiatric community. But this is a new time. We are expanding into our multidimensional nature. This is not reversible. We wanted this expansion, this awareness.  So psychology and psychotherapy now need to catch up. Now more than ever, we need new energy psychiatrists and psychologists and counselors, those who are awakening.  Just as Freud was groundbreaking in his concepts, so are we now. We are the pioneers of new consciousness and new psychology. We are here to share our wisdom and experience; to take our life lessons and see them from a higher perspective. Not to settle for old worn-out methods and modalities of psychology or psychotherapy. We now can see the patient as whole and complete, not as a broken being. That is a major shift in itself.

We don’t need to be psychologists ourselves, but we will be inspiring those in the field by our energies, and our sharing of our own life-experiences.

Feelings are the doorway to a beautiful, rich inner life!

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