The Race Is Over

Art by Maria Chambers

The subject of racism seems to be predominating our world stage more and more these days. And of course racism has been a deeply troubling issue of mankind for a very long time.

Lately the biggest discussion has been focused on racist attacks, both verbally and physically, and on immigration, and how it has been terribly mismanaged, both here in the United States and in Western Europe.  And of course some presidential administrations have been more racist in their policies than others.  Some use racism as a political dog whistle for their bigoted supporters.

There is no question that racism has adversely affected the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Yet, how many people know that the concept of race is a social construct, and has nothing to do with biology? In fact that empirical scientific conclusion was public knowledge since 1950.

The whole notion of keeping the gene pool ‘pure’ is totally ludicrous, because as a world population, our genes have been mixing since we evolved.

While we have a broad range of cultural and ethnic diversity, the scientific evidence makes the whole notion of racial differences, well, extinct.

And while it’s fun and entertaining to discover our ancestral heritage, and to celebrate cultural traditions, at the end of the day, we are all essentially the same.

That’s really bad news to some people, who insist on projecting their unresolved inner issues onto other people who appear different from them.

Art by a Maria Chambers

But we must also remember that, as souls, we all came here, lifetime after lifetime, to play out those galactic issues, and to resolve them. We all experienced different sides of the coin, and our soul garnered the wisdom from each of those experiences.

And as the soul evolves, it sees the benefit of cultural diversity. It is a rich tapestry of people all adding their perspectives to the whole.

We come to recognize that these bodies and these environments and countries we are born into are but temporal and are simply ways to express our soul, and to add to the whole our own unique perspective.

So, why the resurgence of racism on this supposedly modern-day Earth?

The same reason there is a resurgence of Homophobia, and misogyny. Things are coming to the surface that were already there, but veiled and normalized within the culture.

Because of the light on the planet at this time, these things can no longer be hidden. It all comes out.

Humanity is stuck in a loop. They are stuck in the mind. The mind is the prison, and it gets played out in various ways. It’s what the karmic cycle was all about.

But there is something different happening that has been under way now for a few decades, and it’s the awakening, the realignment, the ascension, light-body process.

The karmic cycle is no longer necessary, and there is a dispensation for man to finally be able to move out of the mental prison he has been in for a very long time.

It’s like being under water, and finally being able to come up to the surface and take a deep breath.

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Because what we are doing, those of us who chose the accelerated path to ascension, is we are letting all of it go. All the karma, all the ancestral coding, all of our attachments to our spiritual families and to mass consciousness.

Many of us can feel that. We are beginning to sense that we are lighter, and that we are freer. We don’t respond as much to the old triggers. We don’t feel the wounds the way others in our family or circle of acquaintances feel their wounds.

We have let go of those for the most part. We know they are not who we are. We have the deepest compassion for our human story, and we honor the life we lived, but we know that we are not there anymore.

We may not know exactly where we go from here, but we are certain we can’t go back.

Someone I know gets nostalgic for his childhood, and I cringe at the thought of reliving life in the 1950s, especially as a female. And as much fun as it was, I wouldn’t want to go back to even a year ago.

I know too much now, and I have let go of too much to take that all on again.

The beauty of this process is that you are not so burdened any more with the heavy overlays. Because you see the wisdom in letting others take care of their own emotions.

When you look at the news and see how much fear is driving people’s decisions, you can sigh in relief, because you know that you have left that world for good.

Oh, there is still some residue, and sometimes it’s fun to get distracted with some drama, but you know deep inside that you will never be the same. And that’s a good thing.

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43 thoughts on “The Race Is Over

  1. mom2bzs

    Great article Maria! As always! Yes, it feels great to be unburdened by other’s emotions.

    Something I’ve been practicing is when others talk about how they feel, I make a conscious effort to stay behind my eyes; stay in my body. Being as empathic as I am, its been tough to not lower my vibration to where everyone else is. I’m getting much better than I’ve ever been!

    I wouldn’t go back to being younger for anything! The wisdom I have now is invaluable. Ah, to know what I know now about my energy and go back in time would be amazing.

    Something I constantly state during the day is “I release all energies, frequencies, and emotions that aren’t mine. :o)

    1. Sherry, I agree, it’s challenging to stay in our own body….I like the way you speak of..the technique of staying behind your eyes. Yes, and the wisdom we have now is invaluable. Which should be at th forefront of our perceptions of ourselves. Because in a 3D world, that wisdom is not recognized or very much rewarded.

      But I think we are getting to a point where we accept that. To not look to the world for appreciation for who we are beyond our human personalities. Yet, without our presence here, that world would be in much worse shape than it is in.

  2. Barbara

    Thank you, Maria, for saying so very well what so many of us are feeling. Yes, agreed, just as you wrote above:

    “We may not know exactly where we go from here, but we are certain we can’t go back.”

    I’m in a void again, but this time the void is like no other void I’ve experienced and there have been many, which have been usually quite stressful. Not this void. It’s a very peaceful place to be and I’ll hang out there for as long as necessary till it’s time to ‘get there from here’. Love, B.

    1. Barbara, thank you for sharing that the void you are feeling is much more peaceful, because that is what I have been experiencing too. I suspect this is what we can expect more of. Yay!

      In fact, I had a few really peaceful days, and they continue, except I feel once again I was hit with a horse tranquilizer the last couple of days….I had no energy and just wanted to sleep. Feel like I’m coming out of it but boy, those are a bit rough. I’m sure it’s all part of the process, and it’s why I am not making any commitments these days. Never know when that low energy thing will hit.

  3. mom2bzs

    I’ve been feeling great! Most of the time feeling a sense of bliss; a feeling of everything is working out for me. Even when the negative feelings come I’m able to move out of them faster. I’m able to feel them and release them.

  4. Hello! I’m also feeling this low energy Maria, it’s been tiring for body and mind. And I feel there’s nothing left to do anywhere inside and outside, like a void as you described Barbara. It’s an odd and peaceful feeling. Lots of love to you girls! ❤

  5. Ian

    I recently heard someone proclaim on a sindicated “Liberal” news feed that anyone who voted for Trump was a racist because Trump has always been a racist so everyone who voted for him knew that going in before they voted for him.


    I’m a brown skinned polytechnic American descended from indigenous, colonialists…African slaves and South Pacific immigrants. Oh, and I’m a gay, top o.

    Back when Hilary ran against Obama in the primary before Obama’s first term, I passionately voted for Hilary because (A) she was a woman, and I thought that we needed that kind of influential change in our leadership and (B) because she proved to be gracious after Bill’s very publicly shameful display of gross lack of integrity with Monica Lewinsky (see her TED Talk about bullying and public shaming after that incident which nearly lead her to suicide…Hilary forgave THAT?? Humph…I was naive and remiss of that consideration back then…but not this time around…I won’t forget her laps for that which I believe was purely political and inauthentic).

    I voted for Trump, and I am no racist. I voted for him because he is shaking things up just like I hoped he would. I voted for him NOT for his politics or virtues (or lack there of as any would judge it so…or not). I voted for him because he was not Hilary AND because he is shaking the world up by lighting it all up…showing us our own hypocrisy. And despite his very human flaws…I think one of his greatest strengths is he’s doing it all on purpose. To me…this shows a degree of personal integrity…for good or ill. Devil’s advocates…they have their place and their role!

    I lost friends over this vote. Those that once loved me now despise me because I exercised my right to vote in a democracy; I voted my conscience and my own personal reason and stepped outside of my previous party’s “group think” and voted through an expression of my own soul’s consideration…how life leads me to consider my choices in a sovereign and personal way.

    I did not fall for platitudes or pandering. But if it is any consolation to any that despise me then I will offer this: Had I voted Democrat and Had I caved in to group think, I would have voted for Hilary because she is a woman and only for that (because I think the right woman…which I don’t think is her, the right woman would really contribute a GREAT deal to healing The American Perspective with regard to many degrees of our human being ness…of which only one of these is the empowerment of the feminine).

    Am I a masaginist for that reasoning now?

    Having a black president actually sparked a great deal of racism and ethnocentrism. “Black lives Matters” and anarchy, historical outrage rekindled….victimhood. His presidency ALSO lit up a lot of things…and I voted for him TWICE because Romney was such an overt panderer and ass kiss (eewwwww).


    Anyway…just sayin’. We all have our choices and reasons for them…souls of all are animated, and by these…all are driven. I have faith that it all balances out.

    BTW…Every president in my living memory has been called Hitlar and is professed to be the Antichrist….so cliche’. And I’m still married to my Husband…not too worried that all my rights are being taken away…I’m still born and polyethnic…and gay…and every 4 years I still get to vote for anyone willing to be in high office (God help them ALL). I’m still pro choice and honor prolife.

    And if a woman of integrity runs for presidency (operative word…”of integrity”) regardless of skin color or political affiliation, she’s got my vote.

    1. Ian, thank you for an interesting and enlightened perspective. I have said often on this blog that on a soul level, Donald Trump chose a difficult role, and that he is needed to shake things up. That change comes, or at least true change comes when there is disruption of the status quo.

      And I certainly appreciate that someone like you went in with an awarreness that most don’t have.

      And I too have faith that it will all balance out, and that things need to get pretty unbalanced before they do.

      It really was inevitable that Trump had to win, and whatever forces made that possible were divinely guided. Whether we blame the Russians, or the gerrymandering, or the electoral college, or lack of enthusiasm for Hillary.

      And I like using the situation through the lens of how the toxic masculine plays out on the planet. And women also can embrace that toxicity, and I agree it has to be the right woman in office.

      Thank you for your input.💕

      1. Ian

        Thanks, Maria🙃😍😅

        I believe we have all experienced the consequence of stepping out of the edicts of our clan of origin and gone against our own common sense (the sense we gain from what is important and “Common” in the group we associate with safety, love…protection). It’s perfectly normal to do so. It’s very human. And it is also very human to evolve.

        For some, evolving is Republicans turning democrat. For others it is the opposite way around. And yet for others still…it could be voting for women after being told your whole life that women should be silent, barefoot and pregnant (and realizing that it’s the biggest lie…is cruel and unjust to those that bare our children…nurture…feed and love us all into maturity). And still some might choose to vote for a mesaginist because they were brutalized by the opposite sex…

        …and so the many reasons behind our choices contribute to the overal human truths that exist for the individual within the collective that we all experience together.

        And still…it is hard to go against the grain (and there are so many nuances to the grain)…yet it is, too, in our nature to do go against it if we feel we must, for It polishes the wood…and it gets smoothed out over time…with many many many hands contributing in Many ways…

        Did you know that Christ was a carpenter? That’s what I was told.

        I hear about Christ consciousness a lot.😏

        Thanks Maria. I love your blog…AND I HAVE READ YOU SAYING THAT ABOUT TRUMP!

        I feel your support, and I hope you feel mine to you in return. There may be opposition in perspective, but there is no opposition in human spirit, experience…or deep respect for anything we must all survive through as humans…here…together.

        Bless you ALL for all you are and have come through to get to you (who you have been, who you are now…and who you will become).

        Bless you all in these.

        1. Yes, Ian, it takes courage to step out of the old paradigm. And as spirit, we don’t make judgements about any of our earthly experiences, since it all leads to god, or, the god within us, that is:)

          I’m glad you feel my support, and I feel yours as well.

          And, yes, I have heard Christ was a carpenter. That would make sense, because it engages the sensuality of working with natural elements from nature. And becoming more ourself, we naturally become more sensual. 💕

      2. mom2bzs

        This is an interesting discussion. Why did Trump have to win? To shake things up? To put a stick in the wheel to shake things up; to swtich gears?

        I also agree with both of you: the RIGHT woman.

        1. Ian

          Hey Mom2bzs,

          Essentially Maria has offered comment about Tump from the larger perspective…saying that though, yes…he is all the evil people have accused him of, she has also said that he, also, has his role and soul purpose in being so (it also contributes to our over all human evolution). She’s offered compassionate speculation as to why, perhaps, he is as he is…even though she does not agree with his means or his ends…and can still honor her self (And this is ideal).

          There is light and shadow, and most…if not all…human beings act through both…vasilate …all Embody both…

          …yet…we also have a general “side” we choose for our own soul purpose.

          I guess being true to ourselves with a degree of respect for all will ultimately lead us home (some may call that ascension…I guess).

          I guess for my vote for Trump I was acknowledging chaos because I believe it contributes equivalently to the creation process in our dualistic Paradigm. That said, I strive for harmony and light.

          1. mom2bzs

            Hey Ian, I guess everyone has a soul purpose for each life they live (and have lived) . I’ve had past life regressions and I’m sure its impacted how I perceive things now.

            Oh yes, always light and shadow.

            I try to do a prayer my yoga teacher (and one of my bestfriend’s) has taught me, which is:

            “May I be happy
            May I be loved
            May I be peaceful and at ease”

            After I say this to myself, I saw it to a neutral person and someone I dislike (Trump). I can’t for the life of me understand why he does what he does; all I know is he must have an awful lot of pain inside him to act that way, more than I can possibly imagine. And for that I have have compassion.

            I understand what you mean about it contributing to evolution.

            I hope its okay to ask; what does polytechnic mean?

  6. Hi guys, thanks for your beautiful perspectives…. beautiful (and have my respect) because they are YOURS. I do not vote. Because I feel and think that NO-ONE is worth voting for. As a woman I get it that people fought and suffered for my right to vote. But they also suffered for my right NOT to vote if I felt no-one was worth voting for. I have NEVER voted for anyone. I deliberately and consciously abstain. (I am in UK, by the way.) I find it deeply sad that there is never a candidate that I can relate to and support. My only commitment is my and THE ascension of me, us and humankind. And I feel that me voting will not help that, indeed, may hinder that. Detachment from the worldly matters is the result of that commitment. I agree, Maria, with what you said about no-one who is truly aware could ever be in that political arena. Yes, some ARE better than others, but NONE are good enough for my vision of Britain or the World, so…..NO vote from me. But I cry sometimes, when I am very tired and cannot keep it together. The World is a true MESS and nothing but ascension will cure it. So the best I feel I can do for me, for us and for humanity and the Earth is to focus ENTIRELY on The vision of the NEW energies, the NEW world, the NEW Life that I see and feel in my visions. I know it intimately and this “Life” falls WAY short. Am I copping out? I don’t really know, but I don’t think so, I don’t feel so. Love to all of us, really, because that is all that is real and all that matters. Big Hugs, Gail xxx

    1. mom2bzs

      I too Gail have had visions of a new global world. I’ve had the visions for years.

      I try to remember everyone has their own path, but the extreme empath in me has a TREMENDOUS amount of trouble with unkind, mean, people making fun of ANYONE! My heart breaks when i see human suffering; be it here in the U.S. or anywhere on the globe. Unkindness and injustice inflames me like nothing else.

      1. Yes, I KNOW!!! Depending on my level of connection with my Soul in any moment I feel either inflamed or devastated!! Rarely detached from cruelty, I must admit. My visions ( many decades too, like you) keep me sane and not constantly heartbroken. If I am coming across as crushed just now, it is because I have had a dose of the Cosmic Horse Tranquiliser…..The contrast between my visions, my actual inner EXPERIENCE of the NEW and this daily grind is so HUGE. I am never crushed for long and I apologise if I am being heavy. But I feel safe to be honest and real here….Thank you, Maria! It is really good to connect with people who actually KNOW what I mean. Thanks, mom2bz xxx

        1. mom2bzs

          Yes Gail, great way to describe it; devastated or inflamed.

          I understand feeling crushed; believe me! Because I feel EVERYTHING so deeply, I feel very heavy too at times. I understand! I feel like I’m on a merry go round most of the time. I have moments of being devastated; than intense bliss. Crazy!

    2. Ian

      I totally appreciate Gail’s perspective. One year, I didn’t vote for the same reason (state election). I couldn’t stand either candidate…and just refused to be backed into a wall…I found both candidates without redeeming virtue…neither evil could I bare responsibility for by proxy of my vote (and I was firm about it…ick).

        1. I’ll weigh in here, and add to everyone’s wisdom, that to vote or not to vote, is strictly a personal choice, and I agree, we also have the freedom to not vote as well. I guess it’s one of those follow your heart things. There are times I didn’t vote. In fact, I had little to no interest in politics all of my life up until Trump got into office.

          It’s because it awoke in me things that I was asleep to. So there have been blessings in this whole experience. I can see it awakening in others with the women’s #metoo movement and the flooding of women into politics.

          Now there’s grass roots political candidates running on small doners, and a movement of people campaigning to get big money out of politics.

          There’s immigration rights activists, reasonable gun laws activists. Young people becoming politically active for the first time.

          You name it. Change coming on the heels of turmoil. it’s great to see the swell of enthusiasm.

          But as far as how much or how little we want to participate, it’s a personal choice, of course. But as I have said many times, those of us here in this ascension capacity, who are here to realize our own enlightenment in this lifetime…all we are required to do is simply radiate our light.

          Everything else we choose to do is just icing on the cake.

          1. Yes Maria, and perhaps one of the biggest things is that whatever we do or don’t do, individually, we don’t take it too seriously. As you say, our essence is our radiation of Light, which beams out whatever we do/don’t do. Loving your space here xxx

  7. Ian

    I’m loving the light here. I just got a rush of joy when I read these last few thoughts by Maria, Gail and Mom…and goose pimples and a little shiver. It IS a safe place here.

    I get so tired of the constant hubris radiated. I’m a pretty powerful empathy, too…and it is devistating to me when my husband has to read from the Facebook rhetoric about “Liberals” even as I remember that most of my adult life I have been a staunch Moderate with a pretty strong liberal bent. I can hardly stand the hate by either side because it is all exactly the same rehtoric from either side. Choose an issue and a reason, add some passion, hurt feelings and experiences…sum up and express the echos of anger…SHAZAM! Same words reverberate in stereo as both sides say the exact same thing about the other…the same reasons are used because the charge comes from the very same collective experience. No new words or ideas are shared…just the same history relived from the same human consciousness…

    …and so consciousness needs to change if for no other reason then to find some new ideas….and hopefully positive ones that can bring joy to all within this SHARED experience.

    And it begins at the individual level…like what has been shared here with Maria and you all.

    Thanks so much!

    Love in spirit.

    1. Ian, nicely expressed. You’re right, both sides are in a way stuck in the same refrain. Both believing they must defeat the ‘enemy’ on the other side. It’s a very seductive pattern. But we have discovered that pushing against anything actually strengthens the thing we are pushing against.

      And it’s the galactic story in living color.

      It’s duality at its best. Right, wrong, good, bad, light, dark. Even war and peace are part of the game. Each a side of the same coin. It’s why when I do tune into the daily current affairs I have to monitor my emotions to make sure I am not falling into the seductive trap, that of energy feeding.

      But if I do, I give my self a pass, after all, there is not much left to watch on Netflix. Haha.

      1. Beloved Maria, this political arena really is just like netflix, or as you said in an earlier post, like reality TV. Funny, I saw a quote earlier today of Bob Corker (not really sure who he is??) saying “This has become like a reality show on a daily basis.”

        You have hit the nail on the head, re monitoring (or being aware) of our emotions to not fall into the seductive trap. This is the WHOLE POINT of HOW we engage…..or don’t!!!! WITHOUT the emotional connection is SOOOOOO important.

        You say, Maria, in the next post, about going to therapy, yet not actually raising the consciousness…. This is my deep feeling re Trump, that people will become aware of things like mysogeny, racism, and so on, yet NOT actually raise their consciousness after the awareness comes. (This is the type of thing that makes me cry…sometimes) I see that this is designed to create CONSENT. So we end up with a load of Trump supporters giving consent to the shitty attitudes and others disagreeing, becoming more aware, and yet NOT raising their consciousness and giving their CONSENT to opposition, competition, judgement and so on.

        So in order not to despair totally myself, all I can do is watch (like a reality TV show) and connect with people like you and us all here, and know that even if only ONE of us breaks through, that is a triumph. (I know many more than ONE of us will/are/have broken through, of course, but I’m sure you get my drift!!)

        Please don’t feel that I am being negative here….I truly hope that awareness raises, consiousness raises, people grow…..maybe this Trump era will herald an explosion of consciousness raising….who knows? But if not, it is not a disaster.

        I have an inkling that we are guessing (with our limited minds) at the overall process and that the Dark is doomed, no matter what ploys they engage.

        Anyway, we have each other, ourselves, ourSelves and Life itself, so, as they say in Australia….No worries!!!

        I Love you all and deeply appreciate our connection xxx

        1. mom2bzs

          This is how I see it. I’ve felt for years I’m very lit up. When the light shines in dark places, the dark freaks out and becomes very uncomfortable. The more light, the more freaking out.

          I remember years ago KNOWING (it wasn’t an intellectual process) this with my brother. He was across the room at a family function and I FELT him shooting nasty energy my way. I can always feel this right away. What I knew was that I was way too bright for him. I made him extremely uncomfortable. I didn’t lower my wattage.

          This is what I feel is meant by shining our light. Because so much light and energy is coming to the planet, and we’re shining so much brighter, the dark is scattering and freaking out. Like if you shine a flashlight in a corner and the coachroaches freak out from being spotted. :o))))

          1. Mmmmm, sadly I too get this from my own sister. We used to do ascension together but she now is polite infront of our parents and friends, but has shunned me and has no contact outside of necessary family events and emits a harsh energy I can tangibly feel.

            Never lower our wattage….it could be a mantra, except that we don’t need mantras and rituals to remind (keep us in mind!!! interesting!!) us who we are and what we are about.

            Freaking out and scattering…good description and very accurate. xxx

        2. Gail, yes to the current affairs being a reality TV show. I’m serious, nothing I watch on Netflix has as much intrigue, a vast cast of characters, a man you love to hate, Russians, and a porn star.

          Bob Corker is the current chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations.

          And yes, I agree, both sides of the aisle are still playing the game of duality, and things don’t change much. Obama said something interesting recently,

          “Men Have Been ‘Getting On My Nerves Lately’
          The former president encouraged women to get involved in politics at a town hall in South Africa.”

          “I mean, every day I read the newspaper and I just think like, ‘Brothers, what’s wrong with you guys? What’s wrong with us?’” he continued. “I mean, we’re violent, we’re bullying. You know, just not handling our business. So I think empowering more women on the continent ― that right away is going to lead to some better policies.”

          From a 3D perspective, it’s good advice. He’s definitely on the right track. That the planet needs the feminine energies and it is something we are here to bring in. As both men and women, we are here to bring in a BALANCED energy, of the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

          Love to you my friend. 💕💕💕

      1. Oh, Mom, Mirrors….do you remember a song from the 70’s or 80’s by Sally Oldfield (sister of Mike Oldfield..of Tubular Bells fame) It went…

        We are mirrors in the Sun and we brightly shine,
        We are singing and dancing in perfect time,
        There is nothing in the World that we can do
        To stop the light of Love come shining through

        Don’t know how to do a link, but it is worth looking up on youtube.

  8. Ian

    Last night I had wild dreams. I was thrashing about, and when I woke up my husband was asking me about my dreams. I told him. “WEIRD….” But at the end of my summation, I said…”There was so much more to the dream then what I told you (and there was a LOT of nuance…tons of shifting perspective and perception and senses) but if I’d tried to tell you EVERYTHING it would make it seem insane!!”

    I’m reading peoples responses, and I just want to give everyone a huge hug and say, “It will be ok” even though I don’t actually know that. If I tried to explain why I feel it will be ok and hug everyone for it, I’d appear insane! But on the surface, It’s a nice platitude though.

    I wonder…when we say “It will all be ok,” are we really just trying to ask someone to accept what is…and if we do so in a real way, would it make it ok? I don’t know that either because what I see out there in the whole world IS NOT OK WITH ME…not really. I sense more to it, but to try to put it all together would seem insane (because it maybe is…or maybe it’s just too much to be aware of for my small human monkey brain). But it is human life (for now…)

    …AND IT’S NOT ALL BAD. FOR INSTANCE…this space Maria has created…it’s a really really good place, and I’m here in it writing right now, and that feels super good. As I write, news is playing out in the world…terrible things are happening…and me being here and that happening out there is happening at the same time. But right now…I’m only aware of this…right here…with you guys.

    By and by, I’ll have to head out there and be part of the world…empathic perceptions full throttle as they always are, but even so…I still come across fantastic good feelings and impressions…and scary ones…both and all in less than a minute sometimes.

    And then there’s me in the middle of it even when I’m sitting alone in our gorgeous back yard with the vegetable garden in full swing producing all kinds of delicious things for me to cook for my family (and the dog shit I step in when I go out to pick it..grrrrrrrrrr……LOL).

    I’m hugging you all…in my empathy…I feel you…and I see you (and I still Voted for Trump).

    BTW…Maria…thanks for Sharing that about Obama! Over the years, I grew rather indifferent to him, BUT…I’m super glad he is doing something with his celebrity. It’s like what Carter did with Habitats for humanity. I think even Bush does Charity work of some kind. Funny…I looked into Mexican and Canadian citizenship when Bush, jr was elected the second time (cause I was living deeply in group fear at the time…way up into democratic allegiance). Life is strange. So are human beings (of which I am physically, too…as we all are in physicality).

    Love to you all.

    1. Yeah, me too, Ian…send some fresh veggies, please. Lol. But, seriously, it’s wonderful to work with the land like that…such an opportunity to infuse your consciousness.

      And right, it’s all about where do we want to focus our attention? Because as long as we are still in a human body and mind, we are going to get pissed off with stuff happening out there. In fact the more conscious we become, the less tolerant we are for fools. We get much more discerning.

      Yes, we get that on a soul level, it’s all about experience, that there is no good or bad. But it doesn’t mean we are going to like all of it, or want to participate in it.

      And yes, we get that no matter what is happening in that crazy, 3D world, it really doesn’t have anything to do with us, and we are not really affected by it financially, or physically, or even emotionally, unless we choose that.

      We are literally operating from another dimension, consciousness-wise. But now our minds and bodies need to catch up.

  9. mom2bzs

    Hey Ian, I want some of your yummy vegetables! :o)

    I have this KNOWING that everything is okay and will be okay. Its an inner knowing; a soul knowing. What’s playing out in the external has to play out. The analogy I always think of is a pimple has to get a white head and come to the surface. Gross, I know, but it works for me. I’m so much more in touch with my soul than I’ve ever been. Its all an illusion out there. I try to stay in the eye of the storm. I don’t always do it, mind you. Especially when my injustice button is pushed.

    Cool you have a dog! I LOVE dogs!

    Enjoy your day!

  10. Ian

    Gail, your analogy of pimples…oh so perfect. Ever do a YouTube search on pimples? (Only take my word for it if you are not into graphic visuals or that particular reality…ewww). And there’s even a new reality show called “Dr. Pimple” where in a real live doctor who exhibits mass abscesses and pimples (and anything of that ilk) and demonstaits treatments. If your analogy extends that far…LORD! Talk about synchronicity in time! I almost feel like laughing to tears…or lamenting…maybe even keening with aversion. But…there it is…exactly as you say!

    My point? Gail! You are totally on point!!! ROFL😎😇

    1. mom2bzs

      Hey Ian, it was me Sherry (mom2bzs) who made the pimple analogy, although I’m sure Gail has great analogies of her own :o)

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