Is Bored So Bad?

IMG_4528 So here I sit, with my afternoon coffee, at Starbucks.  Reading, writing, staring out the window, and singing along with the piped in Christmas music.  It’s nice.  But …..

…..I’m bored.

I know what you’re going to say:   That I’m going through embodied enlightenment.  I’m working on transforming from a carbon-based to crystalline-based being.  I’m inviting in the Christ Consciousness.

I’m letting go of generations of old biological and emotional patterns.  I’m letting go of mass consciousness.  I’m even letting go of my spiritual families back home.  All in the name of my freedom.  To be able to walk this planet as a sovereign woman, bla, bla, bla.

I know you mean well.  You are trying to remind me that there’s a lot going on.  There a lot on my plate, right?

But I’m really bored.

And frankly, I don’t like feeling bored.  For one, its….boring!!!  And for another, it makes me feel like I’m not doing enough or doing it wrong. It makes me feel bored and bad at the same time.

And it’s bad enough feeling bored, but then to feel bad while feeling bored, that’s just wrong.

And because the whole business is just so damned uncomfortable, I decided to do something about it.  I decided to get a coffee refill, sit back down, and write a list of reasons why I’m bored, (a clever way to not feel bored for a few minutes) and this is what I came up with.  Maybe you can relate, or you can add to the list or come up with your own list.

I’m bored because:

  1.  There is no drama in my life.  Sure I have issues, there’s always something going on.  But no hardcore stuff.
  2. There is still this on again, off again relationship with my soul.  During the on again it’s great.  I feel the passion and the sensuality.  And during the off again phases, it’s so damned boring.
  3. I truly have no real 3D goals.  No wanting to write a book, build a business, get married, body sculpt at the gym.  Not even run for political office.
  4. Aside from the rudimentary stuff, there are only a handful of people I can relate to anymore.

Well, I can’t think of anything else.  And that’s probably because I feel so damned lethargic from being so damned bored.

But I did have enough energy to ask myself something:  What’s so bad about being bored?

What’s so bad about being without drama, you know, the extreme highs and lows that make us feel like we’re really living?

And what’s so bad about not having goals?  Goals require all kinds of participation and probably money.  And most likely will involve dealing with other people.  And we all know how that goes.

And goals like getting married or finding a mate, well, that just leads us back to drama.

Point number 4 is a little tricky.  I’m trying to find the up side to that one.  The only thing I can come up with is, the less people you can relate to, the more time you have to yourself.  Imagine how tiring it would be day in and day out bumping into all those people you can relate to, having to sit with them for hours and relate, relate, relate.

On top of which you may end up having to put them on your Christmas or birthday list.  So imagine the money you are saving,  money you could be using for Starbucks.

So I have concluded that there is really no downside to being bored, other than it’s so damned boring,

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40 thoughts on “Is Bored So Bad?

    1. It can definitely feel that way. Absolutely. What I find for myself is when I just stop resisting the boredom, and relax into it, the energy does transform naturally. Maybe not right away, but it does seem to move into feeling more connected. More senses light up. What is happening with boredom is the mind can’t make sense of the void. Understandably because it’s not able to control things in the way it’s used to.

      It would almost prefer chaos and crisis over boredom. At least there is feeling in those emotions. It seems we are going from emotions, which are primarily from the mind, to feelings, which are from the soul.

      And when we tune in, the feelings from the soul are very different from emotions. They can be subtle and then they can be more expansive. But our mind isn’t familiar with them. And we can’t get to them by pushing or trying or thinking.

      It seems it’s a process of allowing the feelings from the soul, (which include the physical and non physical senses) and part of that allowing is not judging that space of boredom as necessarily bad.

  1. Ditto

    I’m so with you. Netflix is my best friend but even that’s getting so boring. Yet, the other alternatives are not real options 🙂 Sleep, coffee, get bored, Netflix, more coffee, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

    1. hahaha…that’s FUNNY ditto. Yeah, here too. Vis a vis Netflix…its’ pretty bad when you are binge watching Frasier, Parks and Recreation and Drop Dead Diva for the umpteenth time. I also have AMazon Prime Video streaming. with literally thousands of selections, and, yet…..

      1. Ditto

        …I have been using VPN to get Netflix worldwide and still nothing interesting left 😀

        My latest low is that I ordered a game console to kill time. Brain fog or whatever is called leaves out productive choices just as reading or learning to play an instrument. At this point, I’m beyond caring.

        1. You think THAT’S a low….how about reading the NEWS every morning. I used to lecture others on the hazards of consuming the news. But, in my defense, it is pretty entertaining, and at this point it’s the best show in town. It’s got perpetrators, victims, plots, and plot twists, sub plots, and I think TV Guide gives it BOTH jeers AND calls it ‘uproariously funny’

          1. Ditto

            Haha, you won. At least, for now. Maybe I will stare the ceiling and watch the paint peel off before going for news again but never say never 😀

            When the job is to be, and not do, everything is pretty much pointless. And nothing has any meaning except the one we give to it. Our experience theme park seems to be rather limited with variety and script just like the local news or Netflix. A predictive narrative and narrow choices.

            Better just focus on tasting good coffee and chocolate, the little things amidst the cosmic noise 🙂

          2. Ditto, yes, well put, nothing has meaning except the one we give it. And actually that’s mastery at its best. As the master, we don’t have to be triggered by situations, thoughts, or people unless we choose to. We get to choose how we want to feel.

            Except that damned boredom. That’s a tough one. But a necessary step in the process it seems.

    2. sweet pea

      omg 😩 my cable company just upgraded me to tivo with netflix and it’s the worst/best thing ever depending on how you look at it 😂 i’m either sucked into the vortex because of netflix… or i’d be here anyways and now i’ve just got stuff to watch 😁

  2. Kathleen Margaret Davey

    I happened upon this post just at the right time, nothing seems to interest ne anymore… hobbies, pasttimes ect… yes i’m bored, bored, bored… but this helped, knowing people are going through the same. I’m in the void, let it be, go with it, and carry on embracing the boredom for now.

  3. Annette

    Well my Maria…..YOU sure are far from boring, lol, this was great!! Thanks for getting my day off to a less boring start, but hey I’m just fine being bored considering all the pitfalls of not being!! Hahaha…perfect/brilliant once again!! 💖💫😍

    1. Annette…indeed, we are certainly not boring are we? If the average person on the street knew what we are about it would read like sci fi to them. I am so glad you enjoyed the post. And as you could imagine, during its creation……I was not bored.😜💕

  4. Barbara

    And there I was letting go of all the baggage…. releasing, releasing, releasing…. and I reached…. boredom. Yep, hear you for sure on this one. Made an effort to reconnect with some people, shot myself in my foot… again…. and here I am, releasing, releasing, releasing. For some reason, I will be so glad when this year is done, kaput, ended, voided. Linear time ain’t all that much fun when one is going through it…. or is that around it, over it, under it? See you all on the other side of boredom… in the meantime, I’ve got to stop dodging my own bullets! Love, B.

    1. I have made the effort to reconnect under the “history” pretense. This has come in waves as well as it is part of the release phases. Hard to wrap one’s heart/head around the disengagement of 30 plus year friendships. Unless I behave or succumb to the way that some feel I should, there is no room for me in their lives. This is where it is at. I’m not available enough, I do not reach out enough, etc., etc. The irony is, I was in 6 weddings and the Maid of Honor in 3 and always the one there for everyone. I’m not tooting my own horn, as it is just my nature. I no longer ad up, per se’. I’m now, dare I say, comfortably numb when it comes to this part of the process. And, so it it is. : )

  5. I’m bored too Maria, at times it’s relentless but there’s no question it feeds the creative drive. However some of us are just done creating at this point and just want an easy quiet life! I literally ‘create’ nothing anymore except for a better life for me and mine. Even my cooking is a science and not an art. I’ve definitely gone to the dark side lol! Love you Maria thank you so much for all your assistance.

    1. Same here Louise, it seems, at least at this juncture, that I am not feeling very creative. I’ve always been an artist, and have expressed through art, music and writing. And I’m sure I will always find ways to express my soul. But something does feel different.

      Maybe it’s a new way of expressing now, just enjoying life as our soul. The mind has issue with that because its whole identity was all about doing and achieving.

      It’s a very interesting new space many of us are finding ourselves in. The temptation is to decide something is wrong with that space. But we are also becoming aware that we are not obliged to respond to all of the mind’s emotions.

      Love to you my dear Louise💕

  6. Due to the things I am having to deal with at this moment in time, I still choose boredom during the times that I’m not having to deal. The “voids” have come in waves for me and I don’t know about anyone else, but these voids are also eerie in the sense that they are combined with an odd sense of anticipation. I say eerie, as I cannot decipher what it is that I’m anticipating and it leaves me feeling uneasy. Anticipating what? How can I feel this when I am also feeling this massively boring void? As far as the four listed above . . . . I concur. I don’t think my circle can get any smaller when applied to just about every aspect of my life. : )

    1. That’s interesting, Pocahontas because others are also describing that feeling too, of anticipation but not sure of what….kind of unsettled. I get this sense that the mind is losing its hold more and more as this process continues. Which of course is a good thing. It seems to require a kind of surrender. So the mind tries harder to make its case that something is wrong, or that there is danger ahead. Kind of like an alarmist…..and yet at the same time it’s feeling relieved that it doesn’t have to figure all of this out or ‘make it happen’…and yep, the circle does get smaller. But, and I think you also mentioned this once, that there is a feeling of being alone, but not lonely. That’s a sign of embodying spirit for sure.

      1. Kat

        ” So the mind tries harder to make its case that something is wrong, or that there is danger ahead. Kind of like an alarmist…..”

        That’s such an interesting take on this feelin. But what if the anticipation is more positive, like “good things are coming your way” type of thing?
        I kinda want to believe that they are ahaha.

        I just sent you an email dear Maria 🙂

        1. Kat

          well I’m trying to find your Email in my inbox but can’t. Could you send me an E-Mail quickly, please? So I can save it to my contacts? Thank you 🙂 xx

      2. Yes, it is difficult to describe the “void”, which I relate to the boredom. This time around it feels different. I feel like a blank slate. This is a tad frustrating, as I can watch something on Netflix and I will not remember what I watched? Memory issues abound. It’s age, no wait, it’s menopause. : ) These are fleeting thoughts, but the monkey mind gives it a go here and there. I haven’t watched the news in several years. I went from feeling utter darkness, to anger, to this is comical when I do catch a moment of it. Dirty Laundry. I continually questioned this existence my whole life and still one question remains . . . I just turned 50 and why the fuck couldn’t I have gone through what I have the last 10 years in my early 20’s. When you realize you were following the breadcrumbs from the time you were a wee one, it makes you wonder. The questions, thoughts, visions, unusual experiences, encounters, etc. and now? Dammit anyway. : )

        1. Yes, sometimes I also muse, if I only knew decades ago, what I know now….I am finally feeling the joy and the freedom, and even the sensuality (not to be confused with sexuality) that as a woman I never felt before. But it took as long as it did I guess, as I approach the age of 68. The old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young” could never be more apt.

          Oh yes… memory….not remembering what I did just yesterday. Or forgetting what I just talked about. It’s a product of the mind letting go of its control.

          Oh yes, memory, not remembering what I did yesterday. Or forgetting what I just….hmmmm…wait….😜

  7. sweet pea

    lol Maria, love your humor in this 💕💕💕and yup, i’ve basically got a nightly appointment with my comfy pants 😁 haha

    my void has come after a couple realllllly dramatic painful years, so i do feel the same in that i’ll take the void and boredom over the pain and drama anyyyyyday, but for me the boring phase has been forced on me because of health issues 😔 so the not living a life is because i physically can’t, and that’s the struggle of it all… most days i’m less bored, and more stuck. 😢

    but yes so much on the not having any kinda 3D goals AT ALL. i’ve never wanted to get married, so that’s not new, but i used to have all kinds of dreams of things i wanted to do in life… and now i’ve got none. 🤷🏼‍♀️ there isn’t a single thing i wanna be when i grow up. and what makes it more depressing at times is that i’m actually super busy with a lot of daily 3D tasks, working like 55 hours a week, cleaning my apartment, health treatments, exercise, etc. but none of it means anything or is anything i am doing to “get somewhere”. it’s all stuff i basically just have to do over and over to get through the day… rinse, repeat, and pointlessly do it all again 🙄😴😴😴

    and Maria yes soooooo much on how you speak of the the on-again off-again relationship with your soul… i’m in an off phase and it’s awful. 😔😔😔 i miss so much feeling in touch with my spirit 😢

    i think i feel worse lately because i have kinda started to want for things again 😕 i realllly miss being healthy and active. my whole life i was a dancer, and i miss dance classes a ton. i’ve also started to kinda miss people a little again? i miss having friends. i always had really good girlfriends and i used to like being social… i was always pretty shy, but i still liked being around people and having good, fun friends. not really being out in the world so much, but more like the easy nights at home with the kind of people you can just laugh and be silly with 🤷🏼‍♀️

    ug i don’t know, i’m rambling 🙃🙃🙃 the boredom is better than chaos for sure, but goodness i do miss fun ☹️

    1. Hmmmm…yes, life can be a lot of just maintenance, especially if health issues are involved. And really, at this point we should be able to really enjoy life. Our work is basically done as far as what we came here to do. Now we want to just enjoy life with our spirit, our eternal self.

      There is no point in being here if it is just more discomfort than joy.

      It feels like a tough place now where we have tasted that deep and sensual connection with our soul, but it is not nearly enough and we are tired of compromising. It’s a challenging place to be. I think it takes a dedicated soul to keep going, even if they don’t know exactly where that is they are going.

      They know they are here for something very special. And This process seems to have taken on a life of its own.

      And it’s so challenging because like you say, sometimes we miss that feeling of being engaged in life…from my own experience, when I feel spirit, it is a different but even more amazing connection to life. But it won’t be in the way we are used to. and the body is going through big changes yet it’s the last to reflect to us our new consciousness. We run out of patience, yet it will require more patience because especially vis a vis these bodies, we have inherited ‘fixer uppers’, and they are undergoing a complete refurbishing from the inside out!!!

      It feels like a bit of a catch 22. The body benefits from feeling passionate about being here. And at the same time, our passion for being here can be diminished by a body that requires so much upkeep.

      Solution: just keep allowing our soul to carry us through this process. I believe our soul has all the passion and ability to heal and rebalance necessary. It has the backing of our Divine, Eternal Self, of Source. Trust it knows how to take care of things. Trust that we deserve joy, health and plenty of financial resources.

      Especially as women, we have a lot we are letting go of in the pain and suffering department. I feel the discomfort in our bodies is a byproduct of our holding so much energy for others.

      At this point none of us are interested in sugar coated spiritual cliches. We have been through too much, and we have seen the underbelly of this ascension process. We are not novices. But it seems we are a determined lot.

      1. sweet pea

        yes so much Maria 😔 no healing or progress or joy, just a never ending cycle of maintenance. ug. and the reason i miss that connection to spirit so much is because when i have that connection, then there is at least the *feeling* of a promise for something better. i still always have an underlying “knowingness” of something better that i’m meant for, but it’s not the same as *feeling* it 😔

        but yup, this is where i’m at…

        “just keep allowing our soul to carry us through this process. I believe our soul has all the passion and ability to heal and rebalance necessary. It has the backing of our Divine, Eternal Self, of Source. Trust it knows how to take care of things. Trust that we deserve joy, health and plenty of financial resources. ”

        there really isn’t much to do but keep up the maintenance, and allow it all to just be what it is 😕

    1. Yes, wholeheartedly. In fact my own boredom inspired the post about boredom, so yes, it can work in our favor.

      And I am also discovering that as I accept the boredom, because it’s really just the mind feeling bored, I seem to be able to more easily allow a connection to my soul that’s based in sensuality. So the boredom eventually gives way to joy in just being and enjoying everyday life. But now from the soul’s perspective…much more fulfilling…and the creativity flows from that place gracefully and naturally…..thanks for a great question. 💕

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