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First, I want to thank all of you beautiful souls who are part of this small, yet dynamic community.  Thank you for your wisdom, your light, and your humor.  When I started this blog several years ago, I never imagined it would evolve into such a community.  

People come and go, and that’s fine.  Some come in to feel the energies, and move on their path. Some come back from time to time to see what’s going on.  Again, absolutely appropriate.

Even those who have been here for almost as long as I have been writing these posts….almost nine years….don’t necessarily read every post, or comment regularly.  And may not be interested in every message, or topic, and may disagree with many things I write about.

Good, I like that.  I like diversity of opinion, and welcome different perspectives.

This group….and I use the term loosely, because it’s not an organization, and it’s not a faith or religion, there are no rules or dues.   There is no requirement to read every post, or to respond or comment every time something is published.

But this group is an energetic entity that has created a safe space for itself and for kindred souls to gather, and to feel the love and support and energies of all here.

This blog has thousands of visitors a month, but only a small number are truly connected to this community.   I stopped putting value on things by assigning them a number.  If I wanted a site that drew in millions, I would post a cute kitten video on YouTube.  I love those videos, by the way.

So, this post is a little different,   It is devoted to some questions and answers.  But, if anybody’s gonna be asking questions around here, it’s gonna be me! (Something I heard from some old private eye movie).

So I would like to ask you a question……

What do you consider the most challenging thing you have had to face about this awakening, ascension, enlightenment, transformation process?  And, what do you recommend to those who may be struggling with the same issue or challenge?  What is your wisdom surrounding the issue?

We know there are endless challenges we had to face and continue to face in this process.  And it can shift and change on a dime.  But choose one thing that feels like, if only you had to do it over, if you had someone you could go to for encouragement and support at the time….or if your future self came back to the you that was going through it…what would you say to you?

Feel into the issue, and let your soul participate with you.  Because your human self sees things differently than your soul does.

Try to keep your comments no more than thirty sentences in total.  That way it’s more direct, and bypasses too much thinking.

Take your time in sharing your insights, if and when it feels right to do so.  This post, and others in the near future, Special Posts Devoted to Questions and Answers, can then serve as an archive for those who find it at the right time and are gifted with your brand of wisdom.  They will have access to the insights of those who blazed the trail in order to make it easier for those who follow.

Have fun!  I await your wisdomses, fellow trailblazers!

Enjoy My Divinity, from my album, Simply Divine



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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

30 thoughts on “Ascension-Questions and Answers

  1. Some of us only come and go, due to the nature of the beast per se’. : ) Always here in spirit. And, as always, thank you for being one of very few guiding lights on this, often times, extremely challenging path. ❤

  2. Thank you first of all for YOU and for this blog and this community as “The Higher the Dimension, the smaller the tribe” and this is a lifeline and a very high frequency place to be. Now on to your question wich is the perfect segway– THE FEELING OF LONLINESS AND HOMESICKNESS are my biggest challenges- This is painful and is comforted by like minded folks ( like here) that I can resonate with, the right books, nature, music, writing, meditation ( reunions) AND the knowing that before I blink, I will be home again and to just keep reminding my self of that. Soon enough I will be there with my bretheren, guides, angels, God/ess in a realm that is so magnificent that it makes this one look like a ghetto of sorts. Last by not least when I feel small and sad and alone and contracted, isolated and aching…I EXPAND and feel my true energy which is AT-ONE with every single animal, being, tree, star, wave, breath, mountain, river and all the sollar and stellar systems…Just like my bestselling childrens book explains we are all connected by THE INVISIBLE STRING and so really what that means is that the real World Wide Web is all of us. I love you my family. Patrice Karst-

    • A gem of advice, Patrice. Where can we find your book…it sounds ideal for my grandchildren and young friends xxx

      • Thank you Gail- we are all in this together.
        In answer to your question about my book- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, all the usual suspects. 😉 THE INVISIBLE STRING is my miracle book. I wrote it for my son when he was a little boy and now it is all over the world and a bestseller. It has a grace moving it that is Bigger than me at this point and I was just the instument for the message that WE are all connected.

        • Brilliant, thanks I will find it! I know what you mean about being the instrument….I am the instrument for my Soul’s songs, but I do feel more and more that she and I are the same, so I feel I/We can take credit for it. Looking forward to finding the book!! xxx

  3. First of all, thank you Maria once again for a wonderful post! I think I’ve commented only once on one of yours posts but I’m a regular visitor on your site and have enjoyed greatly this beautiful space created with the wisdom of the souls that visit here.

    For me, the most challenging thing has been about that self-trust: questioning myself whether I’m up to this and whether I’m courageous enough to go through all the changes this process is enviting us to make and allow. My wisdom on this challenge reminds me that you simply can’t force yourself in anyway into trusting yourself. When you try to convince yourself that you need to trust yourself most likely you’re just creating more resistance within yourself. The self-trust is more about melting into it: truly allowing even those doubtful parts to be with you while you’re melting into the part of you that already trusts, that already knows. Inviting my soul closer in those moments of doubt and coming back to laughter. The ability to come back to that laughter, finding the humour of this whole experience is a sign that it’s still worth it and there’s indeed that courageous part inside of you that already knows it can.

    WIth all my love and wisdom,

  4. “The self-trust is more about melting into it: truly allowing even those doubtful parts to be with you while you’re melting into the part of you that already trusts” >>> thiiiisssssssss

    • just wow Sarah, yes that exact line for me too… cried when i read it ❤️

      • Sweet pea and emultidimensional, I’m glad that it resonated with you! The whole concept of ‘melting’ came to me while I was taking a walk one day: it felt like such a good metaphor to carry into those moments of doubt when I felt nothing could kick through my human resistance to change. The funny thing was that during that day a friend of mine told me that she was for some reason imagining what would it feel like to be made of jelly (gotta love her playfulness and sense of humor 😂). I had to laugh because I felt it connected with that whole melting thing I was wondering about: how human inviting soul into her life more and more would allow those rough edges and resistances to melt bit by bit, going a bit jelly haha 😂

  5. I would say that a resume of my issues was about facing all my feelings as I spent all my life pretending I dindt feel anything, they came as a tsunami and all I was able to feel was fear cause everything was so new and intense. as the time went by I started to see my feelings as a normal human conditions, as it is! and I could express them to myself with more compassion. Of course it is a long journey and I just got it started but now I can look to the most fearfull experiences I had and understand what was actually happening there without needing to have my mind and it’s own shitty explanations that makes no sense at all. The most important lesson I learned on Ascension so far is that things are the way they are and I just need to let them be without trying to force change or readaptation. If human brain thinks situations are bad or uncomfortable human brain just have to remember that they will eventually change as human brain allow myself to take back the driving seat and change it’s human perceptions as we merge as one together.

    Thank you very much Maria the feeling of doing this was like being invited to do a TED Talks. #DreamWorld Greatest feeling. hahahahahaha

    love you truly.

  6. Conscience first, then conscious… that’s it…. old song… if it feels good, do it… um, well the problem with feeling good and doing it may rouse conscience and why “it” doesn’t feel good. Then “it” becomes conscious… oh, okay, doesn’t feel good…. don’t do it! What I hope to have discovered by the time that I leave this planet is that I’ve caused no harm to another, that I’ve loved the best that I can, and paid attention to my conscience and become conscious. And I find it very humorous that conscience and conscious are almost the same word… work on deleting the ‘con’ of either, know your truth, love yourself, re-establish your connection to both Source and to your galactic home and you’ll find that you are very, very, very old indeed. Love, B.

  7. Maria having come from an organized religion hell of a childhood, the open free flowing nature of your blog community is one of the most perfectly beautiful things about it for me 💕 i think we all come and go as the energy authentically calls to us rather than a habit or a duty or a mindlessness like religion is. i know i also tend to find myself here less when i’m dipping too much back into 3d, and i feel called back when i’m craving spirit and hope… i say that’s a testiment to the energy here ☺️🤗

    as far as my biggest struggle 😔 my top 3 in this order…

    1. the physical stuff. i go through every day feeling like i’m in a prison and feeling like all my freedom is on the other side of physical healing that seems to never come

    2. my deep emotional connections in this life have all been brutal. ranging from abusive to insanity level confusing. they’ve almost all been multidimensional, and the best way i can describe it is that i experience angels and devils in people all at once

    3. and last is how i have this intense craving in me for all these beautiful amazing things i want to be and do and feel, and nothing in my reality resembles it. i crave some other existence at all times and so this world/reality is a constant state of heaviness and limitation and “wrongness” 😔 it’s really never felt good for me to be human ever…i crave a magical spirit reality and it has never not been so.

    as far as advice 😩 i wish i knew lolllll ❤️ i think for me it’s what Sarah said… just repeatedly choosing a way to surrender into patience and acceptance and trust… i guess to be ok with not being ok, and always trusting underneath that i’ll get there… and by there i mean i’ll become the me i dream of and live the life i dream of and feel and experience the things i dream of someday… and trust that i wouldn’t be so powerfully ingrained with these dreams and hopes and callings if they weren’t put inside me with purpose and truth to them 💕

  8. ugggg i mean SARA sorrrryyyy 😩😩😩 i have a name people spell wrong even after looking right it all the time so i feel like a big jerk 🙈🙈🙈 my apologies 💕💕💕💕

    • Haha it’s alright! Sarah is totally acceptable to me. I’m from Finland and here people often confuse my name with the name Saara which is a bigger mix-up than Sara and Sarah in terms of pronounciation 🙂

      • haha thank u for understanding 🙈🤗 the worst part is i know how it feels 😩 it happens to me alllll the time with my real name(which i don’t use here) becuase i have an uncommon spelling.

        i was crying when i responded becuase your words so perfectly resonated, so i’m gonna put a lil’ blame on my emotional state lolllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        but yes the “melting”… a gentle compassion for the parts of me that still doubt and struggle to trust 😢 just tears reading your words because that compassion with myself is so perfectly what’s kept me going and been needed for me more the past few years of this journey ❤️

        big hug to u 🤗

  9. Thank you sweet pea for your words and a big hug to you too! ❤️ Yes, compassion, always! I am just beyond happy that we all can connect in this sacred space and support each other during this transformation 🤗

  10. Brilliant idea, Maria!

    It is hard to choose the MOST challenging aspect, but this was a HUGE one!!

    Trusting myself…….

    There have been times when I have wondered strongly if I am just mad and delusory. The worry was based in the fear of having got it all wrong. Of having wasted my life away on an illusion.

    There was the part about trusting my soul. That’s fine (assuming you have truly Connected and KNOW you have your soul on-side.) ……..It’s the trusting my HUMAN that has been difficult.

    Which inner voice is human-conditioned and which is Soul-inspired?

    In the earlier days it was hard to tell the difference. And crucially, so many mental paths of false logic feel so very ‘natural’ that it is hard to even realise that they are false. Those realisations have come to me as ‘aha’ moments and then I had to consciously apply the aha realisations to actual circumstances where the false logic path is automatically dictating its perspective.

    That sounds like hard mental work, but it really is not. It’s not analysing things and planning solutions. It was very simple, more like….’Ah, I’m about to do that/think that/perceive that in the old way, but I’ve spotted myself doing so, therefore I won’t.’ After a short time of this process I just didn’t even see it the old way any more.

    It seems to be endless, though!! Frequent aha’s. It was a process of continually catching myself out in old programming and resetting myself in the moment.

    It’s worth noting that at the beginning I felt ‘Oh, no, I’ve got it wrong again.’ but somewhere down the line that changed to ‘Yippee, I’ve spotted another one…I’m getting clearer and clearer.’

    Connected with this was worrying that I was not evolved enough to warrant absolute conviction in myself….that I was really just being arrogant. Because some of the characteristics of psychopaths are the same as those of an evolved person (there are enough significant differences for you to realise which one you are, of course, once you know them!!!) I worried that I was kidding myself about my evolution (not trusting myself!)

    Integrity with my Soul’s standards……..

    This was linked closely to the fear of not (or not being capable of) living with integrity with my soul.

    Once I realised that this FEAR was itself PROOF to me that I had high integrity, it lost all power. Basically, if I wasn’t committed to the integrity of my Soul, I wouldn’t care and wouldn’t have that fear.

    I realised that in any moment we are living life to the highest of our realisations. Some realisations we have had may not have sunk in fully yet and we beat ourselves up because we feel we are not living with integrity.

    The body and mind take a while to catch up with the incoming soul energy. We are NOT failing when we don’t live up to our newly-remembered ideals…..we are catching up, that’s all.

    I wish I had learned this sooner. It would have helped avoid so much anguish and doubt.

  11. I haven’t read any of the other replies yet but I can safely say that the hardest thing I went through is the intense emotional pain coupled with not knowing where I’m going (which manifested in fears and daily anxiety attacks). What I would recommend people who go through it right now? Other than relax and trust, it will pass, there is not much to say to be honest. But I doubt that anyone will have it that hard now because the energies on Earth are much lighter than back when I started this process (and that difficult stage lasted well over a decade), so my experience probably wouldn’t apply to many people, if any at all.

    And also thank you Maria for everything YOU do. You are so appreciated, I can’t even explain.
    Love you

    • Kat, the intense emotional pain was part of my list. unfortunately it has been just as brutal for me 😔 and i think my conscious process as an adult started a while after yours… but i will say that to some extent i also feel like i was pretty much born into a fairly conscious ascension process. i really do remember so much of this already starting for me at like 5 and 6 years old. it has been a pretty brutal and heavy journey for me most of my life.

      i feel like the intense emotional pain is a common thread with those of us who experience the twin flame connection… whenever i come across stories of people who have the twin flame experience in some way, their ascension journey seems to have deeply gutting emotional energy throughout, powerful heaven and hell extremes, dark night of the soul stuff for sure ❤️

      • Hey sweet pea,

        Oh I’m sure you’ve felt intense pain as well. I was more referring to those who have started their ascension journey just recently.

        And yeah the Twin Flame thing was so fucking intense! I wonder if the other part felt so much pain as well and if we can sever soul contracts (according to some mediums) how come we couldn’t sever this one? I imagined cutting the chord to him so many damn times but it never worked. I felt him many years after we saw each other in the physical but not anymore thank God.
        A medium once told me that we were a gift to each other and that me helping him with my energy accelerated my healing process as well. Supposedly there was a reason for me to speed up the healing process (if your can call 14 years of ascesion “speedy” but as Maria says, it would usually take us lifetimes). I wonder what the true reason is…

        • Kat i think you hit on it right there… i think some of us are going through lifetimes worth in this one lifetime. it’s so intense because it is in a sense condensed. we take on a tsunami where others maybe go through it in more gradual waves.

          but also i think the twin flame connection really does make the overall journey different – even when the connection is in separation. i know not everyone goes through the experience, and i think the emotional impact of ascension is different for those who do vs those who don’t. i have read people speak of their ascension process where their experiences seem to be mostly focused on either more practical struggles like money, job, etc, or on collective energy, i.e. the environment, politics, changing the world, etc. and while their journeys are of course challenging and heavy and crazy making, it’s seems like their journeys tend to be less “gut wrenching” emotionally? i think what it is is that those of us that experience the twin flame stuff experience realllllly deep internal pain because it makes the ascension process so intimate.

  12. Wow. You all are amazing! You’re all so heartfelt, direct, and infinitely wise. Brought tears to my eyes, too.

    For me, too, the physical issues have been the most difficult and challenging. Wondering at times and doubting myself, not understanding why the body hasn’t caught up with my new consciousness. Mind trying to figure it out. Sometimes to the point of just wanting to get out of Dodge.

    All the wondering, what should I do, or not do? It’s exhausting. And a dead end. So when I can’t think about it any more, I let it all go, and then….

    As Maria’s soul, I share with her that as she releases the fear, and relaxes, it works out. That’s when she takes that deep breath. She doesn’t have to do it alone. I am here. I thank her for allowing me to be with her so intimately. It’s an incredibly sensuous experience, being here with her. I truly love being in this time and space reality, and sharing my wisdom and my sensuality this way.

    And in those moments, she feels safe, and she knows I have her back. And she begins to trust this process and knows that there is really nothing she needs to do. No need to figure out all the issues, emotional or otherwise. She feels relieved. I am also learning to navigate the physical body. I am getting to know my partner. This is new for me, too. So it will take some more patience.

    And some good chocolate.

  13. I think you and Kat are right…..there are so many aspects of this illusion to be transcended it would be impossible for every single ascender to do it all.

    It is an important realisation for us all that we are not all doing it the same! That is why we relate to different blogs and people. It’s a big step to realise that because someone is going through different things to oneself they are not ‘getting it wrong.’ Once we realise that we are compassionate towards other peoples’ different sufferings rather than condemning. I feel that here at Maria’s blog. Love to you both xxx

  14. The most challenging things about this awakening were/are relationships. People seem to have disappeared from my life. New friends? Too much frustration like if I did not know how to make friends anymore. Lack of integration even in groups holistic. Although it is about ascension process each person speak a different language. It’s all very strange. I created a blog (2007) where I translate to Portuguese language channeled messages (Archangel Michael / Ronna and others) and also write some articles (few). I usually translate some of your texts as well. I’m a fan. The symptoms of ascension annoy very much too. It seems I move through all of them, always… And so I am walking my way hoping better times.

  15. I am going to post before I read all the comments. I just saw this!

    Thank you dearest Sistar Goddess Maria for creating this beautiful space.

    The thing that has really helped me navigate through all my relationships is something I call the Cloud Council. It is essentially a meditation. Whenever something stymies me, I go to the CC. I have found that working things out in 3D doesn’t really work. CC of another dimension. I ask for my higher self and the higher stuff of xx to be there. This could be a person or something like health or money. And it takes seconds. I do it as many times a day as I feel called. It has been truly miraculous. Love you all!!

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