Let Selfish Be Grand

5DD0CC23-710C-4507-9D31-53498D53B5D0.jpegSometimes it’s good to see what goes on in the 3D world, a world that is still experiencing trauma, and is still playing out the galactic story of the wound of Adam and of Isis.  A world imbalanced to the masculine energies.  It’s good to see that because it helps put into perspective what we on the leading edge of the new consciousness are doing.  What we are doing is, simply put, offering a solution to the trauma that world out there is experiencing,  and here is how.

Each of us is undergoing a major transformation.  We have agreed on a soul level to walk away from our glalctic story.  That decision set off a process of purging and releasing of things and patterns and people in our life that no longer served us.  It began a major transformation of our biology, which was anchored to our ancestry.

Each of us is at different stages of this transformation, but all of us know that it has been one of the most difficult experiences in our life, and in all of our lives.  And that is because we are no longer identifying with those lives, or with that old story.

We didn’t want to continue in that ground-hog day existence.  We knew there was more than a 3D reality, and we vowed to do anything to discover it.  No, not for the weak of heart.

But in spite of the hardships we have been going through, we wouldn’t trade any of it to go back to that colorless world….a world in which we knew we never belonged.

I was watching a panel of psychologists who worked with survivors of sexual violence, and their work with their patients was painstaking.  They talked about how these people, mostly women, were not able to easily let go of the fear that somehow they were to blame for the violence toward them.

I wondered how they could release the wounds if they continued to blame themselves.

These psychologists did great work in providing these patients, both men and women, a safe space to share their stories and to be validated.  But it felt like there was something missing:  The Soul.

Without the acknowledgement of their Soul there cannot be true healing of those wounds.

Our Soul is the key to all the healing.  And that is why the work we have been doing is so vital.  It’s been the work we have been doing for ourself, and yet it serves all of humanity.

We are offering the key to healing the wounded heart.

As humans who decided to allow the love from our Soul, for ourselves, we initiated a transformation.  We have been letting go of the wounds.  Many of us are no longer carrying the weight of the world around with us anymore.  And if we are, we know that it will be going by the wayside.

The transformation we are experiencing is offering hope to humanity.  Not by preaching to them, or by being social workers to the wounded, but simply by being here, and becoming beacons of light.

It sounds like a cliché, but that’s what we are.  Our radiance is significant at this stage of our process.  Not carrying around wounds and trauma makes a big difference in the amount of light we radiate.

Imagine trying to use a flashlight in the dark that has had the batteries drained.  Not a very bright or reliable light.

But, make no mistake, our radiance isn’t always welcome.  It tends to highlight the shadows and the places others don’t want to go.  Light disrupts.  We have intimate knowledge of that truth.  If they want to continue to play in density, they will make themselves scarce in our presence.  Or at least they will try.

At the same time, we can dim our own light.  Sometimes we don’t want to stand out.  And that’s o.k.  We are not required to shine 24/7.

And, really, when I say shine our light, it’s not about efforting or trying to be a better human.  It’s just all about loving ourself.  And it’s about feeling into our Soul’s sensuality.  Really, it’s all about being incredibly sensual, and incredibly selfish.

You have to be.  There is no other way to become enlightened here in this reality.  It’s going to really hurt otherwise.

We come to find out that being enlightened isn’t something we do in order to have more money, or better health, and yet those are a byproduct of the experience.  We discover that the purpose of this Embodied enlightenment, the raison d’être is…..it just feels so damned good.

We figure out that it’s all about feeling.  It’s not an intellectual process at all.  The mind plays its part, but it’s really more of a surrendering to the Soul.  It’s about feeling at the deepest level.

Yes, boredom is there at times.  We are not connecting to the world like before.  But it gradually gets replaced with a sensuality that can take our breath away.  And that comes as we become more selfish.  Yes, I like to use that word because selfish is grand.  It’s time to call it what it is.

Let selfish be grand.

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16 thoughts on “Let Selfish Be Grand

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    “The transformation we are experiencing is offering hope to humanity. Not by preaching to them, or by being social workers to the wounded, but simply by being here, and becoming beacons of light.”

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Thank you dear Sistar!

    I woke up today, feeling good, and then a wave of exhaustion came over me. I am on a bit of a roller coaster. I think I am trying too hard. I have always been a hard worker, and so it is hard to let go. And every insight I get is that I don’t need to do anything anymore than just BE. And your blog certainly confirms. ♥️♥️😀😀🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘

    I have known for awhile that I am not on this path just for me. It is a much more global/universal experience. #weareone

    I love the idea of just BEING SELFISH. Practically unfathomable to this seva junkie. 🎉😘😘♥️😀😀♥️♥️

    Love you tons and thanks so much for this! Taking a big old deep breath and feeling the lift…… Muah

    1. Been there siSTAR…,feeling good, then energy drain…sometimes it’s because I was overthinking something. That brain can exhaust us. And I guess it’s going to take awhile for many of us to give up the ghost on the trying and efforting thing. It has, after all been our MO for quite a long time. This BEing thing goes against everything we were taught about life.

      The only DOing should be enJOYing life now.

      Love to you my friend.💜

      Thanks, too, for reblogging on elizabethsadhu 💜🤗💕

          1. elizabethsadhu

            My hubby takes good care of me. He just said, “stop feeling responsible!” Hahaha. He often talks me off the ledge. I did not realize how much I needed to read your brilliant blog today. #selfishisgrand #takingcareofme 📺📺📚📚🛀🛀📚📚📺📺😇😇🙃🙃🎉🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️🌈🌈🌈🌈🥕🥕🥕☔☔☀️☀️☔☔☔☔😝😝😝😝📚📚🛀🛀📺📺🙃🙃🙃

  3. Yes Maria, light disrupts, which is why I get hostility from people sometimes. It makes people very uncomfortable. Yes, to be selfish is grand. My mantra today is “I love myself”

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