My Soul Is Vicki Dubcek

Art by Maria Chambers

Early this morning driving to Starbucks the sun was positioned on the horizon just low enough and just bright enough to create a distracting glare.  Which was exacerbated by the greasy residue on my neglected windshield.  I worried I couldn’t see well enough to drive. But suddenly I heard a woman’s voice, in a thick Southern accent, saying, “I got your back!”

In that moment any anxiety I felt washed away.  I knew that I would be fine.  But, I had to chuckle.  Why the Southern accent?  Then I remembered a female character on the 90s T.V. Series, Third Rock From The Sun, Vicki Dubcek.

She was gregarious, sensuous, and unapologetically feisty.  She had a confidence in her ability to enjoy the hell out of life.

And, it seems, she’s my soul.  At least for today.  She can be the master of disguises, you know.

So as I made my left turn into that glaring sun, it was suddenly and dramatically shrouded by passing clouds.  Just enough for me to experience driving comfort.  As I walked into Starbucks, and thanked Vicki, she responded with a hearty, “My pleasure, treasure!”


This southern lady with a deep, sensual voice really makes me feel well taken care of.  Yet, she’s not pious, religious, or even ‘spiritual’ by any stretch.

So, it got me thinking, maybe our Soul isn’t what we expected.  She isn’t necessarily this presence that’s always poised, always all knowing, always calm, and certainly not reverent.

No, I suspect she is fun-loving, care-free, child-like, and not at all concerned with protocol, or social norms.  But the mind, at least mine, has conjured an image that is…..frankly…..boring.

Our soul would most likely want to get dressed up for Halloween.  Even if there’s no party to go to.  She would love hopping on the wheels of those supermarket shopping carts and rolling up and down the aisles.

She wouldn’t hesitate to devour that rich, sweet, gooey desert.  Or two.

When I allow my soul to take the steering wheel in my little Hyundai she wants to speed down the road, so I have to be careful with that one.  Although, she would probably have a built in radar detector and know if a cop was around.

But when we take walks together she actually tries to slow me down so we can enjoy the aromas and textures and colors more.  More savoring.

No, that soul is not so placid.  She’s fiery.  I suspect it’s why these bodies and minds of ours are still kind of resistant to her presence.  She is a big presence.  When we opened that door to her years ago, even a little, what we got was a whole lot of presence.

So much that it stirred up lots of stuff in our body,  and in our life.  We haven’t been the same since.  For many of us it’s been kind of a holy mess.  Light tends to do that.

My Soul is definitely not an intellectual. She’s not interested in impressing anyone. But her presence can be pretty damned disruptive.  Physically, and emotionally.  And there’s no where to run, or to hide.  We can’t go back to the old ways.  Not that we would want to.

Sometimes it’s our Soul and we don’t recognize it,  we may be looking for a set of qualities that just isn’t accurate.  Of course one can argue there are aspects of our human personality that can show up, and be pretty feisty.

But you can tell the difference, by how it feels.  If it’s uplifting, it’s definitely your soul.  Human aspects tend to be more on the negative side of things.  Telling us why we shouldn’t feel good.  Instilling doubt in us.

But our Soul is magnificent. She feels incredible to us.  And, she is playful, so expect the unexpected.  And don’t underestimate her abilities to create what the human couldn’t even dream of.

And, I suspect she wants to just enjoy the hell out of life.

Oh, and meanwhile, out of curiosity I looked up the actor who played Vicki, and she’s from Georgia.  She passed away a few years ago.  And, as I was typing this post, my iPhone rang.  I looked at the phone number calling me, and…..wait for it……it was from Georgia.   Thanks, Vicki.

“My pleasure, treasure!”


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7 thoughts on “My Soul Is Vicki Dubcek

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Oh my gosh, dear Sistar! I laughed with joy reading this.

    I love your soul and I think our souls speak to each other. Sometimes with a southern accent. ☺️☺️♥️♥️

    I so appreciate this post because I have a pretty big personality and have often feel like I needed to squelch it a bit. Too much for most people. #fuckthatshit

    I even had an incident recently where a man in my exercise class (tried to) ripped me a big fat new one. I bought into it for a bit but realized that I was a convenient target for his freaked out feelings of the DIVINE FEMININE rising. I am always the loudest in my class and it is mostly women. And I discovered that his assertions and attack were completely unfounded.

    Thanks for the encouragement and Joy in this post.


    Time to let me and my soul out of the garage! We’re going on a joy ride!!!!

    Dear ME (beautiful soul)….. I’m listening.

    Love you tons and tons and THANK YOU, JUST THANK YOU!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🍸🍸🍸🍸🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘👑👑👑👑🎤🎤🎤🎤

  2. SiSTAR, I love that your personality is “too much for most people!” As women especially, we need to be our bodacious selves! And Vicky Dubcek filled the bill for me in that moment! She’s a formidable presence. I love her confidence, and her lack of reverence! Enjoy your joyride!!! Love you dear friend!🤗💜💕💕💕

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