Be Irresponsible

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Art by Maria Chambers

One of the hardest things about embodied enlightenment is the notion that if we trust our soul to manage our health, our abundance, and our ascension process, we are being irresponsible.

After all, as the human personality we have been responsible for our life since the beginning of time, it seems.   Now we are being asked to just retire.  To be ok with some nebulous part of us taking over.  Doesn’t that sound not only irresponsible, but absurd?

But let’s first examine the word, responsible.  It contains a portion of the word, respond. Or response.  Almost all of us as the human have been responding to life.  We have been in response-mode.  Something happens, and we respond to it.  We react to it, usually with emotion, or with action, both of which come from the mind, not the soul.

We also respond to the myriad of thoughts and emotions that emanate from our mind, and over time that creates our experience.  So, in that way you could say that we are being very respond-sible.

The problem is that most of those responses are knee-jerk, usually have nothing to do with who we are, and they just perpetuate a whole lot of limiting and unsatisfying experiences.

One common example is taking a joyless job because you want to be responsible.  But by taking the job you are responding to the mind and its version of reality.  Instead how about opting out of doing anything that does not bring you joy?

Or it could be health issues.  The knee jerk response, the response-ible thing to do would be go to a doctor.  And of course there is nothing wrong with that.  But often it feels like there is no other option.  Something is wrong, and it needs to be fixed by something or someone outside self.  Seems like the logical and responsible thing to do.

But there is the option of allowing spirit to continue coming in and clear all of those physical issues.

But that takes a tremendous amount of trust, doesn’t it?


It’s easier to default to the mind.  Everyone does it.  Of course they don’t realize what they are doing.  They have not connected the dots from how they are feeling to what they are experiencing.  They believe that what they are feeling is a result of their experiences.

So they are reacting and responding to their experiences.  They are in that sense being RESPONSE-able.  They are responding to life.  They don’t get that changing their feelings changes their experiences and conditions.

Art by Maria Chambers

Are you getting a sense of where this is going?

Being responsible became a virtue.  It is something the mind created to justify staying in control of our life.  The mind did its best of course under the circumstances.  The human personality and its mind were left to their own devices because they felt abandoned by spirit.

And of course spirit didn’t abandon them, but our soul had to step away early on, when we were children, so we could be accepted in a world that did not embrace spirit.

But spirit, our soul, and out eternal divine presence are all coming back to us now.   They have been doing so for many of us over the past few years.  It’s called awakening.  Ascension.  Embodied enlightenment.  Homecoming.

And, as we go deeper into our awakening, we are going to become more and more ir-responsible.

We are going to respond less and less to the emotions that emanate from the mind.  Those emotions of frustration, sadness, hopelessness, confusion, fear, worry, doubt, boredom.  All emotions we inherited.  They become less and less compelling to our heart.  We will get tired of them, even bored with them.


And that gives the green light to our soul to come in closer and that frequency, a frequency of balance, begins to attract new experiences.  More satisfying ones.

Those feelings of carefreeness, playfulness, bliss, inspiration, freedom, peace, sensuality, confidence, are all from the soul.  And those feelings naturally attract more of the same.  They will change our health, our finances, and our relationships.

So you have a choice.  You can be responsible, and continue to respond to the fears of the mind, or you can be as ir-responsible as you want.  The less you respond to your mind’s emotions, the better.  Let that mind spin its wheels all it wants.  You don’t have to get involved.  And you know it will try its best to get a rise out of you.

And over time the mind begins to relax.  It really does. What a relief!  It gets to be a part of the homecoming, but is no longer responsible for our life or for our enlightenment.  It’s a win-win.

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12 thoughts on “Be Irresponsible

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Love! Got some similar messages last night from The Beans. Love this reinforcement! Love you, dear Sistar Goddess!!!

    Happy 12-12!!!

    Been feeling so off and achy and it is fricking dark out here in Oregon right now. But next Saturday is the solstice. Yay! 🌠🌠🌠🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Love, E

    1. Yeah, siSTAR, looking forward to when the sun will set later beginning on the 21st. Here in Florida we don’t feel it as strongly because the weather is warm, and the sun sets at 5:30 this time of year. I was just musing that it wasn’t long ago, a couple months, when the sun set close to 9p.m. here. The days felt nice and long. I was never a fan of winter, and short and cold days. But then we have to deal with long, sweltering, humid summers and potential hurricanes. Waddya gonna do? Love you too, siSTAR. 💕💕💕💕

  2. Annette

    Love this!!
    I became very irresponsible on 12-1, and after wrestling with the mind in regards to my medication, and on two different occasion ready to throw in the towel, yet didn’t, even though I was feeling so uncomfortable and not like myself….the SOUL took over, and I’ve heard it said “three is a charm”, and boy this is charming!!!

    Love and Hugs My Maria ♥️🤗

    1. Yes, my Annette…I know intimately that feeling of throwing in the towel….so many times I have felt it, especially as the energies keep heating up! And, thankfully, my soul’s sweet voice chimes in and says let’s keep going. We signed up for this. Let’s just give it some more time.

      1. Annette

        I don’t think I conveyed my message well Maria, too much coffee, not enough coffee, who knows…Lol

        I was speaking about ‘throwing in the towel’ so to speak in regards to the medication I was taking, not full body🤪, and I did ‘throw in the towel’ finally on 12-1, and I feel SO much better as a result!

        Hope I made better sense this time…..not the best writer in the world. 🤓

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