The Atlantean Dream

Image credit Maria Chambers

The enigma of becoming fully conscious goes something like this:  You go through a process of releasing the past and all the patterns and karma associated with it, and to do that you need to accept it.  All of it.

How the hell do I do that?  How do I release something by accepting it?  Does that even make any sense?  The good news is, on a human level, we don’t have to figure it out.  Because the human isn’t the one in charge of our enlightenment.

But the human will have to experience the emotional and the physical shifts and movements of energies as they surface.  And it does help the whole process of transformation if the human can relax as much as possible and interfere as little as possible.

What happens is the master within us extracts the wisdom from all those experiences, all the stories, the trauma and drama of this and all of our other lifetimes, and leaves the rest behind.  The memories will always be available, but they will not interfere with our joy.

The human could never orchestrate that.  It isn’t meant to.

I am beginning to think that the hardest part of this process is just allowing it to unfold.  Such a simple word, allow.  Yet so much angst associated with actually putting it into practice.

Practicing allowing.

We are not used to that. As the human with a limited perspective, we have been trying to get it done.  We have been working at things.  At becoming a ‘better’ person.  A happier person, a healthier, a more ‘worthy’ person.

Which, from our soul’s perspective doesn’t make any sense.

If you resonate with the material in this blog, you are at the later stages of your embodied enlightenment.  You no longer need to feel that you have to figure anything out.

At this stage you are being carried along by your Soul, and your I AM.

But you still have free will, so you can make the process harder, and slow it down if it feels like too much.  But if you’re like me, you want to do this.  You feel like you’ve been through enough and are ready to go the distance.  Even if you don’t know what going the distance actually means.  What it looks like.

You may feel at this point you have nothing left to lose.  Literally.

There comes a point where you feel like you can’t imagine ever going back to the old ways of doing life.  You’ve had a taste of being in your own energy and that small human life just ain’t gonna cut it.

You will be lured back into that life.  There are people, energies that want you back there, make no mistake. But you know, at a certain point you couldn’t go even if you wanted to.

It’s a strange place to be.  It can be very lonely.  Not too many can get what you are feeling. If you try to relate to them as that old, small human, it’s painful. Everyone seems lost in their own world, and I’m sure I seem that way to them, too.

But I’m no longer lost in that 3D world.  And I’m not really lost at all.  Granted those human emotions beckon me.  They try to get my attention.  They try to scare me, depress me, and frustrate me.

But the fears don’t have anything to do with that 3D world, and all of the turmoil out there.  The fears seem more ‘close to home’ and seem to be about my own realization.

I have been so devoted to my own embodied realization.  Although I have had many different jobs, that’s my job this lifetime.  It trumps any other job description.  It would have to.  My embodied realization is not a part time job or hobby or pastime.

It also trumps any relationships.  While I have had incredible relationships, the primary relationship has been with myself, my soul, and my I AM. And it took a long time to get there.

This was the lifetime of do or die for me.  It hasn’t been a lifetime of procrastination. This is the one I wanted to be here in a way I have never experienced before.  I knew I couldn’t take any shortcuts.  I knew no drugs or plants could get me there.

And although I have an incredible support base, no one could do it for me.

So it gets lonely, and scary, and depressing.  There are times I don’t think I can stay.  Sometimes it feels too overwhelming.  My mind doesn’t want to believe it’s possible.  But my heart does.  In my heart I know it’s possible.  And it knows that this lifetime has the potential of the Atlantan dream to be fulfilled.

The dream of embodying my Self.

Enjoy another fun video of my artwork on a time lapse using Procreate

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26 thoughts on “The Atlantean Dream

  1. Hi Maria, yet another post that I totally resonate with ❤️
    Personally for me, a truly “full time job” holding the space, holding the frequency, aclimating to the stronger energies, clearings upon clearings (which never seem done)… But deep within, I know All is Well
    And also this message within me, Lemuria is Rising
    I could have a past life there Just curious, do you know anything about Lemuria?

  2. Yes, I.S. Lemuria is also a part of our past. Many of us spent lifetimes there, and we experienced what some call a quasi-physicality. We were experimenting with being in a physical body back then. I believe Atlantis came later.

  3. So well stated dearest sistar.

    At some point in this journey I thought to myself, I can just turn it off. And I made the conscious decision to stick with it. And it has afforded me the most indescribable peace and joy along with intense angst and pain. But so worth it. Especially where I AM at now.


    Profound allowing. A phrase that came to me several years ago. It makes even more sense now. I remember using it in a workshop I was taking and they all looked at me like I was loonie tunes. Ha!

    I can relate to every word you have written here. And thanks for the video. So fun!

    Thanks thank you love love love!

    1. Thank you dear siSTAR for such a beautiful description of the experience. Yes, they thought you were ‘out there’ and yet you were in here. (Pointing to heart and soul)… glad you enjoyed the vid. Love you . 🦋💕💕💕

  4. Once again so well expressed! Feel exactly the same way! 💕 I was just trying to explain to someone that my number one priority is my relationship with my Soul As my primary relationship, as well as my embodiment. Good thing I’ve always been accustomed to being looked at like I’m Extremely and Profoundly Weird! 😊Another thing I’ve learned to accept and allow! My soul smiles at that now.😊😊😊
    Thanks for sharing ✨🙏✨🤗✨💛Sending you Love💕💜💕

    1. That is so funny Fran, how we are seen as the weirdos, until others start to see the holes in the fabric of their own so-called hard bed reality. Then who’s laughing? Heehee.

      And yes, that relationship thing can be confounding to others. Some folks I have tried to share that one with think I mean I’m going through something and then I’ll be ready, or I’m just in between relationships, or I’m playing hard to get, or I have trouble getting close to others, and I need to get out more, and on and on.

      Love to you my friend! 🤗🦋💕

    1. Thanks, Fran. I was experimenting with animation and couldn’t do it the ‘right’ way the tutorial shows, because it looked so tedious….so I decided, what the hell, I’ll just have fun with it. Keep it organic! 🤗

      1. Dear Maria
        It was in many ways soothing to read your article.Thank you.
        Could you mention the 3 most important “ingredientes” you use for allowing.
        I understand verbally what allowing means, I do however need some inspiration
        on HOW to do it in PRACTICALITY, – it would be great to hear som examples.
        Warm regards from Marguerite

        1. Excellent question, Marguerite.

          Allowing. Let’s break it down,
          1. Whatever you are experiencing during your day, whatever decisions you make, or whatever feelings come up, acknowledge all of it, or you could say, accept all of it, as best as you can, without judgement. Just be the observer. Let all of the feelings come in, good or bad, high or low. Fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, doubt. Boredom. And especially the joy. Relax in the knowledge that you can’t get it wrong. Everything is about your enlightenment. Every thought, every feeling, every illness, every ache and pain, is leading you to your realization.
          2. Resist the temptation to analyze or overthink any of it. But if you do, be ok with that, too.
          3. Repeat 1 and 2 as many times as needed.

          And remember the closer you get to your realization. (Your moment of deep knowing and integration with your true Self when you feel no separation) the more you doubt. That’s the surprising thing about enlightenment.


  5. Barbara

    “It hasn’t been a lifetime of procrastination. This is the one I wanted to be here in a way I have never experienced before.”

    Ditto, Maria, took me a “lifetime of patience” to get a handle on the beauty and love of it ALL, and now I find no distinction between the releasing and the allowing, they are the same. So there goes that old riddle out the door, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The answer, “Both”. Lovely article, thank you. I liked “Untitled” as its first title. That’s how I feel at present… a lovely impatience/patience beckons me onwards! Love, B.

    1. Wow, Barbara, very good. I like what you say, that it’s BOTH. Releasing and allowing. No distinction. And funny, your perspective about The title, untitled. It actually is perfect, isn’t it? Maybe it wasn’t an accident that I didn’t title it initially. Haha.

  6. Loving all my kindreds. ♥️♥️
    Thanks for bringing us together, Maria.

    Barbara : 🥚🥚🥚🐔🐔🐔🐣🐣🐣🐔🐔🐔🥚🥚🥚♥️♥️♥️

    Fran: 👽👽👽😛😛😛👍👍👍😉😉😉😉😉👽👽👽♥️♥️♥️

    The title that showed up in my inbox was: 22144.



    1. Oh, it’s my deepest joy to be a part of this incredible community. Thank you dear siSTAR Elizabeth, and all of you who create a beautiful tapestry. ((To use the term our dear siSTAR Brenda Hoffman uses.)

  7. I completely resonate with this, like my body started pinging lol…..your on point descriptions made me laugh out loud a few times!! Thanks for being here in this space, living your truth, so that others feel safe to live theirs❤❤❤

  8. mm

    Yes. These days I don’t seem to have the words but you have conveyed what I believe quite beautifully. Thank you.

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