Free Energy and the New Consciousness

Image by Maria Chambers

We have moved into a new energy.  We have access to energy at any time.  How we use it is up to us.  It’s here to serve us.  As masters we allow life to serve us.  Sound good?

It is good.  It’s great.  But if we are dragging stuff into the New Energy that is old, that no longer serves us, it will not be pretty.

If we insist on dragging in sympathy, empathy, lack of self-worth, old wounds….the new energy will just exacerbate those,  and we will be flatlined.

Energy has a way of magnifying things.  We have all heard horror stories of those who came into fortunes, maybe had a huge lottery win, and within a year or two, lost it all and were even deeper in debt than before their windfall.

And many self-destructed in a number of ways.

If they had issues of lack, the money (energy) just magnified that lack.  They may have drawn to them the money to work through the issue.

As we watch powerful men being called out for abusing their positions with sexual scandals and harassment and worse, we find that those behaviors and attitudes are not created by their particular positions of power or status, but they already held those traits.

But the position, along with the money and power it wielded, just magnified the issues.

President Trump’s ever growing chaos in the West Wing is a prime example of how energy works.  How much more power and status is there in this world than where he sits?

But of course we all know he already embodied all the qualities that are now being brought to the surface and expressed.  All that energy directed toward him as commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation in the world, is magnifying all his unresolved issues.

But in this case, he is needed, not because he is a balanced, compassionate and a self-aware person, but because he isn’t.  He is helping on a soul level to hi-light where more awareness is needed.

” So, energy. It’s free.  It’s available to everyone.”

So, energy.  It’s free.  It’s available to everyone.

We on the forefront of the ascension process, more specifically the embodied enlightenment, are working with a new consciousness, a brand new energy.  An energy that is potent, and requires us to be discerning.  To understand that when we ask for more money, for example, we need to be sure we are not carrying around a poverty consciousness.  Because asking for more energy, in this case in the form of money, will absolutely bring back to us more lack, more of the same.

Because energy is neutral.  It’s not sitting there saying, “Hmmm…looks like Sally over there is asking for more financial resources.  Ok, here it comes Sally.  And don’t worry, even though you are vibrationally in a lackful Consciousness, we got you covered.”

Energy doesn’t have awareness, it’s just a tool to create with.

We are the creators, and we get to express with it, and it will come back around and show us where our frequency is relative to self-worth, to lack.

Most of us doing this deeply challenging inner work are generally not wanting a high-profile life, simply because we understand that we could get easily distracted from all that energy directed toward us.

We also are not so interested in sequestering ourselves to an ashram or being a total recluse.  We have done that in other lifetimes.  This lifetime is different.  We may want to express and share our gifts and our soul and human wisdom.

But those we will be attracting with our energies will be a much smaller number compared to the world’s population.  And that’s fine.  In the new consciousness, it’s not about quantity, it’s all about quality. A small amount of awareness, of consciousness, goes a long, long way.


There is a part of us that wants instant manifestations, and wants a great deal of what we consider the good stuff.  And we certainly deserve all of it, all that life has to offer.

But there is also a benefit to there being a time lag, and that is so we can hone our frequencies to match those of our I AM.  In other words, make sure we are not still indulging predominantly in victim or lackful energies.

This of course takes trust.  It takes allowing our soul to do more and more of the driving for us.  To feel into our soul’s joy, passion, and carefreeness.  To allow that passion to be more and more a part of our life, more and more in our body.

It requires less trying to figure things out and being bold enough to care less and less about how we are going to make it happen.

There will be trial and error.  There is the feeling that our life is turned upside down at times.  But it’s all part of the process.

Using the new energies is much more fluid than the old, more lumbering  ones of 3D.  And they require us to boldly release anything that no longer serves us.  To turn to our beloved partner, our soul, to guide us to the frequencies of joyful creations.

Enjoy, Left My Old Self Behind

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35 thoughts on “Free Energy and the New Consciousness

  1. Sara

    Hi Maria! I’ve been following your blog for a while and once again was so delighted to read another wonderful post from you! I’ve been going through quite similar musings today and felt after reading this text that I could once again just breathe freely. I feel a part of me felt terrified of the prospect that what if I indeed still was dragging victim energies within me into these new energies (truly creating that horror story of my own) and I just kept spinning with it, just feeling tense. But this posting helped me to bring it more into perspective and breathe, breathe, breathe and tap into my soul’s presence. Indeed, all the energies serve the master and this post was a delightful example of that so thank you!

    With blessings,

  2. Public Display Name

    Graçias señorita Chamberos. 👩🏻‍🎤
    On the same timeline here, and it dawned upon me today what free will is. I thought it was following the light no matter what, yet it is having the choice to do so every nanosecond. This is a gamechanger for me, like I just received the game rules of life today. 🤓
    Miracles happened instantaniously… et me share one: sitting on the subway, I noticed I was thirsty. Ah man, I wish I had water! Plop! Out of nowhere an unopened water bottle rolls against my feet. No one came to claim it, it was there just for me… 🤹‍♂️🌈🙏🏻
    Si Maria, miracolos, miracolos, te dije! Adios y buenas tardes. 😘❤️🦄

    1. I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE those miracle stories!!! And you notice that the more you appreciate them, big and small, it attracts more and more. Creating is really effortless. And it’s not being attached that seems to work best, right?

      That’s amazing, Stefan. Kudos man! Shine your light!!!💕💕👍

  3. Public Display Name

    Nice song, and oh so appropriate. Sweet simple video, perfect. Liked the walking shoes. Voice sounds different or is it me? ❤️

  4. Barbara

    Exactly, wonderfully said and expressed in both words and music. Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it’s just there… needs to be recognized for sure, but once recognized and appreciated, well, there you go. Fill it up without fearful wanting and there’s no fearful wanting… just trust that “You can’t always get what you want, but you’ll find sometimes, you’ll get what you need.” See Stefan’s comment!

    Thanks, Maria, for relaxing my heart/mind and your song is beautiful. May I ask who plays the flute? One of my favorite instruments, yet I never learned how to play unless you count blowing across the top of a glass bottle or across a comb with a piece of wax paper on it! Small wonders always got my attention. Those small wonders are miracles, too, because there’s no competition in the miracles department! Love, B.

    1. Thanks dear Barbara….for your wisdom. Small wonders is a good way of putting it. I’m glad you enjoyed the song. The flute music is me playing in the background via a separate track. On some songs I record several tracks using a variety of instruments through my keyboard. I love the flute too. Sometimes it can be almost too hauntingly beautiful and brings tears. All good. 💕

  5. kat

    Love the song Maria! It has a “Gypsy” feel to it which I adore. And your voice is divine!

    And great article once again, as always. I have been having loss of appetite (although it’s slowly getting back now) for a couple of weeks now, I reckon it’s another phase of purging and releasing old stuff. I feel the new energies are SOO powerful. I had some headaches and body pains, too but that dissipated thank God.
    love you

    1. Aw thanks my dear Kat, so nice to hear….and it was so much fun to create…as far as the appetite, I think it’s typical of this process, where there is ravenous hunger or loss of appetite, or a mix of both. and you are wise to trust it. I have the same, where I could be hungry all day and want to eat often, and then not feel like eating much, but sometimes I will eat simply out of boredom, especially comfort type foods.

      And yes, I too feel the pressures some days more than others to these energies. Sometimes all I can do is rest and take it easy. I noticed lately sinus pressure, achiness in my head,, even my gums hurt, accompanied with a general body achiness. Almost like flu symptoms. Like a general malaise.

      And then they pass. I can’t imagine going through this and having a family, and kids and a job. It’s no coincidence I chose the lifestyle I am living….at least for me, I have my hands full just doing this integration…it’s my full time job.

      Love to you my friend 💕💕💕

      1. kat

        “And then they pass. I can’t imagine going through this and having a family, and kids and a job. It’s no coincidence I chose the lifestyle I am living….at least for me, I have my hands full just doing this integration…it’s my full time job.”

        Absolutely! It boggles my mind how someone could maintain a family life, a full time job AND ascension. I’m glad I’m free to rest whenever I want. ❤

        And yeah the pressure is definitely there! Currently I'm feeling it in my forehead and my jaws. I have been doing some guided chakra meditation (root and sacral) from youtube and it's really nice. But the inner pressure doesn't dissipate with it, so it must be an ascension thing where it will go away when it's ready to go.

        Have you noticed as well how much easier it has gotten though? Even when I had severe stomach pain a week ago with massive pain in my back and the absolutely inability to eat anything I wasn't worried at all, but happy that I'm letting go of even more old stuff. 🙂

        1. Yeah, it is interesting…I think our body is beginning to accommodate these energies more easily, the longer we have been in the process. And actually, it’s our light body that’s doing the adjusting, not so much our physical body. Because if you’ve noticed, our physical vessel has been able to tolerate environmental pollutants, foods, and various other energies adequately. It’s been designed to do that.

          But with the introduction of the light body, our angelic body, there is a lot of learning and adjusting going on. It’s a brand new experience for our light body to be here so intimately on earth…it’s always been at a distance from us on a physical level.

          So it’s learning how to be here with the physical body.

          And at the same time, our carbon based body is having to let go of so much on a cellular level. We’re doing something that would normally take several lifetimes to accomplish.

          So I agree, it does get easier, as we just trust in ourselves and in this transformation. The more we can just allow it, the better…it can be frustrating when some things seem to be stuck physically in our body, but as you say, “it will go away when it’s ready to go.” 💕

          1. kat

            “But with the introduction of the light body, our angelic body, there is a lot of learning and adjusting going on. It’s a brand new experience for our light body to be here so intimately on earth…it’s always been at a distance from us on a physical level.”

            Yeah definitely! It feels like the light body is in the process of merging with the physical body and on its way to fully merge with the physical body it comes across old stuck energies that then have to be released by us in order for the light body to go in deeper until it’s fully merged with the physical body. That’s how it feels to me

  6. Public Display Name

    My best friend Charlie passed away this morning at 09:03. I got him out a shelter 2,5 years ago and he was the bravest, sweetest and prettiest dog I’ve ever seen.
    He waited until my daughter was back from her mother’s to make sure he could go to Heaven with peace in his heart.
    Rest in Peace Charlie, my loyal companion, you showed me what love is.

    1. Oh my dear Stefan, words can’t express that loss of such a dear friend who loves you so unconditionally, but my deepest compassion. So, it was his time, and now he awaits you so you can both reunite…..or, I’ve heard that our pets often come back as other animals to be with us…either way, the connection is eternal. Love and hugs😍🤗💕

      1. Barbara

        My heart is with you, Stefan, and I do agree with Maria about either reuniting with our beloved four-footed when we leave this Planet, or them returning as another while we’re still here. Since I was little I’ve held a picture of the first thing happening once I’m off this Planet… I ‘come to’ in a beautiful field, and in the distance I see every one of my animal companions over the years running towards me to greet me. The reunion is so good and so much fun, I can ‘feel’ it. Love to you and to Charlie. B.

  7. Annette

    Hello My Dear Sweet Maria,
    Oh how I love your words!! And, your voice/music…..YOU ROCK MY WORLD!
    Love, love, loved that song!! ❤️✌🏼️✨❤️

    1. And hello to you, my dear, sweet Annette. Thank you for YOUR kind words! I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and the song. It’s truly my deepest joy and pleasare, to not only create them, but to share them with you. Love to you.😍💕💕💕

  8. Lisa

    “It requires less trying to figure things out and being bold enough to care less and less about how we are going to make it happen.”

    Bingo! Perfectly said, Maria. As Adamus said in a recent Shoud, we are basically giving two middle fingers to mass consciousness. And, while that ‘sounds’ great, actually executing/living through it is quite a different thing. And all of us here are doing the latter.

    Another brilliant post!
    Keep ’em coming!


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