Is It Time For The Feminine?

Image by Maria Chambers

March is Women’s History Month.  While it is good to recognize and celebrate the women that contributed to, among other things, making all women more free, and while so many of these women sacrificed so much toward that end, I look forward to a time when there is no more need for a month out of the year to celebrate women as a gender in any capacity.

Any more than there is a need to celebrate men as a gender in any capacity.   In fact, doesn’t it sound redundant to have a Men’s History Month?

I look forward to a time when women will be recognized for their contributions as people, and not as a gender.  But, alas, I will be long gone from this Earth before that happens.


It was probably about 1958. Dad was working in the basement, repairing something or building a shelf. He was looking for a tool in his toolbox.

I wandered down the stairs and eagerly asked, “Daddy, can I help?” He laughed and said, “No, honey, girls don’t fix things. They don’t work with these tools.

In the grammar school I attended boys were teased mercilessly for ‘throwing like a girl.’

Growing up, I was taught to focus on pleasing men. Making sure I was attractive enough, supportive and accommodating enough for them.

It was a different time.

Or was it?  How far have we really come from a time when women were being treated like second class citizens?  Can we honestly say that we now live in a world that sees women as equal to men in every area of life?

If we are still using sentences that begin with men and women, and we still have a woman’s history month, the answer would have to be no.  If men still cringe when someone acknowledges their feminine side, we still have a long way to go.

If the worst of the toxic masculine…..who is, among other things, more corrupt, inept, incompetent, without conscience, and clearly more self-serving than any previous high-ranking politician in U.S. history… elected to the most powerful position in the world, instead of a woman who is vastly more qualified, as a politician and as a human being……we still have a lot of work to do.

It’s no surprise to any of us that historically women have come last. In recent history we see this exemplified as women struggled to gain the right to vote.  It involved decades of lobbying and fighting against a white male establishment that had been in power for a very long time.


It’s hard to believe that I was born a mere 30 years after women won this right.  It’s also hard to believe that women had to fight so hard and sacrifice so much for such a long time for that right. For the basic human right that was granted unquestioningly to their male counterparts.  First to white men, then to Black men, men of color, and eventually to all U.S. Citizens, except women.

One of the women who was at the forefront of the suffrage movement asked the then President of the United States why women weren’t now in a place to be included in the constitution.  Women, Black and White worked hard to help free the slaves.  So wasn’t it now right for women to be able to vote?  He responded, “It is not your time,”

Women from all walks of life continued to fight for the freedoms that we take for granted today. Some of which are the freedom for a woman to have control over her own body, her reproductive rights.  The freedom to own and inherit property. The freedom to divorce, and to be able to obtain custody of her own offspring. Women were not free to refuse sex within the bounds of their own marriage. A husband had the right to his wife’s body. She was essentially his property, and he was protected under law to use and abuse her.  Other freedoms were hard-won, such as the right to attend college, and to be involved in politics. These and many other rights are quite recent in the history of this planet.  In fact, some as recent as the last four decades.

In spite of these hard-won victories, women are still not seen as equals in many ways compared to their male counterparts. They are still paid almost 20% less for the same work.

In some countries women are still not permitted the same human rights as their husband and other men.

A woman’s reproductive rights are still a battle, as the government tries to repeal Roe vs. Wade.   Her struggle to be recognized as a human being continues to this day. Misogyny and sexism still run deep in our culture and in our world. Not just in employment and other areas do women come up second to men, but it pervades our world and our culture in some of the most subtle yet insidious ways. Women live in fear because they’re always concerned about their physical safety, but how they are perceived as a human being has taken its toll.


The first woman to speak in public was ridiculed, heckled and cat-called. That was but a few years ago in the scheme of history.

Sadly, those behaviors are still with us as any woman can attest to. Where, in a large city she often finds herself in the same predicament simply walking down the street.

Up until recently, the cat-calling and propositioning by men was something that most people did not question. And the inappropriate touching.  It was just a part of life. In fact, we were told that we should feel flattered. And we were also told that if it was uncomfortable maybe we should dress differently or have an escort. It seems it was always our responsibility for the inappropriate sexual behavior of men.

As a young woman my heart was filled with joy as I walked throughout the ancient city of Athens, Greece. I inhaled the sights and sounds.  Its colors and aromas were extraordinary. But my joy was eroded because of my treatment by the men in that city who groped me and cat-called and propositioned me as I walked down the streets. It was insulting and demeaning, a violation of my body, and by today’s standards, in many places, illegal.

But being young and resilient I did not let it stop me completely from enjoying the city without an escort.


Date-rape was part of my experience as well as with many other women. I was very young and afterword I wonder if I made the wrong choice to go home with my date. At that time it was not a culture of awareness as we see today. Now we are seeing an uprising of women who no longer want to be responsible for the actions of men.  Even as far as conversation lately about women feeling pressured by men and coerced by them into romance and sex. The Yes Means Yes (the enthusiastic yes) movement is gaining momentum.

Image by Maria Chambers

If a woman shows in every way through body language and even verbally that she is not interested in romance or sex, this should not give men a pass to just try harder, to be more persuasive.  To be manipulative.

It’s not that men cannot read a woman’s body language or other things she says to turn him down politely. It’s not that he doesn’t understand that she is not interested, but he sees her turning him down as a challenge, or as her just playing hard to get.  As if she is not capable of attracting someone without being coy.

Consequently, the whole stalking-seen-as-romantic-trope is alive and well.

These behaviors reduce women to objects and not human beings. The boys will be boys, or it’s what guys do, is no longer a valid excuse.  The idea that inappropriate behavior is built into their DNA.  Women are clearly tired of being sexualized, and of being told they are responsible for men feeling entitled to women’s bodies.

That they are temptresses and seductresses.


Many women have been conditioned, through history  to over-nurture, and some of that is for practical reasons.  Historically, women’s safety and well-being were dependent upon men who were capable of becoming violent.  Many women today fear for their own safety because they have seen and have intimately experienced what male anger is capable of.

History and statistics have proven this out alarmingly.  So assuaging the male anger became second nature to her.

I can remember that feeling in me as I grew up as a female. Always trying to temper the male anger. An anger built on a fragile male ego.

Again, looking back on my 3D life as a woman, I was not spared inappropriate advances from certain family members, teachers, employers, doctors, dentists, or just men on the street.

Did it feel wrong. Yes. Did I trust my gut?  No, not completely. That’s because the culture didn’t trust women. It saw them as basically untrustworthy, especially if they tried to challenge the male status quo.


Image by Maria Chambers

The feminine has been asking the masculine to trust her for a very long time.

Interestingly I was not as outraged as I would be today with this behavior because it was so deeply entrenched in the culture, and as a woman it was just something you dealt with. It was a part of every day life. Add to that the much more subtle yet insidious ways that women were treated and condescended to. The way they were portrayed in the media and television and movies.

But then, most of the writers were male, and so the storylines were told through the male lens, and expressed the male fantasy of how women should look and behave.   The female character is portrayed as gradually giving in to her persistent follower, who sends her over-the-top gifts and flowers and who keeps showing up at her home or cafe or workplace.  Even after she repeatedly says she is not interested, in body language and verbally, the dogged pursuit of his ‘one true love’ wins her heart.

The disrespect of her boundaries and dismissal of her choice, and the manipulation of her emotions is seen as being romantic and as proof that he really loves her.  Rather than as a creepy stalker, who clearly has issues.

Men were taught, not how to relate to women, but how to manipulate them.  Being a good listener, and accommodating her needs was seen as a means to an end, and not as being a decent human being.

People are concerned, especially men that the #MeToo movement has gone too far. But it has only just begun. It is a precursor to change on this planet.

Many men are claiming that now they are very uncomfortable and don’t know how to act with women. This is understandable, since there will be a period of discomfort and adjustment for everyone concerned. But real change has never come in a comfortable way, has it?

And just as with women’s right to vote, and the women’s liberation movement, there will be an initial backlash and resistance by both men and women to the basic human rights and freedoms of women.

Some men are getting caught in what they feel is the crossfire and will be accused of things that perhaps they did not do.

Perhaps they will lose their jobs as a result and derail their careers. Women have been all too intimate with that situation. Not being believed at their word. Being accused of and shamed for things they were not responsible for, like sexual abuse, harassment and rape. And having their own careers derailed at the hands of those who do not want them to speak their own truth.

But, the very thing that women have been accused of, of being too emotional, too sensitive about things, will play in men’s favor because of her compassion, because of her own experience of not being believed, no woman would want to judge anyone for something they did not do.

But for the most part these women are telling the truth. They are to be trusted.

Women have been accused of being hysterical and incapable of reason. Yet crime statistics show clearly which gender is the more hysterical and unreasonable.

Suppressing emotions, especially fear and feelings of abandonment, shutting down the heart, is the primary cause of violence. And we know which gender in general suppresses emotions in order to appear stoic and manly.

So as far as women placing blame where it does not belong, it’s unlikely. Coming forward with allegations, and reliving the experiences, and being shamed, fearing retaliation or worse, is no picnic. And many of these women are not asking for financial damages.


Women from democratic societies look to their Muslim sisters as unfortunate for having to wear the hijab. Yet many of these Muslim women feel protected by that type of clothing from what they perceive as women being judged and persecuted for ‘displaying’ their bodies in certain ways. So many of these women hold fast to their tradition. And yet, the same women can be stoned or even murdered at the hands of her own father or husband if she ‘dishonors’ her family.  She can be judged, juried, condemned and executed by her own flesh and blood. What freedom is there for her?

The Women’s Liberation Movement made strides, but it also perpetuated the idea that women had to be more like men in order to be treated as an equal.  And while she was applauded for ascending to leadership positions, she was not allowed to rise too high.  There is still the glass ceiling.

Some say that the patriarchy is on its last legs. Perhaps that’s true, but those legs could last quite a while longer can’t they? While the new resurgence of feminism is encouraging, we know how history has shown us that there’s waves of progress accompanied by backlash.

We who are on the forefront of this enlightenment process know that true change can only come when each human being begins to embrace their own divine nature and recognizes that what is happening here on the planet is just the galactic story being played out.

We know there has been an acceleration of energies, and an infusion of light on the planet that has triggered a paradigm shift.

But we also are aware that the planet we have incarnated onto at this time is still at the early stages of its own Ascension process. That does not mean however that our Ascension process is going to be detained another few lifetimes. Not at all. We have chosen the accelerated path and that is why our lives seem to be falling apart. You can’t allow this much change and this much light and not have things disrupted.

You also can’t enforce or coerce change


The courageous women who fought tirelessly for the basic human rights of all women may have known on a soul level that we were going to need certain things in place so that we could concentrate our efforts on our inner beings. Without simple human rights it would be very difficult to be able to do the work we are doing.

Many of us made sure we were born into more democratic countries for this exact purpose. We came in at a time when we felt the energies were ripe for change. And they are. But we must recognize that change isn’t something that happens overnight on a very dense planet like planet earth. But we did come here to plant seeds of change just as our  fore-mothers did. They knew that they would not be able achieve it all in their lifetime, but it did not stop them from doing the joyful work that would lead others to pick up where they left off. Their story was not a part of history books for quite a long time.  And still, there are many women left out of that history, who were not properly acknowledged – Black women and women of color.

Even though I lived through what most women on the planet have lived through, there was always a part of me that knew that all is well. On some level I knew that I was here for different purposes. I buried that knowledge as many of us did, in order to go through most of what other humans have gone through.

Image by Maria Chambers


As I read about women’s experience in the third dimension, of being in so many ways raped of their dignity, they say that it has profoundly affected their lives and has left indelible wounds. For someone still deep into the third dimension this is totally understandable.

But for those of us who have come in from a different perspective, we understand that we are not our history. That is in fact the basis of our teaching.  That we are here to step out of our old story. If we are women in this lifetime it is by design. We came in as the new leaders of the new consciousness. The feminine energy holds the solution to the galactic imbalance. It is no coincidence that mostly women are attracted to spiritual teachings of the new energy.

How could we possibly be good teachers if we had not experienced some of these things on such an intimate, first hand level?

And the solution lies in embodying the Christ Consciousness, and allowing that consciousness to burst forth within us and express itself, without shame, without guilt, and without fear.


There is a high level of awareness like never before among women, and they are now emerging from the shadows and making their voices count, as they become active in politics and social areas in larger and larger numbers.

Young students in the future will crack open their virtual history books and remark at how ridiculous it was that a president of the United States was being investigated for collusion with Russia, when his downfall should have been much earlier in his political career, concerning his remarks toward and about women.

But as they read further, they see that he is brought to justice, but not because of a Russian investigation, but because of the women who stood up to him.  He met his match with his biggest fear…the feminine.

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44 thoughts on “Is It Time For The Feminine?

  1. Elila

    BRAVO Maria. Fucking BRAVO. Need to read again and absorb more fully but wanted you to know how much I love it already. Even though you were concerned it might be too long, it didn’t feel long at all. My impression as I read was that I was so impressed at how you managed to cover so many aspects so succinctly and get to the heart of things…..well done, you 😊💕

    1. Adavai, thank you. And it’s such an honor to be here on the planet with other women who had the courage to incarnate in the female gender. And who are allowing the awakening of their own Christ Consciousness. So thank you for shining your unique light here. 💕

  2. Barbara

    “We who are on the forefront of this enlightenment process know that true change can only come when each human being begins to embrace their own divine nature and recognizes that what is happening here on the planet is just the galactic story being played out.”

    All day I have been thinking of your post, Maria, and about my past in relation to it, my Irish happy-drunk hardworking father and my stiff-upper-lip English hard-working mother who met at the end of WW2, and how each in their own way taught me what I needed to know as my brother and I grew up in a small Canadian town, attending one-room schoolhouses where imagination was still allowed in art classes on Friday afternoons, after we practiced running in ditches in case of nuclear attack… and learning sensuality from gardens, out-door toilets, farms, animals, a river that froze for skating and warmed for swimming, and playing fearlessly, me as Indian Princess and my brother as Great White Explorer, sexuality coming slowly with a Dad who said, “Don’t turn down a boy when he asks you to dance. It takes great courage for that boy to walk across the floor to ask you.” And a Mum who wrote me a letter about boys and men who may want to hurt me…. she didn’t mention girls or women, but they hurt me perhaps more than I care to acknowledge. But I digress…

    Thank you for giving me this post so that I could do the ‘life review’ that I’ve done today, and although there is so much more I could say with respect to the content of your article, I need to answer your question: “Is it Time for the Feminine?” I revert to your paragraph quoted above and answer, “It is Time for Both.” Love, B.

    1. Thank you Barbara, for sharing your beautiful story. I could feel just what you were describing. Yes, and there is so much to recount. And for every memory that felt dark, there was one that was light.
      loved this:
      “and learning sensuality from gardens, out-door toilets, farms, animals, a river that froze for skating and warmed for swimming, and playing fearlessly, me as Indian Princess and my brother as Great White Explorer”
      There was a simplicity, and a beauty to our past, too. And really, even the dark wasn’t what it seemed to be. We seem to be letting go not of the memories but of our attachment to them. And everyone was really just doing their best with what they had to work with.
      It always felt like my dad in particular was trying to protect me from men as I was getting to the dating age. He clearly didn’t trust them mostly because in his day he himself was a Greek lothario.
      I mean, he got the head nun at a Greek Convent pregnant, for Pete’s sake!
      Your mum’s comment about the boys at the dance is so telling of what we had internalized. Innocent enough at the dance, but then later in life hearing things like, ‘give the guy a chance, he’s a decent fellow,’ about someone who would persist in pursuing you in spite of you not being interested.
      Oh, that’s so funny about the ditches and nuclear attacks…..we had similar drills at school, and they never felt real, certainly not like what the children must feel today vis a vis the gun attacks.
      And yes, the art classes…wow, spot on. We sure did use our imaginations, in so many more ways back then, without the distractions of smartphones and Instagram. 💕

  3. Elila

    A couple thoughts….

    Barbara what you write here is lovely. I like the same phrase Maria refers to about learning sensuality, and the one that really resonated for me was about how in your mum’s letter she didn’t mention to be wary of girls or women….I have had that same experience with females. I think sometimes possibly I have been more devasted by females than males because I trusted them more and thought I was somehow “safer” with them.

    Reading and thinking about how women have been treated historically here in this unfathomable density has left me a bit saddened and ……and I don’t know? Just feeling odd….
    It’s so crazy how the feminine has been so maligned and underappreciated and I can’t help but mourn what humanity is missing by discounting her? Like cutting off its nose to spite it’s own face…

    And also thinking about what you said Maria about the way movies portray things and subsequently have a not great cultural effect. I was thinking yesterday how it has affected all genders–this idea that if the person you fancy isn’t interested you simply aren’t trying hard enough or being convincing/alluring enough. I can recall in my youth boys or men who weren’t interested in me but I persisted in mooning over them and trying to get them to like me. Isn’t it interesting though that as adults in movies the men who don’t take no for an answer are seen as hopeless romantics but the women who don’t give up are psycho bunny-boiling fatal attractions?

    And the part about men feeling uncomfortable now and unsure how to behave with women–i think this is a good thing. Perhaps it is needed for some of them to dial it back some & reassess what is appropriate or welcome and that hesitancy or discomfort creates some space to do that if that makes sense?

    Also I’m noticing that this discussion we are having here, and the bigger discussion that is happening nationally and globally pertaining to the treatment of women–well I’m feeling it physically. There seems to be a LOT of ick being stirred up and released and it’s taking quite a lot of energy and has me feeling at times agitated and other times a bit of a funk and also pretty darn tired!….anyone else?

    Extra love to us all💙💙💙

    1. Elila….sometimes this venue feels so limited. I wish we could all just gather together at a cafe somewhere or at someone’s house with our coffee and our tea and our wine or whatever, and talk for hours about this stuff.

      And bingo, about the movie trope of man stalking woman = romantic and woman stalking man = just fucking crazy bitch. Your excellent descriptor, “ psycho bunny-boiling fatal attractions,”

      That hasn’t changed much over the years, either. Except now they do the geek subculture like on THE BIG BAND THEORY, which I actually used to enjoy. But they frame the geeks and nerds, who are the antithesis of the masculine man, as comical in their attempts to perve on women, to persue them, stalk them, and simply wear them down.

      They aren’t trying to hide their sexism, they’re poking fun at it, but they end up still being the lovable good guys.

      Misogyny plus a laugh track equals something very troubling,

      And good point about the men now stepping back. The mansplaining isn’t terribly welcome right now. Women have been told for far too long by men how they are supposed to feel and act and think.

      It’s hard not to feel all of this personally as it unfolds on the world stage. I know it gets to me at times, and really, in spite of the male entitlement, the men are in their own hell. They have like you say cut off their nose…etc, as have so many women who embrace the patriarchy,

      So yes, misogyny is bad for everyone. For men and women.

      1. Barbara

        Oh, yes, Elila, fatigued, tense, pensive, melancholy etc., and thank you for your good description of the encounters with those males you were attracted to when the feelings weren’t returned. I’m still mooning over George Harrison and/or Eric Clapton. I could not figure out how Patty Boyd managed to get both!

        And ‘psycho bunny-boiling fatal attraction’. Oh, that made me smile, while I also once had a room-mate who was one such psycho, who, when she was spurned, went to his place and threw rocks through the windows of his house. Perhaps she had seen the movie, Flash Dance, too many times, but I was genuinely shocked at her reaction to rejection.

        I have come to terms with the fact that in my so-called past lives, or as I think of them, my simultaneous lives in the Now of this 3D hologram, that I have been both male and female, and that realization made it necessary for me to delve into my own masculine/feminine energies, the light and dark of both. Wasn’t all the fun, believe me, but in the end (thank heavens for linear time) I came to terms with those energies, forgave me/them, let go, and arrived in… again, just as you said in an earlier post, Maria… balance, along with a feeling that I, personally, can let go now. Again, you described that letting go well in an earlier post, Maria, but the symbolism of a recent dream I had drove it home.

        I have renovated and am about to re-open a restaurant. I’m pleased with my work because it is beautiful, but I’m still not quite ready to open it, when suddenly a lot of people come through the door. I quickly set a table in a ‘back room’ as the ‘main room’ isn’t ready for guests, only to come back to the ‘main room’ to find that someone has set up a massive table covered in a buffet of amazing food and everyone is having a grand time… all in technicolor!

        Thank you for HEARING me. That’s one sense I know for sure that women have that men might take note of… I got so tired of being called a ‘nag’ when I made it a point to remind gently every three months or so! Love, B.

        1. Barbara, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

          That’s quite a fascinating dream…..

          Your dream reminded me that as the human I sometimes don’t feel i am ready to invite spirit into my body and my life, because I still need ‘work’ and have all these unresolved issues. but spirit doesn’t see me that way. Spirit is abundant with joy and is more than ready and willing to express and share that joy with others.

          Thank you for sharing. Gave me ‘food for thought.’

        2. Elila

          Barbara me too with the fatigue/melancholy etc–you describe it well. I have been feeling extremely off this whole past week, physically and emotionally, even feeling strong bouts of stuff like insecurity and anxiety which haven’t been part of my experience in a long while now so it’s standing out. Things feel very stirred up and a bit murky!

      2. Elila

        Oh Maria you would think after all our time together I wouldn’t still be so startled when you are so in my head!!! And this time it’s a two-fer: one, sooo many times I have wished we could all just be in a room together sharing and expressing in comfy chairs with beverages of choice and yummy snacks. You are so right it would absolutely be at LEAST an all nighter for sure. Who knows? As our manifestation abilities become more and more fine tuned & powerful it may actually happen! (We just need to be careful to manifest stefan with PANTS on LOL).
        Two, I have been feeling and noticing just exactly what you said about Big Bang Theory. Started watching it years ago with my niece and nephew and it was great because it was something 3 generations of us could watch and enjoy as a family. So I have seen every episode multiple times (except for the current season) and have gotten somewhat invested over the ten seasons of it on DVD. But recently I’ve been bothered by it for just the reasons you mention. It occurred to me that Sheldon Cooper is our modern Archie Bunker (and I never liked HIM even as a child). Some of the things he says are horrendous but they frame him still as loveable and just hopelessly flawed. Same with Howard and ridiculously sexist behavior. It’s really got me looking at it much differently, and questioning a lot of things. Ive always dealt with uncomfortable things with humor, but now its making me uncomfortable to see it used to downplay stuff like sexism and racism etc. It seems to then just facilitate those things being more mundane feeling or more easily unnoticed or let go in daily life. Incredible how insidious all this maligning the feminine is, and how much we have gotten so used to that we barely notice it sometimes. And look how the light is turning on to it and getting brighter and more revealing–at least for a small faction of us. Hopefully the numbers continue to grow. What you said about how disturbing misogyny + a laugh track is, well that I think can be applied to more than just a sit-com. That’s happening in real life too–when bad behavior is played off as “just kidding around” or “joking”…. & then blaming the butt of the “joke” for being overly sensitive and shrill or just plain crazy….and the whole life imitating art effect…..hmmm.
        You are right maria–misogyny serves no one and it’s time for it to evaporate. And I hope the movement goes a little faster than winning the vote……

        1. Mmmmm….I love everything you express here, Elila… that my eyes are wide open to the reality…..and that’s in part because of things like the#MeToo Movement….I have not been able to watch some of the beloved tv shows and sitcoms like BBTHEORY, and even Woody Allen Movies, which I absolutely adored.

          I suppose we can separate the artist from the art in som cases, but maybe it’s too soon as they say.

          But now I notice the sexism and misogyny in so many places, and it’s hard to watch. Not that I ever identified with the female characters in tv, movies and media. And of course initially I thought I was flawed. Why didn’t I look like the women on FRIENDS or on SEX AND THE CITY?

          It’s why I loved Roseanne because she broke ground for how women were supposed to look and act. But alas, not any more. Not now.

          Frankie and Grace ar very 3D, but at least they are older women, and they have great chemistry and I love Lily Tomlin.

          But really I identified more with the male characters, at least because they seemed to have more freedom and more fun.

          And yep, it’s not just the media, but in everyday life, and I am more aware and sensitive to it now. It’s like I’m making up for lost time.

          Of course, from the broader (Feminine) perspective, it’s just the galactic story being played out. The masculine not trusting th feminine, feeling abandoned, and the feminine overnurturing the masculine out of fear and guilt….I get it.

          But still, it’s becoming zero tolerance more and more.

          I used to apologize to the guy I accidentally said ma’am to…or that I said of him he had some great FEMININE qualities., and I apologized because I saw how he cringed. Now when it happens, I demand an apology from HIM.

          1. Elila

            Same here Maria. So much of the entertainment that I can’t watch anymore. I used to love Sex and the City, and now it makes me cringe. I adored Roseanne and took a LOT of flack for liking her and defending her, and now she makes me cringe too and I’m not interested in the reboot at all. And I have not been able to bear most movies because even the best of them has more struggle and drama than I can endure anymore. So I had stopped watching EVERYTHING except BBT with the kids and cheesy hallmark-y Christmas movies which me and my sister have loved our whole lives lol. I haven’t seen Frankie and grace but I do love those two and just this week saw a few YouTube vids with Jane fonda and also the trailer to that movie “Book Club”–now I adore all those actresses and actors in that one (embarrassing don Johnson crush I can’t shake lol)– and those ladies are all smart, and beautiful and fun so I was all excited till I saw that part of the main line of the narrative is that 50 Shades book and I deflated instantly. We have talked about it before here how there is just no media entertainment out there that reflects us. And now it’s even harder because we are seeing even the few things we could still like in an even harsher light with the metoo movement.
            Interestingly since I’ve not had any wifi for the last six months I wasn’t watching anything except BBT DVDs of seasons past. And I’m just not able to look at it the same anymore. Like you said, I am too now more aware and sensitive, and seeing it everywhere. At times its getting really confusing–i see or hear something im not sure of, like is that sexist too? And why is THAT ok but this over here has everyone outraged….and stuff like rose mcgowan vs alyssa milano blahblahblah. And yep more and more zero tolerance. Which leads back to not having anything to read or watch and being bored and wishing we could all hang out and be our own entertainment!!!

          2. You nailed it Elila…..

            And it seems the widening gap we are experiencing between us and the third dimensional world isn’t making it easier to find people or entertainment we can connect with.

            Even just a movie or tv show that would have a theme other than romance, the boy meets girl and they fall in love and complete each other.

            How about a movie where the protagonist falls in love with themselves. But I really don’t expect to find that. So these days I resort to documentaries, and Monk. And even looking at the news. That’s much more entertaining than anything on celluloid.

            I mean, you got your drama, your Russian intrigue, your prom star, scandal, corruption. What’s Donald up to next? Who will he fired? He has us On the edge of our seat. (Not) Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. Which seems to come pretty quickly, sometimes within 24 hours. Binge worthy.

            And speaking of feeling confused about what is sexist…..I think as women especially we have been trained out of trusting our feelings and instincts, and when we have trusted and acted on them, we were shamed for it, and blamed for it. and so it’s natural to feel conflicted sometimes about whether something is sexist and demeaning.

            I think it’s the ones that are so subtle, those are the hardest to detect. An example is, when I said to a male friend that there is still Sexism in the world. His response was that men love women….”We (men) love women.”

            On its face it sounds good. We’re loved by men. But it made me cringe, and I wasn’t sure exactly why.

            Maybe because once again, we are lumped into a gender, and seen as a homogeneous thing that men get to love. The other one is woman should be cherished and protected. Really? I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy being compared to a Royal Daulton tea set.

            But these kinds of remarks on their face sound positive, and maybe that’s why the confusion comes in. Like the time I was filling my car up with windshield washer fluid, and a man stopped by and asked if I needed help. I was parked in front of a busy strip mall, and at first I thought that’s nice, he’s just being a concerned citizen.

            But when I said, no, I got it, thanks, he said he was concerned I wasn’t putting it in the correct receptacle. Well, don’t get me started on that one. Maybe that ones a bad example lol.

            We prefer being seen as people, not as a thing to wet men’s sexual appetites. And of course I’m only speaking about the toxic male energies, certainly not all men. And women subscribe to it too.

            I have to admit, even for myself, I have always found that women seem more sexy than men, and I am straight. I used to say it’s because women’s bodies are beautiful more than men’s. But now I recognize that bias as a conditioned response to a world that sees women as highly sexualized.

            It’s like women are trained to see themselves through the male lens, as having to be appealing physically, as sexualized. So, it’s not even what men may say to us or about us, it’s a pervasive attitude that we FEEL. Well, for many of us, perhaps not any more. We caught on to the game, and we are not in it anymore.

            So, for myself, I’m starting to trust my feelings. If something feels wrong, like it is not uplifting, if it makes me feel uncomfortable, even mildly, or less as a person, no matter how complimentary it may sound, it’s a sexist remark. And that’s true, even if the person saying it or doing it isn’t consciously aware of it.

            And of course, the next question is, then what? Do you call them on it? I guess it depends, each instance is unique.

          3. Elila

            Perhaps we need to lobby for an amendment to the rating system that lets us know that “no animals were harmed in the making of this film”. How about ” No WOMEN were harmed in the making of this…..”

      1. So much love here. xoxoxoxo SISTAR GODDESS!

        I forwarded to what I call my Girl Goddess Tribe. A mum and her two daughters (20 and 24). I consider these three to be some of my best friends.

        We talk about this kind of stuff all the time.

        AND I was having the same thought that it would be so fun to gather in a room with coffee and talk about all this.

        You said it so well. AND there is so much that we ALL could talk about.


  4. Phoenix

    I have a tattoo on my left hand, part of it is a snake on a coil. Some say it is Aesclepius. In fact it is the Goddess Isis who could raise the dead back to life. Of course this did not fit in the patriarchal structure the Matrix wants us to believe in. Hence, the healer became a man.
    Isis’s symbol, the Snake Bearer (also mistakenly called Ophiuchus), is the 13th symbol of the zodiac. It is right in the middle of the Galactic Centre.
    13 is a sacred number, wisely left out by the Church, and refers to the greatest Apostle and Jesus’s favourite and wisest friend: Maria Magdalena. In fact she was Jesus’s wife and they had children together. But of course it’s more convenient to name her a prostitute and to make Jesus a single guy without children (and a huge right arm from masturbating) so monks/priests and the lot have a reason for their fake existence and keeping women away from positions of power.
    Of course all the male apostles did not like Magdalena being Jesus’s favourite neither. Their ego’s were hurt. Ah men…
    And all the women didn’t like Magdalena either, mostly because she was a woman. Yes…
    So… where does that leave us? With a heavy load of ancestral bullshit still encoded and being played out nowadays, yet things seem brighter.
    As a dad of an 11y old girl whom I taught and teach girl power, I can say that she sure is standing up for herself. Things are changing fo shizzle. And I applaud that big time. Long way to go? Sure. But things done changed as Biggie Smalls so eloquently sang.
    The crazy narcissistic women in my life is a different chapter. Yet that book is closed and no longer worth my time nor energy except for these two meager lines. Ok one more line: fuck off.

    Last but not least: Magdalena was not a prostitute but highly trained and evolved in kabbala and tantra. She knew sexuality was a gate to a higher consciousness if used in the right way. She was smart, beautiful, loving and a woman you love to love. Wise choice Jesus, wise choice…
    Enjoy Easter or April Fools’ Day, it’s all a matter of perspective innit? 😉😘❤️

    1. Your comment, Phoenix, reads like a chapter out of a book for the Enlightened Woman. When we plough through all the patriarchal garbage, The life and times of Yeshua and Mary M. was also a very human life, filled with the everyday concerns just like ours.

      And thank you for highlighting Magdalena’s extraordinary gifts.

      And we have such wonderful friends supporting us, our entourage, ISIS, Quan Yin, Yeshua, Mary, AA Michael, Adamus, just to name a few.

      And agreed, the times they are a changin’

      I love seeing the uprising of women and young people in this country. I was part of the Vietnam War protests, and the bra burning feminists of the 70s…but this is truly unprecedented.

      We have definitely turned a corner in terms of consciousness in the world. It’s no accident we forerunners incarnated now. The times are ripe for change.

      Thank you for sharing your light.🌞

      1. Barbara

        Thank you, Phoenix very empowering. For those who may want to learn more about Yeshua and Mary M. and importantly the ‘how’ of sexuality as it can be expressed and experienced as a gate to higher consciousness. I strongly recommend Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion’s book, “The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & The Sex Magic of Isis”. Wish I’d been given that book as an engagement present decades ago. Instead I received the “Joy of Cooking” and Pyrex casserole dishes. And here comes my humor: I vote we invite Phoenix to our p.j. party. If he declines, we agree to not throw rocks through his windows or boil his bunnies! B.

        1. Phoenix

          What if I agree Barbara?
          I don’t wear pj’s but if that’s no issue, fine by me. I hope there will be a contemporary Magdalena to introduce me to her magical world. Imagine a kundalini while making love, seems like ayahuasca and xtc combined. To infinity and beyond…
          Hmmm I’m getting excited about something again, it seems after months of boredom a new chapter in my ascension process has begun. An interesting one. How can it get any better?

        2. Elila

          Barbara I have heard of that book and have been meaning to read it for years now. Perhaps you have just given me the push/reminder I needed! It’s been so long since I’ve found a book to enjoy and I’ve always SO enjoyed reading and I MISS it terribly…..

          1. Phoenix

            I bought a book by Tom Kenyon on brainwaves. Cost me a fortune to get it delivered from the US to The Land of Wafels and Fries. When I received it, it looked kinda outdated. Turns out it was written 25years ago. The year of publication is not mentioned on Kenyon’s website, I think on purpose.
            I wrote a complaint to him in the line of: I ordered The Jetsons but I received The Flintstones.
            He never bothered to reply or apologize. Says enough about the author…

            A long story to make a suggestion: instead of paying 20£ for a book that was published when white socks were in fashion, perhaps we can go for a walk and I’ll sing ‘abrete corazon’ for you. No need to pay me. Save the 20£ for a rare full version vinyl of ‘In a gadda da vida’ that we will find on a flea market and will make you a millionaire in 7 years time.
            Abracadabra. ✨

      2. Elila

        Agree with you Maria and also Stefan I love what you have written here. And Barbara I second you on having Stefan at our PJ party! And of course we wouldnt ever harm his bunny 😉LOL. Also Stefan–there really are some truly awful women out there every bit as messed up & manipulative as current potus. I think the gross imbalance of the masculine/feminine and the density here have not really served any of the gender manifestations very well. Obviously white men have it the best but they too have missed out on so much because of it.

        1. Phoenix

          White men… ah yes, I’m here to prove that we can dance. And indeed can’t jump, no sir.

          It reminds me of a joke.
          A pretty girl is reading a magazine in an airplane and is seated next to a man who fancies her.
          To start conversation the man asks: what are you reading?
          She replies: an article about men, race and sexuality.
          Aha says the man, and what does it say?
          She replies: Well, it says here that Native Americans have the biggest penises and Jewish men are the best in bed.

          ‘Allow me to introduce myself’ says the man, ” I’m Winnetou Weinbaum”.

    2. kat

      Stefan I love what you’ve written here. And yeah Maria Magdalena being Jesus’ wife makes sense. Jesus was also travelling the far East and learned about reincarnation which became part of the Bible but the church cut it out.
      Have you heard of Lilith? Adam’s first wife ? Now she is a feminist icon.

      1. Phoenix

        No I haven’t… the only ones I know are Black Moon Lilith and Lilith from Cheers but she was Frasier’s wife not Adam’s.

        Tell me more if you will.

          1. Phoenix

            It says she was cast out because she refused the missionary position. I would have expected doggy to be refused because of a lack of eye contact. What is wrong with missionary? Why would a woman refuse that position? Because the man is on top?

      2. Elila

        Agree, Kat! I don’t know a lot of her story–i believe she was expelled from the garden for not willing to be obedient to Adam?

  5. kat

    Hahaha Stefan. Maybe she wanted to be on top, in a domineering position, and that was unheard of. You know a woman who doesn’t want to be submissive (and that’s what she is when is under him) was too much to bear.

    Here is another take on Lilith

    “According to Jewish legend, Lilith was the original wife of Adam, the first man created by God. She often quarreled with Adam and eventually left him. God sent three angels—Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof—to find Lilith and bring her back. They found her at the Red Sea, where she was giving birth daily to numerous demons When Lilith refused to return to Adam, God punished her by causing 100 of her children to die each day.

    Read more:”

    Read more:

    So she dared to speak up against Adam and left him – of course she had to punished by God for it haha

  6. E.H Read

    A wonderful article that, I imagine, every Woman on the planet can relate to. But why then, with all that has been, AND, that it has been known since 1951 that the ‘he and she’ story, based on a rib myth, is actually the ‘she and he’ science based story. Then why are Women still saying and writing, he and she, brother and sister etc. Words do matter. They constantly confirm the status quo. I refuse to comply.

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