Art by Maria Chambers

I don’t think there is anyone here who has not felt crazy at one time or another.  Maybe you felt crazy growing up in a world that has already gone mad.  Or you are feeling crazy now that you are no longer associated with that world.

Or maybe for the first time you are feeling sane.  You realize that there was never anything wrong with you.  You now get that it’s crazy making trying to fit into a reality that has little to do with who you really are.  You now look out at the world, with compassion, but with a clear understanding that the world out there is crazy.

You see a world trying to justify a singular existence.  Working hard to live by a set of beliefs that are man-made for the most part.  And yes, it’s working to a degree.  People are physically pretty comfortable, most have a roof over their heads, food on the table.

But as we notice, having it all doesn’t  bring the joy that is invariably missing from people’s lives.

So those who saw us as weird, as the oddballs, as not being in touch with reality, are now beginning to feel like they are the crazy ones.  And that’s because they are desperately trying to hold onto the mind as the control center of their lives.

And because of the amped up light-encoded energies flooding the planet, they are getting more desperate.  They can’t reconcile what they are feeling and experiencing.  They know something is up, but they are trying to make sense of it through the mental, logical world view.

Many fear they are losing their minds.  So it’s no surprise they are self-medicating or running to pharmaceuticals for relief. As much as I am pleased that Cannabis is finally legalized, I also can see that it is being used as another panacea.

Art by Maria Chambers

But people are finding that they can run, but they can’t hide.  Things aren’t working like they did before.  Whether it’s using drugs, or relationships to avoid the inevitable.

There is only one thing that does work.

And that would be, looking within.  Acknowledging there is more than just the mind and body.

This new consciousness has a way of disrupting old systems.  And those who hold strong to those systems are in high alert right now.  They sense something is different, and they don’t like it.

Haven’t we noticed the widespread and intense radicalism?

People are more fearful of change now because they can smell it in the air.  They point fingers at things like too much cultural diversity.  They want to feel safe, and to many that means going back in time.

It means keeping certain people at bay, putting up walls, pushing down women and gays.  What equality means to many, looks like oppression to others.

Those who feel threatened don’t recognize that they are disowning their own sense of abandonment.  So they have no choice but to project it onto others.  And it usually comes out as anger and rage.

Their rage is much more acceptable and comfortable than their own inner sadness.

They don’t recognize that they are battling with their own mind.  And it’s a war they can never win.

They have disowned their own feminine, and their god-selves.  They believe that their existence begins and ends with their human personality and the human mind.

And so when the mind and personality feel threatened, that’s pretty terrifying.  Because it means the annihilation of them.  Nothing can soothe the fear, and there is nowhere to seek shelter.


Those in the awakening process often go through a stage of feeling crazy, or at least very confused.  They start to sense that there is much more to their existence but they don’t know exactly how to fit that new information into their still very 3D existence.

Slowly their hard-bed beliefs begin to unravel, and nothing is what it seems.  The more they try to keep fitting into that reality, even just emotionally, the more it can feel like they are losing their mind.

And, that’s a good thing, losing their mind.  At least, the old, stuck mind.

The mind was never designed to understand the enlightenment process.  It has built-in limitations.  It follows patterns of thought that lead to patterns of behaviors and even patterns of disease.

In the new energy, all of that is breaking down, and the light of the new consciousness is redesigning everything.  It doesn’t mean that the human loses their identity entirely, but it does mean the old human becomes less resistant.  It becomes more flexible and open to its god-self.

And as the mind becomes less rigid, it begins to benefit from the new consciousness that is finding its home with the human.

The mind is no longer fighting itself, or trying to transcend itself.  It begins to acquiesce to the soul and trusts the soul to provide it what it needs…all the wisdom and the joy.

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