Are We There Yet?

Art by Maria Chambers

As a young child, sitting at the kitchen table, I would often drift off into my own world.  My mother would chide me with, “Wake up!  You’re dreaming!”  And at other times, when things didn’t go smoothly for me, and I was angry and impatient with things not happening when I wanted them to, she would tell me that I had a very unrealistic view of life.

And she was right.  I did have an unrealistic view of this time and space reality.  But then, I was much closer time-wise to experiencing the non-physical realms than mom was. I had just come from an instant manifestation experience. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew that manifesting was instantaneous.

I wasn’t yet consciously aware that I was here in the physical to experience a slowed down version of those manifestations, for various purposes.  But as a kid I would have nothing to do with this waiting period.  For instance, after experiencing life as a girl in the 1950s for several years, I was determined, one night, to go to bed and wake up as a boy.

I set my intent, and really expected to face a young boy as I reflected in the bathroom mirror the next morning.

I was deeply disappointed to say the least.  Talk about feeling stuck.

it took me many decades to realize I chose the female gender with the intent of helping change the dynamic for women and to bring in the sorely needed feminine energies onto the planet.

And fast forward, here we are, many of us moving headlong into our enlightenment, yet once again it feels like a snail’s pace.  Or just kind of stuck in the same refrain.  Just when you think you are doing well, getting the hang of these new energies, something comes along and broadsides you.

And once again your confidence in this whole process gets rattled, or worse, you just want out.


It seems as our frequency continues to raise, and then we are presented with a very 3D challenge, it feels exponentially worse and our tolerance for any discomfort, physical or emotional, goes to sub-zero.

Art by Maria Chambers

And these can be things that in our ‘previous’ pre- awakened life were shrugged off as just one of those things.  Just part of everyday life on earth.   But for those of us who are moving into the higher realms and still have to experience a very physical, carbon-based body and a very 3D reality, it can feel like those things, even small stuff, can push us over the edge.

We know we may be over reacting, and we know by now it’s our mind going to the worst scenario, but still, we just ain’t got the patience.

We wonder, what else will we have to deal with, even in the name of releasing stuck energies?  We come to a point where we say, enough! Done!  I am not into endless recalibration, or endless releasing.

And, perhaps we are done, but our mind just needs to make sense of all the ‘interruptions’ along the way.

Many have shared that the energies of late have been even more intense, and their lives are more disrupted than usual.

For me, and I suspect for others in this process, safety issues are being triggered.  Not feeling safe in the body, in this environment, or just a general sense of vulnerability.

And this is exacerbated by a sense of detachment, and a kind of boredom.


So, being in a place of boredom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by even small annoyances.  I think the reason that we took many things in our stride before our awakening is because we had more passion.  Even if that passion was generated from outside people and events.  And even at times, from drama.

So we can find ourselves in a weird no-man’s land now.  No longer feeling connected to the world outside our door, yet not really feeling a more sustained connection with our soul.

So it can certainly feel like a WTF moment.  Maybe we can start an ascension hashtag #WTFisGoingOn? as a way to purge our concerns and frustrations.

But I was warned that it was not going to be so easy, until it is.  And that is what’s called coming full circle.  Remembering our ability to manifest instantly, and knowing that all is well.  That we are safe.

But, the burning question remains, as I used to implore endlessly to dad from the back seat of our Oldsmobile on our Sunday drives to the country, “Are we there yet?

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38 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Elila

    Oh what a fabulous day–a perfect latte and a new post from you Maria!!! You are one of my favorite treats and I’m like a little kid checking in here every day for new posts or additions to our great conversations. There are only two other blogs I visit and they are not ascension related so you are by far my number one.
    I have certainly been feeling the energies seemingly continue to ramp up since the beginning of this year. And I am also noticing the irritation with the slowness of it all. Lately I’m experiencing extreme annoyance with just all the damn MAINTENANCE required here–i mean I am seriously exhausted and put out by the ENDLESS WASHING of things–this body, the hair, the clothes, the dishes, the vacuuming, the grocery-getting,…..much like you were saying about our bewilderment with the manifestation time lag (if we manage full manifestation at all), I keep feeling like it’s just not LIKE this wherever I come from and I’m feeling so irritated at having to spend so much time and energy on cleaning –I mean I’m bristling just writing about it LOL. I wasn’t like this pre-enlightenment. I LOVED long baths with lots of products and applying makeup and skincare, taking insane amounts of time and careful effort to ‘get ready’. I didn’t mind laundry and housework NEARLY as much and put great care into these chores. But now something has snapped and I’m finding it all so ridiculous and inconvenient!! And it’s not like I’m so busy I just can’t fit it in to my schedule–not by a long shot!!! I’ve got PLENTY of time, nothin’ but time! But I would seriously rather sit by a tree doing nothing than to have to wash one more damn thing for the gazillionth time. And mind you I have become what a lot of peeps would consider an extreme minimalist so over the past several years I have efficiently streamlined a LOT of chores and efforts right out of my life–most of what others have to do is long gone for me like makeup or multiple laundry loads (I have one small one a week) or filling the gas tank\washing the car, trips to a salon or the dry-cleaner etc. I have life pared down neatly to simple essentials. My sister would probably give an arm to have my easy routine, and here I am still annoyed as heck with the tediousness of it!! On some level of my being it really seems ridiculous that ‘clean’ would have to be something I need to think about or make happen …..oh and don’t get me started on how much it all COSTS lol lol!!! Ironically this is stuff that never phased me before, some of it I used to thoroughly ENJOY, like perfect makeup and clothes that required ironing and daily shopping……I tell ya moments like this I realize I HAVE really lost my mind 😝😝😝😉😉😉–but in a good way I suppose. And I keep doing it all because I don’t want to be the crazy smelly homeless lady in stretch pants LOL but wow seeing it all written here it strikes me as so COMICAL….more fun with ascension!!!

    1. Elila, well, first, color me honored for being your favorite ascension site….and, I appreciate your sharing of your experience with this process. I love this,
      “And it’s not like I’m so busy I just can’t fit it in to my schedule–not by a long shot!!! I’ve got PLENTY of time, nothin’ but time! But I would seriously rather sit by a tree doing nothing than to have to wash one more damn thing for the gazillionth time.”
      Same here, plenty of time, but not a lot of enthusiasm for the mundane daily stuff. For instance, my car. Mustering up the energy to wash it….well, let’s just say I wait for a good rain. That is enough of a wash for me these days.
      And, yep, these days it takes me about fifteen minutes from waking up in the morning to bolting our the door, and that includes a shower, getting dressed and breakfast. And yep, I would rather just sip coffee at Starbucks for hours, which I do some days, than do any number of chores.
      Some things can’t be put off, like going to the dentist to fix a tooth….although I tried to create a gold one in its place like you see on those creator miracle YouTube videos…but alas, I guess I just can’t buy the Jesus is our savior part of the demonstration.
      And I know we theoretically have the ability to do those instantaneous healings, but that cake is not quite baked yet, I suppose.

  2. Elila

    Haha same here Maria–ive gone from full on girly girl primper to out the door in 15. Although I still have days where even a five minute shower seems like far too big a chore and can’t make myself do it so I sniff the pits and decide if I can squeeze an extra day out of the last one LOL. It’s just so opposite of what I used to be and I often find my annoyance with the little bit of maintenance I’ve pared down to just baffling and it makes me wonder if I really HAVE become just lazyAF! And I totally feel ya on the car washing–i mean it sits outdoors and drives on filthy roads– those people with polished chrome and armor-alled wheels are an enigma to me. And ooooh yes I couldn’t put off the trip to the eye doctor any longer when my eyeglasses broke…..I tell ya if we ever DO get to the point of being able to do the instantaneous healings (Jesus is our savior–puhhhleeeeease lol lol) –well THAT will be a fun day sorting thru and eliminating all this nonsense won’t it?? 😉😉😉 Laughed out loud at you saying that cake isn’t quite baked yet….mmmmhmmm preach!

    And you aren’t just my favorite ascension blog, you are the ONLY one, AND my favorite overall. Oh that reminds me–recently this new YouTuber has been showing up in my suggestions queue (I don’t watch any ascension related channels so it seemed odd) called ‘the peculiar daughter’—have you heard of her? I wasn’t interested at all but she kept popping up and I finally was bored enough to get curious and found that she is pretty in line with how we see/experience things and it occurred to me she’d probably fit right in with our fun crew here. She just posted a video on ‘hermiting’ that had me chuckling…

    1. Elila

      PS forgot to add I’ve been hoping for a few years to manifest vision restoration (or at least improvement–been blaming fluctuations in eyesight on menopause, wink wink) to avoid the eye doctor and it worked about as well as your gold tooth LOL

      1. Yeah, Elila, as I sat there in the dentist’s chair, I felt like I was in an alternate reality for sure. All the fuss and expense for one little tooth! I could have taken a three week vacation in the Virgin Islands with what it will cost…and that’s with a discount!

        And yay to self healing, because I really have no interest in doctors, not that I ever did.

        Now, mind you, my worst day, with all my issues and concerns is a good day compared to having forty thousand tons of ignatious rock barreling toward my car. Or compared to being in a caravan of people fleeing war and oppression. Or being in Michael Cohan’s Italian leather shoes right now. But, still, after going through hell and back, we sure deserve a break from this process.

        1. Elila

          Same!!! Sitting in the chair at the eye doctor (& I didn’t even make an appointment–i told myself when I went there to have my specs repaired that if they said to me that they had an examination appointment open RIGHT NOW, that I would go ahead and bite the bullet and do it–& wouldn’t ya know that’s exactly what happened…) I felt the alternate universe thing and even commented to the doc that I felt so nervous–i was sweating and my heart was pounding & boy did I want it to be over! I still haven’t talked myself into going back to choose new eyeglasses, and yep because my scrip is so bad they are gonna cost me a small fortune. Yay. If I never visit another doctor i’d be just fine with that!!!
          And EXACTLY–this attitude is so baffling to me BECAUSE I know my worst day is probably better than most folks’ best days, and yep no lava power-douche or hunger or gunfire or much struggle at all–its embarrassing, truly. Perhaps we really are heading towards a reality where struggle is obsolete and its already starting to feel weird to us….
          Hmm I think I’d be OK with that? Lol 😁😁😁 🎶🎵🎵🎵 ….you dee-serve a break to-dayyyyyy……🎵🎵🎵 ☺☺☺

  3. Mari

    Hi Maria —

    I’ve been lurking for a while but had to comment after reading about your efforts to instantly transform into a boy. I used to *pray* for magical powers when I was a kid. I even compared whether it would be better to be like Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie) or Samantha (Bewitched), deciding Samantha had better powers since Jeannie could get trapped inside a bottle or a safe, and Samantha could be invisible if she wanted to. (Not to mention, though I didn’t associate it at the time, Jeannie had to serve her master.) At that age, it was mostly about getting out of chores. I never stopped wanting magic, if I’m honest, and maybe instant manifestation is the same thing. Guess I wasn’t so far off at that! Among others, teleportation is high on my list now.

    I relate to the rest, too. Recently had a broadside and melted down. It’s been up and down and up again since. Exhausting. Also having similar feelings about the mundane. You mean, I have to water my plants? (Except I do, because they grow so wonderfully and I feel happy just looking at them.) I resent errands and housework.

    I will say that even though there are days when nothing feels right or interesting, and I have no idea what to do with myself, most of the time I still love to write and I’m interested in expanding life. Sometimes, I use Trulia to look at homes in other places, see what the street views are like in the area, what things they’re near, wonder how would it feel to live there. Sometimes I do that with other countries as well. My main issue is financial; still working on that magic. The broadside related to that, so, maybe it kicked out some stuck stuff, and just maybe I’m clear (enough) now. Absolutely relate to: “Are we there yet?!”

    1. Mari, first, ditto on voting for Samantha, not Jeannie. Your intuition was working perfectly. Lol
      And happy to hear you are creative. My journaling keeps me sane these days, and I also love surfing google earth from time to time, looking at potential places to live, or just for fun. Maybe it’s technology’s solution to bilocating, without having to check luggage. And a precursor to what we will be able to do ourselves :). So your teleportation desire is very real.

      I have also ‘visited’ various other countries via google earth and google maps. The street views are not real current, but it gives the general feel of the place.

      And agreed, I think it did, as you say, kick out some stuck stuff.

      1. Mari

        Oh yes, journaling is a refuge. I may sit with my notebook in my lap, staring out the window half the time just drifting, but that’s how it works: write, stare; stare, write. It serves multiple purposes on multiple dimensions!

        Loving all the comments about dreaming other places as precursor to much more.

    2. Elila

      Mari and Maria–
      Yes!! I never stopped wanting magic either!!!! And DEFINITELY Samantha over Jeannie. And I can content myself for hours and hours googling things like “tiny white beach cottage” and just scrolling through all the images that come up, or watching you tube vids of clever people living alternate lifestyles in places like Hawaii or Bali or Thailand……
      And wow yes Mari the word “resent” when it comes to the endless maintenance is an excellent one I hadn’t thought of

  4. Same here!!! As a child and even until a couple years ago I had a different view experiencing life. I was so clear about a lot of things and it turned out to fall on this reality where we all are right now. ? It’s still confusing and I feel bored, stuck and like I’m not doing the right things, but actually I know I’m doing my best!!!!! But what annoys me the most is the feeling of roaming around without a clear direction about what to do for living, I had to quit my job as I started my ascension process and I don’t think I can go back to that old life of working a schedule like normal people does. So I’m open and waiting for an idea from my highest self. 😂 Until then I’m looping around on #WTFisGoingOn to are we there yet?

    I don’t know if you went through the same but I feel like walking to and back to simultaneously in a vast space between both realities (3d to 5d+) and it’s like I can touch the feeling, it really annoys me!!!!!!!!!!! Like all the things I want are here rn I can feel I can touch it, they’re real but at same time they are damn far from me. It’s making me crazy!

    Xoxo Maria!

    1. Tainara, I like that you say, regardless of the boredom and confusion, you know you are doing your best. And that’s because there is a tendency to belittle ourselves when things don’t seem to flow. So I feel it’s an important point you make.

      Same here with the job thing. I don’t want to go back, ever to the work-a-day world….ever! And I am sure many are feeling that same thing. It’s definitely about trusting that our soul has our back. That bringing in resources, or rather allowing life to serve us is probably by far the biggest challenge in this process. That and the physical issues, the bodily issues.

      O.k. let’s get real, this process is challenging on every front!

      But to your other point, yes, it does feel like we can touch the other reality yet it feels so elusive. And it wears us thin at times.

  5. Barbara

    Ditto, where ‘there’ is, is becoming a real mystery, just as you say, Maria, because the passion for looking for it has diminished, while at the same time the inclination to be ‘here’ and doing the stuff that ‘here’ requires is boring and can be downright irritating. But could it be possible that we are ‘there’ now, just ‘there’ needs to catch up with us, i.e. we’re not driving toward it, it’s driving toward us. And if none of that makes sense, then it’s because ‘there’ doesn’t…. at least not yet make sense either, but it will, otherwise what would be the point of being ‘here’ and intuitively knowing about ‘there’? Love, B.

    1. Barbara, oh wise one, I love what you are saying. That ‘there’ needs to catch up to us. In fact, your are dead on. A while ago, Adamus through Geoffrey Hoppe told us that time and space are moving through us, not the other way around. That whole concept of efforting becomes moot. It’s truly an allowing and receiving. It comes to us. Because we are already ‘there.’ Very different than what we have believed for a long, long time. Thanks for your wisdom.

  6. Lisa

    Wow, music to my ears – Maria’s post and these comments.

    First off, this past week felt like a definite bitch for us pioneers. Seems we encountered an assortment of personal experiences and icky triggers, resulting in us feeling (and perhaps screaming) WTF?!?!

    For my part, I had annoying work shit that triggered anxiety and I had to renew my driver’s license, which felt like inhumane torture. Frankly, all of it felt downright insulting – why, as an awakened being, do I have to deal with this mundane crap? I don’t mean that in any ‘better than’ way – just that I’m SO done with this 3D world and its slog, I have sub-zero tolerance (as Maria says) for any of it. So much so that the slightest thing feels onerous. This, after quitting my lucrative job 2 years ago (similar to Tainara) because those clothes just didn’t fit anymore. I’ve been in the Great Void ever since feeling passionless, directionless, listless, and questioning Who am I? and Why am I still here? So many WTF questions since then. Hard, at this juncture, not to feel frustrated (especially after all we’ve endured) and weary of the process.

    Sending love and support to all on this strange and mystifying adventure…

    1. Thank you Lisa, so beautifully and honestly articulated. Feeling ‘insulted’ is a good descriptor. At times feeling there is no consoling words from any spiritual sources that could shift our energies. Which I guess the point is we are the ones in charge now of shifting our own energies. Or, that is, of allowing them to shift. And as Tainara said, we are doing our best. Or, is it doing our best at NOT DOING? I need some chocolate.

  7. Elila

    Wow I am LOVING all these comments–often I write comments and think oh dear I’m not sure I come off very well here or maybe no one will get my meaning–but usually I am pleasantly surprised at the conversation that follows (if I’m brave enough to hit ‘post’ and not delete!), and this is one of those times!

    Tainara, yes the same happened to me with the whole job world and I can’t even imagine going back. And yep confused and stuck and bored and always feeling like I’m ‘doing life’ all wrong but I truly am doing the best I can! You’re sure not alone. Also yes it’s so frustrating that I can taste the new but still slogging through the old…..

    Barbara I love what you say about ‘there’ trying to catch up to us, and Maria your point about efforting becoming moot—-that feels soooo resonant for me, like an “of course” somewhere in my being.
    Hmmm doing our best at NOT DOING….that seems like the challenge….

    And Lisa–holy crap girl YESSSSSS—agree with you too; your description nails it, especially the slightest thing feeling onerous and yep it all feeling kind of insulting (oh gawd the DMV…..UGH the worst….), and all the same WTF questions. And same here with jobs/work not fitting at all anymore–i justcant go back.

    To paraphrase the guy in Jaws,

    “we’re gonna need a bigger boat ….of CHOCOLATE!!!!”

    1. Elila, your eye doctor story reminds me of a weird thing that happened a while back. I hadn’t seen the eye doctor in almost two years, and I called to make an appointment. I asked if they could get me in the next day. The receptionist looked at the schedule and said I had already made an appointment for the next day, for 9a.m.

      I said, no, that’s not possible, this is the first time I am calling in almost two years. Then she asked to confirm my date of birth, and it turned out it was another Maria Chambers that was scheduled for the next day at 9a.m.

      So that seemed odd. What are the chances of another Maria Chambers scheduling an appointment on the same day I do? And to make it even weirder, then the receptionist said, “Well, then I guess you don’t have to come in.” And not in a joking way.

      Anyway, I made an appointment. But afterward I thought it was the universe’s way of telling me that I really didn’t need to go to the eye doctor.

      1. Barbara

        Maria, your ‘there’ caught up to your ‘here’. I remember something along the same lines, not to do with a similar name, but making an appointment for some ‘authority’ or another to run me through the hoops of “Father Knows Best” tests, but when I called for that appointment, I was told by the receptionist, “But, Barb, you were just here.” Now, I know for damned sure that I wasn’t just ‘there’, but I took her word for it and didn’t make an appointment. And to date, have had no need to make an appointment for whatever it was that I was making an appointment for! Got to love it when ‘been there, done that’ catches up! Love, B.

        1. Oh, never let me down, I am lOLing so much right now…it reminds me of the old, BEYOND BELIEF- Fact or Fiction T.V. Show. “At the end of our show we will tell you which of our stories are true and which are made up.”

      2. haha, no one is actually talking about food but I have to say that lately my appetite is so weird its like It don’t want me to eat anything even fruits are being rejected and I’m just OH OK SO WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT? It’s like anything is good enough to maintain it and I get so pissed off that I end up eating things that’s not good at all. Crazy times in all the ways my friends….. But we’re not alone 😂

        1. yes, it seems like all the old rules are out the window as far as food is concerned. I notice my appetite has diminished greatly lately, and I will eat out of boredom more than actual hunger.

          But I will say that I try to follow the rule of trusting what my body is craving, which includes things like cookies and cake. And it’s interesting, because when I eat those things when I am craving them, I tend to not need very much of them.

          It’s certainly no time for self deprivation. Especially when it comes to treats.

  8. Lisa

    Food, yes! Another trip through Weirdsville lately. I so relate to that! Working out too. I can’t convince myself to go to the gym AND I feel entitled to eat and drink whatever I want. I used to eat salads a lot and now the thought of lettuce is repulsive to me! I crave carbs, carbs and more carbs…washed down with prosecco! All the “shoulds” are vaporizing. Who woulda thunk freedom would/could be so WEIRD? And terrifying (at times)! I don’t even have a good sense of my body anymore, if that makes sense. And whose clothes are hanging in my closet? Damned if I know. Just another day in ascension paradise… (hee hee).

  9. Barbara

    Love your take, Lisa, “Just another day in ascension paradise,” and ditto to the comments about searching for that “tiny white beach cottage” and taking virtual tours of where ‘there’ might be. I’ve been hit hard many times by this “wanting to go home” and my bouts of homesickness have been extreme. I peruse websites that have real estate for sale or rent in the town where I was born… which happens to be almost right across Canada from where I live now. It’s like I want to get back to my birthplace, while at the same time I know that a move to ‘there’ would not work at all, and in fact I can’t even afford a move to ‘there’, so I must restrain myself from leaping off yet another cliff. But thing is, the fact that we’re looking for ‘there’ means that ‘there’ is on its way. It has to be, or we wouldn’t be “googling Earth” searching for it, and just as Maria says, we’re now into allowing and receiving, A&R…. so, okay, wash the dishes, do the laundry, get some food, which I probably won’t eat while I continue to bloat and gain weight (who knew?), water my plants, pamper the cat, and stay close to my sanctuary… and wait for ‘there’ to catch up to my ‘here’. Can’t be a physical thing, we’ve done way too much of that, and as the expression goes, “There ain’t no going back.” Love, B.

  10. I for one intend on throwing out the old new age adage, ‘Before ascension, cut wood, carry water, after ascension, cut wood, carry water…because I don’t know about you, but I’m for keeping it simple and indoor plumbing.

    1. Barbara

      Right on, Maria! I’ve never vibed with that old-new age adage. I mean, again, what would be the point of the process if nothing changed ‘after’ going through it!?! There is so much in the old-new age that just doesn’t compute with me, and if it’s true that we, as humans, have never been through this process before, then that is exactly why we must A&R and stop so much ‘doing’. But, yes, indoor plumbing in my ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, please, that is if plumbing for any reason might be required! Love, B.

  11. Lisa

    My vote goes to plumbing being NOT REQUIRED! I’d even be okay with OPTIONAL, for those moments we may wish to physically download, should that be relieving in the (real) NEW.

    I must say, it’s fun to chat with like-minded folks who get this crazy Ascension experience. It’s so weird that when I talk to folks like you guys about it, I feel normal. Yet, when I attempt to broach it with unawakened peeps, I feel like I’m playing a leading role in a syfy flick. At times, I get so frustrated knowing what I (we) know and not knowing what to do with it or how to use it. What’s the point?

    Love to all you crazy, awakened compadres!

  12. Annette

    Omg, boy did you nail it girlfriend!! Thank you, as I truly was beginning to lose it, feeling like surely I’m the only one feeling this intensity!! #WTFisGoingOn….yup, good one, and “are we there yet”, geeze, right!? You’re the best My dear Maria!! My fortune cookie message this week was ‘keep on keeping on’, I was just in a shitty enough mood to think NO!I don’t feel like it!! Lol 😜
    LOVE AND BIG (((HUGS))) 💖💫

    1. Annette…I stopped reading fortune cookies Because of proverbs and sayings just like that. Lol. We have earned the right to stomp our feet and wave our fists and say a few choice expletives in the name of this whole confounded process.

      When you think about it, we are on the forefront, what often feels like the front lines here, and sometimes it feels like we are hanging on by a thread. We came in with a huge disadvantage….we are advanced souls so we wouldn’t be met with open arms, and many of us are of the female gender, so we wouldn’t be treated with the full respect we deserved. And on top of that, we are having to experience this transformation on such a deeply personal level, physically and emotionally.

      So we are definitely entitled to our #WTF moment…love and bigs hugs back, my Annette 🤗💕💕💕

  13. Elila

    Ohmigosh y’all…. Sunday night I got flattened with a migraine that had me laying on an ice pack in bed–for 36 straight hours!!!! I lost all of Monday and it didn’t break until this morning so I’m just catching up here now and holy cow I’ve got a boat load of me toos LOL
    Maria and Barb I’m loving your appointment stories–how crazy is that??? Another Maria chambers??? “You were just here”???? I would love to never have to make another appointment I really hate them. I remember reading a Karen Bishop book years ago where she said the same thing and how it’s part of ascension–how they feel so off and restrictive and uncomfortable and annoying–i’ll be so happy if they are on the way out! And count me in for the ” screw cutting wood/carrying water” stance; & also I’m firmly on the side of hoping plumbing isn’t even needed–all part of the tedious maintenance I’m sick of haha. I’m with Barbara–whats the point of ascension if stuff is just the same afterwards??
    And Barbara, same here with the intense homesickness–I feel it almost constantly that I just wanna go home, and I often tell myself that home is Florida and it’s just that I miss it so much but if I’m honest I have no clue where the ‘home’ is that I’m longing for–its perhaps more of a feeling than a place. I’m not sure but I keep searching….
    And oh gosh YES you guys the FOOD thing—appetite so out of whack, huge one day and then nothing sounds good for days, and sooooo much nausea and, shall we say, intestinal upset….
    For the past week or so all I’ve wanted is oats. OATS! Talk about #WTFisgoingon?? And then when I am hungry all I want is carbs like Lisa–I’m definitely on a No Carb Left Behind tour LOL. Let’s hear it for bread and pasta! Although they do exacerbate all the bloating and overweight I’m STILL dealing with…it feels like I can’t win with food no matter what I eat anyway! And oh yes Lisa, whose (fat) clothes are in my closet?? I don’t know either. Another day in ascension paradise indeed!
    And Lisa, same for me, when I’m here talking with you all I feel normal… But anywhere else I try to remember to just shut up already cuz I just end up feeling more alien. So much gratitude to all my wonderful team lovelies here–i love you all ☺💙💕🌴🌸

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